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Granger Residence

Game Room:

July 2008

"So they came to ask her to return."

"Yep." Marcus was racking the balls on the table. Danni and John were upstairs being fussed over by their grandmum.

"And she's going to go back to work for them?"



"Yep. Pay up."

Daniel knelt down next to the bucket in the corner of the room closest to the table, and counted out 50 1-pound coins. "I still say…."

"Ah ah ah, just pay up."

"Fine." He handed over the coins. Marcus saluted him with his beer.

"I'm getting them all back."

"Maybe. Are you going to play or bitch?"

Daniel lined up his shot for the break. Four balls fell in the pockets. He smirked "I guess that makes me solids."

He kept smiling as four coins were flipped into the bucket.

Harry Potter and the Power He Has Not.

Chapter 42– Epilog Three

Granger Residence:

July 1 1998

Daniel pulled into the driveway of his home with his wife and daughter quietly sobbing. It had been a rough day, the meeting with the head Goblin, the reading of Harry's will, the press. He still couldn't believe the boy was gone.

Emma was the first in the house, through the back door that entered through the kitchen, and she gasped in alarm. Hermione reacted instantly with her wand out pointing directly between the eyes of the man at the kitchen table. He was blond and had blue eyes, he wore denim jeans and a polo shirt. He stared quietly looking at her wand.

"Who are you?"

He smiled. "I used to be called Harry Potter, Hermione."

Cold fury burned in her chest. She cast every detection charm she could think of, this stranger had no magic. There was no magic affecting any part of him. "Nice try. Who are you?"

"Something that only Harry and Hermione would know? How about 'I Harry take you Hermione to be my wife despite the fact that I don't deserve you in any way and never will. In sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer until death do us part.'" He smiled a smile that wasn't crooked in any way. "Do I get to kiss the bride?"

"How?" Hermione gasped.

"Where have you been?" Emma whispered.

"How could you let her think you were dead you son of a bitch?" said Daniel.

"When the explosives went off, I got mangled pretty good, then the fuel air bomb, well that toasted the rest of me. The Goblins were pissed. They had this great plan for grabbing me before everything went boom, but the tunnelers mistook Tom's last flopping around for me, and they grabbed him by mistake. It took them a while to find me. As soon as they got me underground Bill Weasley pulled my ring off. That's why yours disappeared and the link dissolved. Their healers worked on me for weeks. They tell me it was touch and go for a while. When they got me stabilized, they turned me over to Fleur. She's responsible for how I look."

"But Veela body sculpting is temporary."

"Yes it is, but Bill had the bright idea of combining it with Goblin stabilization magic. It is normally used to stabilize the tunnels, but when applied to Veela body sculpting, it makes the changes for all intents and purposes permanent. Hurts like hell too, glad I was out of it, but hey, it fixed my eyes."

"So the body they found…"

"The carcass of a captured death eater, sculpted to look like me. He was awake for the process, the Goblins said that Fleur scared them. Bill was pretty proud of that."

"Why didn't you let me know? Why didn't you trust me?"

"Hermione I trust you with everything. They woke me up yesterday, I wasn't lucid until this morning. The Goblins didn't want to get your hopes up, I was that messed up. It's their way. They've manufactured an identity for me. I'm Marcus Stewart now. If you want we can be together."

"Harry you idiot. If you ever pull anything like this again, I will personally kill you completely to death. Of course I want to stay with you."

"Daniel? Emma?"

"Welcome home son."

"Who else will you be telling Harry?"

"No one. Harry Potter is dead, let him rest in peace. Lets keep it in the family."




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