Here is the next chapter. Lilly's POV Oh no, no, no, please not Miley.

She's laying there coughing like crazy, until she starts bleeding from her mouth. I freaked out completely. "Oh my god, Miles," I heard myself saying, I grabbed her in my arms in a bridal position as if carrying her across the threshold and rushed down the stairs. "MOM!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs "OH MY GOD, LILLY WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED" she screamed taking Miley from me and rushing to the car. "Oliver, he got crazy and then…" I stared to say but she cut me off placing Miley on my lap. "Mom she's losing consciousness!" I said desperately I can't believe Oliver would do this. I guarantee you Oaken this isn't over. There's no way you can get away with this. You can't just hit my girl. By the time I emerged from my thoughts of revenge we were already at the hospital. My mom grabbed Miley from my lap and rushed inside with me closely behind. Lilly's mom POV Oh my god please let her be okay, please. Lilly opened the hospital's door and I went inside screaming for help. Various doctors came to me and one took Miley out of my grasp and another took Lilly by the wrist. I was so worried I didn't realize Lilly had cut and bruises. One moment Oliver goes to her room and another she came down with a coughing Miley. It couldn't have been Oliver who did this... Could it?After 5 minutes Lilly comes back with an ice pack to her head. I took her in my arms and she started crying. "Baby, who did this to you?" I asked her softly, and I rubbed her back. She looked at me with pity in her eyes and so much sadness it made my heart sink. "Oliver," she said, and I hugged her tight. Lilly's POV I opened my eyes to see my mom there staring at the space. Hang on! We didn't tell Mr. Stewart! "Mom, we forgot to tell Mr. Stewart," I told her "I called him a couple of minutes ago" she said. "He is on his way over here" I nodded my head and looked around the place. It's depressing. I've always hated hospitals. A doctor came to us and shook my mothers hand and nodded at me. "Miss Truscott, may I speak with you?" he asked. "Anything you have to say, my daughter needs to know it too" my mom said. The doctor sighed and nodded. "Come to my…" he was cut off "Where's my baby? Where's Miley?!?!?!" Mr. Stewart shouted while running with Jackson toward us. "Okay, please follow me to my office," the doctor said calmly, I took Mr. Stewart's hands as we all did as the doctor had told us. Once there the doctor offered us a seat, my mom and I took it. Mr. Stewart didn't want to sit. "Miley has 3 broken ribs, and a strange cut inside her stomach we found hard to clean, but we did it, and she's also lost a lot of blood from that cut, so she won't be able to regain consciousness until tomorrow night or maybe more," the doctor said. I put my head in my hands and cried. I felt a grip on my shoulder and saw Mr. Stewart with tears in his eyes. "Can we please see her?" he asked with difficulty in his voice. The doctor nodded and told us to follow him once again. He led us to a room 332 second floor. The moment he opened the door my heart shattered into pieces. There lay a very pale unconscious Miley. I rushed to her side and took her hands in mine.

Oliver is so dead.

"Lilly, please tell me, did Oliver did this to my baby girl?" Mr. Stewart asked with pleading eyes, I nodded my head and went to his side and wrapped my arms around his waist. He hugged me to him softly so as not to hurt my body more than it already was. After a while we broke our hug and he stood up and took Miley's small hand in his big one. He rubbed it with his thumb, and then he kissed the palm of her hand. He slowly turned to look at me with a saddened look on his face and kissed my forehead before going outside without a word.

I looked over at Miley and reached for her cold hand and kissed it all over… Oliver POV I'm running I don't know exactly where.

I'm a coward.

I don't deserve Miley or Lilly as friends.

As a matter of fact I don't deserve a friend.

I deserve to live alone for the rest of my life, without love. "AH I HATE MYSELF I'M A FREAKING IDIOT!!" I screamed so hard that my throat ended up sore and husky. I fell on my knees and it stared raining.

I'm pathetic.

I stood up against a wall and I knew exactly what I had to do. I've never run so fast in my entire life.

I saw Lilly's house and it was dark, their car wasn't there.

Aw man, they've gone to the hospital haven't they? Hospital God please tell me I didn't kill her.Please

I stared running toward the Malibu Hospital at full speed. I see it. I feel a lump in my stomach. I run inside, to the front desk.

"I…I...wan…want t…to see… Miley Stewart," I said breathing heavily.

The nurse looked at me and told me to go to number 332.

Please God let her be okay Please I beg you

I see the door and saw Mr. Stewart coming out of the room. He looked at me and I've never seen him so angry in his entire life. He took me by the collar of my shirt and lifted me off the ground. "You," he said with a hoarse voice. "You did this to my little girl!!!"

He pushed me hard against the wall. When I closed my eyes to feel the fist in my face, I felt him drop me on the floor. "What possessed you to do that?! Goddamn it Oliver you could've killed them. WHAT DID THEY EVER DO TO YOU FOR YOU TO REACT THIS WAY," he screamed at me. "What's going…?"

There was Lilly looking at me with so much hate. She walked up to me and punched my face really hard and I fell to the floor sobbing at my weakness and emptiness.

I crawled to her feet and she kicked me away. "How dare you... How dare you come here after what you did?" You could've killed Miley you know that right?" she said in a whisper audible enough for only me to hear.

I stood up and felt my knees give away. I ended up on the floor, staring at her feet with blood dripping down my nose and into my mouth. She gave a disappointed shake of her head and opened the door. "You wanna see her, well then be my guest. Look at her, so pale and frail," she said opening the door. I stood up and went over.

I saw her.

I felt like dying.

What have I done?

I kneeled and took Miley's hand.

They're so cold.

I looked up at her face and hugged her tightly. "Oh Miles, I'm so sorry I don't deserve you or Lilly as a friend…. Please wake up," I said sobbing. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Lilly standing there looking down at me with cold eyes. "Okay, you saw her enough now get out," she said with a bitter tone in her voice. I just nodded and stood on my feet. I looked at her with an apologetic look in my eyes. "Don't Oliver. Please get out of here," she said me before I got a chance to voice my apology. I took a look at them once again and walked out the room. Lilly's POV Oliver left the room and I looked over at Miley to see her slowly opening her blue eyes. "Miley baby, are you okay?" I asked kneeling beside her. "No, my throat's sore," she tried saying but her voice was still husky from the coughing. "Let me get the doctor baby," I said but she took my arm before I had a chance to move. "Don't... Stay here with me… Please..." she managed to say before her eyes fluttered closed and she passed out again.

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