Fred was buried in the family cemetery. The Weasleys were an old pureblood family, so it made sense that they had their own cemetery, protected from Muggles.

George didn't attend the ceremony. Instead, he stayed in his room, staring at the wall. Fred was gone. He was gone, and he would never be coming back. Never again would George hear his voice, see his face, argue over how to run the shop with him.

A tiny, miniscule smile appeared on George's face as he remembered how, in this very room, he and his twin had started their work. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Now it would have to be Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. It was odd how moving an apostrophe one letter to the left could make such a difference.

George stood up and walked to the full-length mirror. There stood Fred, reflected, smiling slightly, his white teeth showing just a bit. He raised a hand, beckoning to his brother—

But no. It wasn't Fred. It was George himself. Fred never would have worn such an ugly shirt. He never would have stood like that, weight shifted to one side, an almost feminine stance. Fred never would have stopped smiling, and George knew that it was himself he saw in the mirror because he wasn't smiling anymore.

They had done everything together. Always, Fred and George, Gred and Forge. They'd never been separated for more than a few hours, and it had been days.

George couldn't stand being alone. He'd never noticed before his dependence on having someone at his side twenty-four hours a day, a brother with a smart remark, or a new idea for the joke shop, or even a gruff hug in the dead of night when the pain of fighting the war became too much.

A brother. A twin. Everything, together, always, forever, together. Never alone.

They would do this together, too. Fred would be waiting. It wouldn't be hard.

The smile returned to George's face as he spun around and grabbed his wand. Turning back to the mirror, he remembered hearing somewhere that to perform an Unforgivable Curse, one has to truly mean it.

A thump, voices from downstairs. Footsteps, coming up to check on George.

He turned back to the mirror and nodded at his twin. Raising his wand, he placed the tip of it at his temple. The door to his room burst open. A shout, rushing footsteps.

"Avada K—"