George sat in his bedroom alone, for once. It was midnight, and his family was asleep. He held his wand loosely in his right hand, lost in thought. Fred's voice still rang in both his whole and his missing ear.

Fred's favorite incantation. He'd had many that he used often, hexes and prank spells, but his very favorite was one that only George would know or ever use.

"Amifratellora." A simple spell, it was something only a twin could use, meant to facilitate communicate no matter where the other was.

At first nothing happened. Then a wisp of purple fog puffed out of his wand, and another and another until the room was filled with lavender smoke. George, still sitting on the bed across from the mirror, could see nothing.

His heart didn't leap, nor was he surprised, when Fred's voice came to him: "My brother."

George stood up and went to the mirror, waving his wand to disperse the smoke there. His reflection looked back at him.

But then he realized it wasn't his reflection. He was not smiling, but the boy in the mirror was. The reflection also had two ears.

"Fred?" he asked.

"Yeah. It's me." Tears welled in George's eyes. He wanted to put out a hand to touch his twin but knew he would only strike glass.

"You're not a ghost?" George inquired through his grief. Ghosts were three dimensional, not creatures of the land of mirrors.

"No," Fred told him. "Just a reflection."

"I don't know how I can go on living without my brother," George told him.

"You won't have to," Fred said. "Close your eyes and put out your hand." George obeyed, stretching his left hand toward the mirror. Warm fingers clasped his own, and his eyes shot open in surprise. Fred held his hand tightly and pulled. He emerged from the mirror slowly, and George pulled as well, to help him. As he came out, his image merged with George, hands, then shoulders and faces and bodies melding together, becoming one. George closed his eyes again as his twin's voice reverberated through his mind: "You will never be alone."

George's eyes opened again. Fred's voice faded and George knew it wouldn't return, but the one-eared boy in the mirror was smiling.

The End