Journey to the Past

Harry woke up to a weak light, shining down on him through a gap in his bed curtains. It took him a moment to realise that two people were talking next to him. He opened his eyes to see blurry figures. Realising he didn't have his glasses on, Harry groped on his bedside cabinet for them, finally clasping them in his hands and pushing them up his nose onto his face. The two figures turned out to be Sirius and Ginny.

"Good to see you're finally awake 'son'," Sirius said, grinning mischieviously. "I was begining to think we'd have to dump cold water on you to get you up."

"What time is it?" Harry said, shifting into a sitting position.

"About 5o'clock," Ginny answered, checking her watch.

"What!" Harry said, bewildered. "I didn't sleep that long did I?"

"Yeah, well, time-travelling can take a lot out of you," said Sirius.

"The feast is going to begin in a few hours," Ginny said. "So get ready."

"I've got you some school stuff and it's in your dorms. Dumbledore explained who you guys were this morning, and where you'd been sorted. The students who heard will tell the others so everyone will proabably know you're the son of everyone's favourite teacher," Sirius grinned charmingly. "All the girls fancy me, you know!"

Harry snorted before telling them both to "get lost 'cos I need to get dressed!". Sirius and Ginny did so and after about five minutes, Harry was dressed, but not exactly clean. When he left the Hospital Wing with Ginny and Sirius, he headed for the Gryffindor showers. He and Ginny went to shower (separately of course), and when they were clean, they changed into their new school robes, courtesy of Sirius. The Marauders were nowhere in sight as Harry searched his new school trunk for some socks, so he presumed they were off tormenting Snape or other Slytherins. Ginny said she'd "met a nice girl called Mary Mcdonald in the girl's dorms. She says I remind her of Lily, something about 'fiery red-heads'". They both left Gryffindor tower, hair slightly damp, and met Sirius outside, chatting up the Fat Lady.

"Anyway, I'll see you later!" Sirius called over his shoulder.

"Goodbye Siri darling! Come back to me soon!" The Fat Lady called.

"God Sirius, you're such a charmer!" Ginny said, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, and I'm sure Harry's not," At this the pair blushed. "See! Proof! So I'm guessing you two are together then."

Harry nodded whilst Ginny murmured a small "Yes.".

Sirius grinned and without a word, left the two, muttering something about "lesson plans".

Harry smiled at Ginny and took a hold of her hand. They both walked silently, both content in basking in the other's presence. That was before, when passing round a corner, they bumped into a certain greasy boy. The force of the speed that the boy was going at, caused the three to fall to the ground.

"Watch where you're going, you stupid Gryffindors!" The hook-nosed boy said. He was a little older than them but not by much.

Harry looked up, recognising the voice.

"Shut up, you greasy twat!" He said, standing up and taking out his wand.

"You don't want to anger me, pathetic boy!" Snape said.

"Oh, I think I do!" Harry said, hatred coursing through his veins as he remebered what Snape had done to Dumbldore.

"I'm warning you!" Snape sneered.

"Bring it Death Eater!"

Snape let out a roar at the accusation (even though it was true at the time being). Harry wanted nothing more than to blast the creep that had murdered Dumbledore to pieces.

"Hey, what's going on here?" A voice said, causing Harry and Ginny to turn around, and Snape to curse Harry whilst his back was turned.


Harry flew a few feet backwards, hitting the floor but managing to stay concious. He moaned, sitting up and rubbing his chest where Snape had hit him.

"Hey!" Lily said, who had been the person to have distracted Harry before. "Severus! If you're gunna fight someone younger than you at least have the decency to fight them when they're looking and not got their back to you! And anyway, that's aginst school rules so five points from Slytherin!"

Ginny, after rushing to his side, helped Harry up. He walked forward past Lily and held his wand out in front of him, livid.

"Stop!" Cried Lily. "This isn't the Gryffindor way!" She walked between the two, hands out at each of their chests. Snape egged Harry on from the other side of Lily's hands.

"Yeah, little Gryffie, why don't you be a good boy and do as the Mudblood says!"

"I'll kill you!" Harry yelled, trying to get past Lily but doing so as not to hurt her either.

"Look please, your Professor Orion's kid right? Just leave it, please!" Lily begged.

Looking into the eyes so alike to his own, Harry stopped and turned around, walking back down the corridor. Ginny followed him, grasping his tense arm as Snape shouted abuse from behind. After they'd round a few corners Harry began his rant.

"If it had been anyone but her who'd asked me to stop I wouldn't have!" Harry said angrily.

"I know," Ginny replied, trying to calm Harry down by stroking his fingers that were in her hand.

"I guess I'm just a regular kid when it comes to stuff like this," Harry said, the finger stroking was obviously causing him be less livid. "I'va got to do what my mum says...even if this is the first time I've met her that I can remember." He sighed and slumped onto the floor of the deserted corridor, his back against the wall.

"Oh crap!" Ginny said, looking at her watch. "We're going to be late for the feast!"

The two stood up and ran down the corridor. Luckily, they weren't far from the Great Hall and joined the last few stragglers coming in from the grounds after travelling on the train. They walked along the Hall towards the Gryffindor table. People stared but Harry was used to this and ignored them easily. They walked along the table to the end closest to the staff table, passing Lily as they went. Harry nodded into her direction and she gave a small smile back. He sat down, Sirius directly to his right, waving at him. However, what he didn't notice was The Marauders directly in front of him.

"Hey!" James said. "Did you fight Snivellus this morning?"

Harry looked up shocked. Then his face turned sour.

"I would have done, if Mu-Lily hadn't got in the way!"

"Yeah she's the one who told us about it. did you really take a 'stupefy' and not get knocked out?" Sirius asked impressedly.

"Erm...yeah, it's not that big a deal though, there's a lot worse curses out there." Harry said bashfully.

"Maybe, but that's still a pretty strong curse!" James said in awe.

"Yeah, well it didn't get me full on anyway, so it wasn't as bad." Harry lied.

"Oh, ok then." Sirius said indifferently.

The other two Marauders hadn't said anything yet. With another feeling of hate, Harry looked at Peter who was listening avidly, drinking in every piece of information. The rat wasn't muchof a talker, Harry knew, but Remus was always happy to share his wiseness, so why not today? That was when Harry observed Remus more carefully, noticing he looked tired, although a lot younger than he did in Harry's time. Then Harry remembered the full moon was the next night. He sighed, feeling sorry for the werewolf, but knew his father and his friends would look after him when he transformed. Feeling slightly better, he helped himself to the food that had just appeared in front of him.

"So," Sirius said, surveying Ginny who sat across from him. "Have you got a boyfriend?"

"Yes she has," Harry replied. "Me."

"Oh," Sirius said indifferently, "I tried." He shrugged whilst James rolled his eyes at him, grinning apologetically at Harry from across the table. Harry half-smiled back, a sad glint in his eye that didn't go unnoticed by a certain werewolf. However, he was tired and didn't want to get too caught up in other people's affairs, so he let it slip, but kept a small mental note in his head should anything else like this occur.

Soon, the feast was over and Harry and Ginny followed the Marauders to Gryffindor Tower. James left them early to find Lily so they could go to their Heads Tower together.

Harry, Remus and Sirius talked animatedly as they got dressed for bed, Peter agreeing every now and then. Before long, the three were lying in bed, ready for the next days lessons, in which Harry would experience his 'father's' lessons for the first time.