The Bell and the Black Dragon

Summary: AWE. Admiral James Norrington wonders why victory is enduringly bitter.


James Norrington had lost the most important prisoner he had ever captured.

James Norrington had lost the girl he loved.

James Norrington had lost his crew, his ship, and his title.

James Norrington had nothing left, and now he was standing in Lord Cutler Beckett's office, an Admiral, being presented with the sword of his past life. The last piece of the puzzle to say that everything was right within the world again.

Ah, the dark side of ambition.

Oh, I prefer to see it as the promise of redemption.

Redemption. He had a title. He had a ship, a crew, and women flouting their marriageable daughter's at the Admiral. And he had captured the most imposing prisoner ever to be desired; Davy Jones himself.

And James Norrington is left to wonder why his melancholy endures, why victory does not taste sweet at all, but unfulfilling and bitter.


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