Young Severus was sitting on the couch, watching T.V.

"Buy the Bedazler! Just 19.95 plus 5.95 shipping and handling. Buy it now! Call 1-800-782-9931 for your Bedazler. That's 1-800-782-9931! Call Now."

"Those have to be the stupidest thing to ever buy." He said to himself. Then the doorbell rang, he got up and answered. "Yeah?" He stopped. It was the girl he loved for so long... Lily Evans. "E-Evans?"

"Oh, hey, Severus! I didn't know you lived here." She had the sweetest smile on her face. "I'm being a girlscout during Summer break. Would you like to buy some cookies?"

"Hold on." He ran back inside. "Mom! Do you want some cookies?"

"How much are they?" Eileen asked.

"3 dollars a box, Ma'am!" Lily replied. "I know its too much, but I tried to lower the prices, but the leader said no. I understand if you do not want to buy any." She started to leave.

"No, wait, honey. I'll buy a box." She handed money to Snape to buy the cookies. They ended up getting chocolate chip.

"Thank you, Mrs. Snape. Bye, Severus. See you next week on the train! Lily left the house, walking down the driveway.

"B-bye, Evans." Snape closed the door and followed his mother inside. He noticed her with a great big grin. "What?"

"Who was that?" She noticed a tint of pink going across his cheeks. "Well?"

"She's just a girl from school. Her name is Lily Evans. She was doing this girlscout cookie thing during summer break. She happens to be a mud---" He stopped. He knew his mother hated that word. "A Muggleborn." He sat back on the couch, eyes fixed to the television screen. Eileen sat next to him.

"Oh, a Muggleborn? She is rather pretty. Anyway, Severus, sweetheart, you should think about making your time during summer more useful." He got up with a furious expression.

"Please! Do I have to take this crap from you too? Don't I get enough from Dad?!" His mother had a sad expression on her face. "Never mind. I'm going to bed." She looked at the clock. It was only 6:30 PM. He stalked up to his room and laid down on the bed.

Things between Snape and his mother had been going as bad as last week. He didn't want to hear her lectures about getting a job or none of it. His father already yelled at him about Lily. He wanted him to have a Half-blood or Pure-blood girlfriend. "I don't care what father says." He thought to himself. "I can have any kind of a girl I want. Half-blood or not!"

"Severus! Time to leave!" It was September 1st, the day to go back to Hogwarts of witchcraft and wizardry. It happened to be his 7th and last year there. He has to tell Lily how he feels soon.

"Coming!" He didn't talk to his mother the whole way to the station. "Bye. Oh, wait. Mom, I'm sorry about everything.

His mother caught him in a hug. "It's alright. Good-bye. I love you."

"Love you too." He walked onto the train. He looked back and gave her a wave.

Somewhere close, Lily and James were talking.

"I'm not going to sit with you on the train, ok?"

"What? Oh come on! Every since first day at Hogwarts, we've sat together. It was my good looks!" James was full of pride. "Who're sitting with then?" She blushed deep red.

"Well... if I tell you, you promise not to laugh or yell?" James and Sirius nodded. "Severus."

"Hey, man! You're girlfriend's cheating on you." Sirius yelled. People looked around. "What are you looking at, Black?!" He yelled to his cousin Narcissa and Bellatrix.

"Nothing." She replied. "You're too ugly to look at. Come on, Belle."

Blushing redder than ever, Lily screamed. "I am not his girlfriend, Sirius!" She stalked on the train. "Severus!" She called.

"Yeah? Oh, hey, Evans." He blushing slightly as well.

"Want to sit next to each other?"

"Oh, um, sure." They got into a compartment together and sat down. She told all about the incident before she came onto the train.

"So I told James and he got mad, right? And Sirius is all 'Hey, Man! You're girlfriend's cheating on you!' and I'm all 'I am not his girlfriend, Sirius.' It was very embarrasing." Snape just listened to her talk.

"So, how is everything in the girlscout thing?" He asked.

"Hmm? Oh fine. I sold around 50 boxes."

"Oh, that's good." Snape hardly looked her in the eye. He was too busy looking outside, blushing. "Why can't I tell her how I feel?" He thought.

The train came to a stop and they walked off. Snape helped her out and walked with her through all the rain. They didn't have umbrellas at that time, so they used their bags.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts." Dumbledore said to all of the students. "Now, Quidditch will be choosing new captains this year and we have a new teacher. For Care for Magical Creatures, Professor Smith!" A young woman stood up and bowed, while everyone clapped. "Now let the feast begin!"

The goblets and plates around the table filled with all sorts of food and drink.

"Finally!" Sirius yelled, stuffing mashed potatoes in his mouth. Lily stared at him with digust. Snape, while eating, was watching Lily from Slytherin table.

"Hey, Evans!" A girl named Amanda called out. "Are you dating Snivelly?" Lily blushed. James dropped the chicken leg his was munching on.

"What?" He yelled. "You're dating Snivelly?!" People from different tables looked around. Snape was blushing.

"I am not!" A smile curled on Amanda's lips.

"Then why were you on the train with him?" She became angry.

"I pity him, ok?!" She yelled. Snape heard this. He dropped his apple and sunk into his seat. So it was pity? She never really loved him, not even liked him. Here he was, loving her so much, he couldn't stand it, and she didn't love him back. He was not about to cry, but he sure seemed sad.

"I don't need that filthy mudblood." He thought. "Father was right, half-blood or pure, no mudbloods." He stared at her with pure hatred. After the feast, he stalked off to his room, not wanting to be spotted by Lily. He rested on his bed, trying to get her out of his mind.