She felt so guilty. "Severus did love me and I went to James. How could I be so stupid!" She buried her head into her pillow and began to cry.

Snape was back in his dorm. "I love her, I do. But if she's with Potter, then I have no choice. If I really love her, I'll let her go with the person she wants to be with." He thought, clutching his pillow to his chest. He bent down, grabbed a notepad and began to write. He wanted to write her something, she'd never forget. A poem to get his feelings across to her.

"Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Flowers was beautiful and so are you.

I realized how much to you mean to me.

I just want you to see.

That you should never do what I tell you to.

You are a beautiful gift, one I shall never have.

There's something else I want you to realize too.

Lily Evans, I love you."

He finished writing and ran down the stairs, onto the Quidditch Field. Lily was there watching Hufflepuff practice. He decided to gain the courage to tell her, face to face. Or else, he could not move on. "I hope it's good enough." He thought, before approaching her.

"Lily?" She turned around, confused. Did he just call her Lily? "Here." The notepad was decorated with the flowers off lily pads. She smiled. She began to read it. As soon as she was finished, she was crying. He was relieved she wasn't mad at him.

"Oh, Severus." She embraced him. He blushed, but embraced her back.

"You be with Potter. At least I got my feelings across." She was smiling and crying.

"Thank you. I loved you too. But I didn't think you loved me. I'm sorry."

"It's okay. As long as you're happy. And remember this, I still hate Potter." She laughed. He led her by the lake. It was deserted, and gave her one last kiss. She smiled and ran off to the dorm. clutching the notepad in her hands. "Good-bye."

After the marriage of James Potter and Lily Evans, they had a child. Harry Potter. The couple were murdered by Lord Voldemort, who Snape happened to be a supporter of. (He better feel guilty about Lily! J/K.) Harry was protected by Lily, and gave her life for him. Voldemort wanted to kill Harry, but love left him by only a scar, even against the killing curse. Later on, Harry attened Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardary. Snape happened to be a Potions teacher there, The first time he walked into the Great Hall, the 1st thing, Snape noticed was how much he resembled James and his eyes, who resembled Lily's. That face brought back painful memories. If only he told her sooner, then he would be with her. But it was his decision to let her go. "But remember this..." He said.

"Lily, Evans, I love you."