A/N: There are a lot of flashbacks and the backstory unfolds alongside the present.

Warning: SLASH!! Harry/Lucius. Harry is 17 when they get together. So past the age of consent in my country. Do not read if you don't approve!

Chapter 1:

"I need to talk to you guys," Harry said, looking at Ron and Hermione. The rest of the Weasley clan, all seated around the dinner table except for Molly, glanced at each other.

"Do you want us to leave you alone, dear?" Molly Weasley asked. For Harry to come at all to a Weasley gathering was rare enough these past few months, but now the young man wanted to make some sort of announcement. This certainly was new. The Weasleys (now including Hermione for the past six months) had hardly seen him since the war ended, except for on special occasions. Harry cleared his throat.

"No, that's ok. You may as well all know. I should have told you a long time ago, but it's only recently that the war has really gotten out of everyone's system properly. I guess I thought it would be easier if it wasn't too… fresh, but now it's way overdue…" The redheads, along with Hermione, were on the edge of their seats and everybody waited for him to continue. Harry took a deep breath. "Well, the first thing you should know is that I'm gay." Silence greeted this statement. After a few moments Molly spoke up in her motherly manner.

"That's fine dear."

"Yeah, I know it's no big deal in the wizarding world, but I thought you should know, since it's kind of important…" Harry trailed off again as he saw Hermione had turned slightly green. No one seemed to have noticed except him so he ignored it and looked at the others. "And the other thing I wanted to tell you is… well, it's like this… I- I'm… eh." Harry hadn't planned on telling everybody his secret at the same time, but it couldn't be helped now.

"You're married?" Ron helped suddenly and everybody gasped, including Harry.

"You knew? How long?"

"I saw you after an Order meeting."

"Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell anybody else?" Ron shrugged, but Harry could tell his friend was uncomfortable.

"It wasn't for me to tell, and I figured you'd tell me yourself when you were ready. You always do."

"Wait! An Order meeting?!" Molly exclaimed. "You've been married since before the war ended and you didn't tell anyone!?" Harry didn't even glance at her; he was too focused on Ron. The fact that he knew and hadn't bitten Harry's head off yet was amazing.

"How much- I mean, what do you…"

"I saw him do this," Ron said as he came forward and took Harry's hand in his. Harry was far too dazed to stop Ron as he pointed his wand to Harry's finger. A second later and a beautiful silver ring appeared. On it was a crest and a large "M" engraved on it. Another collective gasped was heard.

"I saw he had one as well," Ron stated, not letting go of Harry's hand.

"Yeah, but with a P," came Harry's rather breathless reply.

"Really?" Ron asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Wait a second!" Hermione yelled suddenly. "You're married to Draco Malfoy? The git of the century!" She was glaring daggers at Harry by now.

"Eh, no, not as such, no." There was a short silence. Then Hermione started yelling again.

"Then who… Oh, Merlin! Lucius?! You're married to Lucius Malfoy!? Ronald, why didn't you tell me? You knew all this time!"

"It wasn't for me to tell!" Ron retorted, letting go of Harry's hand, but his glare wasn't nearly as forceful as Hermione's. "Besides he switched sides-"

"He switched sides to save his own skin!"

"You don't know the whole story!" Harry found his voice, and it was angry. "If you'd just let me explain!"

"Explain that you've sold your soul to a Death Eater?"

"He's not!"

"Hermione, maybe we should just let him-" Ron tried to cut in, but Hermione raised her voice over him.

"Yes he is! Once a Death Eater always a Death Eater, remember?!"

"Silence!" Arthur Weasley's voice had the desired effect of silencing the yelling trio. He stood up and made his way around the table to Harry. He looked at him with a serious expression. "Harry, you must try to see this from our point of view and think on this rationally. You show up out of the blue, after we've hardly seen you since the war, and tell us you've been secretly bonded to a man twice your age."

"I don't care about that."

"And a convicted Death Eater," Arthur continued as if he hadn't heard Harry. "Who, despite the fact that he fought for our side in the end, has not only threatened this family, but tried to kill more than one of its members? I'm sorry I have to ask this, Harry, but are you feeling alright?"

"What?" Harry asked in confusion.

"I mean do you feel as if you may be under some spell or potion perhaps?" Arthur clarified.

"He's not acting as if he's under a love-potion, and he's immune to Imperius," Ron said, but Harry thought he sounded doubtful.

"There are other spells, other potions," Hermione murmured, clearly going through them in her head.

"Are you insane?!" Harry spluttered. "He wouldn't do that!"

"I think Lucius Malfoy is more than capable," Arthur declared calmly.

"You don't know him!" Arthur took a step forward and Harry instinctively drew back. He frowned at the look in Mr. Weasley's eyes. Without anyone noticing Harry pressed a finger to the "M" on his ring.

"Harry, I think you should come with us. We need to take you somewhere safe where we can figure out what's wrong with you." Harry started shaking his head, taking another step back as Arthur advanced once again. "Come Harry, clearly you came here for a reason."

"Yes, this is obviously a cry for help," Hermione said sadly. Arthur started to slowly pull out his wand, but before he could raise it two very furious looking Malfoys burst through the door, brandishing their own wands. They quickly stepped between Harry and the Weasley clan, half of whom where rising from their seats.

"Stay put!" Lucius ordered, sending glares all around. "Harry, are you alright?" He asked, not taking his eyes off Arthur.

"Yes, I'm fine. They want to take me away. They think you have me under some spell." He had bowed his head and was speaking softly, as if he couldn't believe it.

"Why you loathsome, dim-witted, bunch of dragon's-"

"Draco," Harry said softly, silencing the younger blond. Draco glanced over at Harry and shut his mouth, his wand still raised.

"All he wanted to do was invite you to our renewing of vows ceremony, since we didn't get to have a proper one the first time around," Lucius explained in a scarily calm voice. Hermione scoffed.

"As if we would come. You've done something to him! I know it!"

"Shut up! You don't always know everything!" Draco spat, but fell silent once again when he felt Harry's hand on his shoulder. Hermione stared at Draco, then at Harry, her eyes wide.

"Harry, what is this? Have you exchanged us all for Malfoys?" Harry looked at Ron pleadingly, who had remained silent for a while, but Ron just turned away guiltily. Harry sighed and turned to Lucius.

"Can we just go home?" Lucius nodded and lowered his wand. He led the slightly shorter man towards the door. Draco was still glaring at the sea of redheads and Hermione.

"Are we leaving so soon? They all deserve to be hexed into-"

"Draco," Harry and Lucius said calmly at the same time, without looking back. Draco huffed and lowered his own wand before following his father and Harry out the door. Three loud pops were heard and then deafening silence.


'This will be the ultimate test,' Lucius thought as he walked slowly down the road, his form illuminated solely by the streetlights. He looked up at the identical houses lining the ordinary muggle street. 'God, they all look so dreary. Wonder how they stand it.' He checked the number on the house to his left, number 6. He was close. 'Amazing really, that no one has tried to stop me yet. Dumbledore must have had real faith in this protection magic.' Finally he reached the right house. It looked just like the rest of them. He sighed heavily, and then took a deep breath to steady his nerves, it didn't work very well. The magic surrounding the boy prevented anyone from entering the house that had even the tiniest desire to hurt its most important occupant. Lucius stepped onto the sidewalk, looking at the house with apprehension.

"Well, here goes nothing… or everything," he said grimly and took a step forward onto the gravel path in front of the garage. Another two steps and he stopped. Nothing happened. 'Nothing yet,' he reminded himself. He looked up and saw the lights flicker on in the upstairs window. He took another few steps forward, his eyes never leaving the glowing light. Suddenly he was right beneath it looking up and still alive. The window opened and a green-eyed boy looked through the bars.

"Malfoy? You really there?" Lucius took out his wand and pointed it to his shoes. After a muttered word he rose into the air and hovered just outside the window. Green eyes bore into silver grey. Lucius couldn't help but smirk when he saw the shocked look on the boy's face.

"As you can see I am perfectly fine, and I can therefore guarantee that you will be too. I have no desire to hurt you whatsoever," he drawled.

"That doesn't mean you'll keep your promise," Harry said, eyeing the man suspiciously.

"Now, Mr. Potter, you wound me. After everything you still don't trust me? I am here. I am unharmed, as are you. I will bring you to her." Lucius stared at the Boy Who Lived; silently hoping his eyes could convey his sincerity. Harry eyed him a few moments longer, searching for something in the man's eyes. It seemed he found it, whatever it was, and nodded.

"How long until midnight?" he asked. Lucius checked his pocket watch.

"Exactly three minutes. I am on time aren't I?" He smirked again and Harry actually rolled his eyes. 'He is brave isn't he?' Lucius mused. Then again maybe he'd lost his ability to scare the boy along with everything else, and maybe that, like everything else, was a good thing. "You sure?" He asked before he could stop himself. Harry tilted his head and looked at him oddly.

"Yes. I need to do this," he explained. Lucius nodded and looked at his watch again, counting off the time. Two minutes remained. He took out his wand and pointed it at the bars. They vanished instantly. Harry stood before him now, close enough to touch.

"Do you need to bring anything?" He asked.

"No, just my wand." Lucius nodded. He held out his hand. Harry took it. For some reason Lucius breath caught at the touch, as if he could feel the powerful magic flowing out from this boy, and he locked eyes with Harry again.

"You sure?" he found himself asking once more. 'Such a strange feeling', he thought, 'to see him and not want to kill him. I knew it would be different, but Merlin it's like I've never seen him before. Like my old memories of him aren't really my own.' "Your friends will be worried sick."

"Let them worry. When we've finished we'll return to the Order and I'll convince them about you. You got all the information I asked about?"

"Yes. I have it all."

"Good. Then let's go before they come to get me."

"Very well. Hold on." Lucius pulled himself closer to Harry and concentrated on apparating to his desired location. A second later the window was empty. When the Order members arrived half a minute later they found no trace of Harry Potter, nor any sign of a struggle. They detected the use of magic, but not under aged, so they could only conclude that Harry had left with help from someone, and that he had gone willingly, but no one within the Order or his closest friends could say where or with whom.

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