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xxx (This START with a flashback! It's before Ron sees them with the rings and this is what makes him follow Harry later after him and Lucius have bonded)

"Marry me?" Lucius stared at his young lover. They lay naked on the old bed, a rare moment alone for them inside Grimmauld Place. Harry looked up at Lucius with pleading eyes. "Just say yes," he begged, placing a hand on Lucius' bare chest.

"But we can't, Harry. We're in the middle of a war." Lucius hoped this was some sort of joke; at least that was what he kept telling himself. The boy, man, whatever, was only seventeen. He couldn't possibly wish to bond with an old man, an ex-Death Easter and one he barely knew.

"That's the whole point," Harry said, leaning closer and making Lucius shiver at the skin contact. "With the bond, I'll know you're safe."

"Aren't I, as the older one, supposed to be saying that?"

"No," Harry stated simply. "I'm more worried about you, I love you, and I want to feel you."

"Harry, you must understand. One thing is to have a few adventures because we want to feel alive in the middle of all this chaos and death, but marriage… marriage is for life." Harry looked away, but didn't more off.

"I know. I understand if you don't want to. My life expectancy isn't exactly high."

"What?! No! That's not what I meant!" Lucius gripped Harry's shoulders and looked into the impossibly green eyes. "I love you, but do you really want to bond when I could die at any moment? You would feel it you know, especially if it's right after we're bound. It could distract you at a crucial moment."

"I don't care. It will distract me more if I don't know you're safe." Harry stared pleadingly into Lucius' eyes and the older man felt his resolve crumbling.

"Yes," he whispered at last. Harry grinned from ear to ear and laid his head down on Lucius' chest, kissing it a few times.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"Harry? You here?" a voice floated up the stairs. Lucius and Harry locked eyes for a moment in shocked silence.

"Fuck!" Harry swore and jumped out of bed, frantically searching for his clothes and putting them on. Lucius did the same, though in a much more graceful manner.

"Harry?" Ron's voice came again, this time much closer.

"I'll be right there, Ron!" Harry called, hoping he didn't sound as hysterical as he felt. He bolted to the door the second his shirt was buttoned up all the way. He almost ran into Ron right outside the door.

"Everything ok?" Ron asked, raising an eyebrow at Harry's disheveled state.

"Yeah, fine," Harry said a little breathlessly, closing the door behind him when Ron tried to look past him. "Anything important happen?"

"Oh, yeah, 'Mione thinks she's found something in some book," Ron said, not taking his eyes off the closed door.

"Great! Shall we go check it out?" Harry asked, gesturing towards the stairs.

"Sure," Ron answered and they moved away from the door. Harry didn't know Ron had noticed that his buttons were done wrong. Inside the room Lucius was already making plans on how to get married without anyone knowing.

xxx (Back to present time and the wedding!)

"Nervous?" Arms snaked around Harry's waits and Lucius nibbled on his ear.

"A little," Harry admitted, leaning back into Lucius and sighed contently. "I just hope they all come."

"They will," Lucius assured him, locking eyes with Harry in the mirror in front of them. "You look perfect," he told Harry. They both looked rather splendid in their marriage robes. "Did I remember to say happy anniversary?" Harry grinned.

"No, I don't believe you did." Lucius smirked and tilted Harry's head with one hand to kiss him.

"Happy anniversary," he whispered when they parted.

"Happy anniversary," Harry echoed, kissing Lucius again. Even though the bond had been broken by Bellatrix they had stilled remained legally married. The bond had been reformed almost immediately, at St. Mungo's when they healed Lucius' injuries, so they still considered this day their anniversary. And now they would renew their vows in front of friends and family, and exchange names.

"Hey, don't start early!" Draco chided, coming into the room with a pair of beautiful red roses. Draco had single-handedly chosen all the decorations and orchestrated the whole event. It would be a small, private ceremony, but spectacular nonetheless.

"Are we cursed to always be interrupted?" Lucius whispered into Harry ear, making the raven-haired man chuckle.

"At least they come early, wouldn't want people coming in if we get too into it," Harry whispered back. "Can't wait for the honeymoon, though."

"Hmmm," Lucius hummed, kissing Harry's neck. "A proper honeymoon. Alone for two weeks."

"Alright, alright. Come on! The guests are starting to arrive!"

"Really?" Harry asked excitedly, turning around. Draco grinned.

"Remus is here," Draco said, making Harry grin. He started for the door, but Draco stopped him. "Wait a second," he said, pinning the rose to Harry's robe. Harry waited impatiently for Draco to finish, Draco taking his time because that was just the sort of thing he did. Finally he was finished and turned to Lucius while Harry practically ran out the door. Remus had left for America after the war, but he and Harry had exchanged letters regularly. He had been working for the Werewolf Foundation that helped distribute the wolfsbane potion to all werewolves who couldn't afford it. He was coming home to start up work in England, Lucius making several large contributions. Remus, being a werewolf since childhood, had always had an open mind and therefore had accepted Harry's choice of husband fairly quickly after hearing the whole story.

"Nervous?" Draco asked as he pinned Lucius' rose on.

"No, just excited," Lucius quipped, smirking down at his son.

"Liar," Draco stated, adjusting the rose so it was perfect. Lucius chuckled. "Come, we have to greet the guests." They made their way downstairs and into the garden, the wards having been adjusted to let the guest apparate directly. Harry was there speaking to Remus. When Lucius arrived he and Remus greeted each other like friends. After a little small-talk Lucius guided Remus over to the white tables and chairs, leaving Harry to greet the other guest as Draco went off to find Ron. He only had to wait for a few minutes before Fred, George, Ginny, Bill and Charlie Weasley appeared, along with Fleur and Hermione, all in their finest. There was half a second of awkward silence before Ginny stepped forward and embraced Harry.

"Oh, Harry! I've missed you!" Harry hugged her back.

"Likewise." He gave them all hugs and they didn't seem as uncomfortable as Harry thought they would be. Fleur especially seemed to be in her element, it was a fancy party after all. Just then Molly and Arthur arrived.

"Harry!" Molly exclaimed, crushing Harry in a bear hug, already tearing up. "I can't believe you're getting married! I'm so happy for you!" Harry was about to point out the fact that he already was married, then thought better of it and just let the remark pass. He shook hands with Arthur just as Draco came back. There was a slightly longer awkward moment this time.

"Hello everyone," he said, trying not to sound nervous.

"Why don't we all go over to the circle," Harry suggested. Everybody seemed to agree and they slowly starting to move in the right direction, the women commenting on the decorations.

"Harry, have you seen Ron? I can't find him anywhere," Draco asked quietly, Molly overhearing him and glancing in their direction for a second.

"No- Ah, there he is," Harry said, nodding over Draco's shoulder. Draco turned and broke into a grin when he saw Ron coming towards him. He was wearing his finest, but not in the same style as the other men. He was wearing a spectacular muggle suit, looking like a redheaded James Bond (Draco could say that now that he had seen the movies and approved).

"How do I look?" Ron asked, leaning in for a kiss.

"Your family's here," Draco said, and Ron stopped short, glancing over at the group of chatting people. "And you look sexy," Draco added, smirking. Ron smirked back and the three of them walked over to the others.

"Wow, Ron, where'd you get the outfit?" Fred asked, eyeing his brother.

"Why are you wearing muggle clothes?" Ginny asked bemused.

"Draco picked them out for me. You like it?" Everybody went a little wide-eyed for a second or two, and Draco blushed.

"You look very handsome, Ron," Molly asked, causing Ron to blush because his mother was the one complimenting him.

"Draco does know what looks good on people," Harry commented, and everybody cast a glance in Draco's direction as if they were checking to see if Harry was right.

"Alright? Everybody here?" Lucius asked. There weren't that many guests, but then again not many of their old friends had survived the war. It was enough for a good magical circle, however, and Harry knew now that all the energy would be positive.

xxx (a few hours later because any ceremony I write would be a total cliché)

After the ceremony had ended there was the traditional marriage feast (wizards love a good feast) in the garden. As alcohol was served people were getting along swimmingly. They sat around the beautifully decorated garden, a large white tent over them. Lanterns were lit when the sun went down and delicious food was served. Several times during the evening Harry had to look around and check if he was really there, surrounded by his friends and family. Family, yes, that was what they were, all of them really. Lucius saw him smiling stupidly to himself and leaned over conspiratorially.

"What are you thinking about?" he whispered. Harry chuckled.

"Everybody, everything. I didn't know people were allowed to be this happy." Lucius smiled, a little sadly.

"Well, if anyone deserves it-"

"You deserve happiness just as much as me. Everyone here does. You, Draco, everybody." Lucius nodded, knowing Harry didn't like being treated any differently because everybody had suffered in the war.

"So, where are you two honeymooning?" Arthur asked suddenly, causing a slight pause in conversation as everybody stopped to listen.

"At our holiday home in Italy. Two weeks. It was really a toss up between Italy and France, but the house in France was more neglected so it was easier to get the one in Italy fixed in time." Several of the Weasleys exchanged awed glances. "Of course the one in France will be brought back to its former glory, and then you must all come down there with us." Excitement greeted this announcement and conversations resumed, this time focusing on France in particular. Fleur became very excited.

"If I can have your attention please?" Draco declared, rising from his chair. Everybody settled down to listen. Draco smiled at the happy couple. "As you know it is customary for the best man to make a toast." Draco had been Lucius' and Ron had been Harry's of course. "As it is, there are in fact two best men." Ron and Draco grinned at each other, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the group. "And so Ron and I tried several methods to settle the matter. In the end, however, we decided."

"That we should both do it," Ron said, rising from his own chair without missing a beat. Everybody chuckled and grinned at the fact that Ron had probably been trying to get himself out of the speech, as he hated public speaking. Little did they know he was getting quite confident lately, especially when Draco was there to smile at him.

"We are all here to celebrate the marriage of Lucius and Harry Potter-Malfoy."

"A rather odd couple, some would say."

"But perfect for each other nevertheless." Ron and Draco spoke perfectly together, they had obviously practiced.

"Then again there are a few odd couples here today aren't there?" Ron asked, raising an eyebrow at Draco who narrowed his eyes slightly. That was not part of the original speech. Curse Ron and his Gryffindorness, but Draco continued without missing a beat.

"They have been through a lot together, overcome many hardships and come out intact."

"And for all the hard work they've put in they deserve each other as well as happiness."

"So let us all raise our glasses."

"To the odd couple!" Ron added with a grin, completely oblivious to the muggle reference, but that didn't much matter since no one at the table got it. Everybody laughed and raised their glasses.

"The odd couple!" they all chorused and toasted the happy couple. The rest of the evening passed in perfect bliss. Towards the end of the night everybody was still sitting talking lazily, content and tired from all the good food. Draco excused himself to take a walk, giving a pointed glance at Ron who quickly excused himself as well. They left together, walking into the warm night towards the glittering lake, unfortunately they didn't noticed the three Weasleys that were following them: Fred, George and Ginny of course.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Draco commented, looking out across the lake. Ron snorted. Draco looked at him oddly. "Don't you think so?"

"Actually I was thinking about all the cheesy pick-up lines I could say to that." Draco chuckled softly.

"You don't need any pick-up lines with me," he said slyly. Ron grinned.

"I believe that was a pick-up line," he teased, standing closer and looking down into Draco's grey eyes.

"I guess so… I love you," Draco said softly.

"I love you too," Ron replied. They stood silently staring at each other. Ron suddenly grew uncomfortable. "Listen, Draco… I was planning on doing this tomorrow, or maybe later, but… I think I have to do it now before my courage fails me."

"I thought Gryffindor courage never fails?" Draco asked lightly. Ron laughed nervously. "What is it?"

"Well… I don't know if it's too soon, but you know me, once I've decided, no point in waiting right? And so… bugger I'm crap at this stuff."

"I know," Draco said, making Ron glare at him, but not for long. "But I love you for it. Just say it like you always do. The Ronald Weasley way."

"Heh, yeah, right, the Ronald Weasley way, ok… uh…" He took a deep breath. "Oh, bloody hell, will you marry me?" he said quickly, pulling out a small box and opening with shaking hands. Draco stared at the silver ring with a beautiful "W" on it. He hadn't expected it.

"Ron…" he reached out and touched the ring with the tips of his fingers.

"You don't have to say anything now."

"What about you family?"

"What about them? I mean, yeah I kinda come with my family, but we don't have to visit often."

"No, silly, I meant what would they think?"

"Well, I hope they'll be happy for me."

"They won't object to you marrying… me?" Ron looked at him seriously.

"They accepted Harry and Lucius, and he's like a son to them. I think they'll get over it. Nothing a summer in France won't fix."

"Ron," Draco scolded. "Don't talk about your parents like that."

"Are you going to answer now?" Draco smiled.

"Of course I'll marry you." Ron let go of the breath he had been holding and grinned. They crushed their lips together at the same time in a passionate kiss. A rustle from the bushes and a loud exclamation interrupted them.

"Bloody hell!"

"Shut up Fred! You'll ruin the moment!"

"Yeah, Fred. Oy, Ginny, want some popcorn?" Ron blushed while Draco smirked.

"At least that solves the problem on how to tell them about us," Draco said, still smirking.

"Bloody hell," Ron sighed. Draco immediately pulled him down and kissed him again, and they heard several catcalls from the bushes. When they broke apart they laughed. Suddenly Molly was coming round the corner, being dragged forward by Fred who was whispering in her ear and grinning. Ron gulped and Draco unconsciously straightened his back. Molly stopped in front of them for exactly two seconds before engulfing Draco in a bone-crushing hug.

"I knew it!" she cried. Draco was unable to respond at the moment.

"Uh, Mum, you're kind of suffocating by fiancée." This made Molly squeal and turn on Ron. His breath was knocked out of him.

"I saw it in the way you looked at each other. Oh, Ronald!"

"Oh, Ronnikins!" Fred cried.

"You're all grown up!" George finished from the bushes, followed by Ginny's giggling. Ron sent them all a glare when Molly released him. Draco was now blushing. Molly wiped a tear from her eye.

"Oh, come, come, we must tell your father!" Molly pushed Ron and Draco up the path back towards the others. When they arrived everybody looked up to see Molly standing behind a blushing Ron and Draco, with the twins and Ginny sniggering behind them. When the news was announced Harry immediately leaped up and hugged Ron and Draco. Lucius beamed, while Arthur looked at him oddly for a moment before beaming himself. Remus looked a little shocked, but got over it quickly enough. The other Weasleys and Fleur gaped a little longer, though. Hermione smiled slyly and congratulated the still blushing Ron. Eventually things settled down and the party continued well into the night.


Three months later Ron and Draco were married. They didn't move out of the Manor, however, since things were just too good there. The Weasleys and Hermione were frequent guests for Sunday dinner. Life settled down to a routine, some might call it a bit boring so that's really were the story ends, but to Harry and the residents of Malfoy Manor it was nothing short extraordinary.

The End.

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