This is my first multi-chapter story and I hope you all like and enjoy it. It's a rewrite of Order of the Phoenix. I didn't like the fact that Rowling killed off Sirius and that there really weren't many Harry and Sirius bonding moments. Also this story does not have a beta so I might as well ask now. If there is anyone willing to work with me and help me with less then pleasing writing then I will gladly except, just send me a sample of your work and I'll let you now.

Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter and if I did do you think I would be writing just wishful fan fiction no but I can dream.

So on with the story.

Chapter 1

Harry sat out by the Great Lake, underneath the large willow tree. He had been out there for nearly three hours, thinking about the recent death of his beloved godfather, Sirius Black. It had only been a couple of days since Voldemort had sent him a false vision showing he had Sirius trapped in the Department of Mysteries. He and his two best friends Ron, Hermione, Ron's little sister Ginny, and the two new additions to there group, Neville and Luna, had all made there way to the Ministry of Magic and down to the Department of Mysteries, where they were tricked in to retrieving a prophecy for Voldemort and ambushed by Death Eaters. A small battle had ensued, which eventually ended with Harry and Neville facing half a dozen Death Eaters in the Death Chamber where the Veil was. Shortly after that the Order of the Phoenix came to there rescue, it was also when Harry saw the only father figure he'd ever known die. Sirius had been dueling his cousin Bellatrix, when she hit him with a spell and he fell beyond the Veil. He had tried to go after him but was held back by Remus Lupin. He then chased after Bellatrix and cast the Cruciatus curse at her, he was then attacked by Voldemort and saved by Dumbledore. He had been possessed by Voldemort and had found out that the reason he and his family had been attacked all those years ago was because of a prophecy that basically said he either had to kill Voldemort or be killed by him.

It was all Harry thought about now, how if he had just listened to Hermione then Sirius would still be alive. He felt guilty about his Sirius' death, he had killed him and it was all his fault. He knew most of the blame was on himself but he also blamed Remus for holding him back from following Sirius, Bellatrix for killing him, Dumbledore for not telling about the prophecy in the beginning and Voldemort for sending him the false vision in the first place. He even blamed Sirius for not taking the duel with Bellatrix seriously.

"I wish you were here Sirius. I miss you but we'll see each other some day. Say hi to mom and dad for me." Harry said quietly before turning and slowly walking back to the castle to pack and get ready for the leaving feast.

The train ride the next day was mostly uneventful except when Malfoy tried to attack him outside a compartment full of D.A. members and he and his goons ended up looking like three giant slugs. After that the ride was spent with his friends playing chess, exploding snap and talking with his friends.

As the train started to slowing down, Harry thought about what would happen this summer. There would be no Sirius to write too when he had a problem or just needed to talk and he couldn't help but become even more depressed then before. As the train came to complete stop, Harry reached up and pulled down his trunk and Hedwig's cage from the over head rack. He got off the train with Ron and Hermione and waited for the OK to go through the portal to the muggle side of the platform. Harry was the last of the group to go through and was surprised at who he saw when he looked up. Mad Eye Moody was standing there with a bowler hat pulled low over his spinning eye giving him an even creeper look then normal. Next to him were Remus Lupin who was dressed quite shabbily and Tonks who had her usual bubble gum pink hair and was wearing one of her usual punk rock outfits. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were also there and so were the twins. He could see the Dursley's standing a ways away looking, at them like they were the scum of the earth.

"What are you all doing here?" Harry asked once he finally got close enough. He looked at them all but avoided looking Remus and Tonks in the eye, feeling guilty at killing there best friend and cousin, respectively.

" We're here to talk to your aunt and uncle." Remus said quietly.

" I don't think that's such a good idea." Harry said at once, knowing nothing good would come out of the conversation.

The group walked over to the where the Dursley's were standing, " Mr. and Mrs. Dursley we want to talk to you about your treatment of Harry over the summer." growled out Moody.

" What right do have to know what goes on in my house." Uncle Vernon said, mustache twitching.

" We have all the right. If we find out that you are treating Harry poorly -" Mr. Weasley said in a hard voice.

Tonks interrupted, " And trust me, we'll know -"

" You will regret it." Remus finished in a quiet tone that left no room for arguments.

" Are you threatening me?" Uncle Vernon growled out, causing passersby to stare in there direction.

Moody smirked, " Glad to know you can catch on that quick Dursley."

He turned away from him and faced Harry. " Listen Potter we want you to write the Order every three days, if not someone will come to make sure your okay."

Harry nodded not really wanting to say anything. They all said good-bye, with hand shakes from Mr. Weasley, Fred, George and Ron, a clap on the shoulder from Tonks, Remus and Moody and hugs from Mrs. Weasley and Hermione. Harry waved good-bye before turning and following the Dursley's out to the cat, knowing that when they got back to # 4, there would be a screaming match like no other. After throwing his trunk and Hedwig's empty cage into the trunk he got in and Uncle Vernon drove away.

Harry watched the passing scenery as it turned from steel buildings skyscrapers to open fields and small towns. He let it lull him to sleep, allowing him to receive the first peaceful sleep he'd had in nearly a week and a half.


Harry looked around and found himself standing in what looked like study. He went to the only door in the door in the room and tried to open it, it wouldn't budge. He slumped against it and looked more closely at the room he was in. While not overly so, there was a subtle, beautiful quality to the room. It had dark pine paneling on the walls, while the ceiling was done in a deep blue, with the carpet a matching color. The room was simply furnished with a simple but elegant pine desk sitting in one corner, with a matching chair behind it. A large fire place dominated one wall and it to was made of pine, its mantel was decorated with small trinkets. Above hung a large painting of a small stone house sitting in the middle of field filled with wild flowers of every color in nature, with a small stream running through it. Two black leather chairs sat in front of the fireplace with a small table in between them and a glass topped coffee table in front of that.

Harry heard the sound of a door opening and turned to see who was coming in. It was a woman. She stood about 5'5 and had elegant facial features. Her cheek bones stood out but not overly so. She had an aristocratic face but it didn't make her seem unfriendly, in fact it had the exact opposite effect, she seemed rather friendly. She had long flowing dark brown hair that fell around her shoulders and stopped just at the small of her back. She had deep blue eyes that seemed to just go through him. She was wearing a floor length dark green dress that seemed to flow around her and accentuate her figure at the same time with matching shoes. Her face lit up at the sight of him and a large smile grew on her lips showing off her pearly white teeth.

" Hello Harry. I've been waiting for you for a while now. I'm glad that you could finally make it, I was starting to think that you would never come." The woman said her voice flowing over him like water

Harry looked her, " Um not to be rude or anything but who are you and where am I?"

She smiled at him and walked over to the fireplace, a second later a roaring fire filled the grate. Harry starred at her, " How'd you do that?"

She looked over her shoulder at him, " One of my many gifts. As for who I am, you may call me Selene." she frowned at him. " Well don't just stand there all day come and sit down I have much to talk to you about." Selene sat down in one of the leather leaving the other open for Harry.

Harry made his way over to her wearily and sat down, noticing how comfortable the chair was. " You still haven't told me where we are." he told her.

She smiled at him, " A little impatient aren't we Harry. But I'll tell you anyway. We are in your mind and I am here to give you something that you no longer have but want. To do that, you need to listen to me and not interrupt okay. "

" Okay." He agreed wanting to know what was going on.

" Well," she began, " it started that night in the Department of Mysteries, Sirius wasn't supposed to fall through the Veil he was supposed to crash into the wall beside it. While that may sound painful, he would have survived at least. Even though I should have, I didn't take into account your godfathers inability to take some things seriously and because of that he fell through the Veil. Normally I wouldn't do anything and would let events follow there natural course, but I also didn't take into account how badly his death would affect you. That day you were out by the lake you, wished for Sirius to come back. Am I right?" she asked.

Harry nodded. " Yeah that's right."

Selene continued, " Good. Normally I wouldn't do anything to change events. Thousands of people lose loved ones every day and hundreds of them wish for them back but your situation was different. You see your godfather died before his time. Now before you interrupt." she said seeing his mouth open, " Yes people say that there loved ones go before there time but the last time that someone really went before there time was about 2,000 years ago and I helped that person out too."

" Does that mean Sirius is going to come back.?" asked Harry, who forgot his promise not to talk.

" No he can't, but you can." she said.

Harry looked at her confused. " What do you mean he cant, but I can?"

Selene seemed pleased by his confused look, " I mean I'm going to send you back in time. The summer before your fifth year to be exact and your going to do it all over again." She smiled seemingly pleased with herself.

" You can do that?" Harry asked, looking at her like she had just said the Dark Lord had declared himself a light wizard.

" Yes I can. But don't worry I'm not sending you back without a few upgrades."

" What do you mean by that?" Harry asked nervously.

" Nothing bad I promise. Just a few new abilities and some under standing of the one you already have." Selene promised. " Now, lets get down to business. I'm going to give you three new powers and help with two. I'm going to make you a metamorphagus. The knowledge of how to transform will be in your mind when you wake up. You won't be perfect at it and it will take some time to perfect it. Also when your feeling strong emotions you will change unconsciously. Other then that there should be no problems."

Harry glowed white for a second before returning to normal.

" Next I'm going to give you the gift of wandless magic. Your not going to be all powerful in this but you'll be able to do basic first through third year spells. Your going to have to train to become more adapt and powerful in this subject."

Again Harry glowed white and returned to normal.

" Lastly I'm going to give you the gift of Animagi. You won't be able to transform fully but the information you will need to help you with the transformation will be with you when you wake up. I should warn you though, you might need to get a book on this subject to help with any questions you may have."

Harry glowed white one final time before returning to normal."

" The last two things I'm going to help you with are Occlumency and your Parseltounge ability. Now if you go to Knockturn Alley and go into Borgin and Burkes you will find a small cabinet full of books on those two subjects, along with Legimency. I know its where the dark wizards go but it'll help you. Besides if you change your looks …" Selene stopped talking and looked toward the door, seemingly waiting for something.

" It's time for you to leave" she said, turning back to look at him " I thought you would have more time. Oh well." She stood gracefully and motioned for him to rise too. " Now all you have to do is walk through that door and you'll wake up, back at your relatives house and it will be the summer before your fifth year."

Harry followed her to the door she entered from and turned to face her.

" Thanks for what your doing for me and what you gave me." he said quietly but sincerely.

He was surprised when Selene pulled him into a strong but gentle hug much like those from Mrs. Weasley. " Good luck Harry and I hope you succeed in saving your godfather. Also before I forget, this is your only chance to do this, I can't give you a second one." She smiled apologetically.

Harry nodded in understanding and turned back to the door. He reached for the handle and slowly opened it. He was blinded by a flash of pale green light and was filled with the sensation of taking a portkey. He was sure he heard Selene wish him luck again.

Harry slowly blinked his eyes open. He was staring up at the bright stars of the night sky as he lay in between the hydrangea bushes in the front garden. His eyes shot open when he realized that he was in the same position he had been in so many times the summer before his fifth year. That's when he realized he really had been sent back in time but he knew he really wouldn't believe it until he saw Sirius alive and breathing. He had his second chance and he wasn't going to fail. He would fight or …

Die trying.