Just when the dreams had started to wane, life gave her new nightmares.

First came her own flesh and blood, taken from her so soon. He stood for everything; determination, recklessness, hope in the most dire of situations. Bad news came in the same form as condolences, and meant no more or less than the emotionless apologies.

Then, as recovery looked so eminent, death claimed her second link to sanity. A mentor, standing for all she had left; logic, justice, and the strongest of friendships. In front of her own eyes, the man that was so dedicated torn apart, a heart that was so attached to his people, blown to nothing.

And last came impact. The blow that knocked her off her feet. After everything, she no longer wanted to get up. Sanity left her in wisps of un-cried tears, death was at her doorstep, taunting her day in and day out.

What's left to live for when the world insists on robbing you of everything? She had nothing left, and no one to tell her otherwise.

And so, the girl that was once full of life and ferocity was just there. Stripped of soul, robbed of joy, nobody would reassure anymore, for there was no comprehension in her empty hazel eyes.

Existence is futile when you have nothing worth living for. Existence is worthless once you have nothing worth dying for.


A/N: This was my little twist on one of those awkward, depressing topics that no one wants to write about. Yep, just when you though I was done with angst ;D

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Eoin Colfer's brilliant creations.