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Part I

Chapter One

In all his life, Remus Lupin had never felt as taken over by nerves as he did now. He was just a young boy, not ready for this kind of stress. Maybe this whole thing was a mistake. When he first found out he'd be able to come to Hogwarts, Remus had been overcome with glee. He'd spent the rest of the summer babbling to his melancholic parents about all he was going to be able to do and learn, and expressing his excitement at actually being almost normal for once, and being let out of the dark musty house to interact with other kids.

Now, however, he thought it might have been better to stay safe at home. Remus had always been shy and quiet by nature, but these traits had increased tenfold when he'd received the bite. And now here he was, on a train full of unfamiliar faces, most of them older, and none of them looking as though they needed a new werewolf friend. Not that any of them knew, of course, and not that he would tell them, but still…

Remus didn't need to make friends. He would have been perfectly content with finding a little corner in some compartment somewhere to just curl up in the seat by himself for the rest of his life. The only problem with this perfect plan was that none of the compartments were empty. Remus wouldn't have minded a partly-empty one; he could simply ignore the other students. Unfortunately, the only one he'd seen so far had contained a boy with greasy hair, a large hooked nose, and such an unfriendly expression that Remus had run to the other side of the carriage without even checking any of the adjacent compartments.

After a few minutes of working up the nerve, Remus began peeking in compartments again, now desperate for anywhere to sit. One compartment only had a girl and two boys (one of them very cute), who all looked around his age. While debating with himself whether or not to actually try opening the door now, he accidentally caught the cute boy's eye. When this happened, he nudged his friend, who, to Remus's horror, got up and came to the door.

"Hello," the boy said.

Remus wanted to say 'hi,' but the other boy, the cute one, was looking at him, and no sound came out.

"Are you looking for a place to sit?" the boy continued. "We have room if you want."

Having given up on trying to talk, Remus simply nodded, following him into the compartment.

"I'm James," the boy said, reaching out to shake Remus's hand. "James Potter."

"I'm Remus Lupin," Remus said, relieved to have his voice again now that he was looking at James rather than the other boy. James had black, untidy hair and hazel eyes.

To Remus's intense nervousness, the other boy stood up to introduce himself next.

"Sirius Black," he said. His grin and the touch of his handshake caused Remus to go temporarily mute again. His hair was black like James's, but longer, and shiny. It fell into his sparkling eyes so perfectly that confidence simply radiated from him. His gorgeous smile forced Remus to smile back (though purely out of nerves) before letting go of his hand and looking at the ground.

The girl introduced herself next (Lily Evans), and smiled at him as well. She was quite good-looking herself, with long red hair and almond-shaped green eyes, and Remus relaxed a bit when she offered him the seat next to her and attempted to start a conversation.

Liking girls was easier than liking boys because he could look at them and think they were pretty without worrying if someone saw him starting. He could look at Lily and talk to her a little bit while occasionally peeking over at Sirius just for a second.

The train ride calmed Remus down a bit, as all three of his companions were being perfectly friendly to him, and by the end he even managed to say a word or two to Sirius. As they neared the school, however, his nerves returned.

When they got off the train, a big hairy man named Hagrid led all the first years into boats, where they crossed a vast lake to an even vaster castle. A stern-looking woman named Professor McGonagall explained how the school had four different Houses, each with its own common room and table, and they would have to put on a hat to determine where they belonged.

Remus looked down when he heard these instructions. He'd just almost started to make friends, and now he might not get to see them if they weren't in his House. Remus had also noticed the hook-nosed kid on the train among the first years, his expression as cold as ever. What if Remus got placed in the same House as him?

As these worries began to take over Remus, he and the other first years were led into the Great Hall. The hat had begun to sing a song, and Remus watched it in fascination along with the others. Once it was finished, Sirius Black was called up to be Sorted first. Remus felt safe in starting as Sirius strode up to the stool, cool as anything, plopped down, and pulled to hat over his head. The hat shouted Sirius into Gryffindor, and he strode, grinning, down to his table.

One by one the students were called up and Sorted into various Houses. Lily Evans and another girl also became Gryffindors, and soon after it was Remus's turn. To his surprise, relief, and worry, Remus became a Gryffindor as well. He couldn't help smiling as he made his way down to the table.

Too shy to sit next to Sirius, Remus instead sat across from him, next to Lily. Both smiled at him. They continued to watch the students get Sorted. A girl with blonde hair joined them at Gryffindor. A few minutes later, so did a short boy with watery eyes. After him, it was James's turn, and he got into Gryffindor as well. He had quite the same expression on his face as Sirius had when he came down to the table. He sat next to Sirius, and Remus watched the two slap hands.

After awhile, the mean-looking boy from earlier came up to the stool, and Remus watched apprehensively. Would he be in Gryffindor, too? But no, he ended up in Slytherin, and they watched him go.

"Good," Sirius commented. "Looks like he belongs there, the greasy git. They're a filthy bunch," he continued, looking around to see who was listening. "My cousin Bellatrix is in there. So was the rest of my family. None of em're too friendly."

There were only a few students left, and once they were finished, the feast started, and the Great Hall was filled with the sounds of eating and talking. Remus chewed quietly, preferring to listen in to the others' conversations rather than join in.

After the feast, the older prefects led the first years to their dormitories. Remus's nerves returned yet again when he realized he'd be sharing a dormitory with Sirius. The room was small and circular, and Remus knew he must be in a tower. James's bed was on the far right from the stairs, then Sirius's, Remus's, and then the other Gryffindor boy's, who they learned was called Peter Pettigrew.

It felt good to be able to crawl into a warm bed after this long, stressful day. Remus started up at the ceiling and thought about tomorrow, when classes would start. He thought about three weeks from now, when the first full moon would come, and what would happen. He thought about all the people he had encountered today. The hook-nosed Slytherin boy was in the castle somewhere. Lily Evans was surely in the adjacent tower. The woman from earlier, Professor McGonagall, couldn't be far away, as she was Head of Gryffindor House. James was in his bed across the room next to the stairs, Peter on the other side of the stairs, and Sirius…

Remus looked over at the bed next to him. Sirius was there, beginning to drift off to sleep. Remus realized he was staring and looked back up at the stairs again.