Sokka stared at the cradle where his sickly child lay. His wife lay a few feet away sleeping soundly after giving birth and staying up for hours on end. Sokka reached down and touched the small girl's face with his cheek, he looked back at Toph who had finally fallen asleep. He knew she was worried about their child, she didn't cry like other children did. She just lay there cold and nearly completely unmoving.

Sokka looked at the figurines spinning in circles above his daughter, Tui and La the moon and ocean spirits. An idea had been spinning in his head as well, he looked at Toph one more time before lifting his daughter up and walking away. He left their cozy home and walked towards the spirit oasis in the North Pole where they lived.

Once he was there he looked at the moon which was shining brightly.

"Yue, surely you can do something for her." He said. "Please save my daughter." He said holding his daughter close.

Suddenly Yue appeared in an angel like form in front of him. "Sokka." She said.

"Yue." He said seeing her for the first time in years. Tears came to his eyes.

"I miss you." He said. She nodded.

"But you have a family now." She said nodding her head towards his daughter. "Didn't I tell you I'd always be with you?" she asked. Sokka nodded. "Do you trust me?" she asked, and again Sokka nodded. "Then lay her in the oasis." She said. Sokka gently held his daughter in the oasis and as the water lit up he had to turn his head away to keep from being blinded.

When he looked back his daughter's once jet black hair was white, she opened her deep green eyes and let out a cry. Sokka picked her up and went back to their house, he was unable to get his child to calm down and it woke Toph up.

"Sokka!" she asked urgently.

"Its ok, she's fine." He said laying her in Toph's arms.

Toph smiled at the feel of her child in her arms. "What happened?" she asked. Sokka was silent a moment.

"I took her to the spirit oasis." He said. Toph smiled as tears slid down her face, she understood.

"You know we still have to think of a name for her." Sokka said as he brushed his child's white hair from her eyes, the baby girl had stopped crying when she was handed to Toph.

"Yue." Toph said without hesitation. Sokka looked at her surprised and she smiled. "It's the least we can do for the woman who saved our child's life." She said. Sokka nodded and made an agreeing sound.

"Yue." Sokka said.

Sokka and Toph spent the rest of the night with their daughter, thanking the moon spirit for keeping her alive. There was much rejoicing the next day and after that Toph and Sokka had their first good night sleep in awhile.

But Toph woke up in the middle of the night. She opened her eyes to see a beautiful glowing woman with white hair staring down at her child. Toph stood up and the girl looked at her. Toph realized this must be Yue.

"How can I see you?" she whispered.

"I wanted to give you one more gift." She said. "I wanted you to be able to see your child." She said. Toph walked over to the cradle and looked down at her beautiful baby girl smiling up at her with her big green eyes.

Toph smiled as tears came to her eyes. "Thank you." She said. Yue smiled at her. "What could I ever give in return?" she asked. Yue looked towards Sokka.

"Keep him happy, that's all I ask." Yue said, Toph stared and then smiled and nodded.

"I think I can do that." She said. Yue nodded. Toph lifted her daughter into her arms and as Yue left everything around her darkened again and Toph felt a tear slip down her face. Toph put her daughter down and then went back to bed laying by Sokka.

"I know I can do that." She said as she smiled at her husband.

And she did.