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"For the last time! NO!" a blue hedgehog yelled at a man in a blue suit with a broken chain going into him.

The blue hedgehog tugged on his gloves as he began to shine his red shoes.

'This has been happening more often this week. He's the 100th one today,' the hedgehog thought.

"Please, Mr. Sonic!" the man begged, "I heard you could help me pass on!"

"I only help spirits whose gifts are messed with. Like the girl before you," the hedgehog replied, "Her family put a bunch of flowers in a bottle where she died. After an hour her family left, these punks knocked it down with their skateboards! I scared them away by disguising myself as a spirit."

Sonic mumbled as he went up a flight of stairs. He passed a red echidna, a bat, and a yellow fox with two tails.

"What's wrong with Sonic, Tails?" the bat asked.

"It could be that spirits are following him everywhere now for the past week. They keep on increasing everyday," Tails the fox replied, "At lease that's what he tells me."

"It's true alright, you guys," the echidna replied, "That's his 100th 'friend' today."

"You and Sonic are lucky, Knuckles," Tails sighed, "I can't see anything, yet I keep on whishing I could see spirits."

"It's not a big deal, little buddy," Knuckles said, "Spirits only have broken chains on them, that's all."

The wind began to pick up a little. Knuckles looked up to see a black image going into Tails' workshop.

'That must be his 101st spirit right now,' Knuckles thought.

"I still think you chose a great place for you house/workshop, Tails," the bat spoke.

"You do, Rouge?" Tails asked.

"Yeah. You have a great view of sunsets," the bat replied.

"What's close? The SAFE?!" Sonic's voice was heard.

Tails heard something crash. He ran up the stairs and opened the door up.

A few minuets earlier…

Sonic opened the door at the top of the stairs. Inside was his/Tails/Men's Guest room. He lay on his bed and tried to ignore his 'friend' when a swallowtail butterfly flew past him. He held his finger out and the butterfly landed on it.

"What are you doing in here, little guy?" Sonic asked.

He got up and opened a window for the butterfly to fly out. He turned to go back to bed when he saw a fox. She was around Amy's age yet the same size as Tails with black fur except for the tip of her tail and he mouth, which were red. Her blue eyes were looking around. Her black kimono swayed as she turned a bit. The thing that Sonic was surprised about the most was the sword on her hip.

"It's close…" she muttered.

Sonic kicked her on the bum.

"What's close? The SAFE?!" Sonic asked.

"Y-you can see me?!" the girl asked, surprised.

"Yeah…" Sonic replied, a bit confused at her question.

"Are you okay in here, Sonic?" Tails asked as he opened the door.

"I'm okay, bud. Just stopping a burglar," Sonic replied, stopping the girl by putting his foot down on her robe.

"Where?" Tails asked as he looked around.

"I'm standing on her robe, Tails," Sonic replied.

"Who?" Tails asked.

"The chick in the samurai gear," Sonic replied.

"Normal living creatures can't see me," the girl replied, "For I am a Soul Reaper. (A/N: Death God in Japan)"

Tails left.


"What happened up there, Tails," Rouge asked.

"Another spirit is my guess," Tails replied.

I hope he doesn't run into anyone with a black robe as a spirit," Knuckles spoke, "They are mean and –"

His back suddenly exploded. This caused Tails and Rouge to freak out a little.

"What was that?!" Tails gawked.

He was suddenly grabbed by something and was being raised into the air.

"Tails!" Rouge gasped.

"Go… get Sonic…" Tails gasped out before fainting.

Rouge began to fly up the stair when he wings were sliced on their backs. Her leg then began to bleed. She made it up and saw the door begin to open.

A few minuets earlier again…

"So you're a Soul Reaper who's looking for a thing called a 'Hollow' so you can kill it?" Sonic asked.

The girl nodded.

"That's a load of Farts!" Sonic yelled as he flipped the table they were sitting at.

He began to push the girl out.

"Go play 'Soul Reaper' somewhere else, little girl! I have no time for you!" Sonic said while pushing her.

"'Little girl'?!" the girl growled.

She turned around.

"The 1st binding spell Sai!" the girl yelled.

Sonic's arms were behind his back. The girl did a sweep kick and sent Sonic to the floor.

"Now listen up you. There are three kinds of spirits in this world. Two if you don't count Soul Reapers," the girl explained, "The first is Wholes, or the spirits you see everyday. The second is Hollows. They are recognizable by their size, form and their masks. Hollows eat souls of Wholes. The third is me, a Soul Reaper. Soul Reapers have two duties. The first is to conduct Kon-so, Soul Funeral. The second is to destroy Hollows by slicing their masks. Any questions?"

"Yeah," Sonic replied.

"Did you get a baby to draw those?" the man's spirit and Sonic asked.

"You want to see a Kon-so in action?" the girl asked.

"Sure!" Sonic replied.

Rukia took out her sword and hit the man's spirit with the hilt. A mark appeared on his head. The mark said 'Seireitei.' The man began to vanish. When he finally vanished, a butterfly appeared. The girl then wrote 'Slowpoke' and a mustache on Sonic's face.

"Hey! You took advantage of my immobility!" Sonic yelled.

Sonic began to wipe the marks off his face when suddenly…


"Excuse me! Excuse me! Ms. Soul Reaper!" Sonic spoke.

"What is it?" the girl asked.

"Did you hear that roar?" Sonic asked.

"What roar?" the girl asked, "I didn't hear a –"


"Stay here!" the girl ordered.

"Why?!" Sonic asked, "Cancel that spell of yours!"

"That roar was a Hollow's roar," the girl replied, "I have never met anyone who could see Soul Reapers or hear a Hollow's roar before one. Just stay here."

She opened the door to suddenly feel a blast of spiritual pressure.

'What the-?!' the girl thought, 'Where did this spiritual pressure come from?!'

Present time, again!

"S-sonic?" Rouge coughed as she crawled into the room.

"Rouge? What happened to you?" Sonic asked, trying to break the kidō

"I don't know what happened, Sonic," Rouge began, "Knuckles' back suddenly exploded. Then something grabbed Tails and took him up into the air. I tried to fly up here, but whatever happened to Knuckles' back, happened to my wings and my left leg. Please, you have to save the… others…"

She fainted.

"Rouge!" Sonic yelled.

"Don't worry, your friend justt fainted," the girl said.

Sonic began to struggle even more with the kidō. His quills began to change to black as his eyes lost all color.

"Wait! You fool! If you try to break the kidō then you'll –" the girl began.

Sonic roared as he shattered the kidō. He ran past the girl as his quills turned back to blue and his green pupils returned.

'He broke the kidō! But how?! Could it have been when his quills turned black?' the girl thought.

She shook the thought out of her head before running after Sonic.


"That's a Hollow?!" Sonic gawked, "I thought it would have been a person… but it's a monster!"

The Hollow looked like a giant half man half fish form. In its left hand was…
"Tails!" Soniiic yelped.

He did a spin dash at the hand, only to be sent into the workshop with the other hand. Sonic saw that the Hollow was about to eat Tails when the girl sliced the Hollow's hand off. Sonic did a bounce attack to open the amputated hand to release Tails. He put Tails down onto the ground beside the bleeding back Knuckles.

"Why… Why is it here?" Sonic asked.

"Hollows are attracted to high amounts of Spiritual Pressure. Just as I opened the door, I felt your, Sonic," the girl replied, "The Hollow is after… you. But Hollows are also oppertunitists."

"So… it's MY fault… that the guys got hurt," Sonic blamed himself.

"No… you got it wrong…" the girl began before being sent into the workshop by the Hollow.

The Hollow was about to go in after the girl until…

"Hey you Hollow!" Sonic yelled, "You want me?! Then have my soul!"

The Hollow smiled as it licked its chomps. It charged at Sonic. Sonic closed his eyes until…

"Dance Sode no Shirayuki!" the girl yelled. (Sleeve of White Snow)

He heard a chomp. He opened them to see the girl with a different blade in her hand. The Zanpaku-tō was completely white, including the hilt, cross guard, and blade. The tsuba turns to a circle and a white ribbon forms from the pommel. Sonic also saw that half he body was bleeding badly as the Hollow lost part of its back fin. The girl fell to the ground, panting.

"Soul Reaper!" Sonic yelled.

"You… fool! Did you really think that by giving your soul to the Hollow that your friends would be sparred?" the girl asked, "Hollows attack everyone to eat their souls! And in my current state, we'll all be killed."

"Darn it!" Sonic yelled.

"… Do you wish to save you friends?" the girl asked.

"I'd do anything for my friends and their safety!" Sonic replied.

The girl then took out Sode no Shirayuki and aimed it at Sonic's heart.

"Then you must become a Soul Reaper!" the girl spoke, "Place my Zanpaku-tō, or my Soul Cutter, over your heart. When it goes through your heart and it accepts your power, I will transfer some of my Dark Force into you."

"And if it doesn't?" Sonic asked.

"You will die," the girl replied.

Sonic looked at his bleeding friends and then at the Hollow and finally he looked back at the girl.

"Give me that sword, Soul Reaper," Sonic said.

"Not 'Soul Reaper.' My name is Rukia Kuchiki," the girl spoke.

"Oh, Sonic the Hedgehog's my name," Sonic said.

Rukia's hand began to shake until Sonic grabbed the guard and they aimed the tip of Sode no Shirayuki at his heart.

"Ready?" Rukia asked.

The Hollow began to charge at the two. Sonic's eyes opened wide as Sode no Shirayuki went through his heart and his back. Sonic and Rukia were covered in a blast of white light. The Hollow covered his eyes with his only hand. When the light died down, the Hollow lost both of his arms and his only hand. Sonic was now behind the Hollow and on the ground with Rukia. The standing Sonic was holding a Zanpaku-tō the size of three E-123 Omegas. He was also in the same clothes that Rukia wore but with a red chain going around his left shoulder and right hip. His left cheek had his symbol on it and a flaming skull on his right cheek (I'm talking about his face cheeks you pervs!) and a determined look in his eyes.

Rukia with Sonic's living body was now in a white robe with her sandals and a mix looked of shock and amazement.

'No! I only meant for half-' Rukia thought, 'The Zanpaku-tō takes its form by one's Dark Force and his is huge!'

Rukia saw Sonic slice the Hollow's left leg off.

'Never have I seen a mortal see Soul Reapers! Never had I heard of a mortal fight a Hollow! Never had I head of a mortal with such a strong Spiritual Pressure!' Rukia though.

"This is for my FRIENDS!!!" Sonic roared as he sliced the Hollow's mask in half with a Light Dash.

'Who is this mortal?!' Rukia thought.

Sonic fainted from exhaustion. Rukia began to drag Sonic's soul to his body when a blond dog in green clothing and a green and white hat walked up…

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