Rukia yawned as she walked out of her room. She stopped as her eyes widened. She checked her left wrist and noticed it was moving slowly. She took out her phone and Memory-Replacement Device. Both were low on energy.

"Seems I need to visit him today," Rukia examined.

"Rukia, where are we?" Rouge asked.

Rukia, Rouge, and Tails were outside an old Japanese store.

"This is where I got my Gigai, or replacement body, my Memory-Replacement Device, and the batteries to my phone," Rukia replied as they walked in.

"Ah, Rukia," a voice said, "How are you today?"

A blond dog in an old green Japanese seller outfit and a striped hat walked in, waving a folding fan.

"What can I do for you?" the dog asked.

"Hello, Kisuke Urahara," Rukia said.

"Okay… so one Gigai upgrade, one Soul Reaper Battery, and One Memory-Replacement Device Battery," Kisuke counted, "The total is 1000 Rings. Will that be in cash?"

"No. This;" Rukia replied as she handed Kisuke her cell.

"Hollow Bounty?" Kisuke asked.

"Fishhead; 0 Rings. Hexapodous; 200 Rings. Acidwire; 300 Rings," Kisuke counted, "Hey. Croakerbat; 50000 rings. He's killed a few Soul Reapers and numerous people, even when he was alive."

"Also… did it come in?" Rukia asked.

"Yep," Kisuke replied, "Ururu, can you bring in Ms. Kuchiki's order?"

A girl the size of Kisuke walked in. A bit of her black hair went down the middle of her face and split to her nose. She wore a long pink skirt that ended six inches above her pink sandals, and a white shirt. She gave Rukia a wrapped package. She unwrapped it.

"This isn't the one I ordered," Rukia said.

"They were out, so I got you that one," Kisuke replied, "Have a nice day."

The four walked out.

"So who was that?" Amy asked.

"That was Kisuke Urahara, former captain," Rukia explained, "He's a dealer of Soul Reaper goods."

"And that little trinket?" Rouge asked.

"I'll tell you once we meet up with Sonic," Rukia replied.

"Here," Rukia said as he tossed the item to Sonic.

Sonic caught it and grinned. It was a PEZ dispenser with his head on it.

"What's with this?" Sonic asked.

"It's Gikongai, Substitute Soul," Rukia explained, "Eat one and your lifeless body will have an artificial soul in it."

"But why does it just say 'Soul Candy' on the side?" Tails asked.

"Blame the Women Of Soul Society," Rukia replied, "Or WOSS, for short."

"And it has my head because…"

"I didn't want that one!" Rukia complained, "I wanted the adorable little bunny, Chappy."

"You… wanted a bunny?" White asked.

"I prefer my head better," Sonic replied, "So how does it work?"

"Eat one and you'll see," Rukia replied.

"Alright. But if my body blows up, I blame you," Sonic said before pressing down on the head.

A candy popped out and into Sonic's mouth. Sonic shot out of his body and White caught it.

"Wow. It worked," Sonic grinned.

"May I?" White asked as he swapped with Crimson.

Crimson took the item and swallowed it for his soul to come out, his body changing into White's.

"Now the Gikongai in your bodies will activate," Rukia said.

Both bodies rose.

"I'm Sonic the Hedgehog," Sonic's body greeted, "Early to bed, early to rise is my motto."

"Hello, I am White Rose," White's body said, "I will do anything you ask me to."

"ARE YOU FUCKIN' KIDDING ME?!" both hedgehogs demanded as they shook Rukia.

"Their personalities are made perfect," Rukia replied.

"They are somewhat smarter than Knave, so I like them," Caliburn stated.

"WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON?!" both barked.

Sonic turned to his and White's bodies.

"You two stay with Tails and Amy, got it?"

"Yes sir," both replied, "We will stay with Tails and Amy."

Rukia's phone beeped. She dragged the two off. Sonic 2 turned and began to walk away.

"Didn't Sonic just say not to go anywhere without us?" Tails asked.

"Yeah, but…"

He punched and kicked a nearby pole once, bending it at the spots he hit.

"…I'm not a normal Substitute Soul," Sonic 2 smirked before jumping high into the air and landing on a roof, "Ciao."

He jumped off.

"We have to go after him!" Tails yelped, grabbing White 2's hand and flying off after him.

"Hey! You forgot us!" Amy complained as she and Rouge chased the fox.

"Are you like him?" Tails asked.

"Yes. We are not Gikongai, we are Mod Konpaku, Modified Souls," White 2 explained, "My brother there is one modified for combat with the punch, kick, and jump of ten men that have worked in the field their whole lives."

"And you?" Tails asked.

He glowed and changed into a white Tails.

"Shape shifting and copying the skills of the one I copy," Tails 2 replied before changing back into White 1.

Tails nodded.

"So where is he going?" Tails asked.

"Most likely… a bathhouse to peek on the women bathing," White 2 sighed, "He's been in there for so long that… he's become a pervert."

"And you?"

"A lady shouldn't be one."

"You're a girl?!"

"Of course," White 2 replied as she gave Tails a wink, "You just didn't think that because I was in the body of a male that I was a male, right, Tails-chan?"



"What have we learned?"

"Don't say you're a male," Tails replied, rubbing his behind.

"Got it."

"So what do I call you?" Tails asked.

"…Ivory," White 2 replied.

"Ivory? Isn't that another word for 'White?'"


"What have we learned?"

"I should protect my butt and not to annoy you?"


"Now is your chance!" Caliburn advised.

Sonic sliced the last Hollow in half.

"Okay. Now let's… huh?"

"Rukia! We have a problem!" Amy shouted as she and Rouge ran up.

"What's wrong?" Rukia asked.

"The Gikongai just hijacked Sonikku's body and jumped onto a roof easily after bending this pole in two places with a punch and a kick," Rouge explained, "Then he said he was a Mod Konpaku and jumped off. Tails and White's Gikongai are following him as we speak."

"Mod… Did you just say Mod Konpaku?!" Rukia gasped.

"Yes… do you know what that is?" Amy asked.

"Mod Konpaku are…they were originally a project Kisuke Urahara was working on," Rukia explained, "Modified Souls that were meant to combat Hollows. But many feared this would cause overpopulation in Soul Society and all Mod Konpaku were destroyed… at least, I thought so."


He ran off, easily jumping onto the tops of buildings.