Riiiiiiing! James bolted out of bed. He stood still for a few seconds to stop the spinning in his head and looked around in the dark confusedly. Then the sound came again, and he remembered. Looking down at his bare chest and boxer-clad legs, he grabbed a long sleeved green shirt from the floor, not bothering to check to whom it belonged to, and quietly left the room, noticing one empty bed in the room as he did. Remus.

His feet padded softly on the stone floor and James sucked in as the coldness filtered through his skin, making him go faster. When he got to the stairs, he walked down slowly, reveling in the carpeted rug that covered each step. He could hear hushed voices below him and when he reached the bottom step he noticed five other people in the room. Connor, a roommate of his, left his spouse and went past James on the steps, so weary he didn't even see him. Remus and April were holding a silent baby, who James guessed had just fallen back asleep, in their arms and as Remus passed him he ran a hand tiredly through his hair. He leaned close to whisper.

"I've been up for the past half hour, Prongs. What am I going to do at the full moon?"

"You may have to just tell her, mate. April is sweet and forgiving, and I think you can trust her." Remus shook his head quickly at the thought.

"She's too sweet, and probably naive. I could never tell her something that horrible, she'd never speak to me and then this whole parenting thing and our friendship would crumble." He sounded extremely worried and James wondered if his friend had developed feelings for the serene blonde.

"We'll talk more in the morning," James whispered. He looked at the last person in the room, Lily, dressed in a white nightgown and sea-green wrap, who hadn't noticed his presence yet, and who was holding a squabbling baby futilely in her arms. James quietly but quickly made his way to her. Before Lily knew it, he was pulling little Harry out of her arms and pushing her gently into an empty armchair. He began to pace with the screeching baby in front of Lily and she laid her head back on her chair with a force that troubled James.

"Are you alright?" he asked as he walked.

"Yes…well, I'm exhausted, but…He's been up for a while now, but I didn't want to bother you—" James sighed. Just like Lily…always trying to solve problems without help. She was going to have to learn a hard lesson with him.

"How long has he been fussing?" She snorted and he dreaded the answer.

"That's putting it lightly. Well…" She looked sheepishly up at him. "Two and a half hours." James stopped in his tracks and gaped at her.

"Lils—what?—Why didn't you—?" He sputtered. She hurriedly jumped to his side, placing a placating hand on his arm.

"James, really, I don't mind! I didn't want you to get up, but he was getting worse and worse that I just didn't have a choice," She sighed and slumped back into her chair. This time, James was at her side, still rocking the baby back and forth in his arms, but regarding her exasperatedly.

"Lily…!" He groaned. "Look at yourself! You're exhausted!"

"Don't remind me…at least every seventh year has been down here since I got up with Harry." James closed his eyes and sighed again. Opening them, he gazed steadily down at his wife.

"Lily." She looked up at him and was startled at the intensity in his gaze. "Lils…I need you to know something. Firstly, you're not alone. This isn't the real world, where couples break up and you become a single mother. It will not happen, especially not with me here. I wont, because then I'll fail our class." She smiled at his jesting, but then he turned serious and continued. "You must agree to no more two hour sessions with this little monster alone. When he starts crying, you immediately push that button, no matter if he goes right back to sleep. I'll enjoy seeing his little sleeping face if you brought him to me at two in the morning. I'll gladly get up and help when he's being difficult and I just really need you to promise me that you'll trust me and bring him to me, because I won't allow you to do this by yourself." Making sure the little monster had finally fallen asleep, he carefully kneeled down, making sure not to wake Harry, and took her hand in his. Lily looked uncomfortably at the unknown feeling shining in his eyes. The slightly disconcerting sight seemed more dulled in her dead beat state, but she worried nonetheless. When he smiled though, her features softened and she knew he was just being loving and loyal, as always.

"Alright James. I promise." The smile she gave him was just so sweet that he couldn't help but take the hand he held and raise her knuckles to his lips, placing a feather light kiss on them. She blushed. He then stood, pulling her up with him. Laying Harry carefully on the vacated chair, he took Lily in his arms. She subconsciously laid her head on his shoulder, enjoying his assuring embrace. They stood that way for a while until he pulled away with a sigh. Lily tuned her back to him and picked Harry back up off the couch gently. She walked to the foot of the girls' staircase and turned to James before ascending.

"Thank you James. Good night and sweet dreams." She walked up to her room silently. James sighed again, for the hundredth time that night, or morning, and ran a hand distractedly through his hair before going back to his room and falling onto his sheets, frowning.


A few hours later, at Eight o'clock, all the underclassman noticed a certain weariness in their eldest grade. All the seventh years trudged into the great hall with their babies in their arms, smiling at all the younger students who ran up, demanding where they all got babies. Even with the bags under their eyes, they happily explained their newest project, much to the jealousy of every girl in the hall. Even Madeleine loved being a new mother. She hardly let Sirius hold little Olivia, with the excuse that she was afraid he'd drop her, but Lily could tell that she was already attached to the little dark haired girl.

James was happy for the excuse of Harry to have to sit by Lily without her complaint, even though he figured they had reached a certain understanding during the night.

"James." Lily said, tearing James' attention away from his sausages to her. "What are we to do if Harry acts up during class?" James shrugged.

"I dunno. Professor Seldon didn't say. She's at the teachers table though, let's go ask her!" He pulled Lily out of her seat and she barely kept her hold on little Harry. Grabbing a roll to make sure Harry wouldn't start screaming, she ran after James.

When they got up to the teachers table, each professor regarded them curiously.

"Can I help you James? Lily?" Dumbledore asked politely.

"Actually Professor, I have a question for Professor Seldon. Lily and I were wondering what we are to do if Harry here, or everyone else's babies for that matter, begins crying in the middle of a lesson. What do we do?" James expected her to say something along the lines of "Oh, I'll be there to take him out for you," or "These babies are special and will not cry during classes," but he wasn't prepared for the bark of laughter that she let out. She looked at him as if he was crazy.

"Why, you'll take him out of course!"

"I beg your pardon, Professor?"

"If little Harry here starts to cry, then you'll have to take him out. You will not want to disrupt your teachers' lesson, would you?"

"Well, no," Lily said, handing a squabbling Harry to James, who sat down on the floor and began to help Harry nibble on the breakfast roll. "But that means we'll miss part of the lesson! We can't, especially not with NEWTS coming up in a few months." Lily's brow was furrowed with concern.

"My dear, it's just something you'll have to do! Real Life parents have to miss things because of their children, and you'll just have to get used to it. It'll take a while, but seeing the two of you right now, I can tell you both won't have a problem." She said with a kind, encouraging smile. Lily sighed and nodded her head distractedly. James, seeing that their little 'discussion' was over, got off the floor and walked along side Lily back to their seats at Gryffindor table.

"They really won't have a problem. Out of all my students, I have the most faith in those two." Professor Seldon said to the Headmaster. He smiled mysteriously and just nodded his head.


"And then in 1824, when the Goblin Warfare first began to institutionalize transfiguring bar soap—"

"WAAAAAAH!" a baby's screech filled the room and many people winced. Professor McGonagall sighed and covered her eyes with her hand.

"Miss Parker, Mr. Black, you are excused and please hurry with the child." Madeleine smiled apologetically at Professor McGonagall and she and Sirius hurried from the classroom. Lily glanced sideways at James and he bit his lip. Harry had been obliging so far, but they couldn't ensure that the bliss would last.

They thought too soon.

In all of three seconds, Harry's face had puckered unpleasantly and he let out a loud wail. Before McGonagall could utter a rebuke, Lily and James had jumped up, one grabbing the baby and the other the diaper bag, and they ran out of the classroom.

When they got out in the hallway, and as James shut the door behind him, Lily turned to him, frowning.

"James, this is the third time today. We cannot both be leaving class, because we're missing so much!" James looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Well…I suppose we could take turns, one of us taking Harry out and the other taking notes?" Lily's frown dissolved.

"James! That's genius! I can't believe I didn't think of it myself!" James smiled endearingly.

"You're just stressed. I understand. Now, you get back in there and take our notes and I'll stay out here with this little monster." He hoisted the little monster farther up on his hip. Lily sighed, relieved. She then astonished them both by stepping on her tip-toes and pecking his cheek.

James watched her small, lithe body quietly reenter the classroom and stared longingly at her retreating hair as it disappeared around the corner of the door.

"Well, Harry, you seem to be extremely good luck."

The monster gurgled pleasantly.

"Well said, young man."


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