My new story, a parody of Sleeping Beauty Nicktoons Unite style. I'd like to decicate this to dannyfangirl and tomboyishgirl108. Enjoy it!

The Sleeping Nicktoon

In Amity Park, Danny, Jimmy, Timmy, and SpongeBob were already in their pajamas and had drunken a bunch soda and eaten a lot of popcorn and junk food.

Timmy was lying on top of a sleeping bag looking bored. "Now what do we do?" Timmy asked as he burped.

"We could watch a movie." Danny suggested as he leaned on his bed.

"We already did that." Timmy replied. "There's nothing left to watch."

Jimmy was sitting on his sleeping bag and suggested. "We could play more video games."

"Nah," Danny replied. "I already beat all you guys, until SpongeBob beat me."

"Then what are we supposed to do?" Timmy asked. "I'm not tired yet!"

Then SpongeBob jumped up and down on his sleeping and said, "I know, we could read a book!"

"Read?!" Timmy said uninterested. "Nobody reads at a sleepover."

"Actually, there are some who actually enjoy reading at sleepovers until they go to sleep." Jimmy pointed out, until Timmy threw a pillow at his face.

"What book is it anyway?" Danny asked.

SpongeBob dug into his sleeping bag and pulled out a big green book.

Danny read the title. "'Sleeping Beauty'."

"Sleeping Beauty?! There's no way we're reading that!" Timmy said.

"Well, I find it a total classic." SpongeBob protested.

"Actually SpongeBob," Danny calmly said. "Don't you have anything a little more… exciting?"

"Well…" SpongeBob flipped through the pages of the book. "There is the other version of the story."

"But, SpongeBob, there is no other version of Sleeping Beauty." Jimmy pointed out.

"Oh, yes there is." SpongeBob said when he stopped on a page. "This one is called 'The Sleeping Nicktoon'."

"The Sleeping Nicktoon?" Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny both asked confused.

"You mean you've never heard of 'The Sleeping Nicktoon'? Well, I'll tell it to you."

"Well, we're listening." Jimmy said. "Right guys?"

"Right." Danny answered.

"Right." Timmy reluctantly agreed. "Besides, maybe this'll put me to sleep easier."

"Alright," SpongeBob cleared his throat and began. "This starts off six years ago; there were four cute little children. There names were Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, Danny Fenton, and lastly the cute and adorable little sponge named SpongeBob. They were the greatest friends in all the four worlds, until…"

Young Danny was leading a blindfolded SpongeBob somewhere.

"Are we there yet?" SpongeBob asked excitedly.

"Almost there." Danny answered as he kept pushing SpongeBob forward.

Then he came to the doors of the Krusty Krab, Danny opened the doors and said, "Now walk forward." SpongeBob went inside the Krusty Krab. "Okay, now you can look."

SpongeBob took off his blindfold and saw a party.

"Surprise!" Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, Patrick, and his parents shouted.

SpongeBob gasped in surprise. "Wow, a surprise birthday party for me! Oh, I was totally surprised."

Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny came up to him.

"Wow, SpongeBob," Jimmy said impressed. "Now that you're thirteen, what are you gonna do?"

"I don't know." SpongeBob answered, and then he sighed dreamingly. "But I dream that someday, when I'm older, I can be a fry cook and we can be friends forever."

"We'll always be the bestest friends forever." Danny said.

"Yeah, and since you're bigger." Jimmy realized. "Are you gonna drive?"

"Of course." SpongeBob surely said. "I'll totally get my drivers license."

"I hope so." Timmy said. "Can we eat that cake now?"

"Sure." SpongeBob answered.

Then all of a sudden, the doors flew open, and black smoke was everywhere.

"What's going on?" Jimmy asked.

"I don't know!" SpongeBob replied.

Timmy started crying, "I'm scared! Whaaa!"

Danny hugged Timmy closely and tried calming him down.

Then when the smoke cleared, a tall, black starry ghost with purple horns, and red eyes appeared.

"Is that a clown?" SpongeBob asked,

"No, that's an ectopwasmic ghost." Jimmy answered.

"Are you sure?" Timmy asked in a scared tone as he hid behind Danny.


A birthday party?" The ghost said. "Did I not receive an invitation?"

"Who are you?" Danny demanded to know.

"I am Nocturne, the ghost of sleep." He answered.

SpongeBob stepped forward. "Actually, Mr. Nocturne, I didn't invite you. In fact, I don't even know you, so I guess you should leave."

"Very well," Nocturne said as he was about to leave, but then he turned back around. "But, I wouldn't think of leaving without first giving you a gift."

SpongeBob got excited, "Really?! What is it? What is it?"

Nocturne's hand sent out a blue wave on SpongeBob, much to his confusion.

"Listen well," Nocturne ordered. "On this sponge's 19th birthday, he'll fall into a deep sleep and his pure dreams will be mine!"

SpongeBob screamed and hugged Patrick. Nocturne laughed and disappeared.

SpongeBob's friends ran up to him.

"SpongeBob, are you okay?" Danny asked.

"No," SpongeBob replied teary. "Now I'm afraid to get older!" He started screaming and crying.

Ten minutes later, Danny, Timmy, and SpongeBob were sitting at a table having cake. They were wondering what to do about SpongeBob's spell.

"We can hide him until he's nineteen." Danny suggested.

"But, then I wouldn't be able to jellyfish or have fun." SpongeBob pointed out.

"I don't want you to go to sleep forever, SpongeBob." Timmy said as he cried. "I want you to stay awake."

"It's okay Timmy, don't cry." SpongeBob said. "Jimmy will think of something, he said he would."

Jimmy came through the doors. "I thought of something!" He shouted.

His friends came up to him.

"What are we gonna do?" Danny asked.

"I found out that Nocturne tracks us down by our electer-ronic portal devices." Jimmy explained.

"So, what do we do?" SpongeBob eagerly asked.

Jimmy looked sad and turned away. "I figered that if seperarated until SpongeBob's nineteen, Nocturn would lose track of SpongeBob, and he would be safe."

Danny, Timmy, and SpongeBob gasped.

"We can't separate!" Danny shouted.

"I don't want us to separate!" SpongeBob shouted.

"Whaaaa!!" Timmy cried.

"Guys! Guys! Wait!" Jimmy shouted to get their attention. "I came up with a pwan."

They all listened.

Jimmy explained, "We're gonna seperwate until SpongeBob's nineteen, that's…" He takes out a calculator and starts doing the math. "Six years from now. We'll meet back up in Jellyfish Fields, and protect SpongeBob until the day is over." The others looked a little unsure. "Until then, we can't see each other or have any contact, that way Nocturne won't be able to track us. Understand?"

"I guess so." Danny sadly said.

"I'll really miss you guys." SpongeBob said lowering his head.

Timmy just kept crying.

"I shut off our electerwonic devices." Jimmy explained. "They'll re-activate when it's time to re-unite."

"So, I guess this is goodbye." SpongeBob said.

"Yeah… for now."

"For six years, the Nicktoons and that wonderful sponge have not seen or heard from each other. But all four of them have been living just fine in their own worlds."

In Danny's room, Danny, who was now fourteen, was packing his bag. His best friends Sam and Tucker came in.

"You're leaving already?" Tucker asked.

"Yeah," Danny answered. "It's July 14th, and I'm supposed to meet my old friends."

"Are you feeling nervous?" Sam asked. "After all, you haven't seen them in six years."

"Sorta," Danny told them. "But, they'll remember me."

"I'm sure they will," Tucker asked. "And they'll accept the fact that you're now half ghost."

Danny seemed worried, but tried to look positive. "Yeah, let's hope so." Then he transforms into Danny Phantom. "Well, see ya in a few days." He turns intangible and flies out.

In Dimmsdale, ten year old Timmy Turner ran into his room to escape his babysitter, Vicky.

His fish, who were actually his godparents, poof out of their fishbowl, and into their normal selves.

Timmy looked at his calendar and saw it was July 14th. "Today's the day! Today's the day!" He said excitedly.

"What day?" Wanda asked.

"The day I get to see my old friends again." Timmy answered. "Remember I told you about them?"

"Yeah," Cosmo said. "But you haven't seen them in six years."

"I know," Timmy replied. "That's why I'm excited. Who knows how much they've changed? Jimmy probably got shorter hair."

"Just make sure you do your job and protect them." Wanda reminded.

"Yeah, yeah, let's go!"

Cosmo and Wanda waved their wands and they disappear into a cloud of smoke.

In Jimmy's lab, Jimmy was putting most of his inventions into a hyper cube while Carl and Sheen were watching.

"And remember to not touch my inventions while I'm gone." Jimmy instructed.

"Got it!" Sheen replied.

"Jimmy, if you haven't seen your friends in six years, then how will you know what they look like?" Carl asked.

"Believe me, I'll know." Jimmy said.

"But what if they got taller and stronger that you no longer recognize them?" Sheen asked.

"I highly doubt that." Jimmy said as he walked away, until he turned and said, "Besides, if any of that does happen, hopefully Timmy took care of his tooth problem." Then he walked through the portal.

In the Ghost Zone, in Nocturne's lair.

"Impossible!" Nocturne shouted. "Six years and not a trace of him! How have they managed to avoid my tracking for so long?"

The Sleepwalkers moaned.

"Without that sponge's pure dreams, I can't rule the world." Nocturne mentioned. "Search the Bikini Bottom world again, and this time… look for an adult sponge."

The Sleepwalkers moaned and walked away.

"Wait a minute..."

SpongeBob looked up from the book when Jimmy interrupted.

"If Nocturne was coming for you in six years, and we stayed away from each other to stay hidden from him. Why didn't we stay away from each other for seven years, that way he couldn't get you and the curse will pass?" Jimmy asked.

"Well…" SpongeBob said thinking it over. "I guess the one who came up with that plan didn't really think about that."

"Wait, didn't you say I came up with that plan?" Jimmy asked.

"Okay, I guess the story's over." Timmy said. "Time to go to sleep."

"Come on, Timmy." Danny said. "I actually like this story."

"Yeah," Jimmy agreed. "Keep going SpongeBob."

Okie-dokie!" SpongeBob said as he continued, "In the world of Bikini Bottom, inside a very fancy pineapple. The devilishly handsome sponge was getting ready to meet his great friends."

SpongeBob was putting a bunch of food in a picnic basket.

"This is gonna be so much fun." SpongeBob said to himself. When he was about to walk out the door, Patrick came in.

"Hey SpongeBob!" Patrick greeted. "Wanna go jellyfishing?"

"Sorry Patrick," SpongeBob declined, "I have to meet up with my old friends in Jellyfish Fields."

"What am I supposed to do now?" Patrick asked.

"You can go to the Krusty Krab, and we can meet you there." SpongeBob suggested. "I'm sure they remember you."

"Okay." Patrick replied. "See you at the Krusty Krab, and happy birthday."

"Thanks pal!" SpongeBob said waving.

Later, SpongeBob was skipping through Jellyfish Fields; he took a deep breath and exhaled.

"The smell of a brand new day." SpongeBob said to himself. "It makes me want to sing while I look for them." He cleared his throat and started singing as he continued skipping.

SpongeBob: Last night I had a crazy dream

It took me deep beneath the sea

Where colors dance and starfish too

And even a squirrel in a space suit

All my friends come and see

What's going on in the reef

It all seems so real to me

What's going on was just a dream

Colors dance beneath the waves

Such a beautiful start to a beautiful day

Feeling so good all around

Somewhere in Jellyfish Fields, a portal opened up in the sky and Danny came out landing on the ground.

"Well, here I am." He looked around. "Wow, Bikini Bottom hasn't changed a bit." Then he changed into Danny Phantom. "Better start looking for the guys." He flew off.

In another part of Jellyfish Fields, Timmy was running around with Cosmo and Wanda.

"Man, Jimmy was not as smart as he said he was back then." Timmy said. "He didn't even bother to tell us WHERE in Jellyfish Fields to meet up."

"Let's keep looking, Timmy," Wanda prompted. "I'm sure you'll run into them soon."

Jimmy just came out of the portal. He looked around, but didn't see Timmy, Danny, or SpongeBob.

Jimmy took a sigh. "I hope they remembered." He walked off, until he heard singing.

SpongeBob: I swam so far the other day

Timmy heard the singing too.

SpongeBob: To try to find this magical place

Danny heard the singing also. "I know that voice."

SpongeBob: It's gotta be out somewhere far

Somewhere down where all the fish are

Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny than all realized, "SpongeBob!"

Back at SpongeBob, he found some jellyfish.

"Hey jelly's." SpongeBob greeted. "Have you seen my friends Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny around?"

The jellyfish buzz and SpongeBob got a sad face.

He sighed and sadly said, "Maybe they forgot, but they couldn't have. They promised! I've been dreaming of this moment for years."

SpongeBob: Someday I'll find it if I keep trying

But till then, I'll just keep smiling

Thinking about the places I've been

While moving around inside my dreams

Danny landed on the ground and started running.

"SpongeBob!" He called.

Jimmy was running while calling, "Where are you?"

Timmy ran too. "SpongeBob!"

Then they all ran into each other. They sat up and saw each other. Jimmy screamed, Timmy screamed, and Danny screamed as he changed back. Then they both realized something.

"Timmy?" Jimmy asked.

"Danny?" Timmy asked.

"Jimmy?" Danny asked.

"Jimmy!" Timmy said excitedly.

"Timmy!" Danny said excitedly.

"Danny!" Jimmy said excitedly.

"Crab cakes." Cosmo said for reason.

Jimmy and Danny stare at Cosmo and Wanda, and then at Timmy.

"I guess I should explain." Timmy said nervous.

"And I have to explain something too." Danny confessed.

"Why don't we find SpongeBob first before we talk?" Jimmy suggested.

"I heard him, but I can't find him." Danny said.

Then they heard singing again. They ran up the hill and found SpongeBob below, running around and singing.

SpongeBob: Colors dance beneath the waves

Such a beautiful end to a beautiful day

Feeling so good all around

Thinking about such a magical town

"I can see he hasn't changed a bit." Danny pointed out.

While SpongeBob was running around in circles still, he didn't notice he ran past Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny, who were already down the hill.

"Hey, SpongeBob." Jimmy greeted.

"Hey Jimmy." SpongeBob said as he ran past them. Then he ran back when he realized who it was. "Jimmy! Timmy! Danny!" He jumped into their arms. "You guys have gotten so big!"

"You too have grown…" a few inches." Jimmy said.

"I was so worried you wouldn't come."

"Come on SpongeBob," Danny asked. "You didn't think we'd forget to protect you, did you?"

Then Timmy said, "Besides, if it hadn't been for you're singing, we never would've found each other again."

Then SpongeBob took a step back. "Oh, I'm so happy we're together again. "I feel like singing one more time."

SpongeBob: Colors dance beneath the waves

Such a beautiful start to a beautiful day

Feeling so good all around

Thinking about such a magical town

Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny smiled as they watched SpongeBob dance.

A few minutes later, Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, and SpongeBob were walking through Jellyfish Fields.

"So, you're now half ghost?" Jimmy asked Danny.

"Yeah," Danny answered nervously. "I hope it's not too weird."

"Of coarse not." Timmy said as he ate a jar of jellyfish jelly SpongeBob had brought. "I think it's cool."

Danny chuckled as he said, "Thanks. So about Cosmo and Wanda…. What are they exactly?"

"Oh…uh," Timmy said trying to think of something. "They're … uh… holograms. They can do anything I want them to do."

"Wow," Danny said impressed. "Looks like you're a genius like Jimmy now."

"I don't think so." Jimmy said. "There's no way he can be a genius AND a crybaby."

"I'm not a crybaby anymore." Timmy pointed out. "I'm all man now." He made muscles.

"Well, can you use this 'manly state' to keep SpongeBob safe from Nocturne?"

"I'm sure you guys can." SpongeBob said. "Timmy has Cosmo and Wanda, Danny has ghost powers, and you're a genius, Jimmy."

"SpongeBob's right." Danny said. "And I'm getting kinda hungry."

"We can go to the Krusty Krab and get some krabby patties." SpongeBob suggested.

"Sure, I've been dying for a krabby patty." Timmy said excitedly.

"Yeah, I even have a job there."

"That's awesome." Danny said. "And also, happy birthday SpongeBob."


While they were walking, they were unaware that they were being watched by Nocturne's Sleepwalkers, now knowing SpongeBob's location.

An hour later at the Krusty Krab, Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny were sitting at a table

"If you're really a ghost, how come you're still moving?" Patrick asked as he poked Danny.

Danny brushed him off. "I'm NOT dead, Patrick!" He explained to him for the tenth time.

"Yeah," Jimmy explained. "Danny's just half ghost, meaning he has the DNA of a ghost within his molecules."

"Cut it out, Jimmy." Timmy interrupted. "Quit making me feel like I'm at school."

SpongeBob popped his head out of the kitchen window. "Don't worry guys, five delicious krabby patties coming right up."

SpongeBob put the krabby patties on the grill, but then stopped when he heard something.

"What's that noise?" SpongeBob asked. He heard music. "I didn't know we had a radio." He said happily as he closed his eyes to listen, but then he opened his eyes and felt absent-minded.

Out of the kitchen, Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny were still waiting for SpongeBob. Then they heard the music.

"Do you guys hear that?" Timmy asked.

"Yeah," Jimmy replied. "I wonder where it could be coming from."

"Hey, it's SpongeBob!" Patrick called out, catching the boys' attention. "He's leaving already and he didn't give me my krabby patty yet!"

"Jimmy, what's going on?" Danny asked.

Jimmy checked his watch. "It seems that the music is releasing some sort of strange energy, kinda like a hypnotic wave."

Then they all rushed into the kitchen. When they opened the door, they found SpongeBob's spatula on the floor and the back door open.

"SpongeBob!" Danny called out worried.

"Oh, why did we leave him alone?" Jimmy asked feeling guilty.

"Are you guys gonna stand there feeling guilty or are we gonna save our friend?" Timmy asked.

"Right," Danny said. "I'm Going Ghost!" Then, he changed into Danny Phantom.

Danny flew up in the air and looked around, until he spotted SpongeBob, still in a trance, walking toward Jellyfish Fields.

"He headed toward Jellyfish Fields!" Danny announced.

"We have to get him before Nocturne does!" Jimmy said.

Jimmy pushes a button on his backpack strap and his jetpack comes out. He holds onto Timmy and follows Danny into the sky.

In Jellyfish Fields, SpongeBob walked through a green portal that was in front of a large boulder, and when Danny was about to fly through to follow him. The portal disappeared and Danny crashed into the boulder, followed by Timmy and Jimmy, who crashed into Danny.

"What happened?" Jimmy asked.

"The portal closed." Danny said before he phased his head through the rock and looked around. "And there's nothing on the other side."

"Oh man, SpongeBob's doomed." Jimmy said.

"Not so fast!" Timmy called out. "Cosmo, Wanda, I wish we were wherever SpongeBob is right now."

Cosmo and Wanda wave their wands and they disappear.

Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny reappear in an old tower.

"We're in the Ghost Zone." Danny pointed out.

"And that music is louder than ever." Timmy noticed.

"SpongeBob may have gone up these stairs." Jimmy said. "Let's follow him."

Near the top, SpongeBob continued to walk, until he reached a room. Ahead of him, a spinning wheel appeared out of smoke, he started walking toward it.

"SpongeBob, no!" Danny called out as he, Jimmy, and Timmy reached the top.

Then a blast fired at them, and they barely dodged it.

"Let the sponge be." Nocturne said, near the spinning wheel.

"Nocturne, long time no see." Danny said angrily.

"Let our friend go, you creep." Jimmy ordered.

"Never," Nocturne replied. "As soon as he touches the spinning wheel, he'll fall into a deep sleep."

"SpongeBob ain't a princess, you dork!" Timmy shouted.

When SpongeBob was about to touch the tip of the spinning wheel, Danny spotted a little radio. He fired an ecto-blast at it and the music stopped.

"Hah!" Danny gloated. "Nice try Nocturne!"

"Huh?" SpongeBob said as he blinked and snapped out of his trance. "Where am I?" He looked around and saw the spinning wheel in front of him. "Hey, what's this pointy thing?" He touched the point with his finger and he immediately closed his eyes and started snoring, then he fell to the ground asleep.

The three gasped.

Nocturne laughed evilly. "I can already feel his pure dreams giving me energy, and soon all your worlds will be mine!"

He disappeared, and Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny came up to the sleeping SpongeBob.

Jimmy held him up while he was still asleep.

"SpongeBob, wake up." Danny shouted as he started shaking him. "Wake up now!"

"It's no use, Danny." Timmy said sadly. "SpongeBob won't wake up."

Jimmy lowered his head and sadly said, "We've failed.

It looks like SpongeBob is now under the sleep spell, part 2 of the Sleeping Nicktoon will be coming soon. Read and Review.