"You remind me of a dream I had a couple weeks ago." Axel threw his body along the ramshackle couch. His long, twiggy legs stretched out before him, looking much too gangly and awkward. "It was kinda sweet."

Watered eyes looked light to him from behind a soggy paperback. "Yea?"

"Yea." Axel ground his palm against the joints of his other hand. "Lots of yellow and liquid and flying, feathery shit." His knuckles gave a gratifying pop. "Fuck, that's good."

"Oh." Roxas jotted something on the paper wedged between his thighs.


"Too bad we didn't end up fucking."

"Yea," Roxas sniffed; another page fluttered, "too bad."

"We can always—"

Roxas shut his book.

Axel took off his pants.

i get bored sometimes. :D