10 - Ladies' Choice

Mikaela grinned widely as Bee lowered his windows to allow the wind to blow through the cabin. Sam shook his head slightly as she ran her fingers down Bee's seat, causing the engine to roar in appreciation before Bee sped forward across the freeway.

"You have a thing for Bee, don't you?" Sam asked, joking as he spoke.

Mikaela flashed a grin in his direction. "I can't help it; he's pretty hot if you ask me."

Sam snorted. "Yea, I suppose so… You make me feel inferior, Bee."

Bee let out a bubbly, clicking laugh, and then the radio spun.

"A prettier package you never did see, take me home and then unwrap me, shop around but little darlin' I've got to be: The ladies' choice!"

Sam laughed out loud at that sound, planting a slap against Bee's dashboard before tapping his feet to the sound of the song despite the words. "I can't argue with that one, Bee!

"I'm the ladies' choice!"

Song: Ladies' Choice by Zac Efron from the musical "Hairspray" (don't own)