A letter, means the world

Summary: this takes place when Charlie is fighting cancer. He knows he might die so he writes a letter for each of his sibling. I don't own party of five.

He sat on his hospital bed his breathing was heavy and tears were coming down his eyes this was it, he was going to die and didn't have the courage to, the doctors had told him that if his cancer didn't enter in remission within the next few days his death was sure. While sitting there he remembered his sibling's faces and finally came down to a conclusion: he might not see them again

So he took the notebook and pen that rested in front of him and started writing:


"Why is the doctor taking so long!" Julia screamed next to his brother

"Calm down Jules" Bailey told her "your not helping"

"How come you are like this?!" his sister argued

"Like what?" Bailey asked quietly

"Charlie might die and you're calm!" Julia cried

"Because I promised him I would" he looked around to Claudia and then Owen and finally her "for you guys"

Julia just turned

Back at his room Charlie Salinger didn't know what to write so he closed his eyes and counted to five "1…2…3…4…5" then picked up the pen and started:

First letter: an encouragement (for Bailey)

Dear Bailey:

Crap I suck at writing, anyway I just want you to know that I love you and I'm so proud of you Bay, you have no idea how I feel right now: I feel scared that I might die, and not just because of that I'm scared of you guys, I don't know what's going to happen to you kids if I die. But I have a backup; and that's you baby brother you are my backup: I know that if something actually happens you will be there for the girls and for Owen (god Owen is getting so big) but enough of it. I'm writing this for you, to tell you that no matter what are differences were I always considered you wiser than me; I'm a trouble maker or at least I was before I found out I had cancer; I also wanted you to know what my opinion in your relationship with Sarah is: I think she is a great girl and you deserve her (Okay Charlie concentrate is his life not yours) anyways I love you Bay never forget that okay? Please I know must of time I'm a pain in the ass but I'm your big brother and that's what we do. Just remember that I love you and I look up to you Bay.

Love Charlie

When he had finish he folded the letter and wrote "Bailey" at the back

He thought that the fact of writing love Charlie was not manly at all but he didn't care and he was sure Bailey wouldn't either