Four letters one possible goodbye

Summary: now only omen's letter is left what Charlie write? Read to find out

Note: I don't know how to tell you this but maybe I will retire from writing fanfic or maybe not I don't know (well I hope not but my stories are not doing so well, so maybe I'm not that good or maybe my stories are not as interesting as I thought they were) so anyway here is the last chapter:

They just sat there the four youngest of the Salinger gang were just waiting and waiting…

"Claud?" Owen asked softly next to her

"What?" Claudia said surprised Owen had hardly spoken all day. Actually he hadn't spoken much since Charlie had gotten sick

"I'm hungry" his four year old brother said; Bailey and Julia turned around to face him

"What now?" Claudia asked his older siblings

"I'll take him" Julia offered, but Bailey stopped her

"No, you girls stay here and Owen and I will go to the cafeteria" he said

Julia nodded while she watched them walk away

As they walked trough the halls, Owen stayed quiet admiring all around him, but Bailey was really worried, he had lost too much already: his parents, Jill and now Charlie, this was too much to deal with; even though he knew that his relationship with his brother wasn't perfect he really couldn't picture himself without Charlie, more importantly he couldn't picture Claudia or Owen without him. After a long silence he heard Owen talking to him

"Bailey!" he felt his hand being pulled

"What!" he said sharply and Owen let go of his hand

"Sorry bud" his brother apologized

"We are here…I think" Owen said potting to a sing that had a spoon and a cup of coffee and read "cafeteria" on the top

"Right let's go" he said and they entered the room, after minutes of looking they finally found an empty table and sat down

"So what do you want?" Bailey asked softly going trough the menu

"Dunno" his brother said and Bay looked as his watch; it read: 8:30 pm

"Well it's time for dinner so what about if I bring you a sandwich and pick something for the girls?"

"I want sausage sandwich like the one Charlie makes me" Owen said innocently

Bailey smiled softly "well I don't think they have that one, but I'll see what I can find, stay here" he said firmly-. Owen nodded

Bailey stood up I went towards the counter, Owen just watched quietly, when Bay came back, he had a cheese burger, some chips and sodas and a club sandwich for Owen.

"let's go" he said and his little brother got up and followed him, when they reached the girls they were talking about something, once the food was given, Bailey spoke up "what were you guys talking about?"

"nothing" Claudia said simply

"come on you can tell me…" Bailey encouraged them

"no, actually we can't, not here at least" Julia said nodding towards Owen

"oh" Bailey muttered and went back to his burger

after an hour or so, Owen was finally sleep, so he asked them again

"we were talking about what Owen would feel like if something actually happens" Julia said sadly

"well, he doesn't really understand what's going on" Bailey said with a low laugh, but Claudia cut in:

"of course, he does maybe not directly but, he does"

"Claudia is right" Julia said with a rough look


Charlie had just woken up from, he looked around to see a note and some flowers next to his bed, he sat up on the bed and reached for the note:

Charlie, I came by earlier, but they told me you were sleep. So I didn't want to wake you up


He smiled to himself, he couldn't believe she had come so see him, suddenly his head hurt again and he remembered he hadn't written a letter for Owen, so he breathed deep picked up the pen and the paper and started:

Dear Owen:

It's me your big brother I hope you are big and doing okay. If you are reading this I'm probably not with you anymore, but maybe I am and we are just laughing about this letter.

Anyhow I don't even know were to start with you, I mean with the others I had a longer history but you, well I practically know everything about you since I'm the one who has been raising you, since the night they died. Of course I always have help with you from Bay and the girls but the truth is I don't think they feel the same towards you as I do (or they might, who knows) I really feel that I'm more a father than a brother to you, I guess I had always felt that way towards you and probably towards Claudia too. But more to you I feel like a better person since I had to take care of you the night of the crash. You have really changed my messed up life to a better prospect, a better man. I also want you to know that you are my hero little guy, you really are. You are an inspiration for me and I just hope you stay like that because I'm proud of you, so proud you can't even imagine. So anyway that's what I wanted to say.

Ps: tell Claudia to watch "The lion king" with you and cover your eyes when you are scared, also tell Bailey to make your favorite sausage sandwich and finally tell Julia that whenever she needs someone who will listen. You will, at least it worked with me. Last but more important: I love you so much man and I feel lucky for the great honor and good and bad times I had raising you. You will always be my hero. Please don't forget me.

Your #1 fan Charlie

He placed the pen down and felt a tears on his eyes, he finally wrote "OWEN" on the back and went back to his dreams

Note: I know the ending sucked but anyway. I really need to know what you think, should I continue writing? Please tell me!!