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Chapter One

All I ever do is walk, walk because I have not place to go. My father is a drunk who lets whores live in our house and when one of them tried to force me to have sex with her, well I slugged her in the face and got the hell out of there and ran and kept running till I got to the Park. I figured that the Police would be coming after me, but no one came so here I sit wondering what the hell I'm going to do now. As I sat there thinking, Solomon was going home and he saw me sitting there and he called out to me and when I looked up I saw the one person who I knew could help me. I walked over to Grandpa and tears started flowing down my face as I told him what happened and he said "come on Joseph, let's go home."

When we got to the Shop, Yugi was cooking dinner and my stomach started grumbling and Grandpa laughed and said "go get cleaned up and we'll eat dinner and think of a way for you to stay here with us." I went to get washed up when Yugi knocked on the door and asked me "Joey what's wrong?" When I was through tell him what happened Yugi put his arm around my shoulder and told me "Grandpa will find a way for you to live her with us, just you wait and see. Come on, let's go eat." Dinner that night was the best that I think I've ever ate, but then I don't really get to eat much at home. As I sat there eating, I prayed that Grandpa would find a way for me to be able to live there and never to have to go back to that hellhole they call my home.

That night as I laid there in bed, cried because I was so happy that I didn't have to sleep out in the cold damp park. I closed my eyes and went to sleep and I dreamed that Yugi and I were brothers and we were always going places together with our friends. Then my dream turned into a nightmare when all of a sudden this man appeared and said "I'm your real father and you have to come live with me. Then he grabbed me and dragged him off and Yugi stood there screaming my name and then I sat up and let out a scream and the next thing I knew, Grandpa was holding me in his arms whispering "Joey it's alright now, it was just a bad dream." It was almost time to wake up and so Grandpa told Yugi and I that we should go get cleaned up and he would go make us his special breakfast."

On the way to school today we met up with the others and we joked with each other as we walked. I felt like today would be my lucky day. When we got to school there was Kaiba and his younger brother Mokuba and we all said "hi to them" and Mokuba said "hi back" while Kaiba only glared at us. It was the perfect day.

I was really feeling great, since nothing bad had happened, but I guess I spoke to soon because the door to the Math class opened and there stood my father, the Principal and a Policeman and the principal "asked me to step outside." We walked back to Mr. Wallace's Office and that's when my father tried to grab me, but the Principal said "Mr. Wheeler if you try to harm Joseph I will press charges and you'll be arrested right here and now, now Joseph this Officer wants you to tell him why you ran away from home."

I turned to Mr. Wallace and I asked him "will you believe me if I tell you or will you think that I'm only lying to get that man who claims to be my father in trouble?" Mr. Wallace then stood up and he walked over to me and he said "listen to me, I've known you long enough to be able to tell if you're lying to me or not, so please tell us what's wrong?"

I told them everything from my father being a drunk to the prostitutes living in our house to the reason why I left, and that was because one of the women tried to force me to have sex with her and I told the Officer what her name was and he knew her and he turned to my father and he asked my father "Mr. Wheeler, is what your son told us the truth and I have to warn you if you lie to me I will handcuff you and throw you into jail!" My father sat there sweating and trying to figure out what to tell them when Mr. Wallace stood up and said "Officer Arrest that man for endangering the life of his own son by having he exposed to those known prostitutes." My father stood and started cussing and me and when he tried to hit me the Officer slammed him into the wall and cuffed him and read him his rights and took him off to jail.

Mr. Wallace then asked me "where have you been staying, and it won't get the person into trouble if you tell me." Just then his secretary called and let him know that there was a Mr. Solomon Motou there to see him, something about Joseph Wheeler." Mr. Wallace asked her to have Mr. Motou come in. When Solomon came into his Office, Mr. Wallace shook his hand and said "thank you for taking care of Joseph and keeping him off the streets, his father is being arrested as we speak for endangering his life and I personally plan to press charges against him." Solomon then said "can Joseph still stay with us till we find out what the Court is going to do?" Mr. Wallace then said "today when you get out of school, you go right to Mr. Motou's home is that understood?" He said to me. I smiled and said "yes sir."

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