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Chapter Nineteen

Seto, Joey, Serenity and Mokuba took us to the Airport for our trip to Hawaii and as we stood there telling our kids good-bye tears ran down our faces but there were smiles too.

It was so beautiful to view the islands from the air but more majestic to see them in a tour jeep as you drive around the island. We had such a great time and the first night Roland was such a gentle lover. It was the most wonderful time of my life, making love to a man who thought of my needs first. I will thank the one upstairs for sending this gentle man to me because without him I don't know where me or the others would be he is our hero.

All of Seto's and my friends are doing exactly what they have set out to do. Mai is achieving her goal of being a clothing designer, Tea is seeing her goal of becoming a prima ballerina, Yugi and Yami are designing video, Tristan and Duke are joining forces in Dukes dream of designing Dungeon Dice Monster Games, Bakura, Ryou, Marik and Malik have gone back to Egypt to help Solomon and Professor Hawkins in finding and deciphering hieroglyphics that they have discovered in their searches.

Serenity wants to become a Pediatrician, Mokuba is taking courses that will help him when he takes over Kaiba Corp someday, Seto and I have decided to get married and we've decided to adopt two little boys and bring them into our lives and give them the love that we have recieved. As we stand here looking at the two most important people in our lives we know what real love is and that's what we want for ourselves and our family. Mom and Dad are showing all of us the way to find real happiness and believe me when I say, we're going to follow their example to find that kind of love ourselves.

Today we got word that our father died in prison and even though he did turn out to be someone I didn't know both Serenity and I wanted to give him a decent funeral, after all he was our father.


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