Authoress Note: This is for an upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh/Pirates of the Caribbean mix. It will be set in the first movie (because it rocks!!) and some of the characters might act ooc. The first chapter shall be out soon.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pirates of the Caribbean or Yu-Gi-Oh so you no sue.

Pirates of the Millennium

The Cast List:

Yami Yugi/ Yugi Motto: Will Turner

Yami Bakura: Captain Jack Sparrow

Tea Gardener: Elizabeth Swan

Maxamillin Pegasus: Governor Swan

Seto Kibea: Commodore Norrington

Yami Malik: Barbosa

Mai Valentine: Anna Mare

Malik Ishtar: Mr. Gibbs (Jack's friend, but he will NOT be a smelly. Ew…. Or old)

Solomon Motto (a.k.a. Yugi's Grandpa): "Bootstrap" Bill

Joey Weller: One of the guards of the Interceptor (Mullroy)

Tristen Hinto: The other guard of the Interceptor (Murtog)

Odion: Bosun (The huge African American guy on the Pearl)

Wevil Underwood: Ragetti (Fake wooden eye ball guy)

Rex Raptor: Pintel (The guy seen with wooden eye ball guy…

(on a side note, the name of the Black Pearl is being changed to the Shadow Realm.)

That's about it. Tell me if I spelled the character's name wrong or something. See yah later!!!

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