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Catching the Flower, Keeping her Near

Chapter 1

The Bet

James Potter sat at the back of the potions classroom, desperately wanting the lesson to end. The attractive Headboy groaned as he fiddled his quill through his now ink-stained fingers. Next to him sat his best friend, Sirius Black, who was pushing his dark, elegant hair out of his dark eyes. The other side of James, Remus Lupin sat, tired due to the prior full-moon but intent upon understanding the lesson. Pushed onto the desk behind James was the larger, shorter boy, Peter Pettigrew, who was trying to get as close to the others as possible. But it was none of these reasons why James was so discontented, not even his Professor's continuing lecture could unsettle him this badly or the fact that it was a beautiful summer's day in his seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, while he was stuck inside. No, there was only one thing that could get the young Potter so riled up. Lily Evans. Yes, sitting behind Evans, the young charming witch who James had had a crush on for years, could distract James from anything, including his present potions lesson. She was so beautiful in James' eyes, long, auburn-red hair and startling almond-shaped green eyes. Therefore, James could do nothing but sit and daydream about her, particularly as the object of his affections was so close but yet so far.

He sighed; once again rustling up his dark hair, making it even more messed up. Sirius saw his lingering gaze and turned to his friend. He smiled at James and passed him a note saying: Bad luck, Prongs. I guess Lily just doesn't feel the same way.

James turned to glare at his friend before scribbling a quick reply: Thanks, Padfoot. I'm so glad you think so! Then his sarcasm dropped for a more serious tone. She really hates me, doesn't she?

Sirius merely smiled at James once more, before returning his concentration to the lesson. James tried to follow suit but his gaze was once again attracted to the young witch sitting in front of him. She drew him like a magnet yet wanted nothing to do with him. It was typical James Potter fashion, he held to what he liked like a hungry dog following his Master who has the food and what he liked, he generally couldn't have. He was very handsome and all the girls seemed to flock to him, he had no shortage of choice but rather stubbornly wanted the one person who was not interested. He continued to stare at her, not paying any attention to his Professor's continuing lecture.

"Potter, which ingredient should be added after the squid ink?" asked Professor Slughorn suddenly.

James looked up in shock. Damn Lily Evans; if anyone could make him look stupid it would be her and James hated being made look the fool. The whole class turned to look at him, including Lily. Ah, those eyes, he thought softly. She was flicking her long hair now, waiting impatiently for the answer or perhaps another un-required chance to prove herself to the adoring Professor Slughorn.

"Mr Potter?" Slughorn asked again. Sirius scribbled the answer on a spare piece of parchment.

"Um… dried Billywig sting?" James said. Lily was staring at him, with loathing; she was obviously disappointed at the lost chance to demonstrate her skill. He gave her a gentle smile that would have had most girls hanging onto his words as if they were an expensive liqueur, however, his attempted charm was answered by a disapproving snorting sound. The bell rang for their next lesson and Slughorn dismissed them.

"Try to listen next time, Potter," one of Lily's friends spat as they gathered up their belongings.

"Leave him," Lily said, "he's not worth it." James watched her exit the room before slumping back into his chair. The girls were followed by Remus and Peter, leaving James and Sirius alone.

"Obviously not," Sirius said, finishing the earlier conversation, while patting his friend's shoulder.

James sighed, "But she's so beautiful," he said, "I want her, I just need to find a way of making her want me."

"You can't use a spell or a potion, though. You must make her truly want you," Sirius reasoned.

"Of course," James replied, rubbing his hazel eyes wearily.

"And you'll need a romantic place, just the two of you," Sirius continued.

"Oh yes, Padfoot. Lily will hardly stay in the same room as me let alone when it's just the two of us," James said, solemnly as the two left the room for their next lesson.

"How about a bet? You convince Lily to make a bet; one that you're sure you'll win and you tell her the forfeit is a date. You and I both know Lily is too proud to back out of a challenge, especially if she thinks it is a chance to outwit you."

"You're right, Padfoot," James said as they entered the Transfiguration classroom.

"Yeah, just think about it James," Sirius said as they both took their places.

During the lesson, James tried to think of something to bet with Lily. He wanted to challenge her as soon as possible, the sooner the bet, the sooner the date and the sooner she would be his. He grinned, James Potter and Lily Evans, James and Lily, James and Lily Potter, hmm… now that did sound good. He pulled out a piece of old, tattered parchment and wrote the names surrounded by hearts. ♥♥JAMES and LILY.♥♥ Then on the back of the parchment, he wrote: What shall I say the bet is? and passed it to Sirius.

Maybe an exam or test mark Sirius suggested. James nodded or that you won't score at the next Quidditch match.

Yeah that one James wrote back I'll challenge her later.

Sirius smiled and wrote his reply she won't be able to resist you, Mate.

James smiled and with his problem solved, turned to concentrate on his favourite subject.

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