Author's Note: So, hello everyone, and welcome to my very own Death Note/Harry Potter crossover. Which came about from a discussion a friend and I had a day or so before Deathly Hallows came out. We were talking Harry, and being the giant Death Notetards we are, started wondering what would happen if the DN cast replaced (most of) the HP cast. Before long, we figured out who would be who, and i had some great story ideas. So here is the result. Well, the prologue to the result.

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Lawliet Potter and the Death Note of Fire


Ryuk watched from the bed as Light sat in his usual spot across the room at his desk, leaning over so far that his nose practically touched the pages of the Death Note. He'd been at it for almost an hour now, scribbling away furiously with his pen, killing criminal after criminal after criminal. This had become a nightly thing, ever since Light had first received the Death Note and vowed to create a utopia with it. Ryuk was wondering when Light's poor, overused pen would run out of ink, or even break, the human was writing so much, when it hit him.

He was wondering when a pen would give out.

'I'm sooo bored.' Ryuk thought, flipping over on the bed, but not effecting the covers in the slightest. He'd thought this would be fun, dropping the Note in the Human World, and in the beginning it had been. Ryuk couldn't have hoped for a better person to pick of the black notebook than Light Yagami. But, after so many months of Light doing this Kira thing, even with the developments of Misa, Rem, and L, it was just getting…boring.

"Maybe it's time to use my other-"


Ryuk stopped. The Shinigami World was a dull place, that's why this whole thing had started, and it tended to give the shinigami who inhabited it the habit of occasionally talking to themselves.

"Did you say something, Ryuk?" Light asked, he'd put the pen down and was now leaning back in the chair and flexing his hand a bit. No wonder, it must be incredibly stiff.

"Yes, I said I want an apple, we're out." Ryuk replied, indicating the empty basket that was meant to contain the delicious fruit with one long, pointed, black finger.

Light got out of the chair and stretched, yawning at the same time. He walked over to the small basket and picked it up.

"Alright, I'll go get some more, then I'm going to bed, I think I've judged enough people for tonight." The boy opened the door, started walking towards the downstairs kitchen, came back and shut the door when he realized he'd forgotten. Didn't want anyone peeking in and seeing a certain notebook lying on his desk, did he?

Ryuk sat up and contemplated his earlier idea for a few seconds before reaching a decision. Ryuk never contemplated things very long anyway. If it was possible, the death god's permanent ghastly grin widened. Now this would be interesting. Very, very interesting.

Light reentered the room, the basket now weighed down with several, ripe, red apples. He handed them to Ryuk, indicating for the shinigami to vacate the bed. Ryuk obliged and Light quickly put the Death Note away, flicked off the lights, and lay down on the mattress, not bothering to get out of his clothes.

He was asleep in minutes.

Ryuk munched on one of the apples, once again enjoying how nice and juicy the fruits were in the Human World, his huge eyes glowing in the dark of the room.

'Very, very interesting.'

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