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Chapter 2

Of Very Baffled Wizards

Draco was in a bad mood. Not that his moods were usually bright and shiny. This mood, however, was particularly bad.

He'd woken up this morning, and instead of being in his family's wizard mansion, he was in some muggle home. And he was a MUGGLE. It was like a nightmare come true, and his immediate reaction was to scream his (or whoever this 'person' was) head off. Luckily, it appeared no one else was home, so no other disgusting muggles had come in to the room to see what was wrong. Eventually the screaming had died down to a long stream of cursing. And now, an hour or so after waking up, Draco sat at the desk of the room he now found himself in, brooding.

He was a muggle. An admittedly handsome muggle, but a muggle nonetheless. But what was a more (if only slightly) pressing matter was exactly how he'd ended up in this person's body. Looking at the desk, Draco spotted a small gray notebook with a name written on it. He leaned further over the desk, but at the sight of the words, he let out a grunt of frustration. It was written in Japanese. Or maybe Chinese. Either way, he couldn't re-. Wait, yes, yes he could read it. The symbols spelled out the name, 'Light Yagami'.

'So, I'm Light. Hmph, I remember that stupid Weasley snickering at my name, well, what kind of name is Light?' He thought scornfully. Which was really unnecessary, but he needed to scorn something.

"Well, you don't seem to happy."

"AHH!" Draco almost fell out of his chair at the sound of the sudden voice. He got up and turned around to yell at whoever had had the nerve to sneak up on him, but any notion of that was wiped away when he saw what was standing a few feet behind him.


And with that, Draco Malfoy fell over.

"So, let me get this straight." Draco said, holding up the black Death Note, "This notebook kills people by having their names written in it while you picture their face."

"Yeah." The thing- shinigami- Ryuk replied, munching on an apple.

"And I'm now the owner of this, Light Yagami, who is using it to kill criminals, to create a utopia, where I'll rule as god. And people have dubbed me Kira."

Ryuk nodded.

"And I'm suspected of being Kira by a famous detective named L. And there's also a girl, Misa Amane, with another Death Note, who's in love with me and is the second Kira. Except you might have switched them with someone else too, but you won't tell me if you did or not."

"That's about it."

"And this," Draco made a gesture to indicate the general situation, "Is all because you got bored and decided to switch a bunch of peoples bodies between our worlds."

Ryuk just continued chewing there.

"And the REAL Light Yagami is now in my body, in my world." At the thought of this, anger bubbled once again in Draco. Some muggle going around doing who knows what in HIS body!

Ryuk had finished the apple. "Yes, but now you get to be god. You've got people worshipping you, you're on your way to taking over the world," The death god grinned wider, "Why not have some fun with it? Besides, I went through all the trouble of making sure you could read and speak Japanese."

Draco, who'd been working up some demands and angry insults, froze. God? He, Draco Malfoy, could actually be God? He'd heard Ryuk tell him, he'd said it himself, but the implications were just starting to set in. If he actually did succeed in what Light had been trying to do, people would be worshipping him. He'd have anything he wanted, with people waiting on him hand and foot. AND he'd get to kill a bunch of muggles in the process.

"Well," Draco said, smirking, "I guess I can give it a try. For awhile."

Harry Potter was immensely confused.

Last night, he'd been a teenage boy, going to bed in the Dursley's house, dreaming of his first day at Hogwarts. This morning, things had been entirely different.

He'd woken up, and for some reason, had felt very stiff and tired. Then he'd realized that he had been sitting up on a couch. Opening his eyes, he'd found himself in a hotel room, now wearing jeans and a white long-sleeved shirt. Feeling understandably freaked out, and wondering if the whole thing was some weird dream, he'd gotten up and noticed three more strange things.

One, he felt taller.

Two, he was seeing far to much hair framing his face.

Three, he was seeing. He definitely was NOT wearing glasses, yet everything was visible in perfect clarity.

Locating the bathroom, he'd given himself a look in the mirror and hadn't been able to suppress a yelp.

His hair had been (and still was) a good 3 inches longer than it should be at least, and his skin had been almost unnaturally pale, with dark bags under his eyes. He'd felt the urge to put his thumb up to his mouth, and had ignored it, but now, several hours later, he'd given in to what he guessed were habits of this person.

Before he'd been able to think of what to do, someone had entered the room.

"L?" The person's voice had called, "Where are you?"

Harry, at this point very frightened, had yelled back, "W-who's there?"

The man (who, when Harry'd listened closer, sounded rather old) laughed, and then replied, "Watari, who else would it be?"

Seconds later, he'd shown up in the bathroom door, and Harry relaxed slightly. The old man, Watari, looked friendly and seemed harmless. He was wearing a black suit and tie, with a black bowler hat placed on his head. He had had a small pair of glasses and a large white mustache, and had also been smiling in an almost fatherly way.

"L," Watari had said. Harry guessed L was 'his' name, "The task force will be up shortly."

"Task…force?" Harry had asked uncertainly.

"Yes, they've just arrived in the building." The old man replied.

"Alright…" Harry had then followed Watari back into the room where he'd woken up and had sat down with his feet up on the couch. Harry had noticed this, and put his feet on the ground for a moment, but the normal sitting position had felt odd, and he'd quickly gone back to the first position.

Minutes later, a group of four men had entered the room. Watari had greeted them each, letting Harry learn each of their names.

Soichiro was the one in the front of the group, with a mustache and graying hair.

Aizawa was right behind him, an almost angry, determined look on his face, and…an afro?

Mogi was the rather large man behind them.

And Matsuda was the young man who lingered in the back, wearing a blue suit, with slightly long, wavy black hair and a look of confusion on his face that practically mirrored the one Harry had had just minutes ago.

And now, the author is tired of using the words 'had, and 'he'd'. So we'll be reverting to a flashback for my- er, your, convenience.

It was at about this time that Harry noticed Watari was speaking in a different language.

And Harry understood what he was saying.

AND, Harry had been speaking it himself without realizing.

'And I thought nothing would catch me off guard again when I found out about Hermione's time-turner.' He thought, watching as the group of men took seats around him.

The guy with the fro, Aizawa, spoke first.

"We can't just sit around like this! We've got to catch Kira soon. He- He killed Ukita!"

Ah, so they were dealing with some kind of killer. Didn't appear to have anything to do with wizards. But what was Harry supposed to do about this?


Harry looked around at the youngest one in the group, Matsuda.

"Erm, could I please…speak to, uh, L, in private?" He asked, the words tumbling out of his mouth anxiously.

"Matsuda, what are you-" Soichiro began.

"It's fine." Harry said, starting to get up.

"But, L…" Watari was clearly confused at Harry's reaction.

'Damn it,' He thought, 'Out of character. Oh well.'

"Really, it's fine. We'll just be in the other room." Harry said, trying to shake the concerned old man off.

"Well, alright…" Watari replied, obviously uncertain.

Harry led Matsuda into the other room and closed the door. The young man looked as if he could kiss Harry from gratitude. Luckily, he didn't. Instead, he immediately launched into speech.

"Look, I KNOW this sounds crazy, but you seem to be in charge and I just had no one to turn to and…" He stopped, taking a deep breath and slowing himself down, said,

"I'm not Matsuda!"

"What?!" Harry asked. Could it be…?

"My name's Neville Longbottom. I had gone to sleep, and the next thing I knew, I woke up as...whoever I am now! Please believe me!"

Harry, having been temporarily shocked speechless, finally found his voice, saying, "Neville?"

"Yes!" He replied earnestly.

"Neville!" Harry said again, grinning broadly. "It's me, Harry! Harry Potter! I can't believe it's you!"

Neville looked like someone had just stuck a burning hat on his hea- er, like someone had slapped him across the face.

"HARRY!" He yelled, and this time, he launched himself at Harry, grabbing him in a tight hug and practically sobbing.

"He- hey, Neville! Calm down, get off! Shh-" Harry was cut short as the door slammed open, the men from the other room rushing in.

"L! Are you alrigh-" Soichiro, who'd been in the front, stopped short, the other men behind him bumping into his back and stumbling. They all stared at the sight of Matsuda hugging on tightly to L, whose entire face had turned pink.

"This…this isn't what it looks like." He stammered.

The other men only continued to stare.

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