Chapter4: Denial


I heard a crash and a scream, the scream was Esme's I ran into the kitchen. Carlisle was already there, kneeling before her. Her face was full of shock, shock and fear.

"Esme, what happened?!" I heard a hint of hysteria in his usually calm voice, that was strange.

Esme did not answer, she stared past him, a distance look in her eyes.

Carlisle gently took her chin in his hand, forcing her to look into his eyes.

"Everything's alright, what happened?"

"He was there, I saw him, it was him. It was him."

Carlisle took a deep unneeded breath, "Who did you see?"

She turned her head to the side, escaping his grip, "Charles." She whispered.

Carlisle stood up, he went outside and I heard another crash. He came back into the kitchen, holding his hand out for Esme to take. She grabbed it and he pulled her up, pulling her into his arms. No one spoke. I slipped out of the kitchen, walking into Jasper and Alice.

"She saw Charles." I explained before they could start their questions.

Alice said nothing and Jasper looked worried.

"Who is Charles?" I asked, not sure if I wanted to hear the answer or not.

"Her ex-Husband." Jasper and Alice replied at the same time.

I knew Esmes story, I just never knew the name of her abusive husband, soon I would probably have a face.

"We should let them be alone for a while." I said, I didn't like the feeling of standing around doing nothing, I wanted to help Esme but I couldn't, not now anyway.

None of us spoke, I don't think anyone knew what to say. I had a million questions, what was Charles doing here? Shouldn't he be dead? What was he? A Vampire? He certainly couldn't be human, well he could but he would be extremely old and in know position to frighten Esme.

The front door opened, I turned around.

Emmett was standing in the door, I smiled, finally.

I felt as though all my problems were gone, he was there. He was finally home.

"We have a problem." He said.

My smile faded.

Alice just nodded, "Someone needs to call Edward. I had a very bad vision. What about you?"

Emmett sighed, "Victoria's not alone."

"Is she working with Charles?!" Jasper asked.

"Who's Charles?" Emmett asked confused.

This time we all said it together, "Esmes Ex-Husband."

"Great." Emmett sat down on a couch, "Just great, no well maybe she is I don't know. But there are a lot of vampires she's working with and I mean a lot." He shook his head in frustration and then asked, "is this Charles-Person a vampire?"

"Yes, he is." This wasn't any of us speaking, it was Esme.

She stepped into the living room with Carlisle.

But I wasn't taking real notice of them, I was worried about Emmett, he wasn't enthusiastic as he usually was about fighting. No, he was…sad?

"Then he is probably working with Victoria." Jasper whispered.

Emmett stood up, "I'm having a shower."

I followed him up the stairs, "Emmett!" I called.

He did not turn around, I called louder, "Emmett?!"

He went into our room, I followed, closing the door behind me.

Emmett was walking into our closet, "What's wrong with you?!" I demanded.

No reply, "Emmett please." I begged.

As he turned around, he stared at the pile of clean clothes in his hands,

"She changed a child, Rose. A small little girl."

I wrapped my arms around him, "I saw her too."

Suddenly all his muscles tensed, "What do you mean?"

"I saw her." I whispered, "I saw both of them."

"What did they want?" His voice had gotten a little louder.

"She just asked some questions." I answered unsurely.

He grabbed my shoulders holding me away from his body, he looked at me, angrily.

"Damn it, Rose! This is important, did you tell anyone about this?!"

I slowly shook my head, what was wrong with him?

"Why not?!" he yelled.

This was too much, "Stop screaming at me!" I yelled back.

"NO!" he roared.

And then I hit him.

My hand hit his cheek, his head turned to the side, but soon enough he was looking at me with black eyes.

"What the hell was that for?!" He demanded angrily.

I lifted my hand carefully, reaching for his cheek.

He took a step backwards and left.

I stood there, confused. Why had I just done that? What the hell was wrong with me?!

Emmett loved me, I loved him. I hit him, why did I hit him?!


"Esme are you sure it was him?" I asked, not wanting to hurt her feelings.

She shook her head, "No. I still have hope that it was something else."

"He can't hurt you." Carlisle whispered.

"I know." Esme said, "I am not afraid."

I believed her.

But Carlisle and Jasper looked at her skeptically.

"I'm not!" she said forcefully, looking at her husband angrily, "I don't need any protection I'm a vampire I can take care of myself!"

She walked away.

Carlisle wanted to follow her but Jasper stopped him, "Leave her alone for a while." He said.

Carlisle sighed and sat on the couch, I sat down next to him.

Emmett came storming down the stairs, "Victoria talked to Rosalie and she changed child."

"A child?!" I asked, shocked.

Emmett nodded and sat down next to me, "A little girl."

"why didn't Rosalie say anything?" Carlisle asked.

Emmett shrugged, "I don't know."


Jasper his head in his hands, "this is such a mess."

I put my arms around him and rested my cheek against his shoulder, "but we will get back out of it."

"Did anyone call Edward yet?" Carlisle asked.

"He called me."Emmett answered, "he's on his way here."

Suddenly Rosalie was running past us

"where are you going?" Carlisle asked.

"Out." she yelled as she stormed out the house.

I looked at Emmett questionly but he just shrugged. He was about to get up but Jasper said, "Leave her alone for a while."

Emmett leaned back into the couch.

Suddenly I was hit by a vision. Bella, in our house. Dead.

I screamed,

"Alice!"Jasper cried desperately, "what is it?!"

"He can't bring her here." I whispered, "Edward needs to come alone. If he brings Bella, she will die."

Carlisle walked into the kitchen I heard him talking but I pushed his voice far away, I didn't want to listen. I wanted to sleep, I wanted to shut everything out, I wanted it to be over.

"It's going to be alright." Jasper whispered.

How ironic hadn't I tried to convince him about that just minutes ago?

Emmett said nothing, "He's bringing Bella back to her house then he'll come here" Carlisle was back, he fell into the couch.

I couldn't sleep, but I felt exhausted, it wasn't fair.


I had heard her calling my name, "Sara?" I whispered.

She giggled, "it's Jamie now."

I smiled, "were you calling me?"

She nodded and held out her hand,

"I want to tell you something." She whispered secretly.

"What is it?" If someone had dared to hurt her...

Her bottom lip trembled, as if she were about to burst out into tears, but she couldn't. We couldn't cry.

"My daddy hurt me." she said in a low voice, "he did things to me."

I'd kill him, I'd rip him into pieces.

"But it's better now." her eyes were suddenly full of life, "I made it better, I hurt him. He didn't like it. He's dead now."

I stroked her hair, "oh Sweety!"

Poor little thing what had Victoria done to her?!

"You don't understand, it felt good. It was all over and I stopped it."

Hadn't she changed him?

"Did you drink his blood?" I asked carefully.

She laughed, "No I played with a knife, it was easy."

It was easy. She had solved all of her problems just like that.

"You know what to do Rose, you know what to do to make everything better for you. I could be yours then, you wouldn't have to hide me from her."

No, I wouldn't I could take Sara home and she wouldn't have to go through the pain of resisting Bellas blood. She could learn who to be one of us with out the extra burden of bella.

"You know what to do." She whispered, handing me the knife.

"Yes." I answered automatically and I took the knife from her small hands.

"Then do it."

I left, I ran to bellas house, I had no idea how to do this. What if Edward was there? What if Alice had a vison? But if I didn't do it now, I would loose Sara and I couldn't let that happen, Bella had to die, she knew too much and I couldn't change her. I couldn't damn her to this. Killing her was the best solution.

"Rosalie?" She asked surprised, "what are you doing here?!"

I let myself in, "is Edward here?!"

If he was I would tell him that Alice wanted him to come home fast.

"No." She said in a sad voice, "Alice wanted him to come home."

Oh what luck.

"Did he tell you to come?" she asked, "did something happen?"

"No, I came by myself and nothing has happened...yet."

She looked scared.

I grinned, "Are you scared Bella?"

She shook her head, "No I'm fine."

"You probably want to know why I'm here, don't you?"

She nodded.

"Well..." I closed the door and walked closer to her, "I need to protect the people I love, you understand I know you do."

And then I rammed the knife into her body, again and again and again.

Her body shook as she fell into my arms, I pushed her off me, she fell to the ground. She looked at shocked and sad. The knife fell out of my hands, what had I done?

I ran, I ran as if the devil himself was chasing me, I ran as if I could make it better. But I couldn't, I was a monster.


Edward burst through the door, "Alice what's going on?!"

I closed my eyes, "I made a mistake, you need to go back to Bella."

He looked at me, stumbling something, "EDWARD GO!" I screamed, not only he left Emmett and Carlisle raced after him. Esme came down the stairs, "What's all this screaming about?" I couldn't sit around after what I had seen, Rosalie killing Bella, it had to be a mistake, it was a mistake. At first I had seen Bella being killed at our house but the moment Edward stepped through our door, things changed once again.

"We need to get to Bella." I grabbed Jaspers hand and ran after the others. Esme followed us.

We were too late. Who ever had attacked Bella-and it wasn't Rosalie!-had already left leaving Bella behind.

"Edward!" she cried.

"It's ok Bella, we're all here."

"We need to get to the hospital."

"Who did this?!"

"What happened?!"

All these questions flew right beside me, Jasper stiffened. It was too much blood.

I pulled him away, we went back home. There was nothing one of us could do for Bella now, Carlisle had to take her to the hospital and then take care of her, he would take care of her and everything would be alright again.

"I'm sorry." He whispered as he sat on the couch, "I'm sorry I can't be strong enough for you."

I smiled and stroked his hair, "you're perfect for me Jasper."

He looked up and smiled a tiny smile, he embraced me into his arms and I held onto him as tight as I could. We would get through this, it wasn't Rosalie it couldn't have been. Everything was going to be alright, it had to get better, it just had to. Even if it wouldn't, I had to believe it.

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