"One Day at a Time"
By Little Spitfire
Disclaimer: The characters of the book series Harry Potter do not belong to me. I own nothing.
Warning: Slash; Mpreg

Green eyes gazed over at Draco intently. The blonde was staring out the bedroom window apparently lost in his thoughts. A small frown settled on his face indicating his inner musings were not of the content kind.

Harry crossed the room and came up behind his lover, snaking his arms around his waist. He pressed a kiss to the back of Draco's shoulder.

"Sickle for your thoughts?" he whispered against the soft cloth of Draco's shirt.

Draco's hands came to rest on Harry's, which were softly cupping the slight bulge of the blonde's belly.

"I'm getting fat." Draco said after a long pause.

"You're preggers, you're supposed to."

"Hmm." Draco leaned back into the warmth that was Harry and sighed softly.

"What's really on your mind?"

A beat and then; "Do you think we'll be good parents?"

Harry's eyebrow rose, a movement often seen made by his other half.

"I mean, it's not like we have much to go on." Draco continued. "You had people who hated you and I had… Lucius."

Harry's hold tightened slightly on his dragon and he pressed his lips to his neck. "I'm nervous too, love, but I know you'll be a wonderful daddy. You love this baby so much already that it's impossible that you'll be a bad parent."


Harry turned to Draco so they were face to face, Draco's belly carefully cradled by Harry's.

"But nothing." He pressed their lips together, still touching as he spoke. "There will be times where we'll make some mistakes. That's inevitable, but we'll get through it and be the best parents we can be because we love our baby too much not to."

Draco nestled his face in the crook of Harry's neck and sighed, inhaling his scent.

"We'll just take it as it comes, love."

Draco nodded, arms tightening around Harry's waist, fingers clutching at his shirt.

"One day at a time." He whispered.

"Yeah." Harry smiled and kissed his love.

A small smile appeared across Draco's lips as he kissed back. They'd be ok as long as they were together and took one day at a time.