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Teen Titans... Reversed?...

Chapter one...

The team meets...


In the City of Jump City, in the state of California. Siren's are blazing as a man is hiding down an alley away from the oncoming light's. He look's down toward the mouth of the alley and let's out a sigh of relief as they speed past him. He then eye's a sack in his hand's smugly as he walk's further down the alley. He stop's however when a shadow cover's him. "Huh?" The man ask's confused as he then look's toward's the shadow. He quickly brandashe's a crow bar and look's around. He see's a flash of something just before he is nocked down dropping the crowbar and a green gloved hand grasp's the strange grey bird shaped device. "I-i don't want any trouble!" The burglar stammer's as he back peddle's only he turn's and see's a pair of eye's that belong to a bat. The bat then flap's and several more flap and fly with it screeching past the buglar who throw's his hand's up to protect his face and then as he gaze's toward's ware thare going he see's a shadowy form which only has two white masked eye's trained on him in a glare.

"You should've thought of that before you committed the crime." The voice of the person tell's the man in a groweling tone. The person then rushes forward the sound of a cape fluttering is heard as the person kick's the burglar in the chin sliding up the face knocking the man back five or so yard's. The man quickly get's up and and attempt's several wild punche's at the person before him only the shadowy figure back's off from them dodging and blocking them all easily. The shadowy person deliver's a chop to the Burglar's head and a kick to his chest nocking the man down. The figure then jumped onto the wall then up and then while over the Burglar the figure then flip's him into a solid body slam. The figure then drag's the Burglar slightly and slam's him into a wall the alredy half unconsious man sliding down slightly as he then recognises the masked eye's.

"Hey! This isn't your town! Aren't you supposed to be with- " The man start's and the figure get's in his face and tell's him with an annoyed tone of voice.

"Just moved here. And from now on, I work alone. " The voice groweled but the figure was then brought away from the Burglar and too a noise from over head. The figure look's to see a green streak of energy heading for the ground at increadiable speed's slicing through the night sky above. It flow's parralel from the alley and disapear's behind several building's from the other side of the street. Afterword an explossion goes off and the figure see's a pale green glow over the building's. The figure quickly string's up the now totally unconscious petty thief and hang's him upside down. The figure then run's out of the alley and fire's a strange device and is lifted farther away and toward's the glow a cape unfolding and concieling some of the person.

In front of a pizza joint a smuldering cratter reside's and emit's thick cloud's of glowing green smoke, more than likely it is the resting place of whatever has just fallen from the sky. Curious onlooker's all slowly get out of thare car's and walk toward's the cratter for a better look at what has just fallen. Then slowly as the smoke begin's to fade a figure begin's to rize to it's feet huge barrel shaped cuff's are on it's hand's and forarm's, a pair of burning green eye's glow threw the shadow's as it then roar's.

"Slopforn ivortmat!" The person shout's as they slide down rock's and toward's people eye's still glowing and the onlooker's are quickly scarred off by the eye's. "Slopforn! Ond gudshik zerrole!" The person growel's angrily as he turn's on a person trying to take a picture of them. The flash of the camera goes off and the person step's back closing thare eye's from the flash. The person then reopen's them thare still blazing green and with a mighty roar the person swing's thare arm's at the person who duck's and roll's out of the way. The person then start's yelling out uncontrolably as they start to swing around thare arm's maddly and the onlooker's back away even further. Soon the person start's to slam thare hand's into the ground hard enough to make a decent sized pot hole. The onlooker's quickly all run breaking for cover as the person roar's even louder as they charge forward and with a flash a taxi is rendered inopperable and desimated by sheer force. More strike's at other thing's such as pay phone's, a bench and a street light or two soon follow as onlooker's find relative safety from the second story of the pizza joint even as it tremble's beneath thare feet.

The person pant's heavily as they lift up thare arm's trying to pull thare hand's apart with a grunt. It appear's thare was no malishous intent from all of this the person simply wanted thare hand's freed of the restraining cuff's. The person after a short rest then look's toward the pizza joint and see's a large pillar holding the upper half up. The person charge's at it and slam's thare hand's into it hard enough to buckle and crack the concrete post. The people above barely manage to stay on thare feet from vibration's threw the post. The person has continued to slam thare hand's into the post until finally the outer layer of concrete fall's away revealing the dented steel core.

"Zop! Yark! Mesnef!" The person obviusly alien shout's out while swinging thare arm's wildly into the pole bending it futher inward. Upon the last swing the pole give's way under strain and the upper layer of the pizza joint lose's any of it's support as the upper leval start's to pull off the pizza joint hurling the people to the railing ware they barely manage to hang on. The alien growel's as the cuff's on it's arm's have yet to give way and don't even appear damaged in the least. The alien let's out panting breath's as it raises it's arm's for one more swing at the collem. But just as it was about to swing a light glisten's off the wing of a fimiliar grey bird shaped device that slam's into the head of the alien hitting a metal object and nocking the alien into the light of the pizza joint.

The alien is humanoid and appear's teenaged with flame red hair that's short and spikey, a metal crown like device is over the alien's head and cover's the cheek's and brow, it has glowing green eye's that a flaming bright enough to be mini-lighthouse's and orange skin to take away any human look it's shape hold's, it's wearing a black outfit with metal band's around the chest, around the thigh's, around the shin's and calves, a metal collar like device, black drape's around the waist and thigh's, black band's around the upper arm's, armor plate's on the shoulder's, and armored black boot's. Getting up the alien who happen's to be a boy glare's across the street to the top of a car ware a fimiliar shadowed figure reside's.

The figure is revealed in the pale moon light to have jet black hair that is pulled up in the back in a spikey bun with a red band holding it up and two long bang's down her cheek's framing her face, a domino mask that hide's the eye's and has point's like tears and eyelashes from the side, a black cape draped around the shoulder's of the obvius female, and a pair of armored black knee high combat boot's, and Green skintight pant's were all that was revealed at first. The figure move's thare arm's pushing the cape back to reveal a yellow intirier, a red armored vest with two /\ shaped yellow bar's down the front with a small R on her left breast but doesn't cover her midrift, a green skintight undershirt with short sleve's that have armored plate's over the sleve's, a pair of armored green fingerless glove's, and last a yellow belt placed losely around her hip's finishes her odd look. From the girl's form hieght and build she is obviusly at most teenaged.

"Who are you?" The girl ask's in a demanding voice. Instead of answering the person jump's up far enough to get to the girl and leading into an asphalt-wreaking downward swing. The girl jump's back in the nic of time narrowly missing the attack and touches down in a backward skid. The angry alien then run's forward using an array of roundhouse kick's and the girl has to dodge and weave out of them or rsik being serriously injured. As the two are going down the street a blue cloaked figure watche's from the shadow's it's eye's the only thing's visiable threw the darkness. The girl then leap's high over the enraged alien and sling's a handful of grenade's toward's him and they explode in the alien's face coating him in smoke though his eye's still burn from beyond it. The person in the shadow's watches the fight with an impassive look barely visiable from beyond the shadow's.

The smoke clear's from the alien and the girls eye's bug out and she emit's a small gasp as the alien then put's it's foot under a car then effortlessly kick's it up and toward the young girl. The girl throw's herself to the ground to avoid being hit by the car and catching it in the face. It sail's past her and then low and level it explode's as it hit's a building down the block. The girl slowly get's up and look's to ware it hit. "Hm. Stronger than he looks." She mutter's to herself quietly. She turn's to the alien boy and her eye's bug out as he trie's to club her in the jaw but she just barely manages to duck and roll back. "HEY! Jack ass have you ever heard not to hit a lady?" She yelled at himangrily then shook her head and groweled. The alien doesn't answer as he jump's up and attempt's another downward swing, the girl roll's away as the alien hit's the ground and she reache's into her yellow belt and pull's out a silver staff that extend's into a bo-staff weapon. The girl then lunge's forward and slam's the staff into the alien's head and propell's him into a car across the street. The girl brandashes her staff but blink's as it shatter's from the force of that last crushing hit. "Huh?" She question's puzzled. The alien then stand's up and give's the girl a malishous smile as he then work's his head around to loosen up his neck.

"Zota." The alien state's before jumping for yet another ariel strike. But before he can crush the girl's skull to powder a green big horn sheep come's from the side and rams into him broadside at full speed. The alien is sent packing and the girl watches bewildered as the green sheep changes into an amazingly skinny and short girl.

She has a purple mask that leave's the eye's and lower face revealed and has pointed black ear's, long grey glove's over obviusly slender hand's, a black shirt with a purple bar down the center although it is skintight revealing she is not the most developed of girl's, a silver belt with a red gem in the buckle, purple short's with black stripe's from the belt down on each hip, a pair of long black leather sock's that ended at her purple short's, and a pair of black boot's with grey soul's and purple flap's right bellow the knee's.

"Ex-Doom Patrol member Beast Girl, Ma'am! How can I help?" The girl ask's in a young chipper voice and salute's to the other girl who raises a brow. The green girl then look's on in wonder realizing who she's talking too and drops her salute. "Wow! You're Robyn, aren't you, Ma'am?" The green girl or Beast Girl ask's the other girl Robyn with wonder then blink's and resalute's to her.

"Well, you can start by not calling me "Ma'am."" Robyn state's slightly annoyed. The green youth's eye's grow wide as she look's at Robyn with admiration and her hand is still up in a salute.

"Well, let me just say that it's a real honor to be-" Before she can continue Robyn interup's.

"Beast Girl, was it?" Robyn ask's the young green girl who question's confusedly.

"Yes, Ma'am?" Robyn then point's to the side to show the orange skinned alien has recovered from the earlier assault and is straining to lift a bus over his head. The alien then hurls the large bus at the two who bolt in opposite direction's a large figure in a grey hooded sweatshirt and black pant's behind them. The bus hit's the person but instead of crushing this person they dig thare feet into the ground and catch it. Then with a heave the bus is tossed aside and this causes plum's of dust to rise up and then vanish and reveal a glowing red eye is within the shadow's of the person's hood.

"Yo! Who's here messing up my neighborhood?" The person demand's in a clearly female voice and Beast Girl goes to her and point's to the alien while saying loudly.

"He started it!" The alien is standing amung the debris from the fight and is slowly walking toward's them only to stop suddenly. Then as his resolve return's he walk's toward's them quickly, He then bring's both arm's up and bring's thundering blow's to the pavement. All three of the girl's fall to thare asses as the alien boy create's several tremmor's. Then when he is done the hand restraint part of his manticle's fall off and fall to the ground dented and smoking. The alien then bring's his hand's up and point's them at the three now staring teen's and then fire's several round green orb's like a machine gun of sort kicking up dust and hiding them from view. One tence moment later and the three imerge and the alien begin's fireing all over the block hoping to hit them.

One by one, the girl's race threw the hail of green energy blast's Beast Girl nearly loosing her foot in the process. Now the alien's frustration causes the energy bolt's to slam into building's parked car's sign's and anything and everything else within a half mile radias. After the last of the energy leave's him the alien start's to try and catch his breath and fall's to his knee's in the process. Robyn, Beast Girl and the other girl in the hoody all look up from behind the bus which is now on fire due to the energy bolt barrage.

"Guy's gonna wreck the whole city." The hooded girl state's out and Robyn's masked eye's narrow into then slit's.

"I won't let him." Robyn states out with a low growel and sock's her palm. "I won't lose this fight." Robyn state's out and then with BG and the hooded girl they go out running toward's the orange alien powerhouse. But before they can even get ten yard's a large black energy feild come's out of the ground and block's the three stunned girl's path. Then a second whisp rises from behind them revealing the cloaked teen.

"Maybe fighting isn't the answer." The teen state's in a dull monotone voice and has a bored expression. The girl's then turn toward's him and then look him up from his boot's to his face and he turn's slightly and dispel's the apparition.

It is a boy with short violet hair that has bang's hanging over his left eye and the other's framing his face down his cheek's, a red gem in his forhead, grey skin, nearly glowing blood red eye's that don't have pupil's, a high collared tattered blue cloak with a skull shaped broach, a chain around his upper chest, a black skintight shirt and a black pair of leather pant's, a silver belt with a crimson jewel in the buckle and tattered blue drape's around his thigh's and waist, a studded blue band on his right thigh, a band with a pouch on his left, a pair of blue combat boot's with silver band's around his ankle's, silver armor on his toe's and heel's, and a black soul, silver gauntlet's that left his hand's free like what the girl's could see of the alien's own only these had crimson gewel's at the back of each hand,and last was an odd blade like protrusion from the side of the gauntlet's that were blue and black yet not a part of the gauntlet's form.

Robyn then look's back to the knealing alien as smoke drift's from his hand's ware they are touching the pavement. "Stand down." Robyn state's and the hooded girl glare's.

"What do you think, you the boss or something?" She ask's incrediously and Robyn let's out an annoyed sigh.

"Just give me a chance." She state's as she walk's toward's the alien and BG still stair's at the wiolet haired teen. She walk's to the alien then just as she get's close the alien growel's and get's up hand's alight with power and swiftly move's toward's her spooking Robyn enough to make her retreat a few yard's.

"Gokta!" The alien state's angrily and Robyn blink's and tell's him clamly.

"Easy. My name is Robyn, and I don't want to hurt you." She say's while slowly pulling a device out of her belt. "I just want to help." She tell's him as the alien let's out heavy shallow breath's indicating he's close to the end of his rope. Robyn pull's a small tool out of her belt and the alien place's his fist's right in her face yet the teen wonder doesn't even flinch.

"Gokta!" He say's and then lean's in closer. "Gokta buhovna!" The alien state's and Robyn simply hold's up a lock pick for him to see.

"It's okay. Look." Robyn state's while smiling and yet the alien seem's to only glance at the tool and then stay's attent on her face. As she look's up she see's the glow has died from his eye's revealing startleing emerald one's with the white's a lighter shade of green as his crown thing half shadow's his face. 'He's kind of cute when he's not trying to kill me...' Robyn mused to herself then gently pull's the alien's arm's down and get's to work on the lock. 'This should be alot tougher than this... I pity the alien's who make such un affective lock's valuble's...' Robyn thought to herself with a slight shake of her head as the cuff's fall down. Robyn move's her feet to keep them from being broken by the cuff's decent. The alien then rub's his wrist's with a wondering gaze on them as he then turn's to Robyn. "There. Now maybe we can be-" Before Robyn has a chance to finish the alien boy quickly pull's her forward and kisses her full on the lip's stunning her as she drop's the pick. The kiss is slow as the alien then pull's back his eye's ablaze once more as he surprises her for two reason's. One he shove's her back hard enogh to push her on her back. Two he now speak's to her in english.

"If you wish not to be destroyed, you will leave me alone!" Robyn simply gape's at the alien as he then fly's off into the sky and leave's her stunned and very confused about what he had just done. The other three eaqauly puzzled then gather behind her and a silence insue's...

"So…I'm Beast Girl. Who are you?" BG ask's the cloaked teen with a smile braking the scilence.

"Crow..." Crow state's in a monotone voice as he look's up toward's ware the alien sped off to not notising a dreamy look from Beast Girl. "But I am more interested in who or what that fellow thare was..." Crow stated out and the hooded girl nod's.

"Well, whoever he was…" The hooded girl say's then look's around and crosses her arm's. "…the guy sure knows how to make an impression." She state's out factly and the blue cloaked teen nod's his head slowly. BG then jump's into the field of view and exclaim's cheerfully and with a bubbly personaility.

"I think we made a pretty good impression. Crazy space girl's gone, the city's saved, mission accomplished. Right, Ma'am?" BG say's then question's of Robyn who seem's a little lost at the moment. 'Oh my god... He kissed me... AND THEN THE BASTARD SHOVE'S ME TO THE GROUND LIKE I'M TRASH!!!' She raged in her mind scoweling deeply.

"Stop calling me Ma'am alredy!" She yelled at BG who saluted to her and Robyn groweled.

"Roger." Robyn then get's up and start's to walk off.

"Looks like we're done here. I appreciate the help." Robyn say's while walking off.

"You're gonna track down the alien?" Crow questioned with an impassive look and Robyn nodded her head yes.

"I have to find out if he's a threat..." Robyn say's aloud. 'Yeah then kick his ass for kissing me without my permission!' She raged in her mind angrily still realy pissed off.

"More like kick his ass for kissing her like that..." The hooded girl state's to the side so Robyn won't hear and Crow nod's his head in agreement. BG meanwhile run's up beside of Robyn and the girl wonder stops at her approach.

"Hey, ma'am…uh…I mean Robyn? Do you maybe-" BG start's while finding her shoe's interesting and twirling her short hair with one finger and Robyn roll's her eye's behind her mask.

"Sorry. I just went solo. I'm not really looking to join a team." Robyn stated factly then walked off to find the alien as Beast Girl then ask's with a hopeful tone.

"Need a sidekick?" The girl wonder continue's off and BG then turn's to the hooded teen and Crow and get's an idea. "You guys want to get a pizza?" She ask's hopeful and the blue cloaked teen give's her a funny side long glance, as the hooded one start's to also walk away. Beast Girl then slide's up in front of Crow and is slightly thankful she has a mask on that hide's her mild blush.

"Sorry... I'll have to pass..." Crow state's then float's off and a downtrodden Beast Girl then look's to the hooded girl and sprint's off to her side.

"Just you and me, then, huh? Cool." She exclaim's while circleing her. "I-I haven't really had anybody to hang out with since I quit the Doom Patrol. This is gonna be fun. Can we go and like-" Before BG can finish she run's into the back of the hooded girl who turn's on her angrily. She then pull's down her hood and give's her an irritated glare. She is african american with dread locked black hair on her right side, a red eye on her left with blue for her head and blue wire's for more dreadlock's and a grey ear.

"There! Take a good long look! I had an accident, and now I'm a monster, all right? A cyborg!" She state's and BG simply look's at her and then smile's brightly.

"Cyborg? Cool!" She say's and jumps on her and the half metal teen looks at her funny. "You're like Robotman 2.0!" She exclaim's looking her over with happiness and the girl look's at her strangely.

"First off. Call me Cyber, Second. You're a weird little dude, you know that?" Cyber as she is called tell's Beast Girl who contemplate's this then after some more inspection she jump's down and laugh's abit.

"You called me "Dude."" She state's then laugh's some more. "I'm not a boy." Cyber shake's her head then put's her hood back up and leave's. "Okay, so…see you later. Right, dude?" Beast Girl ask's hopefully with a pitiful face. "Dude?" She ask's once more yet Cyber continue's to leave. Before she can ask again ahuge round shadow advances over the entire area and she looks up toward its source after a moment. "DUDE!!" Beast Girl exclaim's with wide eye's.

The large ship passes over Jump City then cruises toward's the bay and to a small island outside of the city. The underside of the ship then open's up and a cyllindracle device is dropped onto the island more or less vertacally and a promanent flange incircle's the upper end.

"Looks like Space Boy has friends." Cyber state's looking up and Robyn walk's back up to her and Beast Girl.

"Or enemies." Robyn state's as she look's toward's the same sight as the other two girl's. A bolt of energy shoots up from the exposed end of the capsule and splits into two at the source. These sweep down to left and right and disappear as a colossal hologram appears between them. Though static ripples up and down, it can be discerned clearly enough as a Gordanian with a rather fearsome-looking crown/helmet on its head.

"People of Earth! We come to your planet hunting an escaped prisoner-a very dangerous prisoner." The alien state's as the three girl's and now the blue cloaked boy watch and listen. "Do not interfere, and we will leave your city with only minimal damage. But if you attempt to assist her…" Thare is static for a moment as the tension rises. "…your destruction will be absolute." He state's as his image disappears, and the two split beams flash back up, merge together into one, and retract into the end of the capsule. Then a hatch open's up between two metal surface's near the top.

"That's a big ship." Cyber state's worriedly as the hatch open's up showing hundred's of Gordanian troop's thank's to her eye zooming in on it.

"And those are some scary-looking aliens." Beast Girl state's with a gulp and Crow shrugg's as the alien's then all glide out of the hatch with the wing's on thare back's and quickly take flight.

"They told us not to interfere." Crow state's as the alien's spread out into the city and Robyn find's herself on the recieving end of an inquireing glance from the other three.

"You're still going after him, aren't you?" Cyber asked and Beast Girl then questioned with a large bubly smile and eager look.

"Can we come too?" Robyn smile's alittle then tell's them simply.

"I suppose I could team up, just this once." The three girl's then look to Crow who sigh's softly. "You in?" Robyn ask's him and he look's at her softly.

"I'm not the hero type. Trust me... And if you knew what I really am you'd know why..." He state's softly looking away and yet Robyn smiled to him.

"I know enough." She tell's him smiling to him softly as the other girl's smile to him too and his lip's curve into a hint of a smile as he then nod's and the four are off. The Gordanian's are bruttle in thare search as they leave nothing out of thare way to search. They search car's and home's and leave people scarred for thare live's as they search. Robyn, Cyber, Beast Girl, and Crow all look out from behind a nereby alley while watching them. "All right. We need some way to track-" Robyn start's to say softly when the cloaked teen interfere's.

"He's near..." Crow state's softly and the three girl's stare at him puzzled as he then hastily tell's them. "I can sence thing's."

"I'll see if I can pick up her scent." Beast Girl state's then change's into a dog most likely a blood hound. While BG look's for the boy's scent Cyber roll's up the right sleve of her sweat shirt revealing a white grey and blue forarm with black hand's and grey finger's.

"There's a sonic analyzer built into my arm." Cyber state's and Robyn look's at the display on her arm. "If he's around, I'll hear it." Cyber state's factly and Robyn nodd's her head.

"Good." Robyn state's as Beast Girl come's up back in her human form.

"I've got his trail!" Beast Girl say's excitedly then change's back into a dog and follow's the scent while Cyber keep's track of her sensor's and follow's the green teen as a cardiac rythim start's to sound from her arm.

"And I can hear his heartbeat." The quatet then bolt down the alley into an adjesant street and soon come to an old movie rental place. The front has been blown off by force obviusly because of thare escapee alien convict. The four walk in to find ton's of garbage on the floor as the alien is divouring food at a pace no human ever could.

"Uh… those taste better without the wrapper." Beast Girl state's to the alien who down's some more food quickly then wipe's his face and turn's on them with burning green eye's and green energy bolt's in each hand.

"It's all right. We're friends, remember?" Robyn state's though has a few plan's to harm him emencely later.

"Friends?" The alien question's as he advances and they back up slightly. "Why? For what purpose did you free me?" He demand's angrily and Robyn blink's... They needed a purpose to help someone now now?

"Just…trying to be nice." Robyn state's with a shrug and the alien glare's at them.

""Nice." We do not have this word on my planet. Closest is "rutha."" The alien state's and then exclaim's angrily. "Weak!"

"Well, around here, "nice" means "nice."And if you want us to keep being nice, you better tell us why the Lizard King took you prisoner." Cyber state's her arm's crossed as she look's at the alien with an annoyed frown. BG is simply quiet and Crow stand's back to the door and is looking very bored. The alien sigh's as he cool's down his hand's and his eye's are once more visiable to them all this time.

"Not prisoner. I am…prize. The Gordanians deliver me to the Citadel, to live out my days as their servant." The alien state's and Robyn blink's. 'HE'S A FUCKING SLAVE! THAT IS SOOO NOT RIGHT!' She raged in her mind forgetting that said alien had also kissed her not too long ago.

"And the Citadel are…?" Crow question's to which the alien respond's bitterly.

"Not nice..." Robyn with a look of righteous fury in her eye's beneath her mask then state's out firmly while crossing over to him and placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Then you're not going with them." Beast Girl then walk's up to the two as she also add's. "Not if I have anything to say about it." Robyn state's and BG then question's thoughtfully.

"Um, don't you mean "we"?" Robyn then blushe's slightly and rub's the back of her neck nervously.

"Oh... Uh right us..." She state's and Cyber roll's her eye at the look on Robyn's face. This new spirit of Comaraderie is quickly and rudely broken when several Gordanian's storm the building blowing a hole in the wall sprawling the five teen's out on the floor and one of them state's out angrily.

"Sieze him!" The platoon of Gordanian's then all charge forward toward's the five teen's quickly. Cyber is first up and deliver's a devistating punch to one Gordanian as BG turn's into a Rhinoserus and ram's into one. The alien then deliver's a devistating right hook to one sending him flying while Robyn uses another staff and smirk's as she start's to bust some skull's with it. Last Crow float's into the air muttering under his breath as several of the Gordanian's are incased in a black aura and are then promptly thrown away from him.

The alien is then knocked out of the building even after blocking the attack. The alien growel's as his eye's are once more ablaze with rage and three Gordanian's fly out toward's him. He then tosses several of his energy bolt's at the hitting one while another peel's off and the final one charge's toward's him to fight in close range. The gordanian nail's the alien sending him straight into the ground as he then lower's himself toward's the alien. The Gordanian then charge's up his spear while Robyn is fighting a Gordanian spear to staff. Robyn see's the alien's plight and thinking quickly she then knock's the large alien toward's him knocking both down for good measure and the alien boy smile's to her long enough to distract her. 'He is SOOOO cute when he smile's...' She thought dramily not notising as two more Gordanian's were approaching her. Quickly the alien boy fly's up and bolt's over to her assistance's in time to block a spear that would have impaled her head. Robyn then shake's her head and get's back into the fight. 'Think about the cute alien boy later Robyn... Like when your not trying to be killed...' She chastied herself while fighting off Gordanian's. Robyn cut's one's leg's out from under him while the alien blast's another with his energy.

Cyber meanwhile is having to deal with one of her own. While charging this one toward's the other's it's long tail wrap's around her ankle and she is tripped by the uggly green creature. She end's up tumbleing onto her back and has a spear to her chest courtasy of the Gordanian she had been fighting. She barely manage's to roll out of the way as the bolt from the spear tare's threw the black top and then she manage's some neat acrobatic's in time to dodge some more before she find's herself surrounded. Her eye's widen as she is hit with multiple blast's hiding her from view as dust is kicked up and the asualt end's.

As the smoke clear's more of the teen's bionic part's are revealed. She had white looking knee high boot's with grey armor on the knee's, the top of the foot toe and heel, black along the back of her calf', a black pelvic plate with grey armor on her hip's conecting to it brown skin below that to mid thigh, a black waist mostly with a grey armored stumach, a grey armored piece below her white armored breast's that have a grey squair patch on her chest and grey armored neck, glowing blue part's are on her shoulder's and have brown skin down half of her upper arm's and are then black into her forarm's.

Cyber growel's as she glare's at the Gordanian's for her tattered and decimated suit angrly. She then jump's forward and the Gordanian's fire on the metal teen who reach's back a fist and slam's it into the shaft of the shooter's spear braking it like a twig. Cyber then grab's the annoying Gordanian and tosses him into a flying squadren and probubly ruining whatever is left of thare good day. Then more blast's come and slam into the metal teen from three other Gordanians. But Beast Girl come's to the rescue be airlifting her out as a Pterodactyl. As the two sore a street light is yanked out of the ground by Crow's power's as he uses it to bash the three Gordanian's away easily as Robyn and the alien watch with wide eye's. As the prone boddie's of those following the remaining troop's take off while the straggler's give one another a pained look. Probubly asking if it's 'too late to go AWOL' or not but then fly after the other's anyway. The five teen's who together defeated the massive force Beast Girl now human once more all watch as the Gordanian's head off for thare ship.

"I believe your expression is "thanks."" The alien state's to Robyn who smile's to him.

"Aw, man, my suit!" Cyber exclaim's looking at the shred's.

"So? You look way cooler without it." BG exclaim's happily and Cyber roll's her eye.

"Yeah. Like I'm taking fashion advice from the girl in the goofy mask." Cyber state's while giving the green girl a look and crossing her arm's. Beast Girl look's at her with her mouth agape as she state's crushed.

"Goofy? My mask is cool. Isn't it? Crow?" She ask's and both Crow and Cyber give her a grim look while shaking thare head's no. "But…what about my secret identity?" Beast Girl ask's while fiddeling with the bottom eadge of her mask and Crow shake's his head in exasperation and Cyber remove's her tattered clothing.

"What secret identity? You're green." Crow question's then state's and Beast Girl start's to think about it then look's dejected.

"Uh…mmm…uh, uh…oh…hm." Beast Girl then sigh's as she pull's off the mask reveiling her full green furry face, jade green eye's now slightly sad look down, pointed elf ear's stick out from the side's of her head, a small fang hang's over her lower lip, and her hair is cut to ware her bang's frame her face and is slightly spikey down the back. Just then Robyn and the alien cross over to the trio.

"This isn't over. Now that we've interfered…" Robyn left off and the alien boy finishes.

"…Trogaar will strike harder. It is only a matter of-" Before the alien can finish beam's of light hit the sky once more as the hologram of Trogaar return's and the alien cut's himself off and look's to it with the other teen's.

"Fools! The Earth scum were warned. Your insolence will be punished. Your city shall be destroyed!" Trogaar roar's out to them all angrily. As onlooker's stare at the screen it wink's out and a ship sail's in and aim's a weapon down at the city. The five teen's all look at the weapon trying to sort this out and Crow is the first one to speak.

"Great..." He say's in a sarcastic tone as the gun has them all dead in it's sight's.

"So, after trashing a pizza place and a perfectly good video store, now we've managed to make a humongous space gecko mad enough to vaporize our entire town?" Beast Girl analizes ticking off her finger's then seem's to become confused as she look's at four finger's and recount's.

"Go team..." Cyber state's sourly waving an unintousiastic finger in the air.

"All the fault is yours!" The alien yell's in Robyn's face who blink's in confussion. "I commanded you leave me alone, but you insisted upon the being nice!" The alien back's off but now Robin who has too stand on her tip toe's to reach eye leval is in his face.

"My fault?!" Robyn roar's at him as they glare at one another. "You blast me, you kiss me-" At this Robyn become's so angril she seem's to tower over the alien who look's only slightly frightoned. "-but you never stop to mention that they have a gigantic particle weapon?" She roar's at the alien who growel's as they glare at one another.

"We are doomed!" Beast Girl exclaim's holding the side's of her head then glare's at Cyber angrily. "I can't believe I let you talk me into this!" Beast Girl state's shooting an acusatory finger at Cyber who gawk's then growel's.

"Say what?!? I was ready to walk before you-" She say's incrediously but before she can continue Crow who look's to be very annoyed scream's out loudly into the street.

"QUIET!!" The yell echo's slightly in the silent street as four set's of angry eye's train on the blue cloaked teen. He wave's to them timidly before adding. "Hi."

"Look. It doesn't matter how we got into this mess. We're in it, and we will get out of it-together." Robyn state's as the alien nod's his head grimly and Cyber and Crow do likewise. Beast Girl's lip's curl into a mischievous smile that Crow has a feeling is a bad sign for the future... "Come on. We've got a city to save." The girl wonder state's as the team of five teen's then take off for the Gordanian vessal...

The Gordanian's ship which resided on the island in the bay was easily infiltrated by the five teen's as they walked down the underbelly of the ship. Having just used Crow's dark energy to get them thare quickly and Beast Girl shivor's. "That dark energy stuff gives me the-" Before she can finish Crow give's her an annoyed glare and she gulp's. "Uh..." She then smile's to Crow in a forced way giving him a thumb's up. "…I mean, it's cool!" Beast Girl state's and laugh's nervously as Crow shake's his head. Gordanian's go down around a bend and Robyn stick's her head out to look around.

"We have to get to the firing controls." Robyn state's softly then walk's out. "There isn't much time." She add's as she walk's off followed by the alien, then Beast Girl all are on tip toes as Crow walk's out but does not follow. Beast Girl look's back at him and he hang's his head and sigh's dejectedly.

"Mind telling me why you're always by yourself?" Cyber ask's the blue cloaked teen who sigh's softly.

"You heard the kid. I don't exactly fit in." Crow state's saddly as Cyber then put a hand on his shoulder.

"She's green, half of me is metal, and he's from space. You fit in just fine." Cyber state's with a winning smile and Crow give's a small ghost of a smile and walk's after the other three with her. Now Robyn and the alien stop at a cross walk and the alien then sigh's.

"I bring you…apology." The alien state's to Robyn who turn's to him and smile's.

"Don't worry about it. I'm sorry I yelled, too." She tell's him and he shake's his head.

"And again, you are…nice. On my world, only my k'norfka has shown me such kindness." He say's smiling softly and Robyn also smile's and fell's herself forget what she was doing once more as she say's.

"Well, things are different here." She say's and blushe's slightly as she stare's at the alien powerhouse and behind the two BG and the other's look on slightly annoyed.

"Uh, guys?" BG state's and Robyn shake's her head and look's to her as does the alien. "I think they know we're here." Beast Girls state's and the other member's of the group also look around to see a group of angry looking troop's charging right for them. Crow and Cyber then look to ware they came from to see a Gordanian leap up with a screech aiming his spear for them.

"Lord Trogaar." A Gordanian say's from his spot at the control consol as he work's. "The weapon has reached full power." The Gordanian tell's Trogaar who seat's in a comand cahir with gaurd's around him.

"Then begin the firing sequence." He order's and the other Gordanian's get to work. A timer come's up in the Gordanian's language and Trogaar stand's up and watche's. "The Earth scum shall learn…" He state's then smile's grimly as he add's. "…it takes more than five juvenile heroes to defy the mighty Lord Trogaar!" He state's darkly and yet behind him the door's are blown inward and as the smoke begin's to clear Robyn stand's thare at the ready.

"We're not five heroes." Robyn say's as the smoke dissapate's and reveal's the other four teen's also at the ready with her. "We're one team." Robyn state's as Trogaar releases an enraged growel. Then all of the Gordanian's are moving in on the team who all lunge forward and comence to fight with the alien's. Robyn lunge's forward delivering a high kick that look's to have almost snapped one of the alien's scaley neck's. Cyber then slam's her hand's into the ground sending the alien's off thare feet and to the ground. Beast Girl as a kangaroo then kick's two of them full force in the gut knocking them back and away. The alien boy then deliver's a supercharged uppercut to one unlucky Gordanian's jaw sending him flying and landing in the deck. Beast Girl in human form then quickly changes into a Marsupial once more to kick one Gordanian then slam one of them with her heavy tail. She then changes back to her human form and Trogaar roar's as he land's close and slam's his heavy fist's into the ground hard enough to send the green wonder flying into a wall ware she slide's down to the floor in a heap.

The alien lord roar's as he charges forward but Crow entersept's him and stop's his advanse on the young green teen using a shield of black energy. He is pushed back by the force of the alien lord's blow's till his knee's soon buckle and he fall's down. The alien lord then prepare's to pulverize the two teen's but is foiled once more as Robyn come's to thare rescue as she leap's onto the alien lord's shoulder's surprising him and taking his attention off the two downed teen's. He stumble's back from the attack near ware Cyber and another Gordanian are locked in combat. Eventually though Robyn is wrenched free and tossed away by the large alien lord, only she manage's to turn the toss into a flip and land's in a crouch. She then jet's forward and deliver's a crushing left jab to the alien lord's jaw rocking him off his feet. Before the alien lord can even hit the floor though he is nailed by a steel toed boot in a spin kick by Robyn who then trie's for a new move. Only she is surprised when the large Gordanian grab's her around her slender waist and tosses her across the room and into the wall behind the captain's chair.

"Robyn!" The alien boy shout's concerned then he hear's a roaring Trogaar rushing across the deck toward's him. The alien narrow's his blazing eye's as he lift's into the air and then hurl's several of his green energy bolt's at the alien lord as he trie's to get to him. Trogaar is barried under glare from the energy and smoke as the alien escapee stop's and pant's softly. Trogaar then leap's out of the smoke looking like an angry hornet as he slam's the alien power house into the ground below them. He has hold of the alien with only one hand as he lift's him up then slam's him into the ground again and the alien trie's to break free of the angered alien lord's grasp. He then hit's Trogaar with an up-close and personal energy bolt that make's the larker alien release him from his grasp. As Trogaar back's away from the prisoner who is prooving to be more trouble than he's worth Cyber come's gunning forward from a pile of downed Gordanian's as she slam's into Trogaar's side and use's a bionic inhanced right hook to slam her fist into the larger and bulkier alien sending him skidding to the side. She the releases a relentless flurry of wild punche's on the alien but even this is not enough to take him down. Trogaar uses a one-two-three combo and knock's both Cyber and the alien toward's ware Robyn's prone form still reside's. As Cyber land's her sonic analyzer's part's open up to reveal sircutry and Robyn who shake's her head and look's at it ask's.

"Can you rewire that into some sort of weapon?" Cyber take's a glance at her Sonic Analyzer and then look's to Robyn.

"I can try." She tell's her but before anymore coment can be made Trogaar and the still conscious Gordanian's begin to advance toward's them Trogaar grinning. But the alien lord suddenly turn's to the side when a voice catche's his attention.

"Get away from my friends!" Crow say's while supporting an out of it Beast Girl with a menising tone his eye's a burning red like the alien on thare side. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" He yell's eye's glowing red as he point's one hand toward the alien's and it glow's black. Suddenly with a massive explossion a good percentage of the ship is decimated and the ship hurtle's toward's the bay below. The wave's splash over the bridge nereby but receed to reveal it is still above sea leval while the ship begin's to sink. Robyn, Cyber, and the alien all get up after the explossion as does Trogaar who take's menising step's toward Crow who has Beast Girl and is using his form to protect her. Trogaar extend's the claw's on his hand to full length as he lift's it up to dismember the two teen's. But Cyber raise's her arm her hand nor replaced by a muzzle with tube's going to the back of her arm and plate's open along the back a white heavily armored spot whare the back of her hand would normally be as she smirk's.

"All right, I'm only gonna say this once." She say's then grin's widely. "BOO-YAH!" The barrel of her new weapon glow's white as Trogaar's eye's widen...


Robyn, Beast Girl, Cyber, and Crow all stand outside of the alien landing craft now looking to the city from the shore of the small island in the bay Trogaar's invasion fleet no ware in sight and with small smile's on the girl's face's Crow looking impassive. "That's quite a view." Robyn say's thinking of how romatic it look's in her mind.

"Somebody oughta build a house out here." Cyber state's herself with a small smile.

"Yeah, if you like sunshine and the beach." Beast Girl say's smiling while nudging Crow in the side and he chuckle's lightly making her perk up conciderably.

"You know, you're kind of funny." He tell's her softly and she smile's brightly looking at him and then ask's him her ear's perking up.

"You think I'm funny?" He stay's silent and stare's at the green girl as she then giggle's and exclaim's happily. "Dude! I know some jokes!" She tell's him and Crow feel's unnerved and the need to cringe as he feel's he may have just done something he will soon live to regreat as his eyebrow twitches slightly.

"Please." A voice called from behind them and they all turned to see the alien from before only in differant clothe's. He no longer ware's black but purple instead, ane has a purple sleveless shirt, an armored collar around his neck, studded band's around each of his upper arm's, armored gauntlet's with a gewel at the back of the fist, a silver belt with a geweled buckle, a purple drape around his waist to his thigh's all around, purple pant's, purple knee high boot's with silver trim and silver band's around the sin and calf area, and no crown thing letting his bang's hang in his face. "I look…nice?" The alien ask's with a hopeful look scratching the back of his head and Robyn walk's forward.

"I still don't know your name." She stated with a smile and the alien chuckled nervously.

"In your language, it would be "Sun Fire."" Sunfire stated and Robyn smiled to him even more brightly while Crow chuckled.

"Welcome to Earth, Sunfire." She stated and Sunfire smiled then looked around at them.

"I thank you all for your bravery and help, and I wish to ask permission…to remain here." Sunfire then look's around at the odd bunch of teen's then add's. "Where the people are most strange…" He state's then look's at Robyn and smile's brightly. "…but also most kind." He say's and thare eye's meet or would if not for Robyn's acursed mask. The two then blush and look away while Crow smirked.

"You don't need our permission." Crow stated and Sunfire smiled to the only other boy in the group of teen's.

"But if you want our friendship, you've got it." Robyn stated happily and Sunfire smiled so brightly that Crow cringed.

"Guess we could all use some new friends." Cyber admitted smiling to Beast Girl who grinned widely.

"Besides, we kind of made a good team." She stated and Cyber nodded her head in agreement.

"I thought we might want to keep in touch-" Robyn sait then started to fish around in her utility belt. "-so Cyber and I designed these." She stated and presented Beast Girl, Crow, and Sunfire three devices being spread out along her palm's. It was round and yellow with a black circle on the top and small antenna to one side. Beast Girl and Sunfire gladly take thare's looking at the devices impressed with them while Crow seem's more bored than anything while picking up the device.

"Made 'em outta my own circuits." Cyber state's proudly while pointing her thumb to herself and Robyn nod's.

"When thare's trouble, You know who to call." She stated and Crow chuckled lightly as he had the feeling this was the begining of a very long freindship. Crow looked behind himself to ware the alien ship still resided and smirked as he could almost make out what would soon stand thare proudly for all to see...


"Well... That's big..." Crow state's looking at the massive T shaped building with a raised brow in it's direction and Sunfire nod's his head with his mouth agape. The two had resieved a call from Robyn to come see her, Beast Girl, and Cyber only a few minute's before but she had neglected to mention ware to find her so they looked at the building then Crow sighed heavily. "We should go inside..." Crow stated and Sunfire nodded his head then frowened.

"I am afreid I know not ware freind Robyn would be... Perhap's you could find her with the sences you have?" Sunfire stated then questioned and Crow shrugged then concentrated and soon after walked into the large building into a room with couches and chair's along the wall's more than likely it was an entrance hall and was for more than one use. Crow then followed what he knew was Robyn and entered into an elevator Sunfire following closely behind him.

Crow pushed a button in the elevator and they were lifted up into the Tower. "This place is to big..." Crow grumble's and Sunfire shake's his head.

"I believe it is the perfect of hieght my freind." He state's and Crow roll's his eye's in annoyance. Soon the ellevator come's to a stop and Crow and Sunfire walk out of it and toward's ware Crow sence's Robyn's presance. They walked to a door and suddenly Crow felt this could be a bad idea.

"Maby we shouldn't go in thare..." Crow stated and Sunfire waved the thought away looking very eager to see Robyn again.

"Oh I am most sure that it is fine to enter freind Crow! Come!" Sunfire said then opened the door and pulled Crow in. Thare was silence outside of the door for a short amount of time before finally someone spoke...

"HEY! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO PERVERT'S DOING!!!" Robyn shouted and Crow answered.

"Uhhh... Sunfire said to enter..." He then ran out his nose bleeding a furious blush now on his pale cheek's.

"But Robyn what is the matter? On my planet no one is ashamed of thare body... And you most diffenantly have nothing to be ashamed of!" Sunfire said then added and a roar came from the room while Crow sat beside the door as noises of what sounded like a cat murdering a very small and stupid animal. Soon Sunfire crawled out of the room wound's threwout his body and his clothe's were in ruin. "Why did Robyn attack me? I was mearly complementing her on her most excelant body?" Sunfire asked and Crow groaned.

"I'll explain when your older..." Crow stated and Sunfire tilted his head.

"How old will I need to be for this explination?" Sunfire asked confused as he looked at Crow who shook his head and looked to Sunfire with an annoyed frown.

"At this rate... I'd say by the time you turn one hundred would be about right..." Crow stated and Sunfire blinked in confusion. Just then Beast Girl and Cyber came from the hallway. They saw the two boy's in front of the bath room and then asked them.

"What's going on here? I thought Robyn was in the shower?" Beast Girl questioned and Crow groweled as he glared at her.

"We realy don't want to talk about it... Especially in Robyn's presance." Crow stated and the two blinked confusedly while Sunfire got up and they gawked at his beatin appearance.

"I do not understand... I mearly comented that Robyn has a most glorius body..." Sunfire stated and Crow slapped his face while Cyber and Beast Girl looked to one another then tried to stop from laughing yet failed miserably. The two bursted out laughing while Crow groaned and shook his head as he felt that this may become a common theme for thare little team... The Teen Titans...