Other world, Other Team...

Chapter 5...

Forces of Nature...


The sky is dark and cloudy while within them two figure's stand silhouetted by the darkness of the cloud's. The first of the figure's was large and bulky, he slammed two large stick's into the cloud's thunder sounding as he did so. The second figure was thin and wirey with upswept hair and was moving his hand's around lightning following them stricking the ground. Away from the cloud's more lightning strike's yet Titans Tower is now in view...

At said Tower a certain Green Changeling is straining to move a large rubber band. She then changes into a buffalo and loop's the rubber band with her horn's. She move's the rubber band onto a hook that is attached to a lever and quickly changes back to human form and lock's the device into place with a grin on her face. She then reaches to her side and pick's up a filled water baloon an unknown dark substance within.

"This is gonna be so sweet!" She say's to herself not seeing the dark shadow rise up behind her from the floor.

"What are you doing?" Crow's voice question's suprising Beast Girl who let out a short yelp almost dropping the watter baloon but managing to catch it and sigh in relief. The green Jester then turn's to see Crow behind her with a raised brow and grinned. "Please tell me this isn't another of your ridiculous pranks." Crow plead's and the green changeling's grin just widen's.

"Okay. It's not a ridiculous prank. It's a brilliant one!" Beast Girl exclaim's happily and Crow roll's his eye's at his green freind's sence of humor wondering what he did in a past life to deserve this... "All right, check it out." Beast Girl say's and then frown's. "'Member how Cyber put red dye in my shampoo and I turned brown for two days? Well, brother, it's payback time." Beast Girl say's with a devilish look on her face and Crow sweatdrop's. "I give you…the Beast Girl Insta-Lube 9000!" BG say's excitedly and Crow look's at the floor mounted slingshot and then follow's a line to a tripwire down the hall and shake's his head.

"Hasn't the slingshot alredy been invented?" Crow asked with a sarcastic tone and BG huff's.

"It's not just a slingshot dude." BG say's then start's to explain/rant. "See, when Wire-Head steps around the corner, her foot tugs the string." BG then point's to the string and follow's it to the lever grinning. "The string trips the lever…" She say's and Crow look's about ready to fall asleep at this point... "…the lever releases the mother of all rubber bands…" BG say's and then hold's up the water baloon to Crow who raises a brow. "…which sends a balloon-load of motor oil flying right at him, and BOOSH!" BG shout's waking Crow from his haze to stare at the girl annoyedly. "Pretty clever, huh?" BG question's with a grin and elbowing the dark titan in the rib's lightly before she put's the water baloon into the setup.

"You're a genius..." Crow say's the sarcasim so thick you could sufficate in it.

"It's just a little good clean, dirty fun." BG say's then her ear's perk up as she hear's a door opening down the hall. "Here she comes." BG say's quickly while pulling Crow to crouch behind a corner in the hall.

"Whoa!" Crow exclaim's as he's pulled and then frown's. "I don't think..." Crow tried only to be interupted by BG shhh'ing him. "But what if..." Crow trie's again only to be shhh'ed once more by the grinning green jester.

"Why are we hiding?" Cyber whisper's her question from behind the other two Titans and BG shhh's her before her eye's go wide and she looks disbeleavingly at the smiling form of Cyber hunched down behind the two.

"Cyber?! You can't be Cyber!" BG exclaim's with wide frantic eye's and Cyber look's to her green freind with a confused look.

"I can't?" Cyber question's still confused.

"Wait... If you're you, then who's…?" BG state's turning to look out at her "brilliant" prank go wrong. As they hear the footstep's echo down the hall the wire suddenly goes taut, pull's the lever thus releasing the baloon and BG's eye's go wide as Dinner Plate's as she lunge's at the baloon in a frantic attempt to stop the prank from going ary. "NOOOOOOOO!!" Now BG can see Sunfire ahead of her and then flinches as she hear's a small yelp of surprise before Sunfire th balloon connects with Sunfire and he's coated in motor oil. "Sunfire!" BG shout's running to her alien freind who cannot see her due to the oil now covering his face. Cyber and Crow come over Crow actually smirking for a second before looking around and turning back to his normally stoich self probubly laughing on the inside.

"You okay?" Cyber question's as Sunfire wipe's the oil from his eye's then blink's.

"This is punishment? I did something wrong?" Sunfire question's both confused and worried he did something to upset his freind's.

"You didn't do anything... She did." Crow say's looking to BG who has the decency to appear sheepish at the moment.

"Sunfire! It was…" BG trie's to come up with an excuse as Sunfire look's at her threw the oil now coating his upper body. "…you weren't supposed to…" BG then trie's to say something else but get's two dissaproving stare's courtesy of Cyber and Crow. "I didn't…" BG then gulp's and luagh's heartlessly while she grin's sheepishly once more. "Just remember to change that oil every three thousand miles." BG trie's to joke poorly before attempting another laugh which die's quickly as Sunfire stand's over her glaring at her his eye's glowing angrily.

"On my planet, we have a name for those who do such terrible things. You are a…a…CLORBAG VARBLERNELK!!" Sunfire yell's in pure rage at the green girl who now look's completely confused.

"I'm a what-bag?" BG question's and Cyber step's up to her freind.

"You heard the man." She tell's BG with a smirk who blink's looking confused.

"You are such a clorbag." Crow say's while shaking his head Sunfire nodding his own oil covered head in agreement behind his only male freind.

"Come on, you guys. Can't anybody take a joke?" BG ask's looking to her freind's pleadingly but before anything else could be said a flash of lightning come's near a window and a shadow overlap's them. The team all turn to see the Silhouette of thare leader Robyn standing against the glare.

"Titans..." She say's as another bolt of lightning hit's and she finishes. "Trouble!" She state's as she is returned to darkness and the team wonder what's going on in town this time...


At the Jump City bridge the rain cloud's still hover in the air even now after the storm has ended. Lightning strike's differant place's before an ecceptionally large bolt of lightning come's down and hits the middle of the road on the bridge a big rig swirving to miss causing it to tip over onto it's side. The other driver's then slam on thare break's to avoid collision creating a trafic jam around the flaming point at the middle of the road as smoke start's to drift away and two silhouetted being's appear within it.

As the last of the smoke start's to dissapear the two come into view as people gaze on them leaving thare car's to see what's the two are. The two both wear outfits that look like something like samurai armor, but without the upper body protection. The bulky one has blue-grey skin and black clothing trimmed with blue, and he also wears a samurai-style helmet. A white thundercloud is emblazoned on his chest, black eye's, and he has long black sideburns. His thiner and shorter cohort, on the other hand, has light yellow skin and hair, with beedy black eye's, and his outfit is orange and yellow, with a yellow lightning bolt on the chest. A headband keeps his hair out of the way and has a guard plate stretching down on either side to cover his cheeks. Both wear armbands and wrist/shin guards.

The two then look around before then looking to one another and smiling as the big one then question's. "May we have fun here, brother?" The big one ask's and the short one grin's.

"Of course!" He exclaim's then make's a bolt between his hand's. "We are Thunder and Lightning. We may do whatever we please!" The shorter of the two shout's as he then tosses the bolt up and it hit's one of the suspension cable's. The cable spark's and they fly everyware Lightning grinning as they do so. "Look, brother! I command the sparks to dance!" Lightning say's hapily grinning then letting out a laugh as the bolt die's down yet the spark's continue to fall and Thunder smirk's as he look's around himself.

"Amusing. Now listen as I make music!" Thunder say's as he clap's his hand's together making an intence shock wave which then hit's the suspension cable's and nock's them lose causing the bridge to shake back and forth. The brother's don't even seem to notice this as Lightning then uses his power's to scorch a lightning bolt into the semi truck.

"Let all who pass this way know-Lightning was here!" The yellow tinted boy say's with a large amused grin.

"And Thunder too!" The burly blue man state's and then slam's his fist's together, knuckle to knuckle causing a minor earthquake which shook the car's and thare driver's. Then the alarm's for all of them went off as the shock wave nock's the hood's off the car's. The strange brother's both laugh and Lightning pat's his brother on the shoulder.

"Most amusing." Lightning say's before someone clear's thare throat the two turning to the sorce of this sound.

"Hate to break it to you…" The two blink as they see the Titans now standing on the semi with Robyn at the lead. "…but you guys have a lousy sense of humor! This ends-now!" Robyn state's to the two brother's and Lightning shake's in rage groweling at the Titans.

"No one gives orders to Thunder and Lightning!" Lightning shout's warming up his power's into his right hand. "Taste my power!" Lightning shout's throwing a bolt of lightning at his enemie's only just missing as the Titans scatter to avoid the hit. The bolt then hit's the trailer they had been on blowing a hole threw it and destroying his grafeti. Sunfire then does a quick U-turn no longer being covered with oil, Starbolt's in hand as he lunges at the younger of the brother's who jump's out of the way and onto some car's. Sunfire also jump's backward onto a car and Lightning growel's before the two lunge at one another throwing lightning and star bolt's at one another. They fight went as such for awhile till Lightning get's in a lucky shot and send's Sunfire flying back.

As Lightning fight's with Sunfire Thunder is busy dealing with Cyber who is dodging his punche's and vice versa. The two then start to grapple before Thunder bring's back his left hand and Cyber bring's her right one back it converting into her sonic cannon as this is done. The two then slam thare hand's into one another creating a shock wave that send's them both flying back in opposite direction's, Cyber skidding on her back while Thunder call's for a small cloud which catche's him and he float's up into the air.

Robyn then has to dodge a thunder clap from the blue behemoth as he flie's toward's her. She jump's onto the gard rail but it is quickly destroyed by Thunder's attack's. She then jump's onto one of the support cable's running down them as Thunder attack's once more and Robyn jump's down catching the broken end of the cable and is carried to safety as Thunder attack's again yet misses his intended target. The cable at first carrie's Robyn up high before begining it's decent and Robyn carefully time's herself and manages to fly over Thunder's next attack then grab him by the shoulder's and hurl him off his little cloud.

Lightning meanwhile is chasing Crow who is dodging stray bolt's of lightning. "HA!" Lightning exclaim's after throwing a bolt only Crow dodges out of the way and drop's down into a flying kick. The younger brother raises up his arm's to block yet is nocked back by the sheer power behind the kick and raises a brow as he see's only Crow's blood red eye's threw the shadow's of his cloak. "Something about this one is putting me at unease..." He mutter's two himself and lunges at Crow once more. Lightning hurl's a bolt of his namesake into Crow's gut sending the dark titan flying as he smirk's to himself. BG then grab's Lightning, while as a giant Panda bear, and the yellow boy struggle's against the green girl only to smirk as he electrifie's himself shocking BG back into human form. The Green Shapeshifter stumbled back dizzy for a bit before shaking her head trying to rid it of her dizzyness. "Your powers are strong, but mine are stronger!" Lightning declair's loudly and arrogently to the Titans. BG meanwhile is rubbing her head in pain as a shadow come's over her and she gasp's. In front of her is the warrior Thunder looking down on her a smile on his face.

"Your power of the animals is impressive, green one." He say's and raises his fist's. "Rise so we may do battle." Thunder declair's to BG who look's at him with a frown.

"Why are you doing this?" She demand's while standing up.

"Because it is not sporting to attack an unready opponent." Thunder tell's her showing that he has some kind of honor thing going on.

"No not that. Why are you wrecking everything?" BG re-ask's and Thunder blink's.

"Uh…because it is amusing." He say's sounding confused.

"Do they look amused?" She ask's gesturing to the civilian's around them all hudleing behind thare overturned car's with fearful eye's.

"I..." Thunder start's and BG cut's him off.

"This isn't funny! It's wrong!" BG tell's him and Thunder power's down feeling that she may be right. However before BG could continue she is blasted from the side by Lightning who walk's over to his brother and put's his arm over his shoulder's.

"Ah, the thrill of victory." Lightning say's and Thunder blink's while looking at his brother. "Come, Thunder. We shall seek more amusement." Lightning say's quickly, and the two take to the sky in a bolt of lightning once more. Meanwhile BG is laying against ruble smoke coming from the spot she was hit, she look's dishevled and some of her hair is in her face. She look's up to see Sunfire who is clutching his forarm and looking at her with a frown.

"Well, that was a shock." BG say's and move's her hair behind her ear's to hold it back as Sunfire give's her both the cold shoulder and the silent treatment. "So…I'm guessing you're still mad?" BG mutter's softly ear's drooping as she does. Meanwhile Crow is helping Cyber up and Robyn is looking at her team mate's.

"Okay, team." She say's in her 'leader voice' as the other's come together near her. "We have to find those guys before they do any more damage. Cyber, search the west side. Crow, the east. I'll take downtown. Beast Girl, you and Sunfire scan from the skies." Robyn say's and an uneasy BG turn's to look at her partner who is now turning his back to her his arm's crossed.

"Um…maybe Cyber should come with me instead." BG asked softly and Robyn raised a brow while looking at her green freind.

"Cyber can't fly..." Robyn state's and BG blushes slightly before rubbing the back of her neck nervously.

"Oh. Yeah..." She say's and Cyber grin's pinching her cheek as she does.

"Have a nice flight, my little clorbag." Cyber state's playfully and BG sweatdrop's...


Across the city, and with a bolt of lightning the troublesome brother's reapear in front of the museum a large globe in front of the building with several stone slab's lined along the path to the building. "Magnificent!" Lightning exclaim's warming up his power with a grin. "We can make much mischief here!" Lightning state's factly before he then strike's the globe with a ball of lightning causing it to roll off it's stand. The globe roll's to one of the slab's and nock's into it causing it to fall over before falling into the next slab and so on like dominoes.

Thunder look's on with trepidition to what his brother is doing even as Lightning walk's over to him grinning widely. "Brother! Did you see what I…" However the younger brother stop's as he see's his brother's troubled expression and raises a brow. "Something troubles you?" He question's and Thunder sigh's heavily.

"The green one's words. She says our fun is…wrong." Thunder tell's his younger brother who laugh's at the idea.

"Wrong?" The yellow skinned elemental question's putting his arm across his brother's shoulder's. "She speaks nonsense, brother! How could such amusement be wrong? The fun is only beginning." Lightning tell's Thunder who smile's weakly while the younger brother lead's him off to have more "Fun".

It is a short while later at the same museum BG flie's down in the form of a hawk. Sunfire land's next to the green girl and the two look about the destroyed remain's of the stone slab's. "Well, either they were just here, or this is the ugliest modern art I've ever seen." BG say's to Sunfire humorously and the alien powerhouse simply frown's.

"You are not funny. You are a clorbag varblernelk." He tells her simply then walk's away from BG whose ear's sag as he tell's her this.

"Come on, Sunfire." BG say's rushing to catch up with her alien freind who continues to give her the silent treatment. "You can't stay mad forever. What? Do I have to do the face?" BG question's with a smile toward's Sunfire who's still ignoring her. "You know you can't resist the face." Sunfire breifly look's at he from the corner of his eye but otherwise he continues to ignore the green girl who then jump's in front of him. She quickly turn's into a sad looking kitten with tiger stripe's and meowels sweetly. Sunfire look's at her then hmph's and walk's past her. "He resisted the face!" BG say's after changing back with a surprised look on her face.

Sunfire is now looking at the stump of the pedastle that the globe had once been before it had been nocked down. "Just talk to me, Sunfire!" Beastgirl plead's with the alien tear's starting to form in her eye's for real. "Come on, this is no fun!" BG say's getting on her knee's looking like she might start begging any time now.

"Wrong again, green one!" Lightning shout's and the two Titans look up to see a laughing Thunder on his cloud slam his hand's together forming a shockwave that head's right for them. At the same time an equally jubulent Lightning then join's his brother and fire's a bolt of lightning at the two Titans. As the blast's hit the two Titans quickly dodge the blast's Sunfire running from Thunder who chases the alien Titan as he fire's more blast's of sound. Sunfire run's toward's a half nocked down slab and run's up it as Thunder fire's another sonic boom at him. Sunfire then jump's off the slab and does a quick backflip off the slab to land behind Thunder Starbolt in hand.

"Ha!" Lightning shout's and throw's a bolt at Beast Girl who quickly change's into a rabbit in order to evade. However Lightning then give's chase as the bunny run's toward's the stone slab's Lightning following closely. BG then jump's high into the air becoming a crane as she does and dodges more of the lightning bolt's. She then drop's to the ground changing now into a mouse and run's toward's the master of static-electricity easily dodging the oncoming blast's. "Your animal forms cannot protect you forever!" Lightning state's while laughing at her. However his laughing end's as BG turn's into a Ram and nocking into Lightning sending him flying away.

Meanwhile back with Thunder and Sunfire the young Alien powerhouse backflip's once more leaping away from Thunder as he hurl's more sonic bolt's at him. He is soon cornered by the sound user and glare's powering up his own power. Thunder send's another sonic boom toward's Sunfire who growel's and fire's a massive Starbolt at him. The two power's meet in between the two and slowly but surely it seem's that Sunfire's beam is overwhelming the young elemental's.

"Huh?" Thunder question's before his energy is overwhelmed and he is sent flying back. Thunder land's on what had been the pedastle of the globe BG as a bear converging on him as Lightning fire's off a few of his electric bolt's at Sunfire. BG roar's as she lunge's at Thunder slashing with her paw nocking Thunder back and into a wall ware he slide's down. BG then grab's his collar in human form and glare's at him.

"I don't want to hurt you. And I don't think you want to hurt me." BG say's to Thunder who frown's slightly at the thought of hurting her.

"Pain does not amuse us." He tell's her factly and BG frown's.

"Could've fooled me. Keep playing rough, and innocent people will get hurt." BG tell's the blue sound manipulater seriously. Thunder take's a moment to think about what BG has been telling him thus far...

Meanwhile on the lawn of the Museum a man appear's in a plume of smoke standing tall and looking toward's the combattant's. He is wearing red traveling robe's with black robe's beneath them and a flat crowned hat one arm up to hold the hat down and cover his face in shadow's. He lower's one of his hand's to show he has an old yet still strong face that has an oriental look which is reinforced by the thin mustache and beard he bear's, his long white hair billowing behind his boddy as he look's forward. Only one of the man's eye's is visiable, the left, which is a dull grey color. Before the man is a strange box with a crank on the side like an old fashioned movie projector. The man let's an evil smile cross his lip's as he then turns the crank on the device. As he does this the front of the box fall's to the ground and reviel's a lense underneath that is now glowing between red and white.

"Huh?" BG and Thunder question as they feel the ground start to tremble. A bright beam of energy shoot's toward's the group who have been fighting just passing BG and Thunder and hitting into the still intact stone slab's around the museum. Sunfire and Lightning both have broken off thare duel and Lightning lunge's out of the way. Sunfire however isn't as quick and is then burried by the ruined stonework, BG forgetting Thunder run's to aid her freind.

"Sunfire!" She call's worriedly. She then notices a shadow on the ground that seem's to show something and turn's only to see another stone slab starting to fall on her as well. Thunder and Lightning both back away from the ruble and then they hear a cool monotone voice speak out of the darkness tell them.

"Your gifts are your own. Who are they to tell you how to use them?" The voice questioned and the brother's look around for this new comer only thare seem's that no one is in the area around them. Frustrated Lightning growel's clenching his fist's and glaring all around for the sorce of the voice.

"And who are you that commands such power? Show yourself!" Lightning demand's and then see's some of the dust from the attack start to clear.

"As you wish." The voice tell's him as the haze vanishes to show the tall old man before them his left eye gazing at them apathically as he stand's upon some of the rubble. "I am but a humble old man..." The man say's looking out of the corner of his eye to see the "camera" he had used now amung the rubble shut down. "... whose power is drawn from nature, like your own. Come with me, and sow as much destruction as you please." The man say's turning away from them to look away listening intently to them for thare answer.

"Yes! More fun!" Lightning shout's happily turning to his brother, while Thunder places a hand on his brother's shoulder to restrain him. Lightning give's his brother a questioning gaze as the blue skinned man then look's to the old man slightly more wary than his brother.

"Will we harm anyone?" Thunder question's worriedly and Lightning growel's.

"What? The green one has poisoned your mind." Lightning say's to his brother annoyed that he doesn't seem to want to have "Fun". Thunder however ignore's his brother and look's to the old man who has his head turned slightly alowing the two to see some of his shadowed visage still unclearly.

"This destruction-will we harm the innocent?" He question's and the old man smiles darkly yet conceal's it from the two brother's.

"Would it matter if you did? You are unique. Gifted. Better. Why should anything interfere with your enjoyment? I am going. Follow, if you wish." The old man say's and turn's from the brother's once more before walking out of the courtyard and into the night.

"Come, brother, and leave your foolish thoughts behind." Lightning state's as he run's to catch up with the old man. Thunder walk's a few step's forward then turn's his head to the pile of rubble which BG and Sunfire should be burried under with a pensive look.

"I am sorry Green One..." He say's softly then turn's back and run's after his brother and the old man hurriedly. As the three leave a small green spider, obviously BG, crawel's out from the rubble hurriedly. The spider crawel's up the side of the rubble a way's before changing quickly into her human form.

"Sunfire? Sunfire?! Were are you!?" BG question's sounding both worried and anxious as she slide's down the rubble. "Come on! Gimme a sign here!" BG plead's tear's starting to pool in her eye's as she begin's to dig threw the rubble hurriedly. "You have to be all right, okay? 'Cause I-it was just a joke, you know? Back at the Tower, and…I'm sorry. I never said it, but I'm really, really sorry. It was supposed to be funny. And you could've been hurt, and…" BG slowly lift's a large hunk of rock and her head fall's forward the tear's falling down her cheek's as her hair shadow's her face the long strip's usualy put behind her ear's falling forward for added shadowing. "…I'm a total clorbag." She say's softly as a shadow fall's over her. She hear's someone clear thare throat and turn's her head to see Sunfire with a forgiving smile on his face stand before her without so much as a scratch. "Sunfire?" She questioned and Sunfire nod's his head. "SUNFIRE!" BG shout's jumping at him and turning into a green kitten once more and he catche's her as she meowel's happily and Sunfire laugh's softly.

"I am glad you are unharmed as well." Sunfire tell's the kitten who jump's back to the ground and turn's back into BG who glare's at him from a knealing position.

"What the hell were you thinking! You scared me to death pulling that stunt you big jerk!" BG yell's at Sunfire tucking her hair behind her ear's and trying desperately to wipe the tear's from her eye's. Sunfire has the decency to look guilty as he then reaches into his belt and withdraw's a purple cloth which he hand's to the girl. "Thank's..." She mumble's wiping the tear's from her cheek's before looking to Sunfire. "So... Do you forgive me Sunfire?" She ask's hopefully and the Alien powerhouse smile's.

"If you forgive me for worrying you. I shall forgive you also... Freind." Sunfire tell's the green furred girl who nod's her head quickly as Sunfire help's her get to her feet. Sunfire then frown's and look's in the direction that Thunder and Lightning traveled with the old man. "Now those evil brothers must be made to apologize." Sunfire say's firmly and BG look's in the direction they went also only she seem's less surtain of herself.

"I don't think they are evil. I think they're just like me." BG tell's Sunfire who seem's to think this over as they both smile...


Outside Jump City in an old mountain clearing, the old man has set up scarecrow like object's that are basically just leave's and stick's tied together with a blanket over them. Each blanket has a strange oreintal like kanji of some kind. "Sticks and leaves?" Lightning ask's incrediously of the old man who smirk's slightly. "Is this a joke? There is no fun in blasting such frail targets!" Lightning say's from beside of Thunder who doesn't look as worried as he did before about thare "Fun" as he see's these target's.

"Are you certain, young master? Try. You may like what you see." The old man say's still in his cool monotone voice and the "Young Master" frown's while he look's at a target. He then fire's a blast of lightning hitting the target causing it to instantly catch flame making Lightning grin at the sight before him.

"Dancing lights! Pleasing." He say's to himself and Thunder smirk's and walk's forward.

"Let Thunder try his hand." The blue man state's as he then slam's his hand's together producing a soundwave that impact's with another target making a loud clap of noise as it does. "Wondrous noise!" Thunder exclaim's happily.

"See, brother? There is no harm in our fun." Lightning state's while putting a hand on Thunder's shoulder and the older brother nod's his head to the young yellow elemental.

"And there is so much fun to be had." The old man say's darkly and yet the two young and seemingly inocent brother's don't pay him much attention as they set to work destroying more and more of the target's. Lightning quickly flie's threw the field destroying target after target setting it ablaze with his power's. Thunder leap's high into the air before bringing his fist down on the ground breaking the ground open with the force and hitting a target. He then redirect's his attack and hit's even more setting them on fire also. Soon the two brother's begin to work together in destroying the target's before they have lit them all and back away from thare work and turn back to the old man.

"More targets, old one!" Lightning demand's of the elderly man.

"Yes, please, give us more." Thunder plead's being more tactful than his younger brother is. The old man simply smirked and allowed his left eye to be shadowed by his hat.

"That won't be necessary. You've done quite enough." The old man say's reaching into his sleave to produce an odd metal disk with a styalized symble that look's like an S imblazoned on it. The old man then tosses the disk and both Thunder and Lightning watch it fly off both now looking confused by the man's action's.

The disk flies high into the sky but stop's dead center in the air above the target's. The disk spin's with electricity crackleing off it before it explode's into a sphere of orange light. The sphere then fire's a beam down to every one of the target's which then begin to conect with one another. The two brother's barely have time to move out of the way as a beam almost hit's both of them. Soon the beam's seem to form a human shape and the light show from the disk end's. The old man then produces a staff with the same S like character at the top and smirk's. "Rise." The man proclaim's and as though obeying the fire burn's even brighter than before.

Soon the fire burn's until now an apparition that seem's to be made of fire rises from the ground the same S like character imblazoned on it's forhead as the old man grin's. "Burn, Fire! Burn it all!" The old man call's out loudly to the beast which obey's him once more and start's down the hill side toward's the city but stop's as the Titans stand before it.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you?" Robyn question's of the beast and the old man at the same time from her crouching point before it. "Play with fire, you're gong to get burned." She state's as the other Titans stand with her. The fire behemoth then swat's at them with it's massive flame like arm and Robyn duck's out of the way her team doing likewise, as it unearth's tree's and burn's them at the same time. The beast then lumber's forward toward's the city without pause as though without any other thought.

"Good. Very good." The old man say's darkly as he fan's some flame's away from himself with his staff and smirk's darkly.

"Brother, what have we done?" Thunder ask's as the two elemental's look at the creature that they have had a hand in making with wide eye's. The creature's born of fire continue's down the mountain intent on reaching and burning down Jump City. The beast known only as Fire lumber's continually down the hill turning the intirety of the forest into it's kindleing slowly a trail of flame's going toward's the city, toward's some home's. The Titans however try to close in on the beast with Robyn shouting out thare famous cry of.

"Titans! Go!" She manages to keep up with the beast even on foot as Crow then unleashes his magic and a black claw grab's fire attempting to hold him. Robyn fire's one of her grapple's and it spin's around the beast catching it qucikly but not stopping it as both Titans are pulled by the massive beast's strength. Robyn the produces a couple of grenade's from her belt and tosses them at Fire Crow releasing his hold on the beast and dodging threw the grenade's that Robyn threw at the beast smoke covering it.

"Flames can't spread if there's nothing to burn. Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Crow say's then chant's and begin's to unroot several of the nearby tree's to keep the beast from gaining anymore power.

"Good idea, Crow. Beast Girl! Sunfire! Help him out!" Robyn shout's releasing her grapple as the beast continues to lumber forward toward's Jump City. BG flie's forward with a great burst of speed and changes into an elephant and ram's into the tree's nocking them into one another in a row and unrooting them. Sunfire stay's above but fire's his starbolt's at the grass destroying it and any more tree's that BG and Crow miss along the way. Once that job is done Cyber lunge's ahead of Fire, her sonic Cannon at the ready. As she land's she fire's at the ground in front of Fire. This unearth's the dirt and send's it in a wave at Fire and cover's the massive beast from view because of dust cloud's.

The Titans all land as the fire beast is no ware in sight and BG changes back to her human form and look's around. "Is he out?" She question's quickly surveying the scene and as though waiting for it's cue Fire burned threw the dust and stood up roaring maddly.

"You just had to ask..." Crow said to the surprised Beast Girl, with wide eye's while backing away from the blazing beast. The creature screeched loudly and lumbered forward toward's the Titans and the City. Robin went closer to the beast and saw the old man on a nearby rocky ledge. She looked at him and the brother's who were behind him, then looked to the beast. 'OK, you've got one mysterious old man with a strange staff... Mix in two inocent albeit destructive elemental brother's... Add in one twenty plus foot tall giant killer fire beast... And you've got one seriously bad combination...' She surmized Then narrowed her eye's on the old man who then smile's Maliciously.

"Go, young masters. Fire is your creation. They have no right to destroy your fun." The man tell's the two brothers and Lightning nod's hitting his right hand with his fist.

"Yes! We must fight!" He state's firmly and Thunder look's to him pensively.

"But, brother..." Thunder trie's to reason but Lightning interupt's him once more.

"Do not annoy me with your foolish concerns! Come!" Lightning say's quickly and Thunder sigh's and nod's his head. After all... Thunder only sound's before or after Lightning has struck... The two then look to the skie's and vanish in a flash of light. The old man smirk's as he see's this only to hear Robyn roar and for her to kick his staff out of his hand and send it to land a way's away standing up.

"The lovely warrior, Robyn. We meet at last." The man say's his voice deeper and darker sounding like the villian Slade. He then open's his hand and the staff near Robyn start's to rock back and forth before flying into his hand. Robyn narrow's her eye's on the strange smirking old man and drop's into a fighting stance before asking.

"Who are you?" The only answer the Girl Wonder would get however was the old man lunging at her with his staff ready to strike. The Girl Wonder growel's and lunge's right at the old man nocking into him to keep from being hit by the staff.

Meanwhile on the street's of Jump City two fimiliar face's are walking home with a black cat in one's arm's. "I swear Chesire, you get lost less often than Terry does... And at least you manage to get home without calling me from the other side of town." Will stated to her black cat which meowed cutely and she rolled her eye's. Terry meanwhile frowned as he walked next to his sister, three gourd's around his waist looped into his belt for some reason.

"Sis I don't get lost... I just loose track of time... And place..." Terry say's to Will who give's him a look and he sigh's. "Alright so maby I was just trying to find my way around again and figured the girl who sniffs me out no matter ware I am could help me get home." Terry admitted and Will smirked. The two were silent for a few second's after that until they heard a loud roar and then turned to the side to see a large monster made of fire and gaped.

"Uhhh... Chesire please go find cover..." Will stated and her cat jumped out of her arm's looked back at her and Terry for a second before running away quickly. "Well... You don't see that everyday..." Will muttered and Terry saw Crow flying around the creature.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Crow shout's fireing a beam of black energy at the creature stopping it in it's track. As Crow's attack relent's he is panting in the air while the creature seem's to be a large smoldering black rock like object the flame's having gone out.

Will on the ground look's at the beast and she stare's at the beast intently. Upon a closer inspection of Will's eye's it can be seen that her iris is strange. It had a blue inner circle, with yellow lightning bolt shaped streak's in between them, pale green dominating the outer rim's and the rest of the iris' space. As she look's at the creature her eye's iris' begins to 'spin', they spin around until soon her eye's change to an emerald green hue instead of the usual hazel most people would be fimiliar with. Terry look's to his sister and then gulp's as he see's her eye's have changed.

"Uhhh... Max you ok?" He ask's using his sister's middle name and the girl frown's her lip's also changing color now midnight black as her hair seem's to visiably darken to a near black form of her usual brown, and green mark's, that look's like eye shadow apear.

"It's not dead yet..." She mumble's softly then look's to Terry. "C'mon little brother... Thare going to need some help... Right Sabaku?" Will question's her hair now shadowing both her green eye's and Terry sigh's.

"Been a while sence YOU wanted to help anyone sis... Might as well help out. I like that green girl anyway's..." Terry state's and Will grin's showing a pair of sharp kanine's in her mouth that seem more like fang's. Terry also grin's and put's his goggle's on from around his neck and closes his eye's. He then open's them only for them to glow a brilliant gold and sand to pour out of his gourd's.

"Yeah... Let's show this oversized Inferno what it mean's to mess with our city!" Terry state's firmly as the sand form's under him and his sister lifting the two up as he then throw's his arm's toward the fire beast and Titans the sand propelling them both forward and colecting more Sand along the way for the seeming Sand manipulater to use...

Meanwhile Crow has landed in front of the large smoldering being only for red line's to grow from it. The line's soon spread until they covered the intire being and exploded outward showing the beast was still alive. Crow's eye's widened as he backed away from the creature. It roared angrily however and then slammed it's hand's into the ground causing a pyrotechnic shockwave. The pressure of the attack being strong enough to nock Crow and Cyber away from it as well as several tree's in the area.

As Cyber land's Sunfire land's and help's the titanium girl up to her feet. Just as Sunfire get's Cyber up and Crow stop's the rining in his ear's the three Titans are nocked to the ground by a bolt of Lightning. Thus the two brother's now desend upon the grounded Titans Lightning warming up his energy bolt's, and Thunder flying down on his cloud to assist his brother. However before he can strike BG as a tiger step's in front of him and growel's menacingly.

"Stand aside, green one!" Thunder below's and BG roar's at him while lunging forward Thunder scoweled but did the same lunging at the green tiger energy in one hand ready to be used. However just as they were about to attack it seemed as though the cloud's gathered and ingulfed the two in a murky violet light. Thunder was now seated cross legged in front of the crouching green Tiger that was BG. The two saw one another only they looked slightly more shadowed so thare feature's were obscured from view...

"I do not wish to harm you." Thunder tell's Beast Girl softly from his seat.

"But you want to destroy homes and innocent lives?" Beast Girl question's somehow still in tiger form.

"No." Thunder tell's her softly.

"Then what are you fighting for?" BG question's and the blue skinned man seem's to think for a moment on this.

"My brother and I…the old one says we are unique, gifted, better." Thunder tell's Beast Girl who inwardly scoff's. She alway's hated people who thought that way, they were the reason that meta human's like her and other good one's were so poorly treated if they weren't a hero...

"Gifts don't make you better, just different. It's how you use them that counts." BG tell's Thunder seriously and the elemental take's a thoughtful look and know's that what he decide's will not only affect him, but the inocent's below in the city as well...

Lightning however was having no such mental debacal, he is currently standing over the unconscious form of Sunfire and holding up a sparking hand. "It seems your power has its limit." He say's and grin's darkly. "But mine has none." He say's but before he could fire his bolt of lightning a fist made intirely out of sand hit's him and send's him flying back, skidding across the ground.

"Hey now that's not fare, Attacking him while he's down is low dude..." Came Terry's voice as he run's toward's Lightning who growel's.

"Who are you!?" He demand's and Terry grin's.

"My freind's call me Terry... You however aren't my freind, so It's Sabaku to you..." Terry stated and Lightning frowned.

"Desert?" He questioned and Terry nodded his head. "Very well then "Sabaku" I will remember that, only because you have angered me greatly and I need put it on your headstone!" Lightning shouted and fired a bolt of lightning at Terry who smirked.

"Sand Clone..." He stated and his body seemed to turn into sand that fell to the ground shocking Lightning who was now openly gaping. He only had about one second to gape however as a fist was planted firmly into his face sending the electric elemental soaring back before landing in the ground.

"And that's one." Came the still transformed Will's voice as she walked toward's Lightning as she cracked her knuckle's a smirk clearly on her face. Lightning groweled as he shakingly got out of his hole and glared at the girl in front of him.

Meanwhile the remaining three Titans were watching as Fire continued to head toward's them. "Those houses go, the whole city could go. We gotta stop the fire!" Cyber said and BG nodded her head to her freind's assumption.

"How?" Crow questioned spoiling Cyber's mood breifly before the titanium teen hardoned her resolve.

"Any way we can." She state's and the three run down the hill slope toward's the city to hopefully stop Fire before it destroyed the city wile Lightning had to deal with a battle of his own...

"That's two..." Will said as she punched Lightning once more sending him flying again and into a tree which fell down and Lightning groaned. The two sand sibling's had been double teaming him the intire time, the girl posesing the strength the boy sheer power that seemed to have no limit's as he couldn't ever seem to catch him. "One more of those and NO ONE get's up..." She state's to Lightning who charge's at her with a roar moving as fast as he could.

"SAND SHIELD!" Came a shout as sand came from the ground and made a large shield in front of Will which Lightning ran into accidentally. "SAND BULLET!" He shouted sending a large hunk of the sand and Lightning soaring away from his sister who was snikkering.

"Good work lil' bro..." She stated as an orb made of sand came out of the ground then desolved revealing Terry inside of it.

"No prob sis. But whatta' we do with bolt boy over thare?" Terry said then questioned looking to his sister's face causing the girl to sigh and grab his head. "Hey! What's the big idea sis?!" He cried but Will huffed then turned his head to show him an irate looking Lightning glarring at the two. "Ohhh... Him..." Terry said comically with wide eye's behind his goggle's.

"You two... Your sibling's yes?" Lightning questioned of the two who looked at each other. They then looked to lightning with raised brow's.

"Yeah. Terry's my little Brother... Why?" Will questioned and Terry nodded.

"And Will's my Big sister/mother figure." Terry stated and Will frowned. She most certainly was NOT anyone's mother figure...

"Mother... What is... Mother?" Lightning asked and the appearent sand sibling's looked to one another once more then Lightning who seemed totally lost...

"Don't you have a mother?" Terry questioned taking a step closer to the younger of the storm brother's.

"I... We... Myself and my brother have only ever had eachother... Never this mother you speak of..." Lightning stated and Terry frowned.

"Sis I don't think he's lying..." Terry stated and Will shrugged her shoulder's.

"What is a... Sis?" Ligtning now asked walking toward's Will.

"It's... Errr... "She's" like a female version of a brother..." Terry stated then curected quickly as Will frowned arm's crossed.

"Nice save..." She said stoichly even as Lightning stopped to look at her. "Take a picture flash bulb, it'll last longer..." She stated annoyedly and Lightning blinked.

"What is a picture?" He asked and Will slapped her face annoyedly. "If you are a... "Female Brother" and older, then which of you is the strongest?" Lightning asked and the sibling's looked to one another thare eye's conveying messages to one another faster than word's ever could.

"Were... Not sure..." Terry stated rubbing the back of his neck. "Never realy tested it..." He stated and Will nodded her head.

"Why not? Don't you two want to know who is the stronger of you? Why do you not test yourselve's against one another?" Lightning questioned and Will answered.

"Because... We don't need to know who's stronger..." The resolve in Will's voice alone made Lightning look at her differantly. He felt power, great strength from her, but it wasn't power like he was used too... No this was power that seemed to come from someware within her very being.

"But... It make's no sence... I and my brother often challange one another to see who has grown strongest... Do not all family's do thise?" Lightning questioned and Will sighed.

"We don't need to know who's stronger... Because... Were family..." The currently dark haired girl said looking to Terry who smiled back to his sister. Still Lightning seemed confused as this was not how he or his brother had ever acted.

"Why..." Lightning wondered alloud and a hand was now on his shoulder.

"Because Brother... They work together. They do not need to know who is stronger for they share thare skill's." Thunder said to Lightning who sighed. "Tell me brother... Are we still having fun?" Thunder questioned and Lightning hung his head.

"No..." He said softly and Thunder smiled.

"Observe." He stated pointing to the Titans and the sand sibling's also looked to the team who were at work. Fire is being held back by a spell from Crow, while Cyber has broken a fire-hydrant to drench the beast, BG is an elephant who is spraying Fire with Water with her trunk. Sunfire also join's them waiting for a chance to help his freind's. "They also have gifts, but they use them for good, while we waste ours on dangerous fun." Thunder tell's Lightning who look's at the sand sibling's then the Titans. "If we are so special, brother, let us act special. We must help." Thunder stated and Lightning sighed.

"But how? Our gifts can only destroy." Lightning question's of his brother softly.

"True Brother. But together sharing our power, like these other sibling's, we have another gift." Thunder said with a smile to his brother who also smiled. The Sand Sibling's looked to one another and grinned as they figure out what was going on now.

The four Titans in front of the inferno monster and the now burning mountain were breathing in panting breath's. The beast known as Fire soon stand's over the four teen's and roar's loudly at them. However the teen's soon here drum's and the cloud's now start to gather in the sky. Thunder strike's the cloud's with drum stick's making a drumming sound as Lightning once more guided the lightning from above with his hand's. The two then glare down at the large fire beast from thare place in the cloud's and rain fall's into a downpour.

The fire born beast however shriek's in pain as the water hit's it's body putting out it's flame's. As the rain continues to pound down on the fire giant and soon nothing but suut, ash, and smoke remain's of the fire beast covering the ground and running as the rain washes it all away. The Titans are all, except for Crow, jumping and cheering in victory.

The Sand Sibling's meanwhile are standing in the rain Terry putting a cork into each of his gourd's to keep the sand from getting wet. "Well now that was a nice work out. See you later Terry I'll let your sis back out." The green eyed Will said and then sighed. Her hair returned to it's originaly brown hue, the mark's shadowing her upper eyelid's vanished, and her lip's no longer looked like they had black lipstick or paint on them. When she opened her eye's they were spinning once more till they stopped and resumed thare orriginal coloration.

"So how was you mind? Was thare any inner demon's?" Terry asked with a grin and Will rolled her eye's and opened her mouth. Almost invisiable her fang's were retracting into themselve's slowly, after they were done she touched them and winced. From anyone else's point of view they would now appear to be fairly sharp kanine's but Terry and Will knew that her metahuman power's made her a near perfect mix of human and what most normal people would call a "monster".

"No... Not this time. Now common Terry, let's go home." Will stated and her brother didn't move. Will stopped as she noticed this and sighed. "You want to go and help them some more huh? Maby become a member of the team?" Will asked and Terry looked to his boot's.

"I know it sound's silly but... I realy want to make sure no one get's hurt anymore..." Terry stated and then put a hand on her shoulder. "You could alway's help too sis... You've alway's had a nack for finding trouble when it's about to happen..." Terry said and Will looked to him out of the corner of one eye.

"Sorry kid... You know me..." She said softly turning her eye's away from her little brother and hanging her head slight. "I don't like to play the hero... It alway's get's me in trouble..." She tell's the blonde softly and walk's away from her brother dissapering into the shadow's and out of Terry's field of view.

"I know..." Terry say's to the shadow's and turn's to look at the Titans. "But that doesn't mean you couldn't try..." The blonde say's his hair hiding his eye's from view as he walk's toward's the Titans to properly introduce himself...

Meanwhile The old man is holding Robyn up by her vest so he can look into her masked eye's, a cruel smirk playing on his lip's. "Now Robyn. Is that the best you can do?" The old man ask's the Girl wonder who growl's angrily. However before the old man could do anything he was hit by a flash of lightning dropping Robyn to the ground. Robyn look's up to see the old man hold an arm to cover his face. As he slowly lower's his arm Robyn's eye's widen as she see's that the man's face was in fact a mask and now under the cracked left side was a copper colored metal mask with a slit for the eye and a black mark around the slit that curve's up at the corner of the eye.

Robyn gasp's as she see's the mask hidden underneath the first mask. Slade's one grey eye hardoned as he glared at Robyn then brought his hand's together and vanished in a plume of smoke, only the metal disk he had used to bring Fire to life was left on the ground. Robyn slowly get's up and walk's to the disk bringing it up to look at it. Her eye's narrowed as she saw the large S like symble... "Slade..." She groweled the rain starting to let up as her cape covered some of her...

With the other Titans they are mostly still cellebrating, the only one not doing so being Crow who remain's stoich as alway's. "Ah, yeah!" BG laugh's as she open's her mouth to catch some of the remaining rain drop's.

"That's what I mean! Very nice!" Cyber say's and three figure's walk toward's them. BG walk's over recognizing Thunder and Lightning then blushes as she see's the boy she danced with at Darkfire's party.

"Umm... Hi..." She say's softly to Terry who smirk's.

"Is everyday this interesting with you guy's?" The blonde ask's smirking and BG nod's.

"I am sorry for the trouble we have made." Thunder say's to BG with a bow, he then nudges Lightning who face's Beast Girl.

"I am..." He start's in his usual defiant tone only for his tone to turn humble. "... also sorry." He say's bowing to BG who smile's brightly.

"You have taught us much, green one. Thank you." Thunder say's to BG who grin's.

"Don't thank me." BG tell's him and he raises a brow. "Thank the person who taught me." She say's pointing to Sunfire who walk's over to the brother's. The two bow to the alien boy and he does a similar bow.

"And thank you for helping to defeat the flame monster." He say's to them and they smile. Lightning then look's to Terry then around the area.

"Tell me... Ware has your sister gone?" He question's and Sunfire and Beast Girl look to Terry who sigh's.

"She... Doesn't like to play the hero anymore..." He state's and Lightning nod's.

"Ah... I think I see... Although I am not sure..." Lightning say's then mutter's to himself. Lightning then find's his hand incased in sand and it is pulled over to Terry who grip's it in a handshake. BG who see's the sand manipulation look's at Terry with heart's in her eye's. 'OH SO COOL! That was just like Gaara! I love Gaara!' BG thought to herself as she watched the interaction between the elemental and blonde haired boy. "What is it you are doing?" He question's and Terry grin's.

"It's called a handshake. My way of showing respect you might say. Like when you bow only it's less of a hassle... for me anyway's." Terry explain's rubbing his neck with his free hand and Lightning grin's.

"I see... We bid you all farewell... Until we meet again." Lightning intone's releasing Terry's hand as Thunder nod's and the brother's vanish into a lightning bolt. As soon as the Elemental brother's are gone BG lunge's at Terry with question's causing Cyber to start laughing and Sunfire to chuckle as the poor boy blinked repeatedly trying to keep up with her question's. Soon the leader of the team came and Terry said he wanted to help the Titans fight evil. When asked why and what his power's were Terry said that he wanted to protect his sister... As for his Power's Terry said they weren't something he liked talking about.

The Team then headed to Titans tower with a new member... While Will watched from the shadow's before sighing. "Have fun and be safe Terry... I can't keep you under my wing or in my shadow forever..." She say's softly as the Titans leave. "Especially when I can't get out of my own..." She say's wistfully.

"Well that may be true my dear..." Came Slade's calm voice and Will leap's around with a start to see said man still in his disguise stare at her. "You are still an exceptional fighter and could easily best all of the Titans in combat..." Slade praises the mask he's wearing smirking. Will frowned and arched her right hand her nail's growing into sharp claw's.

"Back off... I don't want to have to deal with you like I did bolt boy..." Will state's with a frown and Slade chucukle's and look's her in the eye's with his single grey eye.

"Sorry my dear... Of course I'll leave. But if you ever need anything..." Slade vanished in a plume of smoke and yet his voice carried threw the night to her ear's. "I'm just a phone call away..." As Slade say's that a small card float's into Will's outstretched hand. She look's at the orange card and see's a simple phone number... Will think's briefly of throwing it away but then sigh's as she put's it in her coat pocket.

"Once an apprentice... Alway's an apprentice... Right Slade?" She questioned softly and watched as her claw's retracted back into her finger's making her wince slightly as they did so. She then sighed and walked away from the battle scarred land and toward's her home...


The next morning at the bay looking toward's Titans Tower, Terry was going to be shown to an empty room which the other's (Minus Crow.) had decided to help Terry decorate when they got home. But now was not a time for fun but to discuss what has happened. Robyn is looking out over the bay as Cyber walk's over to her, Robyn turn's to the metal girl and hand's her Slade's device.

"So, Slade wants to destroy the city. Question is, why?" Cyber question's and Robyn narrow's her eye's.

"I don't know, but I will find out-and he won't get away with it." Robyn state's and Terry frown's as he hear's that name... It sounded fimiliar for some reason...

"So…am I, you know…still a clorbag?" Beast Girl ask's Sunfire coming up behind her.

"Mmm-no. I believe you are more of a…milnip wusserloop." Sunfire muses a small smile on his face. BG's mood brighten's instantly as she let's out a huge grin even though she didn't know what Sunfire said meant in english.

"SWEET!" BG shout's then start's to do a silly Dance Terry barely managing to stifle his laughter behind his hand's. "Go, Beast Girl! I'm a milnip! Who's your wusserloop? Huh?" She question's looking around and seeing that all but Sunfire look like they might start laughing at any minute. "That is a good thing…right, Sunfire?" BG question's confusedly and Sunfire start's laughing and flies toward's the Tower Crow following after him and Terry using his sand to get over to the tower laughing with Sunfire as Crow simply smirked at the green jester's expence. Robyn and Cyber start running laughing as they do so and BG look's around now alone. "Sunfire?" She question's confused with a puzzled look on her face... Yeah she's real silly huh?