Chapter 14

Everything was fine between Severus and Harry now, so over all the peace was once again restored between them. Lucius was happy that they had worked things out, Narcissa was pleased and Draco was ecstatic.

Only thing was - something Dumbledore announced. That very next morning.

"I'm pleased to say Lily Evans soon to be Potter once more is coming to teach Charms along side Professor Flitwick. I hope you all show her a warm welcome when she arrives next week" said Dumbledore beaming happily.

But he wasn't finished yet - far from it.

"James Potter is once again decided to come back to Hogwarts, and take his old defence against the Dark arts post up once again. Now we don't have a defence teacher so all defence classes are now free time until James Potter comes back next week" said Dumbledore "I'm sure you will give him a warm welcome"

The teachers and students clapped, the students were whistling, obviously very happy with this news. Only the Slytherin's were not taking part in the cheering, they didn't like the Potters they were really horrible to them and prejudice.

Draco and Harry had paled dramatically; they seemed to have a reason to fear the return of James and Lily Potter.

Severus didn't react quite as dramatically as the boys but he did pale slightly, only those who had been looking would have been able to spot it. Thankfully no one had been looking - especially if it had been Dumbledore. He would have put all the dots together and figured it all out he was not a stupid man.

So classes started up once again.

McGonagall was just as prejudice against Slytherin's as she had always been.


McGonagall's Office - After Lunch.

Severus passed quietly as usual, when he heard McGonagall's voice; she seemed to be floo'ing Albus.

"When did you hear from Lily and James?" asked McGonagall.

Severus perked up when he heard that and quietly crept forward and listened.

"They are in America right now, they are coming back in a week, they have finally stopped searching for their son" said Dumbledore.

"I see, you wanted them to look for their son, why convince them to come back?" frowned McGonagall.

"I think Harry Potter is alive, I think whoever took him, oblivated him and left him in the Muggle world. I think Severus turned him, for whatever reason and doesn't realize he even has Harry Potter" said Dumbledore.

"What?!" spluttered McGonagall "What if he does?" she said after a second of thinking.

"You think Severus would willingly take in any of Potter's offspring?" said Dumbledore sounding amused.

"I see your point" admitted McGonagall

"Lily may feel a connection with the boy, if she does then it's confirmed, if not then it's possibly a case of mistaken identity" said Dumbledore.

"Why not ask if he remembers his family?" asked McGonagall "Or read his mind?"

"He has shields up," admitted Dumbledore "And I don't want to be too obvious"

"I see" said McGonagall.

"I must go, I'm expecting Severus up any second" said Dumbledore, "And he is never late"

"Of course Headmaster," she said nodding her head.

With that Severus took of at a run, sliding to a stop at the headmaster's office and said the password. He wasn't even out of breath after that long run; he was very fit despite appearances.

"Lemon Drops" said Severus disgust apparent in his voice.

"Ah Severus come in" said Dumbledore before Severus could knock.

"You wished to see me Headmaster?" asked Severus.

"Indeed," said Dumbledore "I just wanted to talk about…."

He didn't get a chance to say more because the floo had activated.

"Ah Severus! You are here good, a few Slytherin's are in my hospital wing, got into a fight with a few older Gryffindors" said Poppy.

"I'll be right down" said Severus; standing up, glad to have gotten out of that little chat with the Headmaster.

Severus disappeared and left the school, and got a few favours pulled in that were owed.

He returned three hours later.


"Where were you?" asked Harry frowning "You were supposed to meet us down here!"

"I had a meeting I couldn't get out off" said Severus.

"Oh," said the first years. "Is everything alright?" they asked worried.

"Fine," said Severus.

"We will just have to meet after lunch, because I am rather hungry" said Severus "And you two are bound to be also"

"Starving!" chorused the two boys.

"Then lets go" said Severus.


"Severus where were you?" asked Dumbledore, frowning.

"I spent some time with my mate," said Severus frowning.

"Ah I see," said Dumbledore "I would like to ask some questions about him later on if that's alright with you"

"I see," frowned Severus "Very well"

Just then a black hawk entered the great hall and dropped a letter of at Dumbledore's side.

Dumbledore paled and opened the letter fearing the worst, if everyone hadn't been too insisting on what was inside the letter they would have noticed that Severus wasn't curious about the contents. Severus was usually very nosy about things that could concern him or one of his students.

Dumbledore paled even more when he read the contents.

McGonagall burst into tears, and fled the great hall, Dumbledore made to follow her but Flitwick said he would go after her.

"Children, it seems two of the greatest Witches and Wizards will be unable to come. James and Lily Potter were killed in the United States of America. Their deaths will be investigated and everyone kept up to date" said Dumbledore, pale and shaky. "To James and Lily Potter" holding his chalice up everyone did the same - even Severus Snape.

No one noticed how Happy Harry Snape was at this piece of information.

No one that is apart from Draco Malfoy.

Severus felt it through the bond.


"I'm sorry Albus I know how much you thought of them" said Severus awkwardly.

"Does Harry remember his parents?" asked Dumbledore.

"Unfortunately he does, I sometimes wish I could kill them" said Severus angrily.

"Did you see a lot of memories?" asked Dumbledore.

"All of them, the abuse started when he was two and started showing signs of Magic" said Severus sadly. Which was not out of character for him, Dumbledore knew how much Severus hated abusers.

"I see" said Dumbledore the light dimmed right out of his eyes. He had lost Lily and James; it seemed as if it had all been a case of mistaken identity. Because of that he had lost two of his best powerful Order members.

"How did they die?" asked Severus.

"In an Automobile accident, the car went up in flames, people seen them getting into the car, there is no doubt that it is them" said Dumbledore.

"Then why did you say they were killed?" sneered Severus.

"Because I cannot let anyone find out how they were killed" said Dumbledore "It would disrespect their memories"

Severus laughed inwardly; he just didn't want to be embarrassed.

"Excuse me Albus I have other things I want to do" said Severus.

"Of course" said Dumbledore his voice and eyes looked dead.

"Goodnight" said Severus and he was gone with a swirl of his robes.


"How did it happen?" asked Harry as soon as Severus came through the door.

"Automobile accident" said Severus.

Harry suspected there was more to it, but he figured he didn't want to know.

Harry hugged his mate close to him, feeling content for the first time.

Severus felt at peace also, his mate was safe from detection; Dumbledore was no longer interested in him. He had gotten revenge against the Potters for a final time. Yes Severus thought everything was perfect.

He couldn't help but feel he was glad that Harry had been kidnapped.

For his life wouldn't seem a hell of a lot better. His future looked a hell of a lot brighter and happier - and he couldnt wait until he got a taste of that future and his mate.

The end ....

For now

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