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Um, there's some OOCness in the beginning, but that's it. This is sorta a...pointless chapter. It's not a filler, but the story could still go on without it, or part of it. Too lazy to think about it now.

Chapter 23

Crimson. A spray of scarlet in the dark abyss, coating everything.


I saw it. I saw him fall. More blood. Lifeless cold eyes. Dead.

My legs were going so slow. I couldn't reach in time. The shadows had enveloped him. More sprays of red death.

And then I reached him.

He smiled faintly, despite his scarlet gown.


I held him, trembling violently. "Don't talk…just don't talk…"

"It's fine…I…"

"I'll save you!"

He smiled again, voice soft.


I blinked, staring slightly.




The golden-haired member shocked awake as if he was shot with a bullet. "Dan…na…un…?"

Sasori tilted his head, knelt down and staring at his partner with one hand on the bomb artist's shoulder. "You were panting and shivering. Is everything alright?"

"…U-Un…" Deidara felt his eyes narrow.

"…Another dream?"

The ice-eyed man's eyes filled with trepidation before he pushed himself forward, arms wrapping tightly around the redhead's neck.

"Wh…Deidara…?" The puppeteer was taken aback as the explosives specialist buried his face into his shoulder, shivering slightly.

"It was…scary, Danna…" The younger of the two murmured, his voice quiet and barely audible.

"You find everything scary, brat…" Sasori countered softly, easing his nose to the side of the baby-blue-eyed member's neck, arms hesitantly lifting to gingerly rest on the younger's back.

"I…don't want you to leave me…un…"

The silver-eyed male sighed gently. "Is that what this is all about? I've told you before, I'm not going anywhere."

The trembling stopped, muscles relaxing. "Did I ever tell you…? You have soft hair, Danna…un…"

"Ye–No, you didn't, brat."

"…You smell nice, un…like…'Sasori no Danna'…"

"Because I am Sasori."

"There's no other way to describe your scent, un."

"Wood. Poison. Metal. Death."

Deidara smirked. "Misguided. In. Art."

The older of the pair gave a small twitch, eyes gaining furious sparks. "Deidara, I will–!"

"So your little 'quest' to find Orochimaru has been…?"

"…A failure."

"Do you have any idea where he is, or what you're going to do when you find him again, un?"

"No. When I find him, I'll turn him over to Leader-sama."

"Un…" The ex-Iwa nin pulled back, eyes slightly narrowed.

"…You're not crying?"

"I haven't cried in my life, Danna!" The sunlit blond laughed, head cocking to the side. "What made you think I was, un?"

"You look like the type."

"Oh really…"

"Really." An emerald-nailed hand unstuck itself from the former nin of the Rock's back, moving up front and brushing the cascade of sunlight behind his ear.

Deidara's left eye stared back in confusion, the sky-blue iris locked on the moonlit one across from it.

Sasori leaned forward, nose moving to meet the left blond eyebrow, his lips lightly brushing against the now-closed eyelid.

A small smile broke the confused guise on the younger's face as he turned his head to catch the other pair of lips in his own, pushing forward and crawling slowly off the bed.

The redhead pulled back, annoyance slightly masking his features as he found his associate between his legs and on his lap, hands on the puppet master's hips, smirking up at him. "Brat…"

Grinning, the blond retorted, "Asswipe."

"Is that your new nickname for me?"

"I dunno," Deidara positioned his mouth next to the puppeteer's left ear, "Is it…? B-r-a-t…" A fleeting flash of surprise zoomed past the younger man's face as fingers firmly wrapped around his neck.

"You know…I won't forgive you for that…Deidara…"

"Calm down, Sasori no Danna, un," The explosives specialist chuckled, prying the other's fingers from around his neck. "It was a joke."

"Stupid brat…" The platinum-eyed man growled, eyes narrowing as he let the former nin of the Rock kiss him again, reluctantly opening his mouth when requested of.

Deidara pulled back after a minute or so and repositioned his head to under the coral-red-haired male's chin, smiling into his neck. "Rock and Sand, un…it's like we were meant to be together, Danna…"

Sasori's lips curved upwards into a small smile at his associate's naivety. "You're so artless, you know?"

"What?" The sunlit blond's eyes shot upwards, a frown marring his mouth.

"It means childish, basically." The rose-eyed member chuckled softly, resting his chin on top of the field of gold and crossing his arms across the bomb artist's back.

"Oh? Heh, well, think whatever you want, un." The grin returned to the ice-blue-eyed male's lips. "Mm, Danna, am I an artist?"

"You might think you are, but from my perspective? Far from it."

The baby-blue-eyed of the two stuck out his tongue in disappointment. "I'll prove it to you someday, un. I am an artist."

"Bring it on, brat." The puppeteer turned his head so his right cheek was pressed onto the younger's skull. "I love seeing you fail."

"Hmph." A tiny pout grew on the golden-haired member's face. "Bitch…"

Sasori chuckled softly, slightly rubbing the powder-blue-eyed member's back for a few seconds.

"Un…" The sculptor wiggled, purring quietly until he felt the strokes on his back cease.

"Brat, what did I tell you about purring…?"

"Can it, un…I can do what I want."

"You're just like a little kid, you know that?"

"What does that make you, a hermit?"


"I thought so, un."

The rose-eyed male snorted, but said nothing. Time went by, and after what felt like days, he finally spoke, tone dark. "Look…Deidara…I…feel uneasy…guilty, almost…about what I did…yesterday…I…I don't know how to express anything for this issue, or what I'm…feeling…but…I just thought…you should know…"

Deidara stiffened, eyes widening as the memories of the previous day came rushing back into his mind like a rapid river. The trademark grin returned ultimately, as he laughed and asked, "Sasori no Danna, are you trying to apologize to me, un?" He pushed himself up, breaking the bond of the redhead's arms, and pushed his lips to the other's for a transient moment before he pulled back and stood up. "Well, if you are, I forgive you, un. Don't worry about it."

"…" The ex-Sand nin looked in confusion at the golden-haired member, watching as he stretched. "Where are you going?"

"To take a shower, un." The sculptor's head turned, grinning, at the older of the duo. "Afterwards, you wouldn't mind coming with me to get some dango, would you? Since you have all the money and all…"

"You do realize Itachi likes dango as well."

"Screw Itachi. I want some dango. I haven't had it in a long time, un."

"Fine, whatever."


Warm water flew down like bullets, slamming into the bomb artist's skin and then dripping off to mix at the bottom of the white shower.

He grinned bitterly, leaning against the liquid-slicked wall with narrowed eyes.

That's right…I've always been chasing a shattered dream…he has always been just out of my grasp…and he's going to stay that far away, no matter how much I run after him…the cycle will just keep repeating, and he'll just keep getting farther and farther away…I'm truly pathetic…truly and honestly pathetic…no matter how much the monkey reaches for the moon, all he'll end up doing is failing and sinking to the bottom of the lake…and I've already sunken.

A brittle chuckle escaped his throat as he moved the long, blond bang from the front of his face.

"'If you play with a scorpion too much, it'll sting you,' huh? Heh…I was stung the moment I met him…"


The former shinobi of Iwa strode out of the bathroom after several minutes, fully dressed. Stretching again, he made his way over to a chair close to where Sasori was sitting on his bed nearest to the window. The ice-eyed member let his face rest on his fist as he waited for his partner to rise and say they could go for the food, a look of disdain crawling onto his features as he was let down. "…Danna…"


"Are we going for the dango, un?"


Deidara cocked his head, eyebrow rising.

Sasori looked away, not allowing any sight of his associate to singe his vision.

"Sasori no Danna, what do you have in your mouth?" The younger of the two inquired, suspicion etched into his voice.

"Candy." Sasori replied simply, spitting the piece he had in his mouth into the trash.

"You have a sweet tooth, un?" Deidara asked in disbelief. "But you can't even eat!"

"Exactly. Which is why I spit them out when they've lost their taste." The redhead responded and stuck another on his tongue.

"C-Can I have one, un?" The blond mumbled sheepishly, watching as another sweet was shot into the garbage.

"No. Go get your own."

Deidara watched enviously as the ash-rose-eyed man 'ate' another piece of candy. With a determined look staining his face, he stood up and strode over to Sasori, receiving a what-do-you-think-you're-going-to-do stare. He bent down and shoved his lips onto his partner's, causing the older member to open his mouth in surprise. Smirking, the golden-haired male took this opportunity and snuck his tongue into the opening, finding the sweet and dragging it out, a smug veil covering his face as he backed away and looked at the ex-Suna nin's bewildered expression.

Surprise and embarrassment was instantly transformed into annoyance and defeat. Sasori held out the bag and looked away, eyes narrowing. "Knock yourself out."

The younger member grinned, snatching the object of aim and sitting down next the redhead and swallowing, quickly picking out another and popping it into his mouth. A sudden look of disgust crawled upon his features, and he grabbed the shoulders of the male next to him.

"Deidara, what the hell are you–?!" Sasori began, interrupted by his mouth covered by the blond's once again, the piece of candy being shoved into his mouth.

The blue-eyed male pulled away, watching his partner like he was about to put on a show. After a few seconds passed, he pressed his lips back onto the ex-Suna nin's, retrieving the stolen candy and backing away.

Sasori watched everything with his ash-rose eyes dazzling with confusion as he brought his sleeve over his mouth. "What the hell was that all about?"

The bomb artist ate the candy, licking his lips afterwards. "It tastes better when I do that, un."

A half-angry half-annoyed look crossed on the platinum-eyed man's face.

Deidara took out another piece, holding it up and grinning. "Would you do another one, un? For me?"

"No." Sasori's eyes narrowed and he turned away.

"Aw, come on–"

"Deidara." The redhead glared at his partner through the corners of his eyes. "We're supposed to be keeping this relationship a secret. And here you go, acting as if it wasn't a big deal. Do you know what Leader-sama would do if he found out what was going on?"

"I get it, I get it," The baby-blue-eyed member grinned slightly. "As usual, you're so uptight and serious, un. Learn to relax, Sasori no Danna."

Sasori kept silent like a soundless movie, eyes narrowing all but slightly more.

"Hey, Danna," The sunlit-blond blinked suddenly, head tilting like a puppy's. "Is this candy thing another one of your 'childhood-trait' things, un? Like that 'Oh, Deidara, I love you so much and it's just so scary to think of this all as a dream and you fading away and leaving me all alone just like my parents!' phase you had in the past?"

"We said that we'd never speak of any events that happened during that time and before again, Deidara!" The ex-Sand shinobi snarled, whipping around to glower at his associate.

"Okay, okay, un. Calm down. It's just kind of cute, un." A smug grin pulled at the newest Akatsuki member's lips, "You're actually a child at heart."

"Give me a break." Sasori gave a curt snort of disgust. "I'm more mature than you'll ever be."

"Okay, Sasori no Danna, if you say so…"

The older of the two looked away with narrow eyes, drinking in the rare silence. Many minutes passed without a sound, both members averting their gaze of each other.

"You know, un…" Deidara broke the shrouding quiet after a while, his voice low. "We were…too naïve back then…un…"

"…I know." The puppet master responded, fists slowly tightening.

"If I had known…that it would've turned out like this…I would've rather been your slave…than the one you love…"

"Stop talking nonsense, brat…what's done is done, and we cannot fix that…"

"You're talking to me as if I'm a two-year-old, un…I know…that we cannot change the past…and because of that we cannot rewrite this future we're destined to…un…"

"Now you're just talking trivial idiocy…come on, you wanted dango, right?"


"Take the Goddamn candy, I don't want it anymore."

"Heh, gladly, un."


"Why did you blow up the shop?"

"The owner was a stupid asshole, un. Besides, I got more dango."

"That's not the point…"

"Lighten up, Danna. I got what I wanted and no one's tailing us." The explosives specialist sighed, leaning back on the bed and slipping one of the dumplings into his mouth. "I'd say that's pretty excellent work, un."

"Don't talk with your mouth full, brat."

"Tch." The sculptor's lip curled as he finished off the last dumpling. "Like I said, un…I can do whatever I want."

"Don't make me angry, Deidara," Sasori warned, eyes narrowing into daggers at his associate's new attitude. "You know what happens when you do."

"Yeah, yeah, threaten to kill me, try and slice off my head with Hiruko's tail…"

"Watch it, brat."

"Oh? It's not 'little shit' now, un?"

"Are you trying to piss me off?"

"What'll you do if I succeed, un? Oh, that's right, slice off my head. My bad."

"If you don't shut up soon, I'll shove that Goddamn dango down your throat."

"Heh, feisty, aren't we?"



"You're getting me angry."

A smirk crawled onto the younger man's face. "Good. I was aiming for that, un."

Sasori scowled frostily, earning a laugh from his partner.

"Scary, Danna, scary." Deidara snickered, licking his lips before pulling out another dango from the bag next to him.

The redhead's lip curled as he turned back around in the chair, gluing his eyes to the book laid out on the desk. "I've had enough of your pointless distractions, Deidara."

"They can't be pointless if they work, un."

"They can be pointless because they are pointless." The puppeteer felt his patience running thin at the blond acting as if he was oblivious to the flames searing down the older male's tone. "Now shut up and let me work."

"All you do is work, un. Relax. Come over here, Sasori no Danna."


"Come on, un. You're so stubborn."

"If I do, will you shut your mouth and let me read?"


The older of the pair stood up and stomped over to the golden-haired member, eyes brimming with annoyance. "What…do you want?"

"Danna, you're no fun, un." The ex-Iwa nin scoffed, throwing the stick of his eaten dango somewhere.

"What do you want?" Sasori repeated, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Here, have a dango."

"Idiot." The puppet master caught the stick between the pointer and middle fingers of his right hand, "I can't eat. You know that."

"Heh, no matter," The bomb artist lifted his head and rested it on his propped up arm, a grin spreading over his lips. "I'll just steal it from your mouth when you're done, un."

Another scowl dressed the former shinobi of Suna's face as he threw the dango back.

"You're such a grump, Danna," The sculptor shrugged, eyebrow rising.

"I'm not going to repeat–" The rose-eyed man's sentence was cut short as he was pulled forward, the other's neck suddenly clouding his view. "Deidara…!"

"Well, since you're not going to repeat yourself, I guess I will." Deidara grinned, resting his chin on top of the silver-eyed male's head. "You need to relax, un."

"Idiot brat, I'll–!" The older member's arm shot up, getting ready to strike at the explosive specialist's side.

"I said calm down, un!" The sun-kissed blond quickly caught the oncoming wrist before it contacted with his side, sighing.

"Stupid–! Deidara!"

Sasori, Deidara…you two have another mission tomorrow.

"Let me go, you brat!"

What…exactly is going on over there? Sasori?

"Nothing, Leader-sama, un." The ice-eyed member responded, glaring at his partner. "Sasori no Danna just wants some candy. I keep telling him no, but–"

"What?! Deidara, you are pissing me off so bad–!"

Enough! I don't know what's going on over with you two, but shut up and get serious.

"Yes Leader-sama…"

Now. You have an assassination tomorrow. You must kill and find the target by the end of the day. Zetsu will come and pick him up then.


I have chosen you two for this mission because you are right within his area. I would've sent Itachi and Kisame since they're more cooperant, but…anyways, your target is a jounin at around 30 years old, dark brown hair and brown eyes. He's a taijutsu user, and–

"Wait, you mean we have to go back into that Goddamned village?" Sasori butt in, eyes narrowing.

Yes…is there a problem?


The baby-blue-eyed male quickly silenced his associate by pressing two fingers to his lips. "No, un. There's no problem."

Good. I'll be expecting to hear from you tomorrow then.

"Deidara, what–?"

"It's a good chance to show off my art, un." The sunlit blond snickered, eyes glittering. "And if that girl tries to bother us again…I'll show her my art personally."

"Those explosions of yours aren't art."

"More so than your little puppet shows, un."

"Little shit, art is eternal!"

"Tch, as if! Fine art is fleeting, un!"

"No, fine art is eternal!"

"Fleeting!" Deidara sat up, uncoiling his arms from the puppeteer.

"That's absurd," Sasori spat, sitting up as well, eyes sparking as the blue-eyed man kicked the bag of dango off the bed. "True art is eternal!"

"Maybe in your dreams, un!"

"The day art is fleeting is the day you actually use your brain and see that it's actual eternal!"

"That made no sense whatsoever!"

"Maybe not to your miniscule brain!"

"You're the one with the miniscule brain, un! Thinking art is eternal…"

"Because it is, brat!"

"Yeah right! You're so stupid, Danna! Everyone knows fine art is fleeting!"

"You're the stupid one, Deidara, because art is eternal!"

"It's fleeting!"


"I respect you, Sasori no Danna, but what I don't respect is your ridiculous philosophy that art is eternal!"

"My, my, now isn't that a big word for you to be using?"

"Tch, maybe too big for you…"

"Idiot, of course it's not for me; seeing as I can tell that fine art is eternal!"

"Heh, whatever! Fine art is fleeting, lasting for only one brilliant moment: a transient masterpiece, un!"

"How stupid! Fine art is meant to last for eternity, forever shining beautifully, never fading!"

"Pretty words, Danna, but they don't prove anything, un!"

"I could say the same to you, Deidara!"



The ice-blue-eyed of the two pounced forward, fingers latching around his partner's arms.

Sasori's eyes widened, before tumbling on the bed with the other, struggling to get his limbs out of the bomb artist's iron hold.

"…!" The younger member released a hiss as one of his arms was pushed back a little too far during the moonlit-eyed member's actions, scowling as he found himself beneath the other, glaring into flashing silver irises. Suddenly, a smirk curled at his lips.

The redhead blinked, head tilting at the golden-haired male's behavior.

Deidara launched himself forward, wrapping both arms around the ex-Sand shinobi's neck, kissing him deeply and slipping his tongue into his mouth when it opened in surprise.

The platinum-eyed of the duo was taken aback as he was pushed backwards, hitting the headboard of the bed. He slowly slid down until his head was resting on the pillows; eyes squinting open as the sky-blue-eyed male pulled away.

"Deidara…" He murmured faintly, mouth slightly opened as he looked up at his partner. "What…was the meaning of that…?"

"Heh." The ex-Iwa nin's reply was only a smirk.


"Art is a bang, Sasori no Danna…" Deidara grinned down at the redhead beneath him, "And I'm going to use your body to show you."

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