Hi everyone…wow it's been way way way tooo long…I'm almost embarrassed to even come back and write this. So much has happened in my life and idk I have obviously not been updating this story nor any of my stories. I just found out like a week ago that for months all my review alerts and anything having to do with fanfiction was going to my spam!!! Imagine my surprise when I realize that people are still reading my stories and reviewing them! For a while I thought no one was reading them anymore. So now knowing that you are in fact still reading makes me feel incredibly bad for not updating in forever. I started reading this story again and honestly I am sooo lost with it. I don't know what to do!!!! Part of me wants to revise the whole thing because there are horrible spelling errors and also I feel like I want to make it juicer and add some things and change the plot around a little……but the other part of me kind of wants to force myself to continue with what I have already done with this story. I really don't know which of these two ideas I should go with. All I know is that I want to please you guys because yall are the ones reading it. So I have decided to ask your opinions! Please tell me which one you would like for me to do and why in a review and I will make my decision by that and try to have something for yall to read for this story within the next week. Thank you for all that have read my story and left reviews! It is because of you that I have decided to continue on with it. As of now I am kind of leaning towards starting over, just because I think I can make it sooo much better! And for those of you who haven't read this story in a long while, it will give you a chance to experience this phenomenon all over again!!! And BETTER!!! Just a thought! Let me know what you guys want. Love you! ~prettygirlrocks