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Chapter 5: First Day

By: PrettyGirlRocks

Beta'd: Just this once by me.

It was Monday morning before they knew it. The sun brightly lit up the sky, erasing all the remnants of the moon just as all of the interaction between Brooke and Nathan had been forgotten overnight.

There were no naughty dreams of incest occupying Nathan's mind thankfully. And when he rubs the sleep out of his eyes and stares at the picture of Brooke and him on his desk, he wonders if he made up his attraction for her.

He has the water running in the shower in no time and takes a quick one. There is no need to masturbate this morning so it doesn't take as long, although he does spend sometime on his abs. He's a proud man. He also washes his hair with a shampoo that gives his hair a piney minty fragrance.

It's still summer so he doesn't wear the usual Ravens hoodie. Instead he throws on a dark blue wife beater and some black basketball shorts. He is the epitome of sexy, and he knows it.

He looks himself over in the mirror for a while and smiles. He's glad he decided to get that earring Skills talked him into getting because it really just brings his whole look to another level. He doesn't just look sexy but he looks a little…dangerous. And girls love dangerous guys. In truth, that was exactly what Nathan Scott was.

He makes it out of his bedroom with his backpack and Forces in hand before he realizes that it's a little bit earlier than he thought. Brooke is still asleep and the whole house is dark. The clock in the hall reads 5:00 and he realizes he has a little over an hour and half before school starts. He just rolls his eyes and continues down the hall, past his sister's bedroom, and down the stairs to the kitchen in hopes of grabbing some coffee and maybe a bagel.

He makes it to the kitchen and wonders how he could have missed the low sizzling sounds let alone the wonderful smell of bacon and eggs, but he did. He's just not used to having someone in the kitchen actually cooking in the morning because his mother hasn't been there for a year. He doesn't know quite how to feel about this but he does know one thing, he's pretty fucking hungry right now.

His mother looks up from the stove her blond hair in a messy ball, and smiles so warmly at him that it melts his heart. She looks a little tired he notices but she still manages to look happy. He wonders if it's all an act.

He gives a small wave and a mumbled 'morning' before dropping his book bag to the floor and sitting down at the counter before the stove. He studies his mom as she cooks and notices the small changes in her. She looks a little thinner which would be a good thing if she wasn't already on the thin side. She also seemed to have aged just a little bit, but never the less she was still a beautiful women.

He wants to say something to her but he can't think of a single thing. He hates how awkward he's become around his own mother and takes this time to put his Forces on.

"Where is your sister?" he hears his mother question and the sound almost scares him because it's been a while since either of them have spoken.

"Um, sleep." He stutters as he runs his fingers through his hair, glancing up the stairs. "It's not really time for us to be leaving yet."

"Yes I know but it's your sister we're talking about. Do you know how long it takes that girl to get ready sometimes?" She lets out and he actually smiles at her comment.

"Yeah, you are right about that." And as if on cue, water starts running from upstairs. They both start laughing but as soon as his mother touches his shoulder he stops, immediately tensing.

"Sorry," she mumbles and she hates that she ruined the moment. Things almost seemed like they used to be for a moment. But now the silence is back and she has to find a way to break it.

"So I see you got some new shoes honey."

He cringes when he hears her call him 'honey' because he almost thinks that she doesn't deserve to call him such a loving name like that anymore because if she loved him, she wouldn't have left. But he tries to hold these thoughts in.

"Yes," he answers watching his mother turn off the stove and plate the eggs and bacon. "I'm always getting new shoes….gotten about 36 new pairs since you've been gone, three a month."

She shivers as she stares back into the angry eyes of her son and wonders how many other moments she has missed in her son's life. Her lip starts to quiver and she silently prays that she can hold it together because she really doesn't want to break down in front of her eldest child.

"Please understand that I never wanted to leave you Nathan."

"Then why did you?" Nathan growls back. "Why did you leave me here with that monster?" she watches as his fist clench and wishes she could take all his pain away.

"It's very complicated honey," he cringes again at her choice of words. "I'm sorry."

"Why don't you just tell me mom!" he exclaims and his voice is full of passion, full of confusion, frustration, and sorrow.

That's when she sobs. "I can't Nathan." She touches his face with her hand but he turns away from her. "Please understand," she whispers as she makes her way to his side of the counter. She grabs his chin in her hand making him look up at her. "I've missed you son," she whispers and something in her eyes just makes Nathan snap.

He's hugging his mom just like he did when he was a little child and he can't explain how wonderful it is to be in his mother's arms again. "I missed you too mom, please don't ever leave me alone again and please don't take Brooke away, I can't take it!" he lets out and his mother just cradles his head like she used to and reassures him that they won't ever leave him again.

"When we leave again, you will come with us, I promise."

He just nods his head and tries to make himself believe his mothers words.

She promised that when they leave again he will be going with them and this provides some comfort for him; but then he wonder why his mother sounded so sure that they would be leaving again. It was all a matter of when.

"Ahem." Someone clears their throat behind them and they break apart from their embrace to stare at the beautiful brunette standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

"Sorry to interrupt the 'leave it to beaver' moment but we have to leave soon Nate or we're gonna be late." Brooke let out dryly. Nathan had a feeling the little minx wasn't sorry at all.

"It's ok honey. Wow that time went by so quickly. Good morning, I hope you had a good night sleep." Deb lets out as she embraces her daughter lovingly. "I made breakfast for you and your brother; I was hoping we'd have time to have breakfast together."

"Food, goody!" the brunette let out as she skipped to the stove grabbing a strip of bacon from the platter and popping it in her mouth. "Mmm yummy," she exclaimed before making her way to the fridge. "Where's the orange juice?" she let out tilting her head to the side until she spotted it on the top shelf. "There you are!" she exclaimed, reaching up on her tippy toes and grabbing it from the shelf.

It was this action that made Nathan take in Brooke's attire. She was wearing a light pink shirt that came off of her shoulders, much like the one she got when shopping except this one didn't have ruffles and it showed a little of her flat stomach. She was wearing this with a dark jean skirt and some pink heels. Those naughty dreams come flooding his mind like a tidal wave and he almost looses it.

"Do you want some Nate?" she asks, looking as innocent as ever. And Nathan has to look down at the Orange Juice in her hand to realize what she is offering him.

He had barely heard her, but was glad he did because it put an end to his current gawking. "Um, no" he said looking away from the beauty in front of him instantly.

"Um, mom" he says looking at his mom with a frown, "You can't seriously let her go to school like that!" he finishes, eyeing her briefly and motioning toward her current wardrobe.

Brooke looks at her brother absolutely shocked. "There's nothing wrong with the way I'm dressed!"

"Where's the other half of that skirt? You look like a freaking prostitute." He says and he can feel his temper rising.

"Oh my gosh, your being such a retard!" she yells moving away from him abruptly. "My skirt is even longer than the cheerleading skirts." She says matter of factly.

"Oh big whoop!" he yells back sarcastically. "The cheerleaders might as well not even have skirts, not that I'm complaining", he added thinking about the hot girls and she just frowns at this.

"Exactly so don't complain about mine!" She puts the orange juice back in the fridge, grabbing some more bacon, and heading toward the door with her blue glitter bag in hand which definitely did not count as a book bag.

"Mom!" he protests again.

"Alright you two, that's enough" she says calmly but with force. "Nathan I never tell you what to wear," she pauses giving him attention. "So you don't tell your sister what to wear," she finishes.

"That's because I don't dress like a whore!" he yells.

"Discussion is over!" She brings her cooked food to the table and sits down. "Now eat." She says pointing at the plates of bacon and eggs.

Nathan just shakes his head. "I have to go," he lets our before picking up his book bag and storming past his sister.

Brooke looks at her mother as she stares down at the food that she had gotten up early in the morning to fix for her children. She'd wanted them to know she still cared.

"I'm sorry mom," Brooke lets out as she follows her brother out the door and to his car.

Deb listens to the click of the door. "Alone again," she sighs sadly as she picks up her fork and eats some of the eggs. But she has to admit it did feel good to have to interfere in the arguments again. Things would get better now she was sure.


The siblings drive along in silence. Both are too stubborn to break the ice. Finally Nathan speaks up, but it isn't very nice what he says.

"That was a very shitty thing you did back there" he says, not once looking at her, his eyes were glued to the road in front of him. "You know that outfit is way inappropriate, especially for a freshman!"

She looks over to her brother. "Why do you care so much?" she asks puzzled as to how something she wore could affect her brother so much.

He finally takes his eyes off the road for a second to glance at the brunette sitting beside him in his black convertible. "Brooke I just don't want you to get hurt," he says returning his eyes to the road again.

"I won't Nate, I'm strong and independent. I don't let people in easily, believe me. I'm a big girl now; I can take care of myself." She half whines.

"I know you're a big girl now Brooke" he replies. Believe me, I know. "But that doesn't change the fact that I'm your big brother and I'm going to always want to protect you, and looking like that I'm probably going to have to. I'm sorry if that bothers you." He finishes looking down for a second, and then back at the road.

"It doesn't bother me." She replies slowly. She slides her hand slowly on top of his hand that had been resting beside him, giving it a squeeze. "I want you to be there for me…always." She finishes not letting go of her brother's hand.

He smiles clearly pleased by her words. "Good, because I'm not going anywhere." He says lifting her hand slowly to his mouth and placing a soft kiss on it. She smiles at his sweet gesture.

"Now what were you saying about the way I look? I must look pretty damn good huh?" she nudges his shoulder playfully.

"No comment," he chuckles and she groans giving a small pout.

"I bet you're all hot and bothered because of me," she whispers, "You so want me," she continues, biting her lip cheerfully.

He sighs running his hand through his ebony locks. He had gorgeous hair. ( his hair like it was in season four.) She just sits there admiring her brother, there was no doubt about it, he was the most handsome guy she had ever laid eyes on.

"I love it when you do that" she lets out daringly.

He looks at her puzzled. "Do what Brooke?"

She smiles at him, a blush creeping up on her face. "Run your fingers through your hair, like that. It's so pretty." She says in complete admiration.

He laughs at her shyness. "Why thank you," he replies.

There is a pause. Brooke knows what she wants to ask but she hesitates for a moment before deciding it's silly and just comes out with it. "May I?" was all she says.

He looks at her momentarily, a smile creeping up on his face. "If you want to." He replies his blue eyes back on the road. They were only a couple of blocks from school.

She turns her body so that she is facing the side form of her brother and slowly moves her hand up to his gorgeous locks, and brings it down to meet with the beginning of his hair. She slowly runs her fingers through each soft strand, pausing sometimes to swim in the pleasure of it.

"Feels so good," Nathan lets out closing his eyes.

She's surprised by his reaction, but for some reason it makes her want to continue. "Really?" she asks. "It smells really good," she lets out inhaling and he smiles. "Do you like it?" she was kicking herself mentally for asking the last question.

But surprisingly he nods his head slowly as she continues ravishing through his soft hair.

Then she gasps. "Oh my gosh Nathan when did you get that earring?" she exclaims and he immediately relaxes after realizing that nothing was wrong.

"You like?" he questions as he feels her warm hands ghost over the little stud in his right ear.

"Very much," she whispers in his ear brushing her lips over it. "You have no idea the things I wanna do to you right now."

"Down tiger," he chuckles as he playfully pushes her away. "You don't wanna get mixed up with a guy like me," he lets out and all playfulness is gone.

"Really?" she questions as she stares at his profile, trying to read his blue eyes with her hazel.

"Yes," is all he says but she has never been one to back down from a challenge.

"I think I'll have to find out what you mean by that big brother," she lets out.

As they near the school parking lot she brings her hand down and turns straightforward in her seat and all their previous playful banter and actions are ceased. He immediately misses the feeling he had feeling her hands through his hair, it was almost tantalizing.

He pulls the convertible in its parking spot, which to her is the best parking spot out of the whole lot. She always knew her brother was popular, but perhaps he was Mr. Popular.

"Here we are," he lets out as he turns off his car. "You ready?" he asks the beauty beside him. She doesn't reply, only stares straightforward motionless. "Brooke...If this is about the clothes thing, you know you look gorgeous in whatever you wear, come on."

"I'm just worried they won't like me" she says turning to her brother for the first time since they entered the parking lot. "I don't think I can take it if they don't like me." She shakes her head in fear as she talks.

"Don't worry Brooke, they will like you, I promise." He squeezes her shoulder for encouragement. "Believe me, you're not unlikable. I'm sorry it's absolutely impossible" he lets out a laugh to add to the ridiculousness of the fear. "Now I have to go but I think you should have some classes with Peyton so you'll know someone at least."

She's a little mortified that she will have classes with Peyton especially since she thinks the blond might not like her very much anymore but she is even more mortified that Nathan won't be accompanying her. "You won't be with me?" she asks in almost a whimper.

He shakes his head, "Senior, remember?" He finishes. "Now I have to go," He says getting out of the car abruptly. "Be good."

She nods. "I'll see you later right?" Brooke asks hopefully.

"Maybe at lunch and after school at the gym, you said you're trying out for the cheerleading team right?"

She nods with a little grin on her face.

He returns her grin as he slowly walks away. "I'll see you then." She can already hear his name being called.

"Hey B" comes the voice of her childhood best friend.

She turns around abruptly to run up to her. "I'm so glad you're here, you've got to be like my guardian angel or something." She said hugging the girl then she remembers the previous events between the two of them. "I hope you're not mad at me for taking Nathan the other day but you get to spend time with him all the time and I just came back and I just wanted to spend time with my big brother….."

Peyton laughs at her. "You're so dramatic Brooke! Come on you got people to meet. Love the outfit by the way." She adds as they enter the school arm in arm. Apparently all was forgiven and forgotten and Brooke was extremely thankful for this. She didn't realize how much she missed her best friend until now.

People call Peyton's name left and right as well which was odd since she was just a freshman and she had seniors calling her name. Brooke guessed she should have known this since her brother slept with her and kind of had some kind of relationship going with her though he would never admit it.

"Hey people's I want you to meet Brooke Davis, my bestest friend in the whole world." She yells loud enough for everyone in the hallway to hear.

"HEY BROOKE!" came a chorus of screams.

She waves shyly as they continue to walk down the hall to the office where she gets her schedule. During the whole trip she can hear people whisper things about her. Brooke was used to girls hating on her and could careless, she already had a girl best friend and that one was enough for her. The boys comments put a smile on her face though, not that she wasn't used to boys thinking she was hot, she was just happy that she hadn't lost her touch.

"I think that this is the start of a great day, P. Sawyer" she whispers as she continues her waves to the passerby's.


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