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Chapter 6: Two Reunited

Kuki moodily dropped a box of stuff in her new room.

She looked around. It was a nice room. It had Central Park in view. However Kuki would prefer to be back in Cleveland in a not-so-luxurious tree house.

The apartment itself was very nice. Kuki's room was a pale green and had a walk-in closet. Her little sister Mushi, who was 13, had a pale violet room next door.

Kuki sighed. The room was full of boxes and furniture.

"I can't deal with this now." She muttered and stomped to the living room where she knew her mother was unpacking dishes.

"I'm going out." Kuki said.

"Where?" Mrs. Sanban asked looking at her eldest daughter.

"Just walking. Maybe in Central Park." Kuki said.

A look of horror crossed Mrs. Sanban's face and Kuki rolled her eyes.

"Relax mom. I'm not going to get mugged. I took defense classes remember?"

"Ok. But take your cell phone and be back in half an hour." Mrs. Sanban said.

Kuki nodded and ran out the building.

She trotted into Central Park and breathed in the smell of trees, grass and flowers. It was beautiful. You couldn't even tell that you were in the middle of one of the most populated cities on Earth.

Kuki looked up and started daydreaming. It would be SO nice to see one of Sector V. Anyone would do. ANYONE!

Suddenly Kuki slammed into someone and both people fell to the ground. Kuki had hit her head slightly and was sitting with a hand to it.

Her crash partner jumped up and held a hand out to her.

"I am so, so ,so, SO sorry!" He apologized in a British accent.

Kuki looked up and all color drained from her face.

How many people in the world spoke in a British accent, wore gray cargo pants, a red t-shirt, had deep blue eyes and just HAPPENED to be bald?

"Num... Numbuh 1?" Kuki stammered.

Nigel stared at her for a moment as if trying to recognize her before he pulled her to her feet and pulled her into a bear hug.

Kuki was practically crying with happiness as she hugged Nigel back tightly.

Thank you! She thought looking at the sky. True she and Nigel had never been the best friends in the world but it was still someone from Sector V!

Nigel pulled back and smiled hugely at her.

"Numbuh 3! Look at you! You look great!"

Kuki smiled.

"Please. Not Numbuh 3. It brings back to many memories. Call me Kuki." She said sadly.

Nigel nodded solemnly. "Same with me. Call me Nigel, 'k?"

Kuki nodded. Nigel gestured at a bench and the two sat down.

"What are you doing here?" They asked at the same time.

"Sorry. You first." Nigel said.

"What are you doing here?" Kuki asked smiling.

"I've lived in New York for 6 months. I live alone. My parents still live in London. At first I wanted to move back to Cleveland but they wouldn't let me."

Kuki nodded sadly.

"My family just moved here." She said. "We live in an apartment in front of Central Park."

"I live in an apartment over there." Nigel said pointing in the general direction of Kuki's home.

"Looks like we're neighbors." Kuki said ecstatic with happiness.

Nigel smiled and then frowned.

"Have you heard anything from the old Sector V?" He asked.

Kuki stiffened and shook her head. "No. You're the first in 6 years."

"Interesting shirt, by the way." Nigel said grinning at the dark blue, orange, green, light blue and red shirt that Kuki was wearing.

Kuki grinned sheepishly.

"I saw it in a store in Tokyo and I had to buy it." She said smiling.

"Yeah. I like it." Nigel said. "Hey here. I've had it for years but I think you'll appreciate it more than I do."

He pulled a photo out of his pocket and handed it to the girl. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. It was the picture of her and Numbuh 4. Her eyes became a bit teary but she smiled at Nigel.

"Thanks Nigel. It means a lot." She hugged her old friend and stood up.

"I've got to go. My mom said that I had to be back in half an hour. Maybe we could meet somewhere?" She asked timidly.

"Sure. What about tomorrow at The Winter Cafe? It's around the corner from where we live and has a huge orange umbrella in the front of it. You can't miss it." Nigel said standing up.

"Ok... oh here." Kuki said reaching into her purse and pulling out a card. "It's my cell phone and home number. You might want to call my cell phone until you meet my mom again. Otherwise it could get complicated. She did order me not to have ANY contact with a KND operative."

"Yeah. Here." Nigel said handing Kuki a similar card.

"Do you want to call me or should I call you?" Kuki asked.

"You can call me in the morning ok?" Nigel said.

"Ok. See you tomorrow Nigel." Kuki said running off.

"Bye Kuki." Nigel called after her.

As she disappeared out the park entrance he couldn't help but feel a small urge that the girl had dark brown skin, amber eyes, long black hair in a braid and was smirking at him.

He mentally slapped himself and barely avoided genuinely slapping himself. Even if he really did want to see Abby more than Kuki, she was a friend and was the first of Sector V he had seen in 6 years. He should be happy with what he could get. It was a blessing to see any of Sector V at all.

Nigel left the park shaking his head in disgust at his thoughts.

Kuki entered her apartment and leaned against the front door sighing.

"That was SO amazing." She smiled. "I can't believe I met Numbuh... I mean Nigel, right after I wished to see a member of Sector V. Still. It would have been cooler if it had been Wally."

She broke off looking horrified.

"How could you say that?" She asked herself. "Nigel is a good friend. I should be happy with what I get."

"KUKI!!! Mom wants you!!" Mushi screamed from the living room.

Kuki sighed and hurried into the living room where Mrs. Sanban had gone from unpacking dishes to unpacking linens.

"Kuki. There you are. How was it?" Mrs. Sanban asked.

"Eh... great! I love Central Park." Kuki said smiling.


"Hey mom? Can I go and look around the neighborhood tomorrow morning?" Kuki asked hesitantly.

"Sure. Mushi can go with you." Mrs. Sanban said.

Kuki froze.

"Mushi?" She stammered.

"Yeah Kooks. Can I come with you?" Mushi asked smiling at her sister.

When Mushi had turned 10, she had become the good sister again. Kuki actually had a lot of fun with her but would she keep this big a secret?

"Um... we'll see." Kuki mumbled. "I'm gonna go unpack a bit in my room."

"Ok dear." Mrs. Sanban said as Kuki left the room.

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