The Hockley's- Hearts Betrayed

By HL Griffiths

The Hockley's - Hearts Betrayed

Chapter Four


1913 – December


Arriving back at Gerard's lodgings, Sylvie told the driver to return for her in a couple of hours. Mrs Harding the proprietor came bustling out, on seeing the elegantly clad Sylvie in her hallway she dropped a curtsey and asked if they required refreshment and took Sylvie's furs and hat. Sylvie asked her if the guest lounge was in use as she wished to spend some time in private with her son. Mrs Harding waved her into the front room saying to call her if she needed anything.

In the modest front room, Sylvie seated herself on an armchair near the warm fire; Gerard brought the other chair nearer so they could hear each other.

Both seated neither spoke. Sylvie sighed and took in Gerard's serious expression.

"Where do we start?" she asked "Mon cherie you go first"

"What is it you know about the Tremaines?"

Gerard cast his mind back to when he had been sitting in the Dawson Family farmhouse in Wisconsin and hearing Jack Dawson, Roses husband telling him a few family secrets and how shocked he had been. His mother would be equally appalled he was sure.

"Mama, you know how last year Caledon went off helter skelter looking for Rose and how she was in Wisconsin with her new husband Jack Dawson?"

Sylvie frowned as she remembered all the aggro Caledon had caused in his quest to win back Rose Dewitt Bukater his runaway fiancée who was found out to be married to a young commoner and she had his child. How could she forget all the turmoil it had caused within the Hockley ranks, especially with Nathan, and how the fractures had grown between them all since then. Even in her own marriage to Nathan which given the type of man he was had always been harmonious which was now punctuated by arguments and bouts of Nathan's pettiness.

"Yes Gerard I remember," she said.

"Well" Gerard continued in a serious voice "Jack Dawson told me a few things, oh Mama you must not let my Father or Caledon know any of which I am to say"

"Gerard, what do you take me for" Sylvie said, "Can it be that bad?"

"Yup" Gerard said, "It can, Long ago you know that Father was married before to a Demelza Tremaine, Cals mother"

"Yes I knew your father had been married before, when I met him" Sylvie retorted not wanting to add that he would still been involved with Demelza at the time, but had never met her. Nathan had said that his first wife was very fragile and practically an invalid.

"Demelza was married off to Father at the age of sixteen and it wasn't a success from all accounts. Well Demelza Tremaine had a younger sister called Hope. This Hope did not want to be married off as her sister was and eloped with a young farmer James Dawson and they had Jack. If I am correct, that makes Jack Dawson and Caledon cousins. Needless to say Jack and Rose weren't that impressed to find out the family connection considering that Rose was engaged to Cal!" Gerard breathed heavily.

"Well I never" Sylvie said shortly "What a strange turn up, No I would not say anything to Cal. Definitely not to your father either, he considers the Tremaine bloodline tainted!"

Gerard wiped his hair from his face "Mother, when you described little Vaughn earlier, he sounds very much of the Tremaine line. There was a lot of artistic ability there. Jack is very gifted and is a celebrated artiste. Demelza and her sister were both fair-haired with characteristic striking grey eyes. Like the baby I imagine?"

Sylvie nodded. "Oh very much. This likeness to Demelzas lineage has unsettled your father and Cal very much, they are both of the opinion that Hockley males should be in their own likeness. Why, that is the reason Cal dotes on the female twin as she is the image of Cal" she commented.

"Apparently Demelza was of a sweet disposition" Gerard mused "Poor old Cal missing out on his mother. Pity she died so young"

Suddenly all the colour died from Sylvie's face. "Died!" she echoed in a peculiar voice"

In addition, she then reached across and took Gerard hand, her eyes troubled.

"Mama?" Gerard said concerned. Puzzled.

"Demelza Hockley, Gerard, is NOT DEAD," she said in a strangled voice.

Gerard released his mother's hand.

"What?" he asked, "Mama, you better tell me"

Sylvie's face still paled, tears swam in her eyes. "No Gerard, Demelza is not dead," she said in softer tones.

"It's awful really. I am ashamed to say. When I met your Father, he was still legally married to Demelza, Cal was about eight. He said Demelza was always in her suite and was poorly a lot, he was not happy. He made arrangements for her and secretly obtained a divorce so we could marry"

Gerard's face was becoming red with anger; he could not believe this of his own mother who was crying now.

"How could you do that, get involved with a married man, what arrangements did you make mother, how did Father get a divorce so easily?" Gerard fired off angry questions.

Sylvie blanched. "Please Gerard, I was so young, I was in love with your father who arranged it all. You were on the way"

"You were Fathers mistress!" Gerard cried, "Dear God Its as bad as what Cal and Emily have done to me"

Tears fell from Sylvie's eyes, her breathing was ragged.

"What arrangements did you make to remove Demelza? You still have not answered that, you left Cal motherless, no wonder he grew up to be a monster!"

"Mother!" he yelled "What arrangements?"

Sylvie was crying so hard she could not speak. Gerard stood up and walked to the door seeing he would get no further answers.

"You better wait here till your car comes for you. Leave me alone," he shouted.

Feelings of protectiveness for his friends the Dawson influenced him that family had been through hell and back because of the Hockley's. Mainly his father. Funny how all roads led back to his father as the centre of everyone's trials and problems.

"I can't believe my own mother was coerced and was in conspiracy with the great Nathan Hockley as well," he added bitterly.

"Gerard, you deserve the truth" Sylvie spat back, "Don't go, I am sorry"

"Oh the truth, do you know what else the great dictator did, bankrupted the Dewitt Bukaters just so Cal could have Rose, what sort of man did you marry, I am ashamed to have him as my father" Gerard's voice grated loud and guttural to his ears.

"And to have you as my mother, you disgust me! Go back home, I have had enough misery to last a lifetime" he finished and went to walk from the room.

As he went to turn the handle, Sylvie said in a low voice.

"Gerard, about Demelza, Nathan had her committed to an asylum... The divorce was granted on the reason of Demelza s insanity!"