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Boys of Summer
Chapter One: Welcome To Camp Haven

The fingers of Matt Ishida drummed impatiently against his knee. It was early in the morning, at least in his opinion much too early to be up and dressed with perfect hair and already in the car. He briefly checked his hair in the car's rear-view mirror then continued staring out of the window as trees and fields flashed by, cursing himself for leaving his iPod in the bottom of his bag.

"Won't be long now," his father reassured from the front seat.

"Whatever," Matt shrugged. He was in no way happy about this trip, not one bit, and he was not going to pretend otherwise, least of all for the sake of his father. It had all been a last minute decision anyway. His father's most recent live-in girlfriend had been whining that he worked too hard and wasn't spending enough time (which in Matt's eyes translated as money) on her. His father's relationship quick fix had been to book a last minute cruise for the summer, just the two of them, and that meant shipping Matt off to Summer Camp, something Matt had never experienced before. He was used to staying home when his father went away, either being left with whoever his father was dating at the time or even alone, but after the chaotic aftermath of a wild party his father had come home to last time, he'd vowed not to leave Matt home alone again. Matt had no idea what to expect from the stay, but if the sign they'd passed a while back was anything to go by (Camp Haven: Your Summer Of Fun Starts In Five Miles. Don't Forget To Smile), it would be the cheesiest and most cringe-worthy month of his life. His expectations of the other kids there left a lot to be desired. He presumed they'd be the type who had no friends and as such nothing better to do with their summers than spend four and a bit weeks at a camp with other nerdy kids. He was gracious of the fact, however, that it was a 13-17 year old camp only, which meant no annoying little kids running round. There was no way he could have handled that.

Staring out of the back window, Matt groaned inwardly as he saw another large sign that read 'Camp Haven: Your Summer Of Fun Starts Here' and his father turned the car up the long dirt driveway that eventually emerged into the camp. Matt couldn't help but credit it for its size, from where he was it seemed huge, and he knew he couldn't even see the whole of it.

As his father pulled up outside the main building, Matt grudgingly got out of the car and slammed the door shut. He briefly took in his surroundings. The ground was dirty, but the atmosphere seemed one of excitement, something that ground on his nerves slightly. There were kids milling about everywhere, greeting each other, saying goodbye to their parents, wandering around looking lost. Directly in front of him was a large building, built on high foundations with decking surrounding each side. The sign above the door read 'Meet and Greet: Administration Centre'. A middle-aged man stood on the decking with a microphone shouting instructions that 'all campers must report to the reception area at the front of the main building within the next ten minutes'.

Matt watched his father open the boot of the car and pull his bags out, but retrieved his guitar from the car on his own. Though it was safe and protected in its case, Matt didn't trust anyone else handling it, especially people he was pissed off at. He pulled his bags too him, wrapping the straps around his shoulders.

"Right Matt, are you okay?" His father asked as he handed Matt his last bag.

"Yeah," Matt frowned, sarcasm filling his voice, "I'm absolutely great,"

"That's the spirit," The man snorted, cocking an eyebrow, "Matt you know I had no other choice. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here anyway, the people seem… friendly,"

"Yeah, too friendly,"

"Alright then…" Mr. Ishida said awkwardly, "I'll call you, okay? We may be back before camp finishes anyway, so we may come and get you early," he tried to sound reassuring, but Matt just scowled in response. "Right, okay, well, have fun Matt. See you in a month or so," and with that he got in his car and drove away, leaving Matt to tug all his bags up the steps and to reception.

The reception area was fairly large, adorned with many pictures of previous camp trips. There were several desks in the centre of the room, each with a queue in front and an administrator behind. Lazily, Matt joined the shortest queue. He soon found himself second from the front behind a slender brunette who was bent forward with his elbows on the desk. Matt hadn't been paying attention to the conversation between the boy and the receptionist until he got impatient; the brunette was taking much longer than anyone else had.

"Aw come on Nancy. You gotta do something! For me?" The boy whined sweetly, and Matt could tell by the tone in his voice that he was pulling puppy dog eyes.

The young woman at the desk rolled her eyes jovially, "Tai you know I'm not in charge of the designations. I just tell you what they've decided,"

"I know. But you can try and pull some strings can't you? Or just retype it in the filing system or whatever it is," The boy, Tai, begged, then leant further over the desk and looked at the screen. "Look, can't you just change it here aaaand… here?" He asked, pointing to the screen.

"Oh, come on," Matt groaned loudly, sick of waiting.

The brunette turned around and faced Matt, carefully staring the blonde up and down. Matt stared threateningly right back into the other boys wide brown eyes.

"There are other people waiting, y'know?" he spat.

Tai merely shot Matt a friendly smile then turned back to Nancy the receptionist.

"But you'll see what you can do right?"

"Yes Tai, I'll try,"

"Thanks Nancy. See you round," He smiled, then picked up his bags and walked through the doors at the back of the reception room.

Matt stepped forward to the desk and Nancy greeted him with a friendly smile.

"Hey, what's your name please?"

"Matt," he stated roughly "Matt Ishida,"

"Hey Matt. Welcome to Camp Haven," Nancy smiled as she typed his name into the computer, "First time here?"


"Oooh, you seem so happy about it," She joked, "I promise it isn't as cheesy as they make it sound. Right, here we are," She tapped the computer screen, "Your colour is blue and you're in Chalet 6. If you go into the main hall through the double doors behind me, there'll be a meeting held and they'll tell you everything else you need to know. Oh, and here are your shirts," she handed him a folded blue t-shirt and polo-shirt which he took from her begrudgingly as he walked to the back of the room and through the double doors into the main hall.

Carefully he glanced around his new surroundings. The hall was large with tables and chairs stacked up against the walls. Light flooded in through large windows set in the far wall, casting criss-cross shadows across the shiny wooden floor. A set of double doors was positioned between two of the larger windows. The hall was quickly filling up with teenagers each carrying their bags and coloured shirts. He couldn't help but notice he had more bags than anyone else. Along one wall was a line of adults, mostly dressed in shorts and polo shirts. Amongst the crowd Matt spotted the slender brunette from reception conversing animatedly with a small group of boys.

Cautiously he walked over to a pile of stacked tables and placed his bags on them, leaning against the tables and protectively holding his guitar to him. He waited impatiently as other kids gradually filled the room and once again cursed himself for leaving his iPod in the bottom of his bag.

Eventually the room seemed full and the man who'd been outside with the megaphone came in with a middle-aged woman and silenced everyone.

"Good morning people. Welcome to Camp Haven. For those of you who are new this year, I'm Bill," He introduced himself casually then signalled to the woman on his left, "and this is Anne. We're the head leaders here, and over there are the rest of the leaders," he explained pointing to the line of staff against the wall, "Anne and I are in charge of the camp as a whole, but each colour group will be assigned three leaders and many activities will have speciality leaders. Remember for some of them it's their first year too, so make them feel comfortable. Anyway, you've all been assigned your colour and chalet number, we've got a month ahead of us so let's get started. First thing that will happen this morning is a tour of the entire campsite. It is compulsory and we've added some new buildings this year. You'll leave your stuff here and can come and collect it afterwards because then you'll be taken back to your chalets and you'll have the afternoon to unpack and get to know your room and group mates. In the evening we'll all meet in the auditorium for a run over of the whole month. Now, if you can put all your belongings to the side of the room and head onto the field at the back, Anne and I will start the tour,"


Exhausted, Matt lay back on the bed he had chosen to be his. The tour was over and he was now inside his chalet, which consisted of four beds – two on each side of the room facing into the centre, each with a bedside table – two small wardrobes and a small toilet cubicle that had a sign on it reading 'only in case of emergency'. The beds were surprisingly comfy, and the chalet had an almost calming feel to it. The whole camp was actually pretty amazing, it was huge and had everything from a pool to a music block. The surrounding area was beautiful. It was placed at the edge of a still lake and small beach and was surrounded by forests. Matt's stubborn nature however, forbade him from seeing the positives of the camp just yet. For now he just wanted to chill out and feel annoyed at his father and his father's girlfriend. His thoughts were interrupted when the door of the chalet swung open and two boys walked in.

"Yes, but Davis, you realise the chances of them letting him are ridiculously small in your favour, especially after last year," one boy stated with an extreme matter-of-fact tone cutting into his voice.

"Yeah, but there's still a chance right? And if not, we'll just whine until they let us," came the rather obnoxious reply.

Matt sat up to see the boys the voices came from. One was rather short with ginger hair, dressed in an orange shirt and jeans. The other was much taller with mahogany hair wearing black ¾ lengths and a blue t-shirt. The boys glanced up when they saw Matt on his bed and the bags that surrounded him and looked at each other. Matt couldn't help but notice the slight shake of the taller boy's head before he introduced himself.

"Hey there. I'm Davis," the boy held out his hand for Matt to shake, but still feeling sullen and stubborn, Matt refused it and simply stated his own name.

"Um, right-o," Davis uneasily withdrew his hand, "Well, Matt, this is Izzy," He gestured to the red head.

"Hello," Izzy greeted with a cautious smile.

"Okay, anyway, Izzy, what bed d'ya want?" Davis asked happily.

"I'll take this one," Izzy decided, placing his bags on the bed nearest the door on the opposite side to Matt's.

"Okay, I'll have the one next to you then!" Davis practically jumped on the bed opposite Matt's.

The door of the chalet swung open again as the fourth and final roommate made his way in. He was short, only just 13 and had a mass of black hair on his head with a fringe that covered just one eye.

"Hi, er, I'm Carl," he said nervously.

"Hey Carl. I'm Davis, he's Izzy and that's Matt over there," Davis smiled, "I should probably warn you both though, Matt and Carl, that one of you is likely to be getting switched to another colour and chalet, so I wouldn't make yourselves too comfy yet,"

"You're kidding, right?" Matt groaned, "I'm not moving. Why the hell should I anyway?"

"Our friend Tai wants to share with us. He's shared with Davis every year but this year they've separated them. Tai's up in administration at the moment trying to persuade them to move him in here, but after last year's events, the chances of that happening are minimal to say the least," Izzy explained.

"Ahh, Izzy, you underestimate the power of persuasion. Tai's a legend at it. By tonight, if not tomorrow, Tai will be in here and one of these guys will be gone. My money's on Carl, knowing-"

Izzy silenced the boy with a glare.

"What? I'm just saying Blondie's gonna be too stubborn to move," Davis defended himself and his near slip up.

Matt frowned, thinking there was something strange about what happened, but being too tired to find out exactly what. He got off his bed and began to unpack some of his things. He leant his guitar against the wall at the side of his bed and placed some of his clothes in the two bottom drawers of his bedside table. The top drawer he filled with two bags. One of which contained many a hair product, the other containing chargers for his iPod and phone. He placed his iPod and the speakers for it on top of the bedside table and put his phone next to them. He left the rest of his clothes and belongings in his bags and pushed them under his bed. He flipped back on his bed and watched the other boys as they unpacked. Bored, he pulled out his iPod and stuck the headphones in, scrolling through the playlist to choose a song he felt in the mood for. He closed his eyes and let the music wash over him, letting it sooth him. He got so lost in it he barely noticed when Tai burst into the room.

"Howdiiie!" The brunette shouted, bouncing into the room.

"Tai! They're letting you stay here?" Davis grinned.

"Damn right they are," Tai swung his bag down onto the floor and reached his fist out. Davis met it with his own.

"See Izzy, what did I tell you about Tai's powers of persuasion?"

From his position on his bed, Izzy looked over the top of his laptop and nodded at Tai.

"Well done," he muttered, then turned his attention back to the laptop.

"Okay so who else do we have here?" Tai asked, glancing around the room. His eyes immediately set on Matt lying on his bed in the corner, "Oh,"

"Hah, nice reaction. So that is Blondie, is it?"

"Uh huh," Tai nodded, a small smile settling on his face before he turned his attention to Carl.

"Hey, uh, I'm Carl," the black-haired boy held out his hand, which Tai met and shook.

"Hi Carl, the name's Tai. Erm, look Carl, either you or Blondie's gotta go up to admin to switch colour and stuff," Tai shifted from foot to foot, hoping that Matt couldn't hear. He'd much rather the black haired kid leave than the blonde hottie.

"Oh, right, um, that's okay, I'll go. He said he wouldn't anyway. I'll see you guys round camp, yeah?" Carl smiled uneasily, heaving his packed bag onto his back and walking towards the door, "It was nice to meet you all,"

"You too Carl,"


And with that the boy was gone.

"Sooo," Tai said, bouncing onto his bed, "Um, can he hear us?" he signalled at Matt, who was still lying on his bed with his headphones in, eyes shut tight, mouthing words along every so often.

"Psh, doubt it, that things turned up really loud. Could hear it from my bed," Davis smiled.

"So who is he?"

"His name's Matt, that's pretty much all we got out of him. It's like you said, drop dead gorgeous but moody as hell, pretty rich by the looks of things too," Davis rolled his eyes.

"Hm, weird. Maybe he's just nervous. I guess it's his first time here, never seen him round here before anyway. I bet we can draw him out of it," Tai mused.

"Tai are you forgetting something? A certain guy back home by the name of Paul? You know, your boyfriend?" Davis cocked an eyebrow at the brunette boy.

"Hey, you know I wouldn't forget him. I'm not gonna try it on with Blondie or anything, but it can't hurt to have a hot new friend, right?" Tai grinned playfully.

"Sure, okay," Davis rolled his eyes as he watched his best friend watch the blonde newcomer. "Well it's going to be an interesting summer to say the least," he muttered, and Tai was so caught up in staring at the pretty blonde, he barely even noticed.

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