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Chapter Six

"He's been cheating on you, Tai. He's been sleeping with someone else."

Silence. It was shock. It was incriminating. Tai stumbled around his mind, trying to comprehend what his best friend had just said. His mouth opened and closed, trying to put words to his jumbled thoughts.



"What the hell, Sora? What kind of sick joke is this? Do you really think I-"

"Tai, calm down,"

"NO. Paul would not cheat on me. Where do you even get off saying that he does?"

"Tai, please calm down and just think about it. I wouldn't lie to you and I wouldn't say anything without being one hundred percent certain,"


"I've seen it with my own eyes, Tai. Some of Paul's friends even verified it,"

Tai's heart began to sink, feeling the truth in every word his best friend uttered.


"That Lawrence boy he hangs out with, and we're not sure but there may have been others. All I know is Lawrence isn't just a one-time thing,"

Slowly coming to terms with it, Tai whispered, "I need to talk to Paul," and hung up. Then the realisation hit him like a massive rock. His heart snapped and his legs buckled beneath him. He crashed to the floor as he scrolled through his phone for Paul's number. It rang through to answer phone twice before Paul finally answered with a seemingly irritable and out of breath "what?"

Not really knowing what else to say, Tai gruffly stated, "It's over,"

"What?" Paul's voice came through more attentive and insecure this time.

"It's over, Paul. I know."

And with that, Tai hung up.


From his seat at the empty table at the edge of the hall, Matt glanced around for what seemed to him like the thousandth time since he'd arrived at the disco. Still, Tai was nowhere to be seen. Not that it would have been that easy to spot him amongst everybody, but, to Matt, Tai was the sort of person to stand out in a crowd.

The lights in the Main Hall were out and instead several multi-coloured disco lights took their place. The room was set up with several tables of finger food and a few tables and chairs down one end, with the makeshift dance floor and DJ pit taking up the rest. What Matt had decided was obnoxious, mainstream, repetitive music was being pumped out from the speakers at an appropriate volume.

Matt glanced around again. He could see Mimi and her roommates dancing suggestively on the dance floor, Izzy and his computer friends were sat at the table nearest Matt's, deeply in discussion, and Davis had taken Ken off somewhere after they'd arrived. Yet still no Tai. It was worrying Matt; there was something about the look on Mimi's face or her glance at Davis and Izzy that seemed to charge them with an over willingness to leave right away. It was like they all knew something wasn't right, even if they didn't know exactly what.

Taking in the time from the clock on the wall, Matt realised they'd been there well over half an hour. Tai wouldn't have taken so long unless something really was wrong. He'd been looking forward to this disco. Taking a last bite from the sandwich on the paper plate in front of him, Matt stood up; there was nothing wrong in going to make sure his friend was all right or to see if he needed a hand with anything, surely.

He dashed out of the hall before any of his other friends could ask him where he was going then darted through Reception to outside, where he couldn't help but notice Davis and Ken making out against a wall. Smirking and shaking his head to no one but himself, he rushed towards the cabin, attempting to work out what he could say to Tai when he got there that wouldn't sound weird or stalkerish.

But as he pushed open the cabin door, none of that mattered. The lights in the cabin were off, so at first Matt couldn't see Tai. Then he spotted a hunched body, squatted down between their beds, shaking slightly. "Tai?"

As he heard Matt come in, Tai looked up, and the look on his face almost broke the blonde boy's heart. His eyes were bloodshot and red, traces of tears on his cheeks, a look of pitiful confusion haunting his normally brave features.

"Oh my god, what's wrong, what's happened?" Matt rushed to his friend's side, crouching next to him and wrapping an arm around his shoulder.

"Paul," Tai croaked flatly.

"What's happened? Is he ok?"

Tai nodded resentfully, Paul was just fine, then shook his head, not quite ready to talk or at least not knowing where to begin.

"Okay, um, do you want some water or something?" Matt didn't really know what else to say, but Tai nodded and Matt got up and poured a cup of water from the toilet sink. He handed it to the brunette and then helped him up so they could sit more comfortably on Matt's bed. Tai immediately scooted to the head so he could rest his back against the wall. He looked up at the ceiling, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Matt sat cross-legged in front of him, watching his friend cautiously. They sat in a still silence for a good few minutes before Matt spoke.

"Hey, have some water," he murmured, noticing Tai hadn't touched it yet and just wanting to help.

Tai looked down at the cup in his hands and then did as he was told.

"So, what's happened?" Matt asked.

"He's been fucking other sluts," Tai all but spat.

Matt gasped, partly at the language and tone he'd never have expected to come out of Tai's mouth, but mostly at what his friend had actually told him. He'd never thought that was coming and had to search for words before asking,

"How do you know?"

"Sora," Tai sighed, "She saw it or his friends told her or something,"

"Have you spoken to him?"

Tai nodded, "I called him, told him it was over, hung up," his voice started breaking and a tear or two formed in his eyes, "He called back. He all but admitted it. I asked him why and… silence. So I hung up again,"

"Shit," Matt leant forward and wrapped his arms around Tai's neck, just as Tai's ringtone started playing from the floor. Tai leant his head back against the wall again, whispering "Ignore it," but Matt leant over the bed, picking up the phone. The screen told him it was Paul calling, and he answered.


"Yeah. Who the hell is this?"

"That's none of your business. You've done enough damage. Tai told you it's over, so leave my friend the hell alone."

"Hey, who-"

Too late. Matt had hung up, briefly noticing a series of missed calls, from both Sora and Paul.

"Thanks," Tai murmured, managing a small grin at the way Matt had handled his now ex-boyfriend.

"Now that's what we wanna see," Matt motioned to Tai's smile. Tai smirked slightly again, then sank further down the bed, losing his smile.

"They tried to warn me," he muttered, "and I chose a boy over my friends. I should have listened,"

"Tai come on now, listen to me," Matt grabbed his friend's hands, forcing him to look directly in his eyes, "This is not your fault. Do not start beating yourself up about this. It's his fault, his mistake, not yours. And you can do so much better,"

"I never wanted to do better. I loved him. He was my forever boy,"

"Come on, now, you don't deserve this. He's clearly an asshole."

Tai sighed, rubbing at his eyes.

"Look, I'm not really great at this stuff; do you want me to go find Davis or Izzy?"

Tai shook his head, "I'm not quite ready to hear all the 'I told you so's" he joked, forcing a grin.

"Ok, in that case, I have an idea," Matt said, scrambling up from the bed, "Wait here, get in your PJs and I'll be back in ten," and with that he was gone.

Within five minutes, however, he was back and armed with bags of potato chips and chocolate.

"I raided the kitchen," he smirked proudly.

"Good move," Tai, still on Matt's bed but now in pyjamas, laughed lightly then caught the food as Matt chucked it at him.

"Mhmm, now scoot over here and give me a hand,"

"Why? What are we doing?"

"You'll see,"

Several minutes and a lot of strain later, the boys had pushed the two single beds together and were now sprawled across them as if one, both in their pyjamas.

"Got a pen and paper?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, why?" Tai replied half-heartedly.

"I've got an idea, get them out,"

Tai did as he was told and Matt got some from his bag too.

"Ok, write down everything you liked about being single before or anything you didn't like about Paul, and for every point I approve of, you get a square of chocolate," Matt explained, snatching the chocolate from Tai's reach before he could make a grab for it.

Tai smiled, "You came up with this, where?"

"When Brian broke up with his ex this is how we cheered him up; junk food and stupid lists. Of course we had bad movies and beers handy, but this'll work for us,"

Tai knuckled down on his list whilst Matt doodled on his paper and tried to jot down things he liked about being single. Eventually the blonde called time up and Tai started reading out his list.

"More time with my friends," was his first point.

"Excellent," Matt nodded, breaking off a piece of chocolate from the bar and throwing it at Tai, "Ok, next,"

"Nope, your go," Tai caught the chocolate mid-air, "You made some too, right?"

"Fine, ok," Matt purposely looked down at his paper so that he didn't have to look Tai in the eyes as he read out, "The mystery of meeting someone new,"

"Nice, I had something like that too. Square each?"

"I think so," Matt agreed, breaking off more chocolate, "Ok, you go,"

"Being able to turn off your phone and not having to explain why,"

Matt laughed, knowing the feeling from a brief relationship he'd had with a girl back home. He passed Tai another square of chocolate as he looked at his list for the next point.


Tai nodded and Matt broke himself off another piece.

"Go," he signalled to Tai.

"Random sex with hot strangers. Not that I've ever been into that sort of thing, but it's good to know I have the option should my morals ever change," Tai grinned.

…And so the game went on until both boys ran out of points, at which point they began scoffing the piles of chocolate in their laps. It quickly became silent again until Matt questioned,

"You feeling any better?"

Tai nodded, smiling slightly.

"Do you… wanna talk about it now you're less… angry?"

"A little," Tai nodded, and Matt could feel the frivolous atmosphere chill slightly.

"This calls for cheese puffs then," Matt broke open the bag and offered them to Tai, who took a handful and scoffed them before speaking.

"I never thought he could do that to me, y'know? How… it just isn't making sense to me yet,"


"Know what's bad? I'm not even sure how I'm supposed to feel. I was devastated, sure, I'm hurt, kinda numb… but I don't feel heartbroken, y'know? And aren't I meant to?"

"It's hard to say. Maybe… maybe you were expecting it. You said yourself you weren't missing him as much as you should be… Maybe subconsciously you knew something was going to happen…"

"Or maybe I brought it all on myself, thinking about… someone else. Well, hey Tai! Here's Karma and it's got a nice kick in the ass for you!"

"Don't be silly, Tai, he's the dick in this situation, not you,"

"Mmm, maybe,"


"I dunno, I guess I feel all over the place,"

"Maybe some sleep would do you good,"

"Maybe," Tai yawned, "Ok, probably," he lay down on his back and Matt did the same beside him.

"I really think I loved him. Like, really. But how can it be love if he'd do that to me? He obviously didn't feel the same and that's what hurts and confuses me the most." A few tears sprung to Tai's eyes. Matt reached out and held his friend's hand in his for comfort as he continued, "How can someone be so oblivious? Everyone warned me about Paul, I'd even seen him mistreat people with my own eyes before we were together. But somehow… I didn't think he'd do the same to me. Somehow I thought I could change him." During this, Tai had rolled over onto his side so that he was facing Matt.

"I guess-" Matt shifted onto his side to face Tai, "I guess people don't just change."

"Exactly and that's why I feel so stupid! Thinking that he could! Here's me with a crush on you refraining from doing anything about it while he's there putting it around like the village bike!"

The comment regarding him flew over Matt's head as he watched tears start to fill his friend's eyes. He wrapped his arms around Tai and allowed him to let out the pain and confusion. The comment only really sank in just over ten minutes later, when Matt realised that Tai had fallen asleep in his arms and he too was drifting off.


It wasn't long later that Mimi snuck into the boys' cabin on the hunt for her phone. When she saw the two boys lying tight together on the bed surrounded by junk food, she sighed to herself. It was then she heard her phone going off and she scrambled around for it, following the light and sound. She quickly answered it, running outside to avoid waking the boys.


"Think we should go back inside?" Ken asked Davis as they walked along the beach, fingers laced.

"But I like it here," Davis pouted, "with you,"

Ken smirked. "Took your time to say it though,"

"Oh, please! Like you'd have had the guts to do anything! If it wasn't for me pinning you against that wall-"

"Yeah, alright, I get your point," Ken smiled as Davis stopped and spun the violet-haired boy towards him.

"Mmm, you're super glad I did though, admit it," Davis pulled Ken into him so that they were centimetres away from each other's faces.

"As are you." Their lips were about to touch when Davis' pants started vibrating.

"Oof, didn't know you were that glad though," Ken joked as Davis rolled his eyes and pulled away.

"It's my phone," he defended, before answering it, "Ahoy-hoy, what can I do you for?"

"Dai, it's Mimi. Come back to the disco,"

"But Mimiiiiiiii-"

"Davis, it's important!"

"So is-"


It took until then for Davis to realise that the severity in Mimi's voice was coldly sincere.

"Ok, fine. Wait; is this about Sora's phone call?"

"Yeah, look, just come back up here,"

"Ok, I'm on my way,"

"What's going on?" Ken questioned as Davis hung up, biting his lip.

"I dunno, but it sounds kinda serious. We have to go back. I'm sorry,"


"So, Paul was cheating all along,"


Mimi's phone call had been from Sora who had filled her in on everything, and she was now explaining all to Davis and Izzy.

"Jesus, I knew that bastard was bad news. And Tai knows now?" Davis questioned.

"Well, yeah, that's why Sora spoke to him,"

"So why aren't we with Tai?"

"Uh, he's with Matt. Asleep. In the same bed…"

"Oh… like…. Naked?"

"No!" Mimi giggled, "They're cuddling but I don't think anything else has happened,"

"Ok. That's… that's good,"

"Is it?" Izzy mused, "So what's our plan of action? I mean, Tai's going to need us around, even if he acts okay,"

"Or maybe he just needs time alone with Blondie," Davis smirked.

"We'll see,"

After a little more discussion and musing, the three friends headed back inside the disco, which was beginning to die down somewhat. A lot of people were leaving or had already left. Ken was sitting at a table with Mimi's roommates. Davis and Mimi headed over to them whilst Izzy re-joined his friends from IT.

"Hey," Ken bounced up, greeting Davis with a half-hug, "Everything alright?"

"Not really," Davis replied, slightly more sombre than earlier, "I'm ready to go home, you coming?"


On the walk back to the Cabins, Davis filled Ken in on the situation, adding his own series of rants and raves about how Tai should have listened to his friends in the first place and how he was going to kick Paul's ass at the very first chance he got.

When they reached the Cabin door, the boys froze, Davis more than worked up and Ken just feeling pity along with fear of not knowing what to say. Slowly, Davis walked up the steps, Ken close behind, and pushed open the door. Everything was exactly the way Mimi had described; Matt and Tai's beds were pushed together and the two lay on top of the covers, Tai's face in Matt's chest with the blonde's arms wrapped tightly around him. Davis sighed, the sight slightly calming him down, and then noticed something Mimi had forgotten to mention – half eaten junk food! He tip-toed across the room, picking up some cheese puffs.

"You have weird priorities," Ken shook his head.

"Hey! I checked my friend's okay, and now I'm doing the same for my stomach," Davis defended himself, voice at a whisper.


"You know what? I think it may be a good idea if I stay with you tonight. These two are gonna need their space tonight. I'll come back first thing to check on Tai… if that's okay,"

"Sure," Ken smirked, "you can sleep on the floor,"

"Very funny,"

"I'm serious. I have a spare blanket for you down there and all,"

"I'm getting your bed, bitch, and if you won't move, I'm sharing it!"

"Sounds like a challenge,"

"Bring it!"

"Whatever," Ken shook his head, grinning, then grabbed the quilt from Davis' bed, "Give me a hand a minute,"

The two boys lay the quilt over their sleeping friends so that they didn't freeze overnight. Davis then set about gathering the food, arms full to the brim before heading over to Ken's.


"Morning Sunshine," came the voice from beside him, waking Matt up. He blinked sleep from his eyes, and turned to see Tai looking at him, smiling.

"Hey," Matt mumbled, voice heavy and scratchy from sleep. He coughed to clear his throat then stared straight into the eyes of the brunette whose arm was draped across his chest.

"Sleep well?" Tai's mouth was inches from his own and his warm breath lingered on his face.

"Most definitely," Matt grinned, "something like a dream,"

"Good," Tai nuzzled his nose against the blonde's and then their lips met, tongues entwining as Tai positioned himself on top of Matt, running his hands through tangled blonde hair.

Matt's eyes burst open and he rolled over, away from the brunette fast asleep at his side. "Ooh fuck," he mumbled, rolling out of bed and stumbling up, grabbing a towel and clothes from his drawers.


At seven o'clock Davis woke up, pulled on his clothes from the previous night and headed back over to his own cabin, kissing Ken's forehead lightly before he left.

When he arrived back at their cabin, Tai and Izzy were both fast asleep but Matt was nowhere to be seen.

Probably gone to sort out his hair before Tai wakes up, he decided, sniggering to himself. He contemplated waking Tai up, but instead decided the boy could use his sleep. He silently woke Izzy up, waited for him to get dressed then they headed up to the main cabin for breakfast.

Neither Matt nor Tai made an appearance during breakfast and knowing how much Tai cherished his food, after he'd finished his food, Davis plated up an extra portion of beans on toast and carefully balanced it all the way back to their cabin.

The first thing he noticed when he kicked open the door was that there was still no Matt. Having been gone about half an hour, Davis couldn't help but wonder what on earth the blonde boy was up to, but shook himself of the thought as Tai started stirring. He placed himself at the end of the bed and hovered the plate over Tai.

"Taaaaiiiiiii," he called softly, "I brought you breaaakfaaaaaaaaast,"

Tai rolled over, gradually coming to.

"Mmmornun," he grunted wearily.

"How you doin'?" Davis asked, caution somewhat tainting his voice.

A grunt was all he received in response.

"I brought you food, beans on toast,"

"Putithar," Tai mumbled, pointing to the empty space on the bed beside him, and Davis managed to translate successfully.

"Put it there? Sure you don't want it now?"


"So, listen, I was thinking instead of going up the Sports Block this morning, we could chill here, maybe go down the beach,"

"No," Tai said, gradually becoming more alert.

"No?" Davis echoed.

Slowly, Tai rolled over and sat up. He smiled at his friend from underneath his mop of dark hair.

"I'm okay, Dai,"

"You're okay?"

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly jumping out of bed with joy right now, but I'm alright,"


Tai nodded. "Pass me my food," he grinned, "listen, you should still go up to the Sports Block. I'll pass this morning, but that's only cause I need to prepare for all the 'I told you so's that I'll be getting from you lot later,"

"Hmm, fine," Davis didn't look so sure, so Tai gave him a spirited wink then tucked into his food.

The boys had a little banter back and forth whilst Davis changed for sports, but after he left, Tai sighed and leant back against the wall before picking up his phone to delete all of Paul's text messages and missed calls.


Matt wasn't to be seen at the Sports Block that morning either, though that didn't really surprise anyone. Davis got questioned many times about the absence of Tai, however, who'd become quite the soccer star of the Blue Group. Davis just told everyone that he'd had too much to eat last night and wasn't feeling up to sports.

As soon as the morning was over, Davis, Mimi and Izzy all went to see Tai. They found him awake, though still in bed and on the phone to Sora.

In the meantime Ken was headed down to the beach with his roommates along with Yolei and her roommates. As they set up blankets and towels to sit on, Ken noticed Matt standing alone at the edge of the lake.

"Guys, I'll be back in a bit ok?" he told his friends before separating from them and heading over to Matt.

"Hey Matt,"

Matt was clearly startled by the other boy's approach, having been too caught up in his thoughts to notice him.

"Oh, hey Ken,"

"You alright?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm ok. How are you?"

"Yeah, good,"

"Mmmm… of course you are. Saw you and Davis getting together last night,"

A blush rose to the younger teen's cheeks. He hadn't been aware that anyone had seen him and Davis together.

"Yeah, well, saw you and Tai all hugged up sharing a bed last night," Ken retaliated, and Matt's neck went equally red, his face turning solemn as he stared back out over the lake. Ken immediately regretted bringing it up so carelessly. The elder boys' situation was clearly far more complex than his own.

"So… I heard what happened… How is Tai?"

"I was actually hoping you could tell me," Matt mumbled, "I haven't spoken to him since last night,"

"Why not?"

Matt shrugged.

"I'm sure he wants you around,"

"I dunno,"

"Come on Matt, you're competing with Davis for his affection. You guys are clearly good friends. He really likes you,"


"And I know you really like him,"

"Yeah, but it's not that simple, is it?" Matt raised his voice slightly as he turned and started to walk away.

"Why not?" Ken fell into step alongside the blonde boy.

"Well he's just broken up with his boyfriend of nine months!"

"All the more reason he could use a friend around. You might just be exactly what he needs,"


"So go see him!"

Matt shook his head.

"Why not, Matt?"

"It's just not right,"


Matt sighed, running his head through his hair exasperatedly, "It just doesn't work like that for me."

"But you like like him. You basically admitted it to me, and everyone else has already guessed,"


"And he likes you too,"

"Exactly. He doesn't have a boyfriend anymore and he likes me,"

"Ok Matt, I'm really not following what the problem is here."

"Look, when he had a boyfriend and I didn't know he liked me, before he told me last night and it was out in the open, I could like him and it wasn't a problem. It was just a harmless flirty thing that I knew couldn't go anywhere. But now he's single and… God, I can't be gay!"

Ken paused momentarily, then, "Riiiight, why not?"

"It's not who I'm meant to be,"


"My lifestyle, my dad, my school. I'm not gay! It doesn't work,"

"Why not be yourself instead of who you think other people think you're meant to be?"

"No, Ken, I appreciate the concern, but it's not happening, it's just not."

"Whatever Matt, what are you gonna do anyway? Just sit on this beach for the next two weeks?" Ken sighed, walking off and back to his friends.


Mimi, Davis and Izzy stayed with Tai all afternoon. They talked about Paul, they talked about home, they talked about music, they talked about Ken, they talked about films and sometimes they talked about Matt.

"So what's going on with you two now?" Mimi asked.

"I honestly don't know. It's a little hard to get my head around right now, y'know? Am I ready for something else? I don't think Matt is, I haven't seen him all day. He's probably freaked out after I mentioned the crush,"

"So it's your job to find him and talk to him,"


"Because you know better than anyone that if it hadn't been for Paul, you two would have been sleeping together in more ways than one by now," Davis winked.

"I dunno,"

"Come on, Tai, you guys are totally, like, emotionally connected," Mimi chimed in.

"Yeah…. Yeah I guess we are,"

"So what are you going to do?" Izzy asked.


"Well that's just fantastic," Davis stood up; ready to lecture Tai when there was a knock at the door.

"Come on in," Izzy called.

The door opened and Ken walked in.

"Hey guys, how are we all doing?" He asked carefully, not wanting to draw any attention to Tai's or his and Davis' situations.

"We're good Ken, how are you?" Tai replied, he and Mimi both beaming up at him, having had Davis fill them in on their situation earlier.

"Uh, yeah," Ken blushed lightly, "I'm good. I was just wondering if I could talk to Davis… alone,"

Tai whistled and Mimi giggled. Ken blushed harder, grabbed Davis by the wrist and dragged him from the cabin.

So. Cute. Mimi mouthed.

Tai chuckled, "Well at least that just spared me another of Davis' lectures,"


Ken dragged Davis away from the cabin and out of earshot of their friends.

"So thanks for that," he said, through gritted teeth.

"Awh, no need to be so shy," Davis chuckled.


"So, hey, I missed you today," Davis whispered, stopping and pulling Ken in towards him.

Ken blushed, "You saw me this morning,"

"Only briefly during Sports, and I didn't get a chance to do this," he placed his lips on Ken's, kissing him softly.

Ken blushed harder, looking around to make sure no one else had seen after Davis pulled away, before grinning, "It is a shame we didn't get to do more of that," he joked, "but right now there's another situation that I think needs your attention,"

Ken took Davis' hand in his, leading him towards the lake. As they walked, Ken filled his friend in on the conversation he'd had with Matt a few hours before. Davis rolled his eyes and had his rants as only Davis could but as they reached the beach, he silenced. They stood at the edge, scanning the area for the blonde boy, then finally spotted him sat on a rock further downstream.

Matt had his headphones in, music turned up loud, thinking about anything to avoid the main topic on his mind. He'd even started mentally compiling a list of good things about his father's new fiancée.

He'd been paying such little attention to his surroundings that he once again almost jumped when he noticed two figures heading towards him, and immediately tensed when he realised that it was Davis and Ken. The last thing he wanted right now was another intervention. As they neared he reluctantly stopped his music and took out his headphones.

"Hey Matt," Davis greeted calmly, for once realising that the situation needed to be treated delicately.

"Uh, hey guys, what's up?" Matt replied cautiously.

"We'd just come for a wander down here and noticed you all alone. I haven't seen you all day so I just thought I'd come see what's up," Davis lied, "We've missed you. Tai's missed you,"

"Thanks Dai, but spare the spiel, okay? I'm not ready to go back up yet. I've already spoken to Ken and I'm sure he's told you what I had to say,"

"Alright then," Davis sat down cross-legged in the sand in front of Matt, "in that case, I'm only going to echo what Ken had to say, but also, come on, Matt, you're freaking out over nothing. And how much of an ego do you have that you think Tai's gonna want to move on straight away? You two haven't even talked yet,"

"Yeah, and I'm really not ready to," Matt turned away from the two boys and put his headphones back in, at which point Davis's carefully constructed patience snapped. He jumped up from the floor and snatched Matt's headphones from him.

"Okay, you wanna know something Matt? Right now you're being pathetic. You're being a pathetic little bitch. I honestly thought more of you. Tai got hurt last night pretty damned badly and instead of being there for him as a friend – or whatever – you've spent the day avoiding him because of your own stupid feelings. Can you not see how selfish that is? You're willing to make the boy feel rejected a second time around, what, just 'cause you're too cool to like guys? Just 'cause Daddy wouldn't approve?"

Silence hung over them for a few moments as Davis glared at Matt, daring him to respond. Matt just broke eye contact, gathered up his things and stormed off.

Davis breathed heavily, counting to ten to calm himself, then turned back to Ken who was staring at him in shock.

"Dai, I'm not sure that was such a good idea," he muttered.

Davis just grinned, "Trust me, it was,"


About an hour after Ken had taken Davis off somewhere – Tai could only assume to make out in private – Izzy was off doing "computer stuff" and Mimi had gone back to her own cabin. Tai had the cabin to himself and was on the phone to Kari. Having heard from Sora what had happened with Paul, she wanted to be sure her big brother was okay, but after Tai had insisted that he was doing fine, what they both found far more conversation worthy was Davis' new romance.

"So what does he look like?" Kari asked of Ken.

"Eh, pretty cute. Kinda almost purple hair, pretty face-" Tai started, but was interrupted by a knock at the door, "IT'S OPEN!" he called out, and was about to carry on his conversation when the door creaked open and he glanced over.

"Sorry sis, I've gotta go, I'll call you back later," he apologised, hanging up, then turned to the figure standing in the doorway, "Hey,"

"Hey," replied the blonde, with a sheepish half smile.

- Even Gods Dream, 2012