A/N: This is my newest story - I've been writing like a madwoman on this one. Unfortunately for you right now, you won't see that much because the prologue is super short... And yes, I realize that the title is a slight misquote, but this is a turtle-turns-human fic, so that is how it fits in.

Summary: Three years after the 2007 movie, a strange new threat arises. In a confrontation with this new enemy, one of the turtles becomes human. The brothers' relationship will be tested as it never has been before, new friends and foes will appear, and lives will be changed forever. The fate of the universe rests in the hands of only a few... will they be able to handle it? Mikeycentric, with eventual MikeyOC...

A few explanations. First off, this takes place three years after the 2007 movie. However, it does incorporate aspects of the 2003 cartoonverse and the recent "Fast Forward" episodes. I am also changing a few things from these universes, which is why I'm labeling it a slight AU. For the story, the turtles are approximately in their early twenties.

Secondly, this will be... edgier than my other fics, mainly because I've been using language to make it as realisitic as possible. I still believe in using as little as possible, but there will be some.

Thirdly, the first part of this prologue takes place during the 2007 movie. It's main purpose is to introduce an important original character that will reappear later in the story. The last part of the prologue occurs when the story actually takes place, and it introduces a slight hint of what's going to come.

Like I said, this prologue is miserably short. However, I do have the next couple of parts ready to go, and I promise, they are very long - longer than anything I have posted before. So please read and review and let me know what you think. I'll have the next part up ASAP!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Ninja Turtles or anything closely related to them. The plot line, original characters, and a few other things are mine.

Three years ago

"C'mon, little girly, whatcha afraid of? I ain't gonna hurt ya… much," the drunk sneered.

She backed away as he lurched towards her. "Back off, freak!" she cried, trying and failing to keep the tremor of fear out of her voice.

"Aw, aren't ya having fun? I like ta have fun," he crooned, pulling out a switchblade and grinning at her. "And I wanna have some fun wi' ya."

How on earth do I get into these situations? She wondered faintly as she backed up into the alley wall. She could see her bike lying on the ground several feet away. Unfortunately, she was going to have to get past the man to get to it. She hurriedly shoved some of her short dark hair out of her face, psyching herself up for the run for freedom and the most likely capture that would result.

"If ya want fun, I'll show ya some fun!" a strange voice suddenly quipped. Both the girl and the drunken man looked up as a shadow of a figure leapt down from the roof. It disappeared into the shadows. Then the voice came drifting out of the darkness. "I don't like it when guys pick on hot babes."

"Show yerself! Or are you all talk and no action?" the man shouted, his voice trembling.

"Oh, I've got plenty of action for ya," the figure growled. Suddenly a green blur leapt out of the shadows. Before she could move, there was a loud thwack, and it was gone again. The man, however, was lying on the ground, out cold.

She whirled when she heard the soft sound of a chain clacking together. "You okay, dudette?" the voice asked gently.

"I - yeah, I - well, thanks," she said gruffly, pushing the hair out of her eyes again. "I'm not used to needing saving," she added, trying to see him in the shadows.

She spotted a pair of sparkling blue eyes. "Yeah, you don't really look like you normally need a knight in shining armor. We'll just call this a one time thing, 'kay?" His voice had the faintest hint of a surfer accent to it.

She blushed slightly. With her short hair, her muscular figure and boyish clothes, she intimidated many people. Not this guy though… he thought I was…

"Michelangelo! Where'd ya go, bonehead?" a rough voice suddenly called. "We're already lookin' for Leo - don't make me hafta look for ya, too!"

The blue eyes disappeared for a moment as he blinked. "Sorry, gotta go. Duty calls!" he exclaimed. She heard a faint movement, and suddenly she spotted the figure three stories up on the fire escape. He was still hidden in shadow, but from what she could see… he didn't look human at all. Of course, it could've just been her eyes playing tricks on her…

"Thank you!" she called again as the figure neared the top of the roof.

He froze, then turned down. "No prob! You get back to takin' care of yourself, ya hear?" he called back; then he was gone.

She smiled faintly as she jogged back over to her bike. She still had to finish delivering the package she had been entrusted with before she was so rudely interrupted. You certainly meet characters in the Big Apple!

Present Day

High up above the rooftops of New York City, a brief glimmer appeared. Most of the people in the city couldn't even see it because of the bright glow caused by the billions of lights in the city. To those that could see it, it looked like nothing more than a small star, like the trillions of others in the nighttime sky.

It was no star.

Gradually the glimmer blazed brighter for a moment, then completely disappeared. However, on a gently sloping roof in the city, a new figure appeared. It looked around for a moment, then began to laugh. Soon the entire area was ringing with the sound of a harsh, evil laughter. "At last! Soon the portals will be mine to control! Then this pathetic world, and soon the universe, will be mine!"

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