"What was that?" Yugi whispered to himself as he sat up in bed.

One year had passed since the duel between Yugi and the pharaoh. He wasn't the same since that day. He was still the same sweet and caressing boy but something deep inside him wasn't the same. Yugi felt it, but he didn't want to talk or think about it. His friends had noticed the change, but they didn't say anything, afraid of hurting him. Yugi slowly looked around his dark room.

"Just my imagination," he sighed and placed his hand over his chest as he closed his eyes.
He missed Yami every day. It was very hard for Yugi, to not feel his others presence. He felt so alone without him. He knew that his pharaoh's spirit finally got its rest but a part of him just wanted him back. He wanted to see his kind face again; his dark crimson eyes, and he wished to hear his deep voice whisper in his ear that it'll be all right. He wanted the pharaoh to place his strong arms around him and just hold him there. His amethyst eyes started to blur and tears slowly streamed down Yugi's cheeks. He placed his hands over his face.

"I just want him back," he sobbed. "I miss him… so much…"

Everything felt so worthless without him.
He slowly opened his drawer and placed his hand on his deck. He took it and looked at it with a soft smile.
It was the only memory he had left of him except of the necklace he gave Tea. But that wasn't the same; this was a memory that reminded Yugi about all they went through together.
His eyes rested at two special cards: The Dark Magician and The Dark Magician Girl.
The pharaoh could do such amazing things with those cards. He snapped out of his thinking as he once more heard something.
This time he was sure this wasn't his imagination.
He slowly went downstairs without a sound.
There! He heard it again. He slowly opened the door to the living room but changed his mind and closed it.

I'm the only one at home, he thought. What the heck's going on?
He heard the sound again.

"C'mon Yugi," he whispered and opened the door. He looked around in the dark room. Nothing different about it… Just the same room as always.
Yugi rubbed his head.

"Man, I hope I'm not going crazy"

He turned around and sighed but stopped when he felt a weak touch against his bare ankles.
He looked down and his amethyst eyes widened in shock.

A very familiar and also very sweet face looked up at him. He kneeled beside the young boy. His eyes still looked very big. He rubbed them for a second.
Okay, now when I look there's no one in front of me, Yugi thought, but when he once again opened his eyes, the round face looked at him with big glowing crimson eyes. Yugi let his fingers run through the boy's tri-colored thatch of hair.