"Scream… nobody's gonna hear you anyway…"

Arms slipped round his body and Yami screamed. He desperately struggled under the figure that was straddling his form. He tried to kick, he tried to punch, but it was useless. It didn't work. It never did. He couldn't lift his arms, he couldn't lift his legs. This time he was done for.

"Scream!" All he could do was scream. And he screamed. There were touches. Cold like ice, burning like fire. Hands patted their way down his side. The touches scared him most of all. A sudden heat burned down the right side of his face, and he noticed the voices that was surrounding him. The voices that were calling out for him, calling his name. Begging him to get a grip on himself, wanting he to wake up. To wake up… He knew those voices. And that certain voice that seemed to belong to the one who was straddling him…

He opened his eyes.


He opened his eyes to find a pair of rare coloured orbs staring back worriedly at him. Disorientated he looked around, expecting there to be darkness and shadows surrounding him. But there was no darkness, there were no shadows. There never was.

Breathlessly he looked up as Yugi once filled his vision. No wonder he couldn't move. Yugi sat leaned over him, straddling his hips, making it pretty much impossible to move other parts of his body than his head and shoulders. His arms and legs were pinned to the wooden floor, bluntly he realized that Tea, Joey, Tristan were holding them down.

"Let go," he managed. His throat was sore. His friends complied wordlessly and Yugi leaned back slightly so that he could sit up, but he remained where he was, not tearing his eyes away from him. He reached out his hand to touch Yami's right cheek. He winced under his touch.

"Does it hurt? I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do."

Yami absently shook his head, looking away. It had worked so he didn't even bother to care. He was just so glad that'd he'd waken up. Away from that hell. He was beyond their reach now, they couldn't get to him when he was awake. He was safe. It'd been a dream. Just a dream. Now he was safe.

Yugi cupped his face and brought his lips to Yami's forehead and kissed it. He wrapped his arms round his shoulders, holding him to his chest, sensing the breakdown of the other. A convulsed sob went through his body as the tears started falling again. His arms slid round the younger boy, desperate too feel his body, wanting to be close to him.

"Please, Yugi," he whispered weakly. "Don't let them get me. Don't ever let them get me. Please, promise me. They'll get me, don't let them get me. I'm scared, I'm so scared."

"They won't," Yugi murmured, holding him tighter. Yet he was shaking, like a puppy in the rain. "I won't let them get you, it's okay."

I'm a sadist! (and yes, that part was a dream if you didn't get that)

This is awfully short, I know *cough* Strangely enough, this is going to make sense later. Everything will be explained in the next chapter. This is some sort of... cut scene. But I though it fel necessary. So stay tuned for more. Thank you for still sticking to this story by the way, you people really make it worth writing this. Thank you so much!