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Chapter 1- Fingers.

Raito swayed his legs absent-mindedly as he stared off into space looking at the quirky detective known as L. He held his chin in the palm of his hand as he rested his elbow on the table. The room was glowing from the computer screens. Raito's mind was far off in thought. Thoughts of the detective in front of him, thoughts of how to kill him, thoughts of how to win, and thoughts of how to stop falling in love. Ever since day one Raito has hated and loved L. L's body excites Raito in ways that it shouldn't, his mind enthralls the young boy, everything about L's being makes Raito melt, but…he hates him fiercely enough to want nothing more than to see L dead. He hates L's determination to see Kira put to death; he hates L's skeptic eyes, as they look at Raito clearly saying, "I know you are Kira."

"Is there something wrong Raito-kun?" the detective asked. His black, sleepless eyes bore into Raito's very soul. Raito felt exposed…naked. The detective's gaze was enough for Raito to lose control of everything. He remained calm and sighed before answering the odd man.

"I've hit a roadblock," Raito stated tearing his gaze from the detective. He looked at the computer scanning all the facts about the Kira case.

"This makes two of us," L said sullenly. Raito blinked a few times before finding something to say.

"Want to go eat lunch with me?" Raito sucked in his breath. Did it sound like he was asking him on a date? Did it sound like a plan to kill him? The tension was thick and Raito searched L's eyes for any indication of what he was thinking or what he would say.

"Can we go to that coffee shop you showed me?" L asked. Raito smiled breathing a sigh of relief, playing it off as a worn out sigh. He nodded and the two stood up to make their way to the coffee shop.

"What are you thinking Raito-kun?" L asked as he sat perched in his chair sipping his sugar-infested coffee.

"Is Misa still under suspicion?" Raito bluntly asked. L's eyes widened for a moment, but seconds later his face was blank just as usual.

"There is concrete proof she is the Second Kira."

"Have you ever thought that maybe Kira was leaving fake clues to lead you to innocent people?"

"When she was under interrogation, there was enough proof there to say she was the Second Kira without her even confessing, and then suddenly…she changed. I still think Kira has the ability to give others his power and when they are caught…to make them give it up, losing all their memory of ever aiding him. But yes Raito-kun there is that possibility he is leaving false trails." L finished his coffee and began to play with his spoon. Raito rested his chin in the palm of his had, his other hand tracing the mouth of his coffee mug. L watched Raito for a moment. "You have very slender fingers Raito-kun." Raito's eyes widened. Was that a compliment…or an insult? Usually in Disney movies, the evildoers have long slender fingers to symbolize slyness or wickedness. Was L indicating something more or was he simply admiring Raito's fingers?

"Thanks," he said unsure of really what to say. 'Why won't you just die of a sugar overdose?'

"Shall we get back to work now?" L asked standing up and putting his shoes back on.

"…Sure." The two walked in silence back to headquarters. Raito was still thinking of the comment L gave to him. Was it meant as something harmful…or was it simply just a statement? Raito could never be sure with L.

"Raito-kun?" Raito's brown eyes followed the sound of the detective's voice. "Did I offend you somehow?" He knew!

"No. I'm just thinking."


"Something personal." L nodded defeated.

"I've been thinking about something personal too," L said trying to catch Raito's interest. But to the detective's dismay, Raito didn't seem interested. "I've been thinking about how much I like working with you. And I'm glad we hit a roadblock. Because as soon as Kira is caught, I don't think we'll see each other again." Raito turned fully to look at the pale detective. Confusion was evident in his creamy, brown eyes.

"L…" L brushed it off with a wave of his hand. He moved at a faster pace to the now in view headquarters.

L lay in bed thinking over his day. There was no lead on Kira anymore. Criminals kept dying, people kept saying L was useless, but there had to be something. Something he'd missed.

"Ryuuzaki?" a quite voice asked. L looked up to see Raito standing in his doorway.


"I can't sleep. And I knew you couldn't either. Could we talk?" L looked skeptically at the boy standing awkwardly in his doorway. Did he really just want to talk?

"Sure Raito-kun." L patted the empty space next to him indicating that the boy should sit there. Raito hopped onto the bed and sighed. He folded his hands under his head and looked up at the ceiling.

"I've missed you." 'I need his name. I need to find a weakness.' L was startled by the words. He looked over at Raito's face. Innocence was so evident in that beautiful face he was almost at awe by the boy, but something was there in his eyes, something L couldn't quite put his finger on.

"We see each other every day, Raito-kun."

"No, you don't understand. I miss times like this. When we were chained together…I miss always being with you." Raito brushed his fingers slowly over the detective's soft lips. L slowly shut his eyes enjoying the feeling. 'Bingo! I've found a weakness. Affection!'

"Raito-kun, I'm much older than you." L's eyes were mearly open to slits.

"I don't care." Raito straddled the dazed man under him and gently began grinding his hips into the man.

"Yagami-kun! I care!" L fought back the urge to give into the boy and pushed him off. Raito looked out the window for a second.

"I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone now." 'Damn it L! Why are you so difficult?'

"No…wait. I don't want to be alone." L chewed his bottom lip trying to figure out Raito's next move. 'I've shown him too much! But that feeling I had when he touched me...I liked it.'

"It was wrong of me to come here. I'm sorry." Raito ran out the door. He had to act as if it all was an accident…everything was all carefully thought out, but he hadn't expected that reaction, that kind of innocence to be displayed on L's pale face; that kind of…needing.

L sat on his bed, dazed. What had just happened? Did Raito truly come in there because he missed him? Or was there something more that L didn't want to see? Did Raito come there to get information? Was Raito Kira? He'd acted so strange after L complimented him on his fingers. L tried to get some sleep, but it was even harder than it was before. He counted sheep backwards and forwards; he'd even read the dictionary! Nothing made him tired.

"Raito! You seem to be upset. What? Did L shut you down?" Ryuk chortled. Raito threw a book at the laughing shinigami and fell back onto his bed. Ryuk continued to laugh even harder. "Poor Raito! You know…you could just find out his name by giving me half your life and then you'd get the eyes!"

"No, Ryuk. I'll get it eventually. I'll even kill him with my own hands if I have to!"

"Then you'd be convicted of being Kira!"

"Or I could plead insanity saying that all the work hours and the stress of always fearing for my life finally made me snap!"

"You'd still go to jail. And criminals would stop being punished!"

"No…I'd give instruction to Misa to continue judging just like before."

"You're smart Raito!" Raito smiled and threw an apple over to Ryuk. The tall shinigami caught the apple and danced in excitement for a moment admiring the red fruit before eating it.

"I'm going to bed Ryuk," Raito said stretching. He removed his clothing and got under the bed sheets. Everything was going to work out in the end. It had to.

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