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Ch 9- Familiarity

Mikami was released under the agreement that he'd be watched 24/7 by a police officer who had direct contact with L. Mikami's body burned with jealousy as he watched Raito embrace L and kiss him multiple times on the cheek. L blushed and leaned into Raito's kisses. Mikami hung his head in defeat. He hated L. He hated Raito. Raito betrayed his own beliefs. Kira was justice and here he was accepting defeat from L all because he wanted in L's pants. Mikami had to do something about it! He had to take justice into his own hands! He'd have to make a plan. He looked back one last time as he was being led out of the investigation quarters. He'd get his revenge.

"I'm going to take these and destroy the key once I hide them. I'm sorry Raito but you cannot come with me," L said. Ryuk became disgruntled. Raito was giving up? This would become quite boring. Raito noticed Ryuk's aggravation. He'd have to speak to him later when they were alone.

"That's fine. I'm going up to our room then!" Raito said as he threw an apple to Ryuk. L eyed the shinigami, calculating what to say.

"You're going to stay then?" L asked. Ryuk finished his apple before answering.

"As long as Raito has ownership, I have to stay." L didn't want to think his next thought, but it rushed into his mind quickly. If the shinigami stayed, then Raito could potentially find the location of the Death note and begin using it again. L would have to find a way to keep tabs on the shinigami as well as Raito…

"Okay, do you always have to be around or can you leave Raito?" L asked casually. Raito cocked an eyebrow. 'What is L getting at?'

"I can leave him," Ryuk answered simply. Raito rolled his eyes. Why did Ryuk have to help out everyone but him?

"Mkay, so you can leave when I want Raito to make love to me right?" Raito nearly choked on his saliva. L said what?

"Yep!" Ryuk announced proudly. L nodded. He didn't want to be so analytical, but he had to. Raito wouldn't just give up the Death note. Raito was ever calculating and thinking just as L. What this information translated to was that Raito could distract L and Ryuk could find the location of the Death note and inform Raito of it. L had to find a way to make sure that didn't happen. But how? He slapped the Death notes on his hand and gave a quick bow before leaving the investigation room. He needed to make sure they couldn't find the notes. But how can you hide something from a shinigami?

"I need to talk to you," Ratio said to Ryuk. He started going upstairs to L and his room. Ryuk sniggered and followed. "Either he was actually curious about how much privacy he and I can have from you, or he doesn't completely trust me."

"Is he right not to trust you?" Ryuk asked. He wanted Raito to say that L was correct in not trusting Raito, because that meant that Raito wasn't done being Kira.

"We're getting those notebooks back," Raito said as he closed the door to his room behind him. "We need to find a way for him to stop being so suspicious."

"We? You mean you," Ryuk said. Raito glared at him.

"I can't find them myself. L's smarter than to hide them in a safe. He's going to hide them somewhere near impossible for me to find. You have to help me if you want any more amusement, or the only amusement you're going to be getting will involve me fucking L senseless."

"Now that you put it that way…I think I'll search for it!

"That's what I thought," Raito said as he allowed himself to fall onto the bed. He stared at the ceiling. He loved L…he really did, but he also had a goal. He needed to have L see his side. He needed L to see a reason for there to be Kira.

L had installed several cameras in the closet where he hid the Death notes. It wasn't an ordinary closet. Before the door would even open one would have to submit to an eye scan and a voice activation scan. After that, one would have to type in a password and if the password wasn't typed in correctly the first time a silent alarm would go off and connect to the Japanese police and to L immediately. After the password was put in then there was a security question; a question only L knew the answer to. Only then would the door actually open. After the door was open one would be submitted to a series of questions that once again only L would know the answers to for the floor to the closet to slide away to reveal a stairway that would lead down to a safe. The only way to get into the safe was a key; a key that only L had. He let his fingers touch the cold metal of the key that hung around his neck. Raito would for sure see the key, but L wanted him to. L wanted Raito to be tempted, because this was the only way to tell of Raito was truly done with being Kira or not.

However even with all these precautions, even the most high-tech security couldn't keep out a shinigami. L just hoped that Ryuk wouldn't find the Death note in the first place. After all the cameras and computers were in place did L feel safe enough for at least the time being to close the closet door. He gave the security a few tests and even activated the silent alarm (alerting the Japanese police prior to doing so). Everything worked fine. L walked down the silent hallways back to the investigation room. He hoped that Raito was really sincere about giving up being Kira. It would be so hard for them to disagree about everything. The detective sighed and stretched his weary arms. He wanted to stop thinking and start cuddling into Raito.

"All finished?" Raito asked as he looked up from his book. L nodded and crawled into bed next to Raito. He rested his head on Raito's chest and practically purred when he felt Raito's hands weaving into his hair. "I love you." L wanted to respond, but something held him back. He didn't want to seem eager or desperate. Instead he settled for nuzzling into Raito's chest and closing his eyes. Raito smiled down at the older man and placed a kiss atop his head. He understood L's thought process perfectly.

Mikami paced back and forth in his apartment. He kept peaking out the window to see that solo black car…the one with the policemen inside it. He growled in frustration. How could Raito use him like this! All Raito wanted was to play hard to get! What about justice? What about all the evil in the world? Did he not care anymore? Mikami had to do something about it. He had to! He went into his kitchen and looked around. He didn't have any pieces of the Death note or he'd have killed L by now. He looked at his knife collection. No. It would be too difficult. He'd have to get passed L's security system and God knows, Raito wouldn't just allow him inside. Rage burned within the man. How could Kira abandon his position? Mikami had to fix it somehow.

One month later

L flipped though a bunch of open cases that countless police forces, the FBI and the CIA were asking him to take on. He yawned lazily. The Kira case was at least amusing. All these other ones were just occupational crimes and such; Businesses stealing from one another, government agencies going back on their word and so on and so forth. Kira really had limited crime. There were no serial killers anymore. What fun was that? L dropped all the cases into the garbage can and set it on fire. He watched with a morbid curiosity as the pages and pictures burned and wilted away. Raito stood at the foot of the stairs watching L. Ever since he stopped judging, crimes started steadily coming back. They were small crimes; the occasional hit and run, or the robbery at the gas station, but they were coming back all the same. Ryuk needed to be able to get away to find those notebooks. L always kept a close eye on both Raito and Ryuk. He was always analyzing and watching. Raito was unnerved by it. He wanted to be with L, but he hated feeling like he was trapped. L never wanted to go out and he never actually wanted to make love with Raito. Raito had tried countless times but it was always the same. L would push him off and say that he wasn't ready.

Ryuk yawned. He seriously felt like writing Raito's name in his Death note and return to the shinigami realm. L spun around in his chair and looked wide-eyed at Raito. "Don't scare me like that," he said.

"I'm sorry," Raito responded. "Do you want to go out and get some ice cream? I'm so bored here." L turned back to his computer and began typing away.

"I'm working. I've got a report to turn into the FBI by midnight."

"You never do anything with me anymore," Raito grumbled. L cringed at the words. It was true, he had backed off ever since Raito came back…under horrible conditions. But he had to make sure Raito wasn't searching for the Death note. He wanted to let his guard down and give himself completely to Raito, but he felt like he couldn't trust him. He had to make sure…

"Okay, we'll go out for ice cream," L said as he stood up and stretched. Ratio jumped down from the stairs and picked L up bridal style. He swung the detective around in excitement, holding the man close in his arms. L had to laugh. "Is Ryuk coming too?" Raito's eyes blanked for a moment. Of course L would ask that.

"Do you want him to stay here?" Ratio asked innocently. He knew that was the exact opposite of what L wanted.

"I think he should come. He can get a caramel apple." Ryuk danced around at the mention of apples. The three left the investigation headquarters and ventured out into the city. L paid special attention to Raito and Ryuk's interactions. It was mostly just bickering, but he wanted to make sure nothing was said that had a double meaning. Raito wrapped his arm around L's shoulder and pulled the detective closer to him. L didn't recoil. He leaned into Raito as they walked. Raito was trying really hard to prove his affection to L, and L was trying hard not to give in. It had been one month. One month and there wasn't a single judgment. Shouldn't that have been enough for L? A man accidently bumped into Raito. He didn't even apologize. Raito felt like he had recognized the man. They turned a corner only to see a girl, chopped into pieces. Written in her blood was a message, a message that both the detective and Ratio knew what it was referring to.

The wicked will be judged, only the righteous shall survive.

"I just want to point out that I did not do this." Raito stated. L studied the body and the way it was cut. He fished his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number.

"Hello?" came the voice on the other side.

"Matsuda-san, is Mikami inside right now?" L asked. Raito's eyes widened. Ryuk laughed.

"Yeah, he's watching the News currently. He should be getting up to eat in a few minutes."

"Dispatch a police squad to the intersection of 5th and 6th street. Tell them to go into the alley. They have work to do."

"Wha-" L hung up the phone before Matsuda could continue asking what was going on.

"Shall we continue?" L asked.

"There's a dead woman bleeding all over the alley and you ask if we should keep walking?" Raito asked flabbergasted.

"She's not my problem. She isn't my case."

"But she's dead! You're a detective!"

"Just because I'm a detective doesn't mean that I'm going to take every case that comes my way. I only take cases that are of interest to me. It's how I've always been and how I always will be. Would you prefer we go back then?" Raito balled his hands into fists. Ryuk chuckled. He was enjoying the couple's interactions with each other.

"You have no real sense of justice do you?" Raito asked softly. His voice was determined and yet something sounded broken in it.

"Says the boy who killed countless people because they messed up in life," L spat back. Raito didn't realize what he had done before it was over. He saw the blood on his knuckles from where his hand had split open. He saw the blood sliding down L's lips and down his neck. He saw the cheek swelling and turning purple. He didn't mean to punch L so hard.

"L, L I'm so sorry," Raito said as he moved to comfort L. The detective pushed L away and started back toward headquarters. "I didn't mean to! I was just…"

"What?" L asked loudly as he turned around. "You were just what?"

"Angry," Raito said softly.

"I may not be perfect Raito-kun," L said with his flat tone. "But even I understand that when you love someone who have to accept them for who they are in whole and not just part. If you cannot accept me for who I am, how do you expect me to accept you for what you are?" L turned around and started to slowly walk back to headquarters. He wasn't going to turn around this time. Ryuk grabbed his middle and started laughing loudly. Even L heard the shinigami laugh. Raito wanted to smack Ryuk. The boy didn't know what to do. L had accepted Raito as Kira, he even protected Raito from being found out. L had accepted Raito entirely. If Raito hadn't run away, he could have continued on judging and L would have turned a blind eye. Did L even have a sense of justice? Or did he really not care? He never seemed to care when someone died, and he didn't particularly care about someone dying for the sake of his case. He hated to lose so he'd do everything he could to win. Raito sighed. L was a selfish, immature bastard, but he loved him more than anything. Raito caught up with the huffing L and pushed L against the brick wall. "Wha-" The anger that previously adorned L's face was gone. It was replaced with peace and serenity as Raito's lips gently kissed the other's. The coppery taste of blood filled Raito's mouth, but he didn't care. He trusted his tongue into the other's mouth and pushed a leg in between L's legs. The detective gasped. Raito pulled back and licked the blood that had trickled down L's neck. L shivered at the sensation. He felt the wet muscle slowly travel down his neck, lapping at his blood.

"I'm sorry, you're right," Raito said as he pulled away. "I guess…I guess I'm just a really fucked up person."

"You are a fucked up person," L bluntly stated. Anger flashed in Raito's eyes. "But you're my only okapi." L pulled Raito's face closer to his as he gently placed a soft kiss atop Raito's lips. Ratio smiled a goofy grin. He had the best boyfriend ever.

"The wicked will be judged, Only the righteous shall survive," Matsuda mused over tapping a pen to his lips. There was a team of police officers taking pictures, marking evidence, and sketch artists were depicting the horrid scene perfectly on paper. L was standing with Mogi, Aizawa and Soichiro Yagami. Raito was around the corner with Ryuk.

"With all this commotion you can go back and search for the Death notes!" Raito exclaimed. Ryuk chuckled darkly and spread his black wings. He jumped into the sky and went out of sight. Raito smiled evilly and let out a snigger. He composed himself and went back to stand next to L. Everyone from the Kira team slowly backed away from Raito, whether it was voluntary or not…they did it. L had noticed the way even Soichiro looked at his son. L laced his fingers into Raito's. Raito knew how the rest of the team thought, but he didn't care. He had L and L was the only one who mattered now.

"What are your thoughts L?" Soichiro asked.

"I'm only a witness. I'm not actively partaking in this investigation. I won't give you any information on what I think."

"What?!" Matsuda shouted. "But you're L! The great detective L!"

"Would you quiet down Matsuda!" Raito barked. Matsuda shrunk back from Raito.

"This case would be a conflict of interest for me and as such I refuse to partake other than a witness. I'll testify in court for what I have seen, but I will not aide in the catching of this criminal."

"We already know who did it!" Aizawa said pointed straight at Raito. Raito's eyes widened innocently.

"Me? L locked the Death notes away from me. I don't know where they are," he stated.

"Oh really?" Aizawa said taking a step closer to Raito.

"Aizawa-san, Raito did not do this."

"How do you know? You're just a witness!" Aizawa spat. L's eyes flashed with anger. Even Aizawa recoiled from his glare. "It. Wasn't. Him." Everyone nodded in fear of L's demeanor. Raito was even astonished at the sudden anger that was pulsating off L.

"Let's go Raito, we already gave our statements." L tugged roughly on Raito's arm, but the brunette didn't argue. He followed quietly behind L. L was fuming. He knew what Aizawa was doing. Aizawa was trying to get L to start talking about the crime and how it didn't match up with Kira's previous victims. Aizawa wanted him on the case. L growled. Raito's eyes widened as heard the rough sound emit from L's delicate throat.

"L, are you okay?" Ratio asked. He stumbled a bit while trying to keep up with L's pace. L stopped causing Raito to bump into him. "Sorry."

"I'm not okay Raito. There's a girl dead for no reason other than for some bastard to get his fifteen minutes of fame. You didn't do that. I know it. And Aizawa-san…" L's nails were starting to dig into Raito's wrist. Raito winced in pain, but he didn't try to recoil.

"L, it's okay. Aizawa is just doing what he thinks is right. I understand that he'd try to blame this on me."

"It's not just Aizawa…it's all of them. The way they all look at you…even your father looks at you differently now. I can't take it." Raito pulled L into a hug. L rested his forehead on Raito's chest.

"I don't care what they think, and neither should you. I love you, all of you. No matter how selfish, childish, shallow or ridiculous you get. I love you." L smiled a weak smile. His lips were spread and his smile was clearly there, but it didn't reach his eyes. Raito kissed L on the cheek.

"Raito, I love you too." L turned into the kiss and their lips clashed. Raito darted his tongue to meet L's. Their tongues massaged each other lovingly. Excitement was welling up inside L. Excitement that he hadn't felt for a long time… "Raito…" L moaned. "I…I want…"

"Let's get back home…fast," Raito breathed.

Raito didn't even acknowledge Ryuk in the investigation room. He pulled L's hand and the detective followed behind them. They slammed the door, and proceeded to kiss, more heavily than before. Raito's hands roamed over L's small body. He felt each of L's ribs jutting out slightly, he felt L's small "inny" bellybutton and his protruding hips. L shivered at the contact. He tugged at Raito's shirt. The younger man allowed L to remove his shirt and they proceeded to hungrily kiss each other. L's hands were exploring Raito's smooth chest. He fingered each nipple lovingly. The detective lapped at the sensitive skin. Raito couldn't take it anymore. He roughly took L's white shirt off and shoved the detective on the bed. L held a bit of fear in his eyes. He was afraid it would hurt, well he knew it would hurt, but he knew Raito would be as gentle as possible. Raito would never hurt L…that L knew for a fact.

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