By: Kari426

Don't hate me for making another story, , I just suddenly felt like making another story. Once again it's a RoxasxNamine... AGAIN.

The first chapter's a bit boring cause it kinda tells you about Roxas in my story. But I promise you that the story WILL get better.

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Chapter 1: Hikari's Heir

In the infamous city known as Twilight Town, resided the prestigious Twilight High, a school with a promising future. The students who attended this school were usually rich and were of very high standards. Roxas Hikari is like any other student attended the school, seeing how that his parents were governor and mayor of Twilight Town. The two of them were never around to see their son, not with there busy schedules. Roxas had gotten used to the fact that his parents were never around anymore. He lived in a large mansion in a forested area, with a supposedly haunted mansion next door to them. He lived with his little sister named Suri Hikari, and with his parents, who are always absent for everything.

While walking up to his room, his cell phone inside of his pant pocket starts vibrating. He reaches for it, opening it. It was Hayner; he flips it open, putting it to his ear. "Yo." He says monotone into the phone, making his way up the stairs.

"What's up Roxas?"

"Eh, nothing. You?"

"I got nothing either. You gonna go out today?"

"Yeah. I have to take Suri to her dance and piano lessons, then I have to go downtown to get my application for Twilight High. Lastly, I have to go to my Dad's office. We're having a meeting of some sort. He said.

"Damn. Your old man still pushing you, huh?" Hayner said, a bit disappointment in his voice.

"I guess. Sorry Hayner."

"Don't worry bout it. When you get the time, let's hang out some time, kay?" He said smiling on the other line.

"Alright. Thanks Hayner." Roxas says, his voice seemed a bit relieved.

"Sure. I'm out!"

Roxas closed his phone, putting it back in his pant pocket again. He casually walks toward his room at the end of the hallway. As he walks past a door, Suri, –his little sister- peeks out of the doorway, watching her older brother walking to his room.

"Nee-sama?" She says quietly. Roxas turns around hearing her small voice. A brown haired little girl walks out of her room, walking to her brother. She runs into him, burying her face into his clothing. "Suri? Is something wrong?" Roxas asks, putting his hands on her shoulders.

"Where is mommy and daddy? They're gone again this morning. Where do they go?" She asks, small little tears in the rims of her emerald eyes. Roxas bends down to her level, putting his hand on her head.

"Mom and Dad are at work Suri. You know that." He says.

"B-but, hick mommy said we would go to the park today. sniff She promised me." Suri says tearfully. Roxas only smiles, tossing her little brown locks around with his hand.

"Hey, mom's busy. So's dad. How about I take you later, once we're both done with our busy schedules? Huh?" Roxas says in a calming voice. Suri sniffles once more, wiping her tears away. She nods happily. "Okay." She says. Roxas smiles at her. Suri throws her arms around her brother's waist, hugging him.

"I love you, Nee-sama!" Suri says happily.

"I love you too Suri." Roxas says softly.

He sets her back down on the floor. She excitedly runs to her room, opening then closing the doors. Roxas stands back up, finally going to his room. He opens the door, showing a large flat screen TV with a huge bed and a chandler hanging above a light fixture. He has a walk in closet and a big bathroom. The whole room was to him. He goes to his closet, going through the stacks of clothing. He grabs an outfit in plastic, a white t-shirt with a blue tie with matching pants. He goes out to his bed, laying the uniform on the edge of his bed.

He goes into the bathroom closing the door behind him. He turns on the water in the bath, then leaves it. He grabs the bottom of his shirt throwing it to the side, exposing his muscular chest. He strips down and goes into the shower, the water falling onto him. He leans against the wall, his face toward the water.

"Another day, another useless morning. Its all the same." He thinks to himself.

Kari426: Oh stop your drooling fangirls! I know what you're thinking! LMAO

45 minutes later...

Roxas walks out of the bathroom, only a towel to cover himself. His cologne scent covered the room. There's a knock at his bedroom door.

"Enter." He says, pulling on a robe. A small maid comes in, bowing down at Roxas.

"Please excuse my intrusion young master Roxas, but your limo is ready." She says in a soft voice.

"You can just all me Roxas, Tatu."

"Oh my goodness no! You are of high standards sir; I am but a mere servant serving you." She says flustered. Roxas smiles, walking over to her.

"But that doesn't change the fact that you and I are childhood friends." He says. Tatu only blushes redder, moving out of his way. "You must hurry and get dressed! The Lord and mistress are awaiting your arrival at the company." She says, going to the door, she quickly opens then closes it. Roxas only laughs. "I haven't by any means gotten rusty." He says clenching his fist. Outside the door, Tatu is sitting on the floor, next to his door.

"Damn him. He's always teasing me!" She says madly, still red. Her anger soon disappears, and her soft smile returns. "But then again, I enjoy it at the same time..." She then stands up walking to the stairs.

Roxas emerges from his room minutes later dressed formally. He goes down the stairs, and out to the front door. There was slick black limo in front of him, with a servant holding the door open for him. Suri stuck her head out of the door, waving to her older brother. "Nee-sama. Come on!" She says smiling happily. "Coming." He responds walking toward the car.

"I hope you enjoy your time away young masters." An older man says, bowing at the two. "Yes, thank you." Roxas says. "Okay!" Suri says excited. The older man closes the door, and the limo takes off.

In the town of Twilight, people had great respect for the Hikari's, not only because of their status, but they were a strong company. They were treated like celebrities in Twilight Town, which included their children. The limo that Roxas and Suri rode in, stopped in front of a studio. A crowd of people surrounded the area, though they were pushed back by the police and bodyguards. Roxas comes out of the car, with Suri right behind him, holding Roxas's hand.

"Aww! Its Suri! She's so adorable."

"Oh, it's the him!"

"Roxas Hikari."

"My he's gotten very handsome."

"How old is he now?"

"He should be 16."

Roxas only held his head high, ignoring all the comments from the crowd of people; Suri clung to Roxas, a little scared of the amount of people surrounding them. "Don't be scared Suri. These people someday will be looking up to you for strength." Roxas says, trying to calm her. Suri only nods. They enter the doorways into the studio, seeing girls and boys of all ages, gathering in the lobby. An older woman with long black hair, braided into a low ponytail then approaches Roxas and Suri.

"Welcome back Suri. Are you ready to play the piano?" She says smiling.

"Yes." She says quietly. Roxas bends down, putting his hand on her shoulders. "Okay Suri. I have to go now. I'll be back in 2 hours." Roxas said. "Alright she says sighing. Roxas smiles. "Give your big brother a hug." He says. Suri smiles at her brother and flies into his arms, giving him a hug. "I love you Nee-sama." She says happily. "I know." He said. With that, Suri took the woman's hand and took a special route to Suri's own private piano room.

Roxas then makes his way to the front door again and exits the building. The crowd seemed bigger since they went inside. Roxas only walked over to his limo and entered it.

"We're off to Hikari Industry and Company." The driver says, starting the car up.

"But wait, I have to get my application for-"

"-Don't worry young Master Roxas. Your father called while you were inside. He said that he had Tatu get an application for you. It is at your father office right now." The driver says.

"I see. Thank you." Roxas says, lying back on his seat, resting his head. The car then takes off for his parents company. Roxas pulls out his phone, calling Tatu.

" Hello, Hikari Residents. How may I be of service?" A voice answers.

"This is Master Roxas speaking." He says.

"Oh! Hello young sir. How may I be of any help to you?" The woman says.

"Can you please put my caretaker, Tatu on the line?"

"Y-yes. Right away sir." Moments later, Tatu gets on.

"Master Roxas?"

"I told you to call me Roxas."

"Well I refuse to."

"You're stubborn as always." He says laughing.

"What is it you want young master?" A hint of annoyance in her voice.

"I wanted to thank you for getting my application. I was going to head there, but I was informed that you got it for me. So I decided to thank you." He said.

"It's nothing. It is on your desk in your room." She says.

"Alright. Thank you again." Roxas says.

"You are very welcome. Now if you'll excuse me, I have housework to do." She says, holding a basket of Roxas's clothing.

"Okay. Sorry to keep you. Then I'll see you later when I return home." He says.

"Good day sir." With that said, the two hang up the phones.

"Master Roxas. We have arrived at Hikari Industry and Company." The driver says.

"Alright, thank you." Roxas says, collecting his things. A servant opens his door; a large crowd of people once again was around the building, wanting to see Roxas. He goes toward the building, when a news reporter slips through the ropes, onto his walkway stopping Roxas in his tracks.

"Roxas Hikari! Can you answer a few questions for the Daily News, Channel 13?" He says, shoving his microphone in Roxas's face. "Umm..." Roxas says confused. A group of bodyguard suddenly cuts in, hauling the reporter away from Roxas.

"You alright?" One says.

"Yeah." Roxas says.

The bodyguard leads him inside. The building was 92 floors high, towering over Twilight Town. Roxas and the bodyguard entered a special elevator, taking them to the very top. It was very spacious and was made of glass, so you could look out into the city as you made your way up. It stops at the top, with the elevator doors opening. Roxas walks slowly out of the elevator, stopping right outside of the doors. There was a long silence in the office.

"Roxas." A stern voice says. Roxas looks up, seeing a man sitting in a big black chair, his hands laced together over his mouth.

"I was beginning to worry about you. Why are you late?" He asks in a deep voice. Roxas swallows hard. The bodyguard takes a step toward the man.

"Excuse me, but Master Roxas was-"

"Did I ask you?" The man says annoyed. The bodyguard backs down.

"I'm sorry sir. I ran into some trouble on my way up here. There was a reporter who interrupted my entrance in the building." Roxas says.

"I see. Well, make sure it never happens again." The man says.

"Yes father." Roxas says.

"We don't need you to smear the name Hikari, alright? No more mistakes." The man says.


"You are the only male heir to the Hikari Industry and Company, you are the next in line to become the heir of our company. Don't fail me now Roxas. Don't become like your lesser Uncle Komoya and your cousin Sora." He says.

"I know."

"Just don't forget your position in the Hikari family. Your the only heir. Remember that."

"I know." Roxas says.

Wow! Holy crap! Its been so long since I've made a story with this much detail in it! LMAO Well hope you all enjoyed it. I realize that.

Sorry that the story line is kinda boring at the beginning. But I promise you! It will get a lot better and a lot more fluffy! --