Author's Note: This is my first fic in a while, and my first-time ever writing Remus/Tonks, so please, comments would be great. Inspired by prompts 8 & 24 for June-July on rtchallenge from Livejournal.

Disclaimer: I wish.

Tonks unlocked the door to her apartment and stepped inside the moonlit living room. The light cast long shadows along the floor, but the mess could be seen in between.

The young Auror sighed and walked into her room. Again, she was greeted by the sight of disorder. Tonks moved a few feet, and collapsed on the unmade bed. She lay there, unmoving, for several minutes. She's had a strenuous day at work, and had been forced to work overtime, causing her to cancel a dinner date she'd had with Remus. She was swamped with paperwork that was due by Friday. And, of course, there was the wedding to plan for.

Remus had proposed two weeks earlier, much to the shock, surprise, and delight of his now-fiancée. The couple had announced the news the next night, when everyone had gathered at the Burrow for dinner. Tonks remembered all of the hugs she had received, and the pats on the shoulder and slaps on the back the Remus got, and the shouts and cheers of congratulations for them both. She had looked around at all of the other happy couples, even the kids (not that they were so much as 'kids' anymore), and she knew that Dumbledore, wherever he was, was definitely smiling down on them.

Jerking out of her reminiscing, she sat up on the bed. "Ugh, what a mess," she muttered under her breath as she looked around. Stretching, she stood up and started walking around the room. Piles of dirty clothes littered the floor, and the waste bin was overflowing. The pink haired witch paused in front of her dresser to look at the collection of items on top. There was a tall burning candle on top, in front of a vanity mirror. To the left was a small glass vase that contained a now-slightly-wilting rose. There was a wooden display with at least half a dozen necklaces wrapped haphazardly around it, and by its side was a wicker basket. The basket was full of bottles of mascara, lip stick, lip gloss, and an assortment of other beauty products. In short, it was, without a doubt, a girl's dresser.

She would have to move all of this stuff now that Remus was moving in. In two months time, she would be Mrs. Nymphadora Lupin, and this apartment would no longer be just hers. She would be sharing it, with a neat freak nonetheless, but it was an extremely miniscule price to pay if it meant that she was going to be married. She loved Remus, and keeping tidy was completely worth it.

Even in light of her thoughts, Nymphadora Tonks let out her second deep sigh of the night. She might as well get used to staying clean now.

And so, for the first time in a long time, she smiled about doing work.