Sorry it's been so long... but I had a nano novel to write and then homework and then writer's block... *trails off into random excuses*... Anyway, I hope you enjoy this final chapter!!

Part 26

Elrond sat beside his eldest son and brooded over their current predicament. He had thought long and hard over how to escape but everytime he looked at Elladan he dismissed his plans as too hard for him to bear. He just looked too weak to be of any use to him.

"Elladan," Elrond said quietly in elvish. "Is it possible for you to carry one of your brothers?" He had been afraid to ask before, afraid to put too much pressure on his son, but he had no other choice at the moment.

Elladan looked at his father for a moment, trying to gauge his strength at that moment. "I'm not sure," he said slowly looking at both of his brothers. "I'll try though."

Elrond smiled. He nodded as his son stood up, shaky after not being able to stand on his own for so long. He looked at his twin and Aragorn in turn, trying to figure out who was lightest. He quickly grasped Aragorn's arm, wincing slightly as the ranger moaned softly, and hoisted him up on his shoulder. He stumbled slightly before straightening up and looking at his father.

"I can carry Estel," he said, laying the ranger back down gently. "But I won't be able to carry them both, not in my state." He seemed almost disgusted by his weakened state, but Elrond merely sighed and stood up next to his son.

"Do not worry about it, ion-nin," he said softly, looking into his eyes. "I did not expect you to be able to, but we have no time to lose. If we are going to save your brothers we have to leave now." Elladan nodded once before grabbing Aragorn again and following his father out the door.


The elves quietly snuck down the hallway, making sure to watch for the guards they both knew were out looking for Elrond. The elf lord looked back at his eldest son and sighed mentally as he watched Elladan wince slightly at the extra weight of his human brother. Normally that would have been no problem for Elladan, but after not eating or drinking for days his strength was severely depleated.

Elrond sighed again and continued down the hallway, trying to keep his senses alert for any sound of the guards. He couldn't understand why they hadn't run into any yet. Elladan had told him that Gavin knew he was there, so where were all the guards?

He smiled slightly as he rounded another corner and saw the main door straight in front of them. The stopped suddenly however as a new thought occurred to him. Elladan stopped behind him and put his hand on his shoulder, a questioning look on his face.

"What is it Ada?" he asked softly, looking around to see what had made his father stop.

"It's too easy," he said quietly, looking around for a trap. "Gavin knows I'm here and yet he doesn't have guards guarding the door? And we didn't see a single person on our way here… why?"

Elladan nodded, realizing what his father was saying. "Do you think it is a trap?" he asked, motioning towards the door.

"I do," he said, trying to think of another means of escape. "But I don't know of another escape route." Elladan sighed, neither did he.


Gavin paced his study, furious that his guards still hadn't found the elf lord. He looked up quickly as a servant entered the room, panting from having run all the way. Gavin stopped quickly; fear quickly replacing his fury as he recognized the black garb the servant wore. He nodded to the servant to come forward and nodded once as the servant bowed low.

"My master would like to see you in his study," he said. His tone gave away his station with his master and he spoke to Gavin as if he were an underling. Gavin resented his for it.

"I will be right up as soon as I find the intruder," he said, trying to prolong the pain he knew was coming.

"No," the servant said, stepping back from the desk. "My master wants you immediately." Gavin swallowed the lump in his throat at these words but nodded wordlessly before following the man out of the room to a set of stairs hidden from prying eyes.

Gavin began to climb the stairs, noticing how the servant stayed behind him. He paused for a second to regain his breath before quickly ascending the stairs to spacious room above. It had once been a library with walls of books spanning the entire room, but now it was dark and the stench of evil hung everywhere.

"Ah, so glad you could join us," a voice said menacingly from a dark corner. Gavin jumped slightly at the sound, but made no other noise as he bowed towards the voice.

"My Lord," he said slowly. "I was just attempting to…"

"Silence!" the voice said from behind him. "You have failed me, Gavin."

"No! No, I was just…" he began, the fear evident on his face.

"Yes," the voice said from his right side. "You have failed to get the information that I want. I let you go along with your little revenge scheme, and yet you have failed to find out the ranger's secret. For that you must die."

"No!" Gavin said, flinging himself down onto the floor helplessly. "Please, my Lord… just one more chance! I can…" But he never finished as a sword flashed out of the darkness and cut off his head, silencing him before he had a chance to react. The servant watched from the opposite corner, laughing to himself as he saw Gavin's headless corpse slump slowly to the ground.


"Ada," Elladan said quietly after a few moments. "I'm not sure we have a choice. There is no other way out of the castle, if we make a run for it…" He didn't have to finish his sentence. Elrond already knew what he was going to say and he also knew they had no choice.

"Alright," he said quietly, glancing around for any signs of a trap. "On my signal we run as fast as we can towards the doors and keep running until we are out of the valley."

Elladan nodded slowly before Elrond gave a nod and they sprinted towards the doors, not caring if anyone saw them anymore. Elrond was the first to reach them and he burst through them quickly, Elladan following right behind them. They heard one long cry of anger from above them, but that was all as they ran through the valley and out of sight.


Aragorn moaned softly he began to regain consciousness. He kept his eyes closed and noticed that there was light on the other side of them. He frowned, knowing there was no light in their cell, and thought for a brief moment that he had died. He opened his eyes slowly and was surprised to see both Elladan and Elrohir lying next to him. He frowned as he tried to remember what had happened when he noticed the giant splint on Elrohir's leg.

"Wha…?" he began, sitting up quickly. Elladan cut him off however as he grabbed him in a tight embrace, knocking all of the air out of his lungs.

"Elladan!" Elrohir said as Aragorn's face began to turn blue. "You're smothering him, let him go already." Elladan grinned sheepishly before letting go of his younger brother who gasped for air.

Once Aragorn had regained his breath he took a moment to look at his surroundings and realized he was in his own room. "How did I get here?" he asked slowly. "And how did you hurt your leg?"

The twins just looked at each other and grimaced as they began to tell Aragorn all about their adventures after he passed out, ending by telling him about Elrond's rescue and subsequent healing of the ranger. Aragorn sighed with anguish at his brothers' torture before Elrond walked in with a smile and a cup of tea.

"You two need to leave your brother alone," Elrond said with a disapproving look. "He has just barely survived Morgul poisoning and needs to sleep. Now go." The twins smiled at each other before getting off the bed where Elladan grabbed a set of crutches for his twin before helping him out of the room.

Aragorn smiled at the elf lord and took the cup of tea gratefully before draining the entire cup. He smiled at his father before sleep began to take hold of him again.

//"It's good to be home,"// he thought with a sigh as he drifted off to sleep again.