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Summary: Tai decides to take revenge after Matt's shameless flirting.

Warnings: Sexual situations/ language

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This is the sequel of one-shot 'The Name of the Game' - don't need to read it to understand what's happening in this fic though.


"Tai, please? Pretty, pretty, please?" Matt moaned, clutching desperately to his boyfriend's shirt.

"Nope. You dug your grave and now you can lie in it," Tai replied coolly, surveying the blond with a completely unsympathetic expression, despite his increasing distress.

"It was a joke," Matt said in exasperation, shaking the front of the brunette's shirt slightly, hoping it would have some sort of effect.

"I can barely breath from laughing," Tai replied sarcastically, raising an eyebrow in annoyance.

Matt sighed, unable to stop himself from rolling his eyes at the ridiculousness of the situation. Ok so maybe flaunting himself in front of Ken and Daisuke had not been the best of ideas, but desperate times had called for desperate measures. What kind of boyfriend preferred to watch soccer instead of spending time with the love of his life anyway?

"You started it! If you had been paying attention to me, instead of watching the fucking TV, I would have never started flirting with Daisuke and Ken," Matt protested as the brunette flushed with anger, eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Ninety minutes Matt! The game was ninety minutes long! I'm sure you could have survived without my attention for NINETY MINUTES!" Tai yelled, glaring hard at his oblivious boyfriend.

"Your over reacting! You can't just withhold sex from me! That's cruel!"

"I'm not just withholding sex Matt. I'm withholding all physical contact! No kissing, no touching, no groping and certainly no sex!" Tai hissed, watching with dark satisfaction as Matt's mouth dropped open comically, eyes wide with shock.

The blond gaped for several moments, the ability of speech evidently having deserted him. His big blue eyes were blinking rapidly as he attempted to compose himself, the mere thought of zero physical contact rendering him completely motionless.

"But…you can't do that!" He finally cried, desperation clear in his voice.

"I can, and I will," Tai replied calmly, removing the slender hands that were still attached to his shirt, their grip now becoming increasingly painful.

"When the hell did you decide this?" Matt demanded, placing his hands on his hips moodily. "Because in case you've forgotten, you were all over me a minute ago! I thought you'd forgiven me!"

"Well I changed my mind!" Tai replied stubbornly, crossing his own arms over his chest in defiance.

The blond merely pouted, lip curling. He stomped his foot dramatically, suddenly resembling a small child sulking.

"Tai! Please, pretty please!"

"No. If you want to have sex I suggest you go and find Daisuke or Ken. I'm sure they'd be happy to oblige," the brunette said acidly, ignoring the scowl that crossed Matt's reddening face. The blond had no right to be angry; he brought it all on himself when he decided to tease two innocent bystanders. Although admittedly, the two innocent bystanders hadn't minded in the slightest. In fact, they seemed to have enjoyed it immensely, a thought that only maddened Tai further.

"You know, withholding intimate contact from me, means you don't get any either," Matt said thoughtfully after a pause, lips curving slowly into a delighted smile. "You wont last three days!"

"Yes I will! I'm much more controlled than you!" Tai yelped indigently, icy composure momentarily lost as he contemplated his boyfriend's words.

He had to admit, the blond had a very good point. No sex for Matt, meant no sex for him.

Tai inwardly cursed. Suddenly the whole idea of punishing his boyfriend for flirting with other guys, didn't seem half as appealing. But he couldn't back down now, or he'd never hear the end of it.

"No intimate contact! Not until I think you've learnt your lesson!" he insisted, with far more conviction than he actually felt. He had a funny feeling that the blond was going to make it as difficult as possible for him.

And sure enough, Matt smirked seductively, raising his delicate eyebrows.

"Ok ok, I believe you! You are more controlled than me!" the blond said reluctantly, flashing him a calculated smile, all desperation having vanished from his expression. He looked quite happy now, eyes gleaming with mischief.

Tai groaned, instantly knowing that Matt was planning something.

"And if I find out that your draping yourself all over other guys, I will not be happy," the brunette added hastily, immediately realising where Matt's train of thought was going. If the blond thought that making him jealous was going to stop the punishment, he had another thing coming.

"Yea yea. Tell me when the punishment is over," Matt grinned, suddenly looking supremely unconcerned. He knew full well that Tai was much more touchy-feely than him, and that it wouldn't be long before his hormones got the better of him. There was no way that he would last longer than three days without demanding sex, and Matt was already counting down the minutes.

Licking his lips in amusement, the blond swivelled round, turning away from his boyfriend and heading towards their bedroom.

"Well considering I'm not going to be getting any, I'm going to have a bath," he announced as he felt Tai's hesitant footsteps following behind him, evidently unsure of whether to follow.

Sighing distractedly, Matt drew to a stop in the bathroom and turned on the taps, allowing warm bubbly water to gradually fill the tub. He turned to his boyfriend and winked, chuckling as the brunette merely scowled in response, while leaning tiredly against the wall.

Snorting in amusement, Matt flicked his golden hair out of his eyes and pulled off his shirt, revealing his slender torso to his boyfriend's burning gaze.

"Uh…I - um…" Tai stammered, watching dazedly as the blond wriggled slowly out of his pants, exposing his long legs to his hungry audience.

Tai gulped. So maybe this was going to be harder than he first thought…

To be continued…

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