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Summary: Tai decides to take revenge after Matt's shameless flirting.

Warnings: SEXUAL situations/ language. Major boy on boy here! Lemon/Lime! If your easily offended, do not read. Ye be warned :)

This starts off Yamachi, but becomes Taito in no time. And I've also changed the rating from T to M.

Playing Dirty-


"You know what?" Matt murmured quietly into his lover's ear, making Tai quake with anticipation. "I've changed my mind. I don't want to have sex anymore."

Rising from his seat on Tai's lap, the blond bit his lip naughtily, looking down on his boyfriend with triumphant eyes. He moved slowly away, admiring the brunette's body tied suggestively to the bed.

However Tai's eyes immediately widened as he tried to break the bonds restraining him, suddenly realising what his boyfriend had done.

"Wait! What?!" he cried, voice cracking as he lay exposed and restrained on top of the bed.

Matt grinned evilly. "Who's getting punished now?"

Tai choked.

The blond laughed, throwing back his head and ignoring the look of pure horror Tai was giving him. He shook his golden head, body convulsing with laughter. "God Tai, I'm only joking. You should've seen the look on your face!"

Growling unhappily, but also feeling immensely relieved, the brunette threw his boyfriend an irritated glare. "Not funny, Matt! Not funny at all!"

The blond smirked and leaned forwards until his lips were inches away from Tai's face. "It was a little funny!"

Narrowing his eyes, Tai pouted, choosing not to respond.

"Oh come on, it had to be done Tai!" Matt said, trailing a finger down the brunette's chest. "I wanted revenge for you creating this so called 'punishment'."

"Revenge?!" Tai demanded, mouth agape. "You're the one that's been driving me crazy with all your flirting and flaunting! It was more of a punishment for me than you!"

The blond laughed, eyes glittering. "It's been hard for me too, Tai! Besides, don't blame me! You were the idiot that came up with it in the first place."

Grumbling incoherently, Tai struggled against his binds, seemingly having realised he'd lost the argument. "Untie me!"

Leaning forward silently, the blond straddled the brunette's hips, rocking himself gently against his groaning lover. Running ghostly touches over Tai's tanned skin, he placed feathered kisses over his delicate collar bone, causing the brunette to buck slightly beneath him.

"Your so impatient Tai," Matt grinned, grinded himself into the brunette's arousal. "For once, we are going to do things my way!"

Moaning in protest and desire, Tai attempted to wriggle his hips, desperate to create much needed friction.

However all rational thoughts immediately vanished as soon as Matt's hot mouth descended on his stomach, tongue lapping teasingly at his bellybutton. Seemingly intent on driving him crazy with desire, Matt travelled slowly down the path to Tai's boxers, tongue hesitating slightly at the waistband of the brunette's underwear.

"God Matt!" Tai groaned, tugging quite violently now against his chains. "Please let me go!"

The blond smirked, raising his head to meet the brunette's desperate eyes. Sitting up on Tai's hips once more, he held his boyfriend's gaze with glittering eyes, before pulling off his own top slowly.

Eyes widening as he surveyed Matt's naked chest, Tai jumped forwards, momentarily forgetting he was bound to the bed as he hastily tried to grab his boyfriend's slender form.

However the sheer force of the movement was all too much for the small plastic chains, as they snapped almost instantly, sending Tai falling forward, straight into his blinking boyfriend.

Taking a moment to regain his bearings, the brunette leaned on Matt's shaken form, who didn't seem to know what had just happened.

"You broke TK's old handcuffs, you idiot!" Matt cried, apparently having recovered from his shock.

Grinning manically, the brunette ran his hands down his boyfriend's slender arms, enjoying his newfound freedom of movement. Reaching Matt's delicate wrists, he gripped them tightly, ignoring his boyfriend's jolt of surprise. With a surge of strength, he then proceeded to push the blond down onto the bed, pulling his wrists up over his head so he was unable to move.

"Oh how the tables have turned," Tai laughed, watching Matt struggle beneath his weight. The blond squirming was only succeeding in turning him on more, if that was even possible.

"Tai, that's not fair!" the blond gasped, as Tai pushed his arousal in-between his thighs. "I'm sorry ok? Please let me go!"

"No way," the brunette murmured against the skin of his boyfriend's neck, sucking slightly on the soft skin as Matt let out a throaty moan.

Repeating his boyfriend's earlier actions by nibbling teasingly down Matt's chest and stomach, Tai fingered the waistband of his pants, eager to tease his boyfriend, just as much as the blond had teased him. Releasing Matt's pale wrists from his grasp, Tai refocused his attention on his boyfriend's lower half, slowly slipping Matt's pants down his willowy hips.

Raising his eyebrows slightly at the sight that greeted him, the brunette ran his fingers lovingly over Matt's tattoo before addressing the blond with a smirk. "You didn't wear underwear!"

Blushing slightly, the blond wriggled the pants off his legs completely, now totally bare in front of his boyfriend. "The pants were so tight I couldn't get my boxers on underneath them."

Laughing at the embarrassed look on Matt's face, Tai stroked the inside of his boyfriend's thighs affectionately, feeling himself grow impossibly tighter at the sight of the naked blond. Oh how he'd missed his boyfriend.

Spreading Matt's legs open with a push of his hands, Tai bent his head, kissing his boyfriend's tattoo lightly.

Ignoring Matt's straggled moan, he then dotted kisses on the inside of his boyfriend's pale thighs, watching eagerly as red marks appeared at his touch.

Letting out small shallow breaths, the blond shifted uncomfortably, suddenly uneasy with the way Tai was surveying his body at such a close proximity. It was making him feel very self-conscious.

"Stop staring Tai," he breathed, trying to close his thighs. "You know I hate it when you do that."

Keeping Matt's legs open with his hand, the brunette looked up, moving upwards to plant reassuring kisses over his boyfriend's face. Nibbling softly on his earlobe, Tai's hand moved in-between Matt's thighs, until his fingers were tracing his lover's entrance slowly.

"Hmm," Tai moaned, pushing his arousal into Matt's own, eager to release himself from his boxers. "I've waited three very long days for this."

Matt smiled, pulling the brunette's underwear down quickly, until their naked bodies were pressed together intimately.

Pushing his head up to catch Tai's wet lips within his own, the blond jolted slightly as the brunette inserted a finger inside of him, preparing him for what was to come. Parting from their passionate kiss to regain his breath, Matt gripped his boyfriend's shoulders tightly, urging him to continue.

However, it was only when the blond was suitably stretched did Tai move his erection to his entrance, placing a caste kiss to Matt's parted lips. Pushing himself inside his shuddering boyfriend, Tai moaned, mind exploding with pleasure.

"God, this punishment was so worth it," the brunette gasped, pleased that he could be with his boyfriend once more.

Waking up exhausted a few hours later, Tai looked towards his boyfriend with groggy eyes, finding him tucked into his chest, blond head buried in his shoulder.

Remembering their actions the previous night, the brunette grinned happily, raising the covers slightly so he could survey his boyfriend's naked body. He knew it was slightly perverted thing to do, but he wanted Matt's slender form forever engraved in his memory.

However, the blond seemingly having noticed the sudden draft as the blankets were lifted from him, shifted slightly, bordering on consciousness.

He curled himself into the brunette's body, attempting to find warmth, before blue eyes flickered open slowly.

"What's going on?" he mumbled tiredly, blinking rapidly and trying to register what was happening. Finding Tai's body led beneath him, he smiled softly, before realising what the brunette was doing.

Letting out a cry of outrage, the blond snatched the blankets away from Tai's grasp, hastily using them to cover himself. "Tai! I can't believe you were perving on me when I was asleep!"

The brunette grinned, placing a kiss on Matt's still exposed shoulder. "Couldn't help it. Don't be so shy Matt. It's not like I haven't seen it before, in great detail I might add."

Flushing slightly, the blond gave Tai a playful whack, but settled himself back down into the brunette's tight embrace.

They rested in silence for a few moments, before a victorious thought suddenly occurred to the blond. Turning his head to survey the brunette, Matt smirked triumphantly, running his hands through his boyfriend's messy hair.

"I won the bet! I knew you couldn't resist me! You didn't last the three days," the blond declared happily, eyes twinkling as he surveyed his smiling boyfriend.

"Actually I think you'll find I did!" Tai announced proudly, running a finger over Matt's pale hip. "By the time the concert had finished and we finally got back to your apartment, it had gone midnight. So technically, I did last the three days!"

Matt's eyes widened, taking in the brunette's smug expression. "What?!"

"You heard me," Tai replied with a smirk, pleased to of finally gained the upper hand. "Looks like your not so irresistible after all, Blondie."

Matt glared violently, folding his arms over his chest and turning away.

"Come on now Matt," Tai grinned, nipping playfully on his boyfriend's shoulder. "Nobody likes a sore loser!"

"I knew I should have chained you with something stronger," Matt mumbled bitterly, shaking his head in disbelief.

Only Tai could be so incredibly irritating. But funnily enough, Matt found he wouldn't have it any other way.


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